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Doesn’t having a numeric keypad hurt ergonomics?

Healthier wrist positions should take precedence?

Different keys for different tasks.

If you're doing numerical data entry the keypad is a star. If you're doing programming/writing, stick to the number row.

But even if we ignore that omission the lack of F keys is a complete deal breaker. There's a reason I won't touch the new Macbook Pros with Touchbar, this is worse than that.

That's the whole point of this keyboard though, the only thing it's missing is the physical keys. You want F-keys? Add it in as a modifier on the number-row. You do a lot of spreadsheeting? Make a layer with a numpad and maybe some macros and wasd->arrowkeys on the left to make life easy.

Its purpose is to give everyone what they need, but without needing them to have a bajillion different physical interfaces on their desk/s. You want F-keys, someone else wants a numpad, another wants Logitech's G-keys, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. The UHK says enough. You can do it all on one set of buttons. It may not be your style, but saying it's lacking F-keys is disingenuous.

This really depends on OS. I never need an F-key.

> Doesn’t having a numeric keypad hurt ergonomics?

Absolutely. I will never buy a keyboard with an attached numpad because it splays my mousing hand way out to the right in an very awkward manner. That is one of the reasons I bought the UHK.

One of the really cool features of the UHK I was surprised to discover after I received it is that it can control your mouse cursor and right/left/middle buttons by using the Mod keys and h/j/k/l keys. Yes, I'm sure you can download some utility that enables this on any keyboard but it's nice to have it built into the firmware.

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