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Ask HN: Who Is Hiring? (October 2010 Edition)
193 points by falsestprophet on Oct 1, 2010 | hide | past | favorite | 213 comments
Please lead with the positions' locations.

SSi Micro is hiring great hackers. Are you smart, motivated, and interested in working on awesome software optimized for our world-class, unique, and super-cool satellite network? Then come and be a propellerhead at our awesome, small company.


We're a little company based in Yellowknife, the capital city of the Northwest Territories. We deliver broadband satellite internet to 61 of the most remote communities on earth, and now that our network's up and running (although we're investing heavily in upgrading it), we're busy building great software for our customers, optimized specifically for our unique network.

Right now, we're building a file sharing webapp called Qfile. (Check it out: http://qfile.ca -- Free 60 day trial!). Why not just use dropbox, you ask? Well, our network is pretty unique: all our traffic is bounced off a satellite, and round-trip latency of ~600ms (which is because of the horrible limitation of the speed of light, which we are constantly working to exceed) means that we have to do things a little differently. SSi is so cool that when we won a government contract to do "time-shifted file transfers", we decided that we /could/ meet our contractual obligations with a few weeks of work/testing, but instead we're building a wicked webapp that brings the functionality to everyone on our network, not just big clients with IT departments.

Yellowknife's not as cold as you think, and the 24-hours-of-daylight summers are not to be missed.

If you're interested and game, we'll make an offer really easy to accept: We'll get and pay for your apartment, a car if you need it, and pay you atop that. We'll do all that for up to three months while you evaluate us and the north, so that it's risk- and hassle-free for you to come to a really great, unique company in an awesome little city.

Email: stephenw@ssimicro.com

Holy crap, what is the story behind making a start up in Yellowknife?

We're not really a startup, though we are small and dynamic enough that it feels like it. (It also feels like it because we're Daviding the Goliath incumbent telco up here, and we're kicking their slow, lazy, outmoded asses.)

Our founder (and current president and CTO) started off selling Gateway computers to Northern clients from a little shop in a town near the Knife called Fort Providence. Fifteen-odd years later we're pounding out wicked code that runs on our state-of-the-art satellite network. Lots of hard work from lots of smart people made this happen.

Which is because of the horrible limitation of the speed of light, which we are constantly working to exceed ;)

That sounds awesome. Is it hard for you guys to hire Americans? Are there lots of immigration issues?

Thanks to NAFTA it's relatively easy for citizens of the United States and Mexico to obtain temporary work permits if you have a profession on this list [1] and the credentials to back it up. This includes "Computer System Analyst" and "Engineer".

[1] http://www.nafta-sec-alena.org/en/view.aspx?x=343&mtpiID...

Sorry for the lateness of this reply. We've hired international hackers before and dealt with the long immigration process. Our philosophy is we'll do whatever's necessary to get great people on board, and as stated in this thread, the TN visa should make hiring Americans easy, though we've never done that. (I have interned at two American companies and that visa process was relatively painless, which bodes well.)

It's really difficult to try to interest people (software people in general) in working way up North here, so we're not too choosy about where they come from or what their background is, so long as they're bright, motivated, and interested in kicking ass. :)

If an American wanted to work long term at your company, is there a path to Canadian citizenship?

By the way, do Canadian companies provide health insurance? I keep hearing how good the government health care is in Canada, I'm curious how employers handle that.

You have to live in Canada as a perm resident for like 3 years to be able to apply for citizenship. They also don't force you to renounce your US citizenship, so you can be a dual-citizen. So far as the US is concerned, recognition of dual-citizenship status is the purview of the State Department (i.e. IIRC, there are no laws about it, so they can choose how they want to treat your dual-citizenship status as a matter of policy or on a case-by-case basis).

Mountain View, CA. RethinkDB (http://www.rethinkdb.com/jobs).

Hard systems problems. Fun people. Good pay. A chance to build something meaningful and own a significant chunk of the company. Tired of rails-based clones? Join us, together we will rule the [database] universe.

This is everything we stand for: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1747713

Hard systems problems. Fun people. Good pay. A chance to build something meaningful and own a significant chunk of the company. Tired of rails-based clones? Join us, together we will rule the [database] universe.

Judging by the fact that it has been over a year since the most recent code on the RethinkDB website was released, you might want to add "take the time to solve problems properly rather than throwing together quick hacks" to this list. ;-)

(To be clear, I think taking the time to solve problems properly is a good thing -- I spent two years writing code before Tarsnap moved into public beta -- but it's a philosophy which seems to run contrary to the general standard operating principles of the startup world.)

It does, but in both cases the products are something that need to be executed right or risk losing customer data. So a bit harder to release a database more often if your not just tinkering with new concepts and want to be taken seriously.

from your license agreement (http://www.rethinkdb.com/license.txt)

Prohibited activities include but are not limited to:


* Selling support for products which incorporate RethinkDB.

Can you really enforce this?

I doubt they could enforce a prohibition on companies providing support for RethinkDB; but I see no reason why they couldn't say "if you provide support for RethinkDB, you're not allowed to use our code", which is probably equivalent in practice.

God I'm rooting for someone to sink the Oracle behemoth.

I thought it was MySql... guess not.

Good luck to you guys.

510 Systems. Berkeley CA. <50 People, all profit, no VC. We make car-top mapping systems (similar to those used in google street view,) and visualization / extraction software for the data.

If you like any of the following:

-3d graphics

-HUGE HUGE HUGE data storage, access and manipulation problems

-Embedded systems

-Realtime systems

-Finite state markov chains

-Computer vision

-Probabilistic robotics

-GPS filtering

-Extracting physical objects from lidar generated point clouds

-Making clean intuitive UI's for people to interact w/ all of the above

Then please email me.

Our website is essentially non-existent b/c we have only been serving a few REALLY big customers and they are the only ones who have needed to find us - for now. The vision is huge and it has a real chance of becoming a public company one day. Good pay, equity, heavy engineering culture, mac, linux or windows agnostic. If any of this appeals to you, fire me a resume. We'll act fast if we think there is a fit.

San Francisco!

Airbnb is hiring - I think we have around 50 openings at this point. http://www.airbnb.com/jobs. Regardless of the position, we just want hungry, smart, and awesome people.

For engineers, we wrote a blog post 2 days ago explaining some of our most interesting challenges - http://blog.airbnb.com/hard-problems-big-opportunity

In particular, we need some front end engineers!! http://www.airbnb.com/jobs/position?jvi=omNoVfwc Email me directly if you are a badass front end engineer and like mustaches & ridiculous sunglasses - chris@airbnb.com

Holy crap...had no idea you guys were growing so fast. Congrats!

PS - Had a fantastic experience with AirBnB in London a few months ago when our hotel fell through at last minute. Posted emergency request and had a bunch of offers within an hour. Ended up staying with a very nice older British lady who made us breakfast and afternoon tea every day. Very fun.

Will be applying soon. You guys sound like an awesome company and I'd love to join you and contribute my own awesomeness :)

I am actually in the process of writing an application for Airbnb. However, I am unsure about one important detail: Are you accepting applicants without a US working visa? (But who are willing to travel to the US as much as a tourist visa allows)

Just sent my portfolio off. Best wishes to your great company!

MetaOptimize is hiring contractors for exciting project work building real-world NLP + ML systems.

This is for remote, short-term gigs. You can set your hours. The only requirement is that you kick ass and add value from day one.

We are looking for generalists:

* Hardcore programmers who learn new technologies and APIs quickly.

* Experienced sysadmins, especially who have experience with AWS and EC2.

And also specialists:

* People with backgrounds in machine learning, natural language processing, information retrieval, and/or search. Medium experience is fine, you don't have to have a PhD.

* Python/Django programmers

* Java programmers

Email your resume and/or github URL to joseph at metaoptimize dot com

these guys never reply. :(

Sorry, we're not several guys, I'm a one man shop who manages each project, chases every deal, and does all of the hiring. Unfortunately, the hiring is priority three, I have a backlog of hiring emails to get to because the response has been really good. But I'll definitely get to you.

Does it sound like I need to hire someone to help me? Yeah, it's a fucking chicken-and-egg problem. :)

Toronto, Ontario. FreshBooks is hiring pretty much everything. Marketing, sales, product managers, support, developer community manager, system administrators and plenty of developers.


If you're an ex-pat in the States and want to move back home, we provide relocation assistance.

P.S. I'm the hiring manager for the Platform. I'm personally looking for a developer community manager, a support role, front and back end developers, and a product manager. You can get me at sunir splat freshbooks dot com

P.P.S. If you're wondering why you should work at FreshBooks, we're Canadian, awesome, and growing rapidly. Here are a couple links if you want to learn a little about us:



As always, please let potential applicants know whether telecommuting is an option - if not, don't forget to include your location.

A note about work visas would also be useful.

Academia.edu is hiring engineers in San Francisco.

Academia.edu helps academics follow the latest research in their field. Here are a few bullet points that sum up the atmosphere in our team:

- obsession with exceptional engineering

- obsession with building a great web product, and a great user experience

- intellectually inquisitive - we like delving into ideas, whatever the ideas are about

- fun and friendly - we enjoy each other's company a lot, and have a great deal of respect for each other.

We want to continue this atmosphere through the people we hire.

Here are some of the technologies we work with: Rails, Nginx, Node.js, Redis, Memcached. We are based in downtown San Francisco. More information about the team, and about how we think about software engineering and product development, is here http://academia.edu/hiring

How did you get a *.edu domain?

Most likely that they bought it (in 2007?) from someone that registered it before 29 Oct 2001.

From http://net.educause.edu/edudomain/eligibility.asp :

"Why do some institutions that do not meet the eligibility criteria have .edu domain names?

According to the Cooperative Agreement between EDUCAUSE and the U.S. Department of Commerce, all .edu names in existence as of October 29, 2001, are "grandfathered." This means that everyone who already had a .edu name by that date (October 29, 2001), regardless of current or past eligibility requirements, is allowed to keep those .edu names."

Whois info:

  Domain record activated:    10-May-1999
  Domain record last updated: 03-Sep-2007
  Domain expires:             31-Jul-2011

Mountain View, Ca. Anybots Inc.

We are looking for a rounded web programmer to help build our site, program robots, and be awesome.

Anybots is a fun, casual and exciting place to work. Also we build frikking robots. We are small (<10 people) and shipping product in a few months so it is a really exciting time to join.

The next people we hire will have a huge role in shaping the user experience.

Send a portfolio of cool stuff you've made, and a resume (for the sake of tradition) to jobs@anybots.com. We prefer people who are available soon (product ships in November) and are open to telecommutes (it is a telepresence company after all), but prefer a local person.

Hey, good luck with that! To all: Benjie is awesome guy and so are Anybots! And he has great room in MV available on Airbnb!

To Benjie- ping me with reqs for that position I might be able to recommend someone!


San Francisco, CA. Yelp (http://www.yelp.com/careers)

We're looking to fill back end, front end, mobile (iPhone, Android, Blackberry), search & data mining engineers as well as product managers and engineering managers. We're still a small team where everybody knows everybody, working on new features and addressing scaling issues as we internationalize. And Hackathons where projects like Yelp KegMate are born: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwVoir5HSo4

http://github.com/yelp http://engineeringblog.yelp.com

Los Angeles, CA - SpaceX

Our team is looking for 2 more developers to help us build SpaceX's enterprise and manufacturing systems. We primarily use C# but experience in OOP languages such as Java or Ruby is just fine.

We offer excellent benefits, pre-IPO stock, and free yogurt everyday =)

Drop me a line at paulo[at]spacex[dot]com if interested.

I have zero connection to these people.

But let me say, forget all the web X.0/ruby/nosql rubbish. Working at spaceX seems like the sort of place you'll be telling your grandchildren about. Quora? Groupon? Not so much.

I mean, they build spaceships. Fucking spaceships.

Very interesting, but US citizens and permanent residents only.

People, please mention if remote working is an option or not.

I think you can assume it's not unless mentioned explicitly.

Cloudkick in SF, CA: https://www.cloudkick.com/careers

Looking for three main areas:

  * Frontend in Javascript.  We are making some very cool 
  and Dynamic applications.  We push monitoring data and 
  graphs milliseconds from when it was collected right to the

  * General Python.  We are a shop built around 
  Python;  We heavily use Django and Cassandra.

  * Node.js (or good at Python and willing to learn). 
  We are building new solutions to deployment, and I'd 
  like someone to help make it awesome.

Paul, is working remote (intercontinental, really) a possibility? I'd love to hack on Node full-time.

Currently we are only looking for local or willing to relocate. I'll send ya a mail though.

Web Engineer -- New York, NY


We're looking for a generalist web engineer who is super-hungry and sees building web apps as more than just a job. We're a data-driven web app that's trying to use analytics and exceptional UX to making buying event tickets a wholly better experience. #Python #PHP #MySQL #MongoDB #Javascript

Competitive comp, outstanding benefits, and a team that has a lot of fun together.

Only looking for folks in NYC. Drop us a line at jobs@seatgeek.com if you'd like to chat.

I'd be interested in how many postings in these hacker news job threads end up in hires, or at least candidates applying.

I found a job from the September 2010 thread.

Ann Arbor, MI: proud home of the University of Michigan, techbrewery.org, a2newtech.org, a2geeks.org, ARBSEC.org, etc. And Zingermans (accurately described by tptacek as a culinary "force of nature")!

Scio Security is solving the most important problem in computer security today - the explosion in online account theft and transaction fraud driven by phishing and crimeware.

We're an Ann Arbor startup founded by Arbor Networks [1], Barracuda Networks [2], and Zattoo [3] founders and alumni, backed by True Ventures [4]. Other stuff we'll take blame for: public breaks of the world's leading firewall, IDS, anti-virus, virtualization, and state censorship (!) products; Google's first Android remote kill; dsniff; Linux NFSv4; OpenSSH (man ssh :-); returning tptacek to the Midwest in '01 :-)

Right now it's just three of us with $1M to pit against the international cybercrime syndicates of the world. We're looking for a frontend hacker with web/mobile UI/UX chops and deep design/brand thinking to be our fourth, and always happy to meet excellent app and backend folks.

We'd love to hear from you at jobs@sciosecurity.com - or ping dugsong or jonoberheide on freenode/Twitter/FB...

[1] $100M+ revenue before we sold it this year :-)

[2] biggest content security appliance vendor by volume, with airport ads out the wazoo

[3] 0.5 -> 5M+ subscribers in 18 months

[4] 3rd top-ranked on TheFunded, investors in Wordpress, Urban Airship, Puppet Labs, Meebo, etc.

I'm looking for:

  1) talented information visualization experts (protovis,
  raphaeljs, flash/flex/actionscript, HTML5 strategies)
  who are comfortable working with large scale data

  2) anyone fluent with large scale data mining with
  Mahout (hadoop, hdfs, clustering strategies, SVD, 
  latent semantic indexing, noSQL [hypertable and/or

  3) fluency web app development at tier 1 properties
  with startup experience using common stacks with 
  large user bases.  django expertise in particular
fastest growing startup in atlanta. full benefits will relocate appropriately talented individuals. US Citizens only (sorry).

proven management team with multiple successful startup exits (over $2B). earle {dot} ady {at} gmail {dot} com

I can vouch for earle. Worked with him in the past.

Hey are you the guy who just moved to SF from Atlanta and wrote a blog post about it? I like your post!

Haha yes that's me :)

I haven't done much visualization of large datasets, but I've always loved interactive visualizations. Check out my logo on my site: http://jlongster.com . Email me if you think I could help you all.

if you don't mind, why are you limiting to US citizens?

Assuming he's not trying to become the target of a lawsuit, "US citizens only" is a euphemism for "we're doing government work and you'll need to have a security clearance".

I think the euphemism is the other way around to: (1) remain legal, and (b) not sound discriminatory.

Conshohocken, PA - Monetate

We have fun problems at scale - real-time decision making plus web analytics. We have hired people from HN before and I will go hound them to post about how much fun we are having. :)

We sell SAAS to internet retailers allowing them to test site content, target to visitor segments, and personalize web experiences.

Currently hiring for positions here: http://monetate.com/about/jobs/ - product engineers, front-end developers, QA, sys ops

We work primarily in Python and Javascript but are looking for talented engineers of any background who like solving new problems.

We are backed by First Round Capital and are growing quickly.

Email me at tjanofsky - monetate.com

Stanford, CA. Stanford Center for Biomedical Informatics Research, National Center for Biomedical Ontology.

We're hiring people interested in working with semantic web technologies, including RDF, OWL/OBO ontologies, triple stores, Protege, etc. The positions are mainly senior right now, possibly junior in the near future. Our main product is BioPortal, an ontology repository site with a RESTful API.

Stanford is an amazing place to work, great benefits, competitive salary, and the team here is top-notch (as you would expect). Feel free to ask questions (email in profile).

Apply online: http://bit.ly/9HBcMB

Edit: no telecommute (Stanford policy I believe)

Palo Alto, CA - Quora


We're looking for designers and engineers.

- Codebase is mostly Python, JS, and C++

- Real continuous deployment (every git push deploys the new version of the code if all the test pass)

- Product w/ traction that is growing quickly

- Hard problems to work hard on

- Smart people to work with and learn from ( http://www.quora.com/about/team )

jobs@quora.com or e-mail me directly at ccheever@quora.com

If you don't mind sharing, how do you manage coordinating necessary schema changes with those continuous code deployments? (Yes, I am assuming an RDBM store and not a pure NoSQL store).

For the most part, schema changes can be done without breaking the existing code base (add columns, add tables, etc.) These schema changes can just be run on the databases before the code depending on it is pushed. Much more rarely though, there might be code that depends on a certain schema (the kind that say, alter table might do). In this case we can push out code that is compatible with both versions (at the very worst case, using table descriptions to differentiate between the two), run the schema change, and then eliminate the backwards compatibility.

There's not that much different in terms of operating procedure between continuous code deployment and scheduled code deployments; it's just much faster and less prone to merge errors.

From reading your about page, it sounds like you guys should buy these guys: http://www.xmarks.com (see http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1733941) :)

While I do hope someone buys Xmarks or othewise keeps the service alive, what synergy/ies would they have with Quora?

San Francisco, no telecommuting atm

Mixpanel is a real-time analytics company. We're a small team working on fascinating technical problems.

Right now I'm looking for badass frontend and ops people in particular - http://mixpanel.com/jobs

Get in touch: tim@mixpanel.com

London (UK) and Boston (US) - youDevise, Ltd.

We're a 60-person financial-software firm committed to learning and improvement as well as great web software and agile development. We're hiring developers and other smart folks of many kinds. See http://www.youdevise.com/careers and https://dev.youdevise.com.

No remote working, but we do help successful candidates relocate to London or Boston. (Our first HN hire has been here for over a month and is having a great time.)

I interviewed with these guys a while back and the interview was, dare I say it, fun. :-)

San Francisco - Flickr

Want to work on one of the world's largest sites with extremely passionate users alongside some fantastic engineers? We are looking for a front-end engineer. http://www.flickr.com/jobs/frontend_mobile_engineer/

You can send your resume to me, Nolan, at caudill@yahoo-inc.com.

Sunnyvale, CA. Remote is possible. http://www.rti.com

We provide middleware. Major customer segments include A&D, unmanned vehicles, medical devices and financial services. Some concrete examples: DDG-1000 Destroyer network, Grand Coulee Dam SCADA, ESO's Very Large Telescope optics control; Predator ground control station; PIMCO pre-trade compliance system. If the terms real-time, high-performance or distributed computing come to mind, you would be right.

* Private company ~80 employees

* If you want it, extensive travel to customer sites

* Offices in Sunnyvale, NYC, London

* Many remote employees, with clusters in MA and DC.

Multiple positions open; US citizens preferred for some. My role is a mix of developer-consultant whose detailed description I've not yet managed to condense. Mail if you're curious, or I can attempt over coffee near Cambridge.

This seems interesting. What is your email address? The email field on your profile is not publicly visible.

Vancouver, BC. Telecommuting is an option.

Clio (http://www.goclio.com) is hiring talented Ruby on Rails developers. We are a fast-growing provider of practice management software for lawyers in small firms. Think of Clio as a mashup of Highrise, FreshBooks, Basecamp, and Harvest tailored to the specific project management needs of lawyers that practice as solos or in small firms (which is, by the way, 80% of lawyers in North America).

We're a small, fun-loving and tight-knit team with team members spread across North America. We're looking for team players that also know how to work independently. If you're located in Vancouver, great, but if not please still apply.

If you're interested please e-mail jobs@goclio.com.

San Francisco

Posterous is hiring Backend and Rails engineers! We're a team of just 10 engineers -- 100% focused on being totally driven by great hackers who love building for consumer web.


Los Angeles, CA (and possibly Silicon Valley) -- Factual

Our goal at Factual is to be the place where people meet to share, improve, and mash-up data. We have an awesome team, and an incredible CEO (he was the co-founder of Applied Semantics, which was sold to Google and became AdSense). We just launched an open database with approximately 30 million points of interest (POIs) across the world, and are working on many other exciting things.

We're looking for awesome Java generalists. Bonus points for MapReduce, NoSQL or machine learning expertise.


You can also email me personally at leo -at- factual.com

Zencoder (YC W2010) is looking for:

1. an awesome salesperson. Tenacious, resourceful, ambitious, but also comfortable with learning, discovery, and building a model (rather than following a model).

2. a junior designer. Someone with HTML/CSS and design chops, to help expand and improve our web presence. Some work on our core product, plus work on several small micro-projects.

jon at zencoder.

for the sales role, are you interested in an entrepreneurial engineer with sales experience?

Yes, given the right attitude and ambition.

San Francisco @ Dogpatch Labs / Pieceable Software / http://pieceable.com

We're making Pieceable, a web service that enables almost anyone to build native mobile applications. The apps are assembled from pre-built "pieces", and the user only has to focus on content + styling instead of development.

We're launching v1 later this month but it only scratches the surface. There's so much more to do. We use Objective-C (w/ Three20) on iPhone, Cappuccino on the web, and (gasp!) Java on the backend.

We're looking for help on the engineering & biz-dev fronts. Email fpotter@pieceable.com

Cambridge, MA. Panjiva (http://panjiva.com/jobs)

Hiring a UI expert and web application developer. The company's product is built on Ruby on Rails but experience with Rails isn't required.

14 or so employees total working on a global supply chain service. The tech team currently consists of 3 MIT alums.

Cloudera is hiring: http://www.cloudera.com/company/careers/

UX, UI, PM, distributed systems engineer, operations engineer and more. We're in the Bay Area, down in Palo Alto and are genuinely a great company for which to work.

If you're interested in any of our positions, drop me a line at henry at cloudera.com and I'll get you in contact with the relevant people - in particular if you're a distributed systems guy looking for some seriously interesting problems to work on, I'd love to hear from you!

Bump is hiring in Mountain View, CA!

We are rolling out increasingly smooth & useful Android and iOS clients, and also have some very interesting server/data things going on. Check out http://bu.mp/jobs

Seattle, WA (in our awesome new offices near Pike Place Market) - SEOmoz is hiring senior engineers/developers, a senior scientist (heavy math/stats background and interest in web search/information retrieval). Get in touch with Kate@SEOmoz.org


I just saw a talk by someone from SEOmoz at the Seattle Hadoop meetup and it sounds like you have some really interesting work.

Pattern Insight http://patterninsight.com/about/careers.php

Current Openings: "Software Engineer (Systems)", "Software Engineer (Applications)", "Lead QA Engineer", "Technical Sales and Support Lead"

All openings based out of Mountain View, CA. Relocation assistance offered.

Are you interested in creating technologies that improve the way engineers solve difficult problems?

Consider Pattern Insight. We develop novel solutions for searching and analyzing vast quantities of semi-structured data. Many of the biggest tech companies use our products to: find and fix source code bugs more quickly and completely; manage thousands of branches of software without going crazy; and solve high-end technical support problems faster and more effectively.

Needless to say, we're going places. We have solid revenue; a small, talented team; just the right level of VC funding; and new opportunities opening up every day. But we could really use a few more creative, resourceful engineers to help us turn those opportunities into reality. Maybe that means you?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me: jay.patel@patterninsight.com.

Please lead with the positions' locations.

Thought I had put the location. Fixed. Thanks.

Iowa City, IA and telecommuting. Cramerdev (http://cramerdev.com/employment)

We're looking for front (design/ui/ux) and backend developers. Consulting shop with great people, fun projects, great pay, 10% time projects, small (20 people or so), so anyone engaged will have a significant impact on the company, and feels like a "choose your own adventure".

We have big dreams and big plans for making gobs of money for everyone. Come join us.

Tech: Rails (mostly), PHP, Narwhal (part of our CMS - http://markupfactory.com/), some side projects with JRuby, Node.js, HTML5. We're looking to do some Erlang in the future.

Recent releases: http://www.diyseo.com/, http://www.mriprotocols.org/, http://www.arearugs.com/

Telecommuting is pretty much all we do, but U.S. only for now. If you live near Iowa City, or you want to, you can work in our sweet loft offices.

Email: hr@cramerdev.com

New York, NY. Tachyon Capital Management

We specialize in high-frequency trading in equities and futures. We are a small firm of seven people who build and execute automated trading algorithms.

We are looking for another software developer to join us. The ideal candidate will have experience with many of the following:

- high-performance computing

- asynchronous/non-blocking IO

- FIX protocol and parsing

- statistical analysis

- alpha model simulation

- market microstructure

- ticker plants and feed handlers

- absurdly large data sets

If the new hire does well, he will have the opportunity to move into a trading position.

We are NOT looking for anyone who believes in manually monitoring the system, watching CNBC, or sending Word documents.

Send us your cover letter with an explanation of who you are and what you're looking for. Your resume is optional, though we'd be more impressed if it had been typeset with LaTeX.

As part of the interview process, serious candidates will be required to give a brief (5--10 minute) presentation on any technical topic of their choosing. It may involve technology in finance, the math of music, your thesis topic, etc.

Start the ball rolling with an email to me, Chris Aycock, at caycock AT tachyoncm DOT com

http://iApps.in provides intelligent app search using semantic technology. It is a stealth mode startup whose goal is to bring innovative semantic solutions to the internet one vertical at a time. We are looking for the following expertise for current or near term requirements:

- Deployment architect : experience with scalable rails deployment, AWS, MySQL, Git, Capistrano/Chef

- Theme designer : minimalist and beautiful front-end designs for presenting search results, experience with CSS3, JS, HTML5, iPhone development

- Marketing manager : Business development, online marketing, sales

- Researcher : Background in natural language processing, machine learning, crawler design, large scale data modeling, map reduce using Hadoop

iApps.in is based in New Delhi, India, but remote work can be an option for suitable candidates. If you think you can take on big guys on a shoe string budget with mere determination and ingenuity, send your resume to jobs at iapps dot in

Optimizely (http://www.optimizely.com) is a well-funded, Googler-founded, YCombinator company in San Francisco. We're primarily looking for bright, hard-working, fun people, but Python and/or Javascript experience is a plus. Must be up for both frontend and backend work. Interested parties can contact me at jobs@optimizely.com.

Here's a link to our recent TechCrunch private beta announcement, and a job description:

"YC-Funded Optimizely Makes It Remarkably Easy To Run A/B Tests On Your Website" http://techcrunch.com/2010/07/15/optimizely-ab-test/

At Optimizely, our mission is to make it easier for organizations to make data-driven decisions, and we’re looking for driven engineers to help us lead the way!

NYC - Factor Tree (http://thefactortree.com)

We're a young startup creating an online education platform designed to build a solid foundation in math for kids from preK to 6th grade. We're working on some cool ways to provide every student with a tailored curriculum that adapts as the student progresses.

We're looking for someone who's comfortable in Java (or very similar language) and has a good foundation in web development. You'd be working closely with the lead (only) developer to iterate as fast as humanly possible to put our product in front of kids and parents.

If you're passionate about helping kids learn, send over a few links to things you've worked on (more important) and your resume (less important) to recruiting@thefactortree.com.

Anywhere. Intridea is still looking for people for consulting gigs in Rails and mobile stuff (iPhone and Android!). We're 100% remote, so you live where you'd like and have a sweet, sweet, job.

Ping me directly if you want to discuss how we work, or contact the company at jobs@intridea.com.

I sent an email to your gmail account a few weeks ago, never got any answer...

Oops. I tried to reply to everyone; send me another one! I'll be sure to respond this time. :)

Not a startup, hope this doesn't offend. ;)

Mozilla Ops/Metrics teams are looking for a good Hadoop/HBase expert: http://hire.jobvite.com/CompanyJobs/Job.aspx?j=ottsVfw3&...

Los Angeles area, CA Fulcrum Microsystems (http://www.fulcrummicro.com), is looking for an Embedded Software Engineer to work on our embedded software, APIs, drivers and applications for our industry-leading semiconductor high-speed Ethernet switching devices. The position would be working on a mix of C, Python, and Perl. It's an awesome place to work and started out of a Caltech research group doing asynchronous VLSI.

Listing: http://www.fulcrummicro.com/documents/Job%20Opennings/125%20...

Email me with questions or resume: hn.kevin@duncklee.net

Heyzap - SF, CA http://heyzap.com/jobs

We are hiring for an iPhone Engineer role and a normal Engineering role.

We distribute online games to 300k sites and are doing a cool new iPhone project too.

We are funded by YC and Union Square Ventures.

Email me! immad (at) heyzap.com

San Francisco: Twitter is hiring like crazy.

We're working on about a million interesting problems at scale, with resources and the ability to open source almost everything. We also have a good deal of fun. twitter.com/jobs or ryan@twitter.com

Urban Airship in Portland, Oregon. http://urbanairship.com/jobs

Meetup.com -- NYC

Current openings: API Engineer, QA Engineers, Senior Systems Administrator, Software Engineers, UI Designer, UI Engineers

We work with Java (and use Jython in production as well) on Apache with Tomcat on GNU/Linux, use MySQL and HBase for storing our data, cache a ton of stuff in Memcache, and are just starting to deploy Varnish for various things. We're also using Ruby/PERL/CPython for some tasks.

Check out the full descriptions at http://www.meetup.com/jobs and apply from there, or send your resume to the address in my profile.

http://www.startupshiring.com. Over 1500 jobs from 200+ startups. Going to try and add all the companies listed on this post throughout the day.

Mountain View. iTeleport.


Prefer local. Telecommuting is a possibility. We would be able to provide relocation assistance as well.

We're looking for two awesome software engineers who want to work for a startup, are motivated to dive into new technologies and platforms, and want to help shape the direction of iTeleport.

We have a remote desktop app for the iPhone. You don't have to know Objective-C, or even own a MacBook or an iPhone (we'll provide all the hardware).

Email me with your resume: vishal at iteleportmobile.com

Ann Arbor, proud home of the University of Michigan, techbrewery.org, a2newtech.org, a2geeks.org, ARBSEC.org, etc. And Zingermans (accurately described by tptacek as a culinary "force of nature")!

Scio Security is solving the most important problem in computer security today - the explosion in online account theft and transaction fraud driven by phishing and crimeware.

We're an Ann Arbor startup founded by Arbor Networks [1], Barracuda Networks [2], and Zattoo [3] founders and alumni, backed by True Ventures [4]. Other stuff we'll take blame for: Google's first Android remote kill, dsniff, Linux NFSv4, OpenSSH (man ssh :-), public breaks of the world's leading firewall, IDS, anti-virus, virtualization, and state censorship (!) products, returning tptacek to the Midwest in '01 :-)

Right now it's just three of us with $1M to pit against the international cybercrime syndicates of the world. We're looking for a frontend hacker with web/mobile UI/UX chops and deep design/brand thinking to be our fourth, and always happy to meet excellent app and backend folks.

We'd love to hear from you at jobs@sciosecurity.com - or ping dugsong or jonoberheide on freenode/Twitter/FB...

[1] $100M+ revenue before we sold it this year :-) [2] biggest content security appliance vendor by volume, with airport ads out the wazoo [3] 0.5 -> 5M+ subscribers in 18 months [4] 3rd top-ranked on TheFunded, investors in Wordpress, Urban Airship, Puppet Labs, Meebo, etc.

Seattle, WA

Security Innovation is hiring some great Software Security Engineers. We help our customers find security issues before for they ship by reviewing code, finding vulnerabilities in their software manually, writing tools, reverse engineering, and analyzing their architecture and design. We get to work on all kinds of different projects: Web, Mobile, Firmware, Desktop Apps, and much more.

We're looking for a couple of great engineers to start soon. The ideal candidate would posses strong development skills, both in standard application development languages (C/C++, Java, C#, etc.) and a scripting language (python, perl, ruby, etc.) They'd also be passionate and knowledgeable about existing security vulnerabilities, attacks and threats (XSS, SQL injection, Buffer Overflows, CSRF, etc.).

Security Innovation is a really cool place to work, we're constantly challenged to learn new things and given the opportunity to grow. (Annual Conference budget, Take Friday afternoons off to work on professional development projects, and lots more). Our open layout office is located just two blocks away from Pike Place Market.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please drop me a line with your resume. (jbasirico@securityinnovation.com - please put "hacker news job posting" in the subject line) or check out our "official" job posting at http://securityinnovation.com/company/careers/job-security-e...

Bloomberg, NY, London & elsewhere.

News R&D is looking for people to work on a real time news search engine. Great place to work on interesting problems.

http://careers.bloomberg.com/hire/jobs/job27500.html http://careers.bloomberg.com/hire/jobs/job27499.html



Sugar Inc, San Francisco, no remote

Small engineering team (<30) at a mid-sizeish, startup-ish company, and we're looking for 4 engineers: 2 PHP, one Java, one Objective C. More info here:


Recent interview by Kara Swisher of Brian Sugar (CEO):


Groupon is looking to hire designers, frontend developers and more in Chicago, Illinois. http://www.groupon.com/jobs

Big Think, NYC or remote


Email jonah at bigthink.com

Big Think is an online forum where experts at the top of their fields engage with the public about the critical questions of our time. Over the past two years, we've published interviews with 1,500 luminaries from Ted Kennedy and Ricky Gervais to Stephen Hawking and Jason Fried. Now, we're overhauling our web site, introducing new kinds of content, and expanding to TV and mobile devices. We're searching for a top-notch programmer to help make this evolution possible.

As part of a small, fast-moving, and experienced team, you'll conceive and create features across Big Think, from our web and mobile front-ends to the search system to a back-end that connects to an array of services. You may be called upon to improve the load-balancer; support the production team with a script; or design and implement a significant new feature-set. The ideal candidate will possess the flexibility and broad technical knowledge to fill all these roles plus deep proficiency in Ruby, JavaScript, HTML, object-oriented design, and web-scale architecture.

The job is initially part-time, but we hope to find someone with interest in joining us as a full-time employee in the future. You may work at our office near Union Square in Manhattan or in your own space—in New York or elsewhere.

In a recent interview, Mark Zuckerberg said he couldn't think of another company where each engineer is responsible for 1,000,000 unique users. Big Think is such a company. When you join us, you'll not only have fun building great products; you'll also have a tremendous impact on the world.


* Ruby - http://goo.gl/N4lR

* Revenue - http://goo.gl/GvhL

* Reach - http://goo.gl/Phid

We love design, data, shipping (software), shipping (packages), and doing our part to make education a bit more affordable.

Call or text Justin @ 415.948.3262, or join us in Campfire at https://book.campfirenow.com/1acca

Providence, RI. Swipely (http://swipely.com/jobs)

Now hiring back-end (mostly Ruby on Rails) and front-end (jQuery/HTML/CSS) developers.

Swipely is part social network, part financial application, and part gaming platform, and we have plenty of interesting problems to work on in all those areas and more. This is hands-down the strongest engineering team I've worked with. We work in weekly iterations and push new code to production at least once per iteration. Though not a strict requirement, we have a strong preference for full-time employees who can work out of our office in Providence.

Our perks blurb: "Swipely offers competitive salaries and full benefits, similar to "big" companies. We also offer everyone equity in the company, to share in Swipely's long-term success. Our kitchen is stocked at all times with free drinks and snacks. Lunch is catered every day from a nearby sandwich shop, and we even keep a dedicated fridge stocked with craft beers from around the globe. We want you to have the best tools for the job, so the Macbook Pros are fast, the Internet pipes are fat and the screen pixels are unlimited. Go for it!"

SnapBill (South Africa) is hiring developers, preferably local but remote is good too :)

Interesting, programming language?

Its written in PHP, but I have a feeling thats holding us back from getting top developers which is why I declined to mention it.

Its a lot more about the framework than the language (I believe) and, together with the framework, we're using PHP quite effectively to produce our software.

I'm feeling extremely adventurous, geographically. What is relocating to South Africa like for US citizens?

Forward Internet Group in London, UK: http://www.forward.co.uk

We're a young entrepreneurial company that bootstrapped its way from its founder bedroom to a 150-strong company with very healthy profits in 6 years without any external capital. We have been doubling our revenues every single year (up to £100m in 2010) and plan to continue to do it as long as possible. So, we need great people.

We're looking for great developers to work on a variety of exciting online projects. We use Closure, Ruby, Hadoop, Node.js, Sinatra etc.

Above all we're looking for smart, ambitious, entrepreneurial people. Full job spec is here: http://www.forward.co.uk/careers

And it's fun to work here: you choose the hardware you want, you buy the books you need, the hours are flexible, no dress code, the people are reasonable and the entertainment budget is generous: for example the entire company hangs out in Las Vegas night clubs and casinos for 4 days every December and we've just returned from Disneyland in Paris (birthday celebrations).

To find out more email me at evgeny.shadchnev@forward.co.uk with your CV.

At Mandalorian (http://www.mandalorian.com/) we have a bunch of positions open at the moment. We're based in Reading, UK but some of the roles are home based with occasional office days. Expect to go through some form of government clearance regardless of the role, and sadly the pen test and anti-malware roles are available to UK nationals only for security reasons:

1. We need a Sales Executive to work with our growing team selling information assurance consultancy services and helping to launch a brand new service in the advanced antimalware space.

2. We need a penetration tester with CHECK, Tigerscheme or CREST certification equivalent to CTL to join our pentest team, with opportunity to cross over into...

3. Anti-malware analyst and investigator. Using advanced network and memory forensics tools and techniques, you'll be reverse engineering malicious and non-malicious code and tracking and eliminating threats from the conventional to potentially state sponsored targeted attacks.

4. Python/Django developer to work on some internal projects relating to security testing and malware.

EatingWell Media Group is seeking a sharp mid-level web developer to assist in website feature development and optimization of EatingWell.com as well as Linux/Unix systems administration experience to help improve our growing infrastructure.


• 3+ years of development with Drupal and/or other web programming language such as Javascript, PHP, Ruby, Python, etc.

• Experience with large-traffic sites and how to optimize them.

• Experience with UNIX/Linux environments for tuning multi-server deployments of Apache.

• Experience with networking concepts.

• Some experience managing MySQL servers and clusters.

• Familiarity with cloud-computing solutions, on-demand scalability.

The successful candidate is required to be nimble and effective in a deadline driven and fast paced environment. This position is in our Charlotte, Vermont offices, about 25 minutes south of Burlington on Route 7. Not a telecommuting position, so candidates must be local or willing to relocate. We have a lively staff in a dog-friendly office near the Charlotte beach, and we are often pressed into service in the EatingWell Test Kitchen tasting new recipes. We work hard and also have fun!

Please respond to jobs@eatingwell.com

Sorry, this is in VERMONT. I can't seem to edit this post.

Palo Alto, CA - imo is looking for software engineers and an operations engineer. (https://imo.im/jobs.html) Our current team consists of top TopCoders, ACM ICPC World Finalists, and medalists of the International Olympiads in Informatics. We work on challenging projects that we choose from the ground up that have direct impact on our users.

Bonn, Darmstadt (Germany) Hatfield (UK)

T-Mobile Product Design is looking for talented individuals as they are expanding their product design division.

Interface designers, UX, Interaction Designers, Hardware Managers.

The cool thing about this product group is that it's run without the usual big corp politics. There are hard problems to work on and you will have the opportunity to bring your own product ideas into life.

I am helping them finding talented people.

PM me for details.


Quizlet is a study platform for high school and college students. We're one of the few web companies that's gotten lots of traction in education -- 2M uniques a month and growing.

We're looking for PHP/JS developers who are excited about making an impact in education.

http://quizlet.com/jobs/ http://quizlet.com/testimonials/

Twilio is hiring for roles in San Francisco, California

  * Business Ops Associate
  * SIP Software Engineer
  * DevOps Engineer
  * Junior and Senior Software Engineers
  * Developer Interns (paid)
  * Product Manager
  * Front-end/Website Developer
Job descriptions and more info here: http://www.twilio.com/company/jobs

Work from anywhere. Just need a small design project done:

Email me at david {AT} emptyspaceads {DOT} com

===================================== JOB SUMMARY =====================================

We need the HTML/CSS for 4 wireframes we’ve completed, and you to update the CSS for an existing page we have. We already have a logo.

To make this easier for you, we already have the CSS/HTML (for the Account page with all the form elements you’d need, already) from a previous project. You are welcome to use as a base for the project. You will definitely need to adjust the font and color; but this should make it a lot easier for your to get the project done.

Notes: If you feel as though you need to move elements around to make a better user experience or make an easier, please feel free, we want to give you creative freedoms.

===================================== JOB RESPONSIBILITIES =====================================

   * HTML/CSS for the 4 wireframes we’ve created
   * No programming REQUIRED
===================================== JOB REQUIREMENTS =====================================

* You create 4 pages of HTML/CSS for the 4 wireframes we created * You will update the 1 page of HTML/CSS that we have provided to match the colors/styles you use. * You must use HTML 4.01 Strict Doctype Blueprint CSS framework . (version 1.0) * HTML Text Buttons (No Image Buttons Allowed) * CSS must validate according to W3C Validator * Browser Compatible: IE (7, 8, 9), Firefox (3.0, 3.5, 3.6, 4.0), Chrome, Safari. You should test to ensure compatibility. We will test ourselves as well to check your work. * Deliverables are due in 7 days from us accepting you

About You: * Excellent written English (spelling/grammar/etc) * Available via IM (either Skype, Yahoo, Google Chat, Yahoo, MSN, etc)

Mountain View, CA www.thefind.com Profitable Start - Up. We are recruiting for a Web UI Enginer and a Crawler Engineer.If you have experience in building or managing a large scale crawler, that’s a huge plus. If you’ve architected high transaction distributed systems written in C++, you might be the right person for the job. Please email rjaffer@thefind.com

Los Angeles, CA. RED Interactive Agency. www.ff0000.com 2 Fulltime Roles Open. Learn advanced techniques. Maintain websites and applications. Great benefits, high profile clients, highly visible projects.

Python / Django Engineer: Python, Django, PHP, Javascript, JQuery, Apache, MySQL, Subversion, Apache configuration, Linux.

Front End Engineer: HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery.


Wavii is hiring in Seattle, WA. Remote is an option.

Wavii automatically creates social content in real-time from news across the web.


Email me at <my-first-name>@wavii.com for more information.

Update: email jobs@wavii.com please.

Orlando, Florida - IZEA, Inc. - Senior Ruby Developer


Izea is a really fun place to work, and you'd be working with a team of other ruby developers integrating with lots of well known systems (Twitter, Wordpress, Blogger, Oauth, etc).

Sites you'd be working on:

http://sponsoredtweets.com http://socialspark.com http://payperpost.com http://wereward.com (and iPhone app!) http://inpostlinks.com http://izea.com

We're only hiring locally, but we're doing the whole "we'll help with your relocation expenses", so if you're a Ruby dev who is interested in moving to Orlando, please apply!

Disqus is hiring Engineers and a System Administrator: http://disqus.com/jobs

http://inakanetworks.com - rails, erlang, iphone - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; remote not an option.

Hiring Rails Developers and developers who'd like to become Rails Developers in Pittsburgh. We're building web-based decision tools meant to complement search and need folks interested in working on the front end and helping us to improve our algorithms.


Newco, stealth mode well-funded NYC startup with lots of runway. Huge opportunity to join a small team building a very busy gamechanging consumer Web app. Hiring several developers. No legacy code- build this from scratch with us! RoR/jQuery front end, Scala for the heavy lifting and API.

Please email Andy Parsons, andy@obikosh.com

Bazaarvoice is hiring in Austin, TX.

They just rented out a movie theater (alamo drafthouse) for all of us to see the Social Network.

Also it's a cool company. http://blogs.wsj.com/digits/2010/10/01/bazaarvoice-ramps-up-...

Sacramento, CA - Klicknation

We make games. On Facebook. But they're deeper and more interesting than other Facebook games, because we're gamers and we're not afraid to admit it. Our games were the first to feature animated battles, and we think they're still the best :)

Also, we're profitable, and not VC funded.

We've got two relatively successful Facebook games out, and we're always working on more. We've got some developers from some well known and established web startups, as well as artists who have worked with Marvel and D.C.

http://apps.facebook.com/ageofchampions/ http://apps.facebook.com/superherocity/

We're looking for developers. Must love games.


Looks like folks are being more specific, so I'll clarify:

We're looking for really solid PHP/Ruby/Python developers. Right now a lot of our server-side code is in PHP, but we've been writing a lot of stuff recently in Ruby, Python, and even a bit of Java.

Experience with scale is a major plus - we've got a lot of interesting scale problems and we're trying to be creative about solving them, including using a lot of Redis.

We're also looking for people who either have AS3 experience OR rockstars with 'traditional' game development experience (C/C++/Lua/whatever) - we've got two Flash rockstars already and they both knew zero about it when they started.

Also, if you're a master of CSS, we need you as well.

At Klicknation, you'll spec new features on Monday and launch them on Thursday. You'll have a lot of fun, but you'll be held to high standards and you'll learn a lot.

Our new NYC startup jumpkick is seeking Rails developers to work remotely with our team on some outstanding tickets and ongoing efforts to help us get to Beta in coming months.

Must have strong experience in large consumer facing data driven sites, especially those with social components, matching algorithms, recommendation engines, NLP i.e. dating sites, social networks, pandora, linkedin, etc.. We're building something special. It's also in Rails 3.

Ryan@MagnetAgency.net for more info.

I should also point out that Magnet Agency, our next gen recruiting company, has gobs of opportunities all the time for NYC talent in development, product management, sales and marketing and we do alot of exec search. We don't work with BS companies, every client is a killer tech startup or top agency/media brand we'd work at ourselves.

Amazon.com - Seattle, WA - No remote

Please email me directly at ${hn_username}@gmail.com

The Amazon Services team is looking for a great Systems Support Engineer to keep our systems running. You should be comfortable in a Linux environment, be able to automate everything you did yesterday, and willing to troubleshoot and resolve new problems on a daily basis. Come join one of the fastest growing teams within Amazon.


-Maintain stability and performance of our systems via tickets during oncall shifts

-Diagnose and troubleshoot new production issues that affect our customers

-Create and maintain standard operating procedure documents for new issues identified

-Automate operational tasks to assist with our scaling needs


-Proficiency in a scripting language (Ruby, Perl, Python, Shell)

-Familiar with SQL databases

-Comfortable navigating a Linux environment

-Basic understanding of web application architectures

Bonus points:

-Written a Rails application

-Deep knowledge of Oracle databases

-Troubleshooting experience

-Ticketing experience

http://StreetEasy.com, New York City

Cover letter and resume to:

  ruby -r base64 -e 'puts Base64.decode64("d29ya0BzdHJlZXRlYXN5LmNvbQ==")'
Seeking experienced ruby/rails developers! Curiosity about the New York City real estate market a a plus :)

use python, it's simpler ;) python -c "print 'd29ya0BzdHJlZXRlYXN5LmNvbQ=='.decode('base64')"

Also, please mention if you're hiring interns or not. I'm sure a number of college students (myself included) read HN, and are _very_ interested in working for one of you for the coming summer. Plus, it's just about that time, where we start applying and interviewing for internships.

It looks like few are responding to this request, so I've made a thread here: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1749103

SOMA, San Francisco — BackType

Hiring is the most important thing a startup does. We care so much that we created an app to help us reach hackers and let our friends explain why you should join us:


Santa Monica, CA and Austin, TX, USA - Demand Media

We're hiring for a number of our properties including: eHow, LIVESTRONG, Cracked, Tyra, and Demand Studios.

It's an exciting time at Demand and it's is a great place to work with a fun atmosphere and a lot to offer: great benefits, high scale and high profile projects, fun diversions (on-site game room, parties), flexible schedules, smart, fun people, stocked kitchens, serious hardware, and awesome locations.

We're mainly looking for:

  * PHP Developers
  * C# Engineers
  * Python Engineers
  * UI Engineers (Front-end, JS/jQuery)
We have a lot going on and tons of exciting projects coming up, check out: http://www.demandmedia.com/jobs/

Los Angeles, CA

Stealth-mode startup with solid funding. Currently have a team of 8 in the US and 4 in Europe. Looking for solid engineers in the LA area (telecommuting not an option, sorry). Experience building social networks or mobile development a plus (iOS or Android), but really just looking for solid engineers who fit with our small team. We aim to exit stealth by next summer.

Email questions to jaaronfarr [at] gmail.com

Unfortunately any important details require an NDA. Some people involved have been burned by early disclosure in the past, so we're playing it extra safe this time. And no, it isn't a social network, we just happen to have some typical social network features in the roadmap.

We are experienced hardware and software engineers in LA with many products and start-ups under our belts. Let us know if we can be of help. We have no problem signing NDAs.


Regards, Harry Tarnoff

Richmond, VA: Any php/mysql programmers or designers in the area looking for contract work or more, contact me (see my profile). We've got several full time remote employees, but I see some benefit in having some local contractors/employees.

Sent an email :).

NYC, EnergyScoreCards.com is hiring. We are in the hot energy efficiency / cleantech space, helping measure large buildings measure their energy use. We are looking for:

Developers (grails / java, but anybody with sharp skills would be considered).

Product manager to help work on new features, somebody with good visual sense.

Account manager - we sell to real estate portfolios and state agencies and need to manage those relationships.

UX person on a freelance basis, especially with experience in data visualization.

Bonus skills are experience in real estate market (residential multi-family or commercial), or background in energy efficiency / energy audits / building science, etc.

email: jean at energyscorecards dot com

Path Intelligence in Portsmouth, UK: http://www.pathintelligence.com

We think of ourselves as providers of analytics for the real world. By identifying the patterns of mobile phone movements we allow managers of shopping centres, airports and railway stations, exhibition centres, galleries and museums to understand the way that their customers or passengers behave.

We are looking for python developers, experienced web app developers, system administrators and data analysts.

Email short summary of past work experience, links to interesting projects and/or sample code to: team (at) pathintelligence.com

San Francisco, CA. Greplin (http://www.greplin.com/jobs)

We need superstar hackers to solve some really hard problems.

Keep terabytes of data in sync. Extract relevant information from large data sets with intelligent indexing, machine learning, and NLP. Display results extremely fast on the web and mobile phones.

We use Python + Twisted, JavaScript + Node.js, Objective C, Java, PHP, and/or whatever you're an expert in. It's early so you'll have a huge impact.

Investors include YCombinator, Bret Taylor (Facebook), Paul Buchheit (Gmail, AdSense), and Ron Conway (everything).


(no telecommuting at this point)

Toronto, Canada - Java Developer - Alpha Group

The Alpha product competes with the trading engine of the TSX. Currently about 25% of the trades on the TSX trade through our engine and NOT the TSX. We are a small company with a big vision and we are looking to expand our team by hiring a java developer. Ideally we'd like someone with 7+ years of solid java dev experience in core java not just j2ee/web app dev.

If you want the all boring details on the role you can check out our posting on workopolis.com otherwise you can apply directly by sending your resume to opportunities@alphatradingsystems.ca.

New York, NY (remote not an option, sorry): foursquare


We're hiring server engineers, operations engineers, and mobile engineers.

Our backend is built with Scala, Lift, and some Python. Our main datastore is MongoDB, but we have some stuff on Postgres. We're hosted entirely on EC2. We develop mobile clients for the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.

We're a location-based social network that's changing how people interact with physical space. We've got a lot of exciting projects we want to work on, and we need all the help we can get.

Email: jorge@foursquare.com

This sounds very neat! I dabble in Lift and Scala, and I think a job working/hacking on that would be awesome - unfortunately I don't think I'm qualified quite yet.

Could you define server and operations?

Server engineer is very broad. Could be anywhere on the stack from front-end work with HTML/CSS/JS to very deep in the guts of our application code working on performance and scalability, or anywhere in between. Job description: http://foursquare.jobscore.com/jobs/foursquare/server-side-s...

Operations engineer would be focused less on our application code and more on managing our EC2 infrastructure. Anywhere from improving our deployment process to thinking about security, reliability, and performance to managing our databases to tracking key system metrics. Job description: http://foursquare.jobscore.com/jobs/foursquare/operations-en...

From what I can tell, you've melded a backend and frontend dev for the server engineer role. Thanks for your time, but you require a degree, so I'm out.

I'm with you on this. I don't understand why companies limit themselves to people with degrees. It's not like half the good (a relative term, I know) developers haven't dropped out to do awesome things anyhow.

I'm pretty happy my company - SeatGeek, we're hiring full-time devs, see jack7890's post - is understanding of my wish to complete my education. Hopefully you can find a similar placement somewhere :)

I've got an offer to extend my 3 month contract with a pretty nice startup about to land in my inbox within a week, so I don't really need a job, (I have plenty of savings anyway), but I like to shop around and keep my eyes open.

Finishing my education is what I did when MIT OCW put their course material for computer science, electrical engineering, linguistics, philosophy, and culture online.

I use degree requirements as an anti-indicator for companies. If they're requiring the piece of paper, I know that I'd be punishing myself to go work for them anyway.

I'll take a look at SeatGeek's post. :)

The title is melded. Your role is whatever your best fit is. We have "server engineers" that do frontend dev almost exclusively, others that do backend dev almost exclusively, and others that do a bit of both.

We've hired people without degrees, and we've hired people without 5+ years experience. If you're good, we'll bend the rules.

The clarification is appreciated.

Eastern Europe. Looking for cofounder with strong skills in Javascript/canvas. Telecommuting is OK.

Project - embeddable web-charts with some smart & unique social features. Prototype is ready.

For contact info please see profile.

The Harvard Library Innovation Laboratory is looking for somebody. We're new. We're trying to reimagine libraries through tech. It's a cool opportunity to join a good team.

To see some of what we're working on, check out the website: http://www.librarylab.law.harvard.edu

Link to job description: https://jobs.brassring.com/1033/asp/tg/cim_jobdetail.asp?par...

email: jgoldenson@law.harvard.edu


Bay Area. gdgt (http://gdgt.com/jobs)

Looking for PHP engineers. There's just 4 of us right now, but we're looking to rapidly expand and kick it into high gear.

LeftRight DOES mobile & social gaming and we're hiring Rails and iPhone developers http://bit.ly/leftright_jobs

$2K for Referrals leading to hiring.

Webs.com - Silver Spring, MD (On the Washington, DC Metro)

We need a front-end developer. We're at a point where we are about to be rolling out a lot of important new products and updates to old ones, so we're looking to bump up our front-end team.

Looking for:

-Strong in HTML/CSS/JS

-Familiar with, but not dependent on, jQuery

-Interested in new technologies

-Likes getting things done the right way

-Some experience with Rails/Java is a plus

We give you all the standard startup benefits - medical benefits, commuter benefits, catered lunch, full kitchen, foosball table, etc.

>> Relocations are fine, I don't think we're looking for telecommuters

Email me at daniel (at) webs.com

San Francisco, CA - Plancast

We're looking for a Backend PHP Web Developer to become the 4th full-time member of our team.

Benefits: Competitive salary, generous stock options, health insurance, a hardware budget, an office with an incredible view, a flexible work schedule, and you'll be working on a problem that actually affects what people do with their time in the real world.

Site: http://plancast.com Job info: http://planca.st/ErS

Interested? E-mail me (peter@plancast)

EditRing is a VC-backed collaboration startup in San Francisco hiring COM/Windows engineers. We are looking for people who can easily switch between working on UIs inside Microsoft Office, COM interoperability layers, and Windows installers. If you have no experience with this kind of thing but are hardcore and can learn quickly, you should also get in touch with us.


We're not hiring full-time people remotely right now, but we would be open to remote contracting as a way of leading into full-time position in San Francisco.

London (UK) - Leap (http://www.leapcr.com)

We're looking for a Rails developer to join our London based team. You'll be joining our team in the heart of Soho to work on our employee volunteering platform. If you're a developer looking to do some good then this might be the place for you.

We just posted a job post up on Github: http://jobs.github.com/positions/a9838284-cd77-11df-8c7c-acf...

San Francisco, CA - Elation EMR : http://elationemr.com/

(Telecommuting considered for the right candidate)

Elation is an angel-funded healthcare technology startup dedicated to improving the clinical encounter. Our team currently consists of extremely passionate founders who bring years of health IT and healthcare industry experience and are deeply committed to improving the delivery of healthcare. Our investors include a practicing physician and the creators and backers of some of the world's largest and most innovative web companies, including Asana, Facebook, and Quora.

In the near term, we are focused on building an innovative web-based electronic medical record for physician practices. Our alpha product -- built by the founders -- has gone live, and we have aggressive plans to expand its use.

Front-End Engineer We are currently seeking an extraordinary front-end engineer to join the core of our technical team. As one of the first hires, you will play a key role in shaping the team and culture, architecting the foundations of a very complex system, and designing the experience for a highly demanding user.

Your role as resident front-end guru will be to push the boundaries of what is possible in a browser, create an experience that makes users forget they are on the web, and engineer elegant solutions to client-side challenges more demanding than even Gmail's.

The ideal candidate is:

* Fascinated by making the web fast

* Excited to concoct UI magic

* Comfortable navigating and optimizing server-client boundaries

* Product-minded with a keen eye for usability, style, and design

* Eager to step into users' shoes and sees extraordinary value in doing so

Desired Qualifications: * B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. in Computer Science or equivalent technical field; or simply being an awesome engineer

* Expert skills in Javascript, HTML/CSS

* Experience with Javascript frameworks (jQuery, Prototype, YUI, etc.); contributions to Javascript frameworks a plus

* Proficiency programming in Python; experience with Django a plus

* No healthcare experience needed but ready to get excited about building technology that has the potential to deeply impact people's lives

If you fit the bill and are excited, or if you don't fit the bill but still feel you could be a tremendous asset to our engineering team, please send us your cover letter and resume to jobs+hn@elationemr.com.

If there are any internship positions, please post here or there: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1749103

Newton, MA: TripAdvisor

We used to complain about a table having a billion pins. That's yesterday's news. Come help us figure out what to do with 100B rows of data. And how to do it.

San Francisco / San Mateo / Seattle / Vancouver Salesforce.com http://www.salesforce.com/company/careers/

Looking for Dev, QA (lots), and DevOps.

The Force.com Platform team is looking for Java Developers to help deliver the next evolution of its cloud application infrastructure, runtime and distribution architecture. Build the platform that enables developers to code, deploy, run and manage applications in the cloud.

Allegiance out of their Austin office. We build a customer feedback data analysis platform. Always innovating with data mining, text mining, social media, survey, and operations data to find new insights for our clients. Looking for talented .Net software engineers who love to find more value in data.

several dev jobs available: http://www.allegiance.com/company/careers.php#ssd

Palo Alto, CA - Flipboard.

Seeking awesome iOS or web developer who cares about design that works and building cool things.

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Software Engineer - SF

Scribd is hiring for a few different positions.

We work in ruby, but there is plenty of java, python, and other variety mixed in when it makes sense.

The engineering team is comprised of many of HN readers who genuinely enjoy what they do and are driven to solve challenging problems. If you are interested, you can check out our jobs page or email me directly with any questions.


London, UK (no remote working for this one, sorry)

INENSU - new social games company with a focus on music.

We also have a project funded by a major TV broadcaster and are looking for 2 people to join us - asap!

* Front-End Developer: html / javascript + Flash [bonus]

* Game / User Experience Designer.




Teamly, London, UK. Lead Ruby Developer.

Teamly provides online teamwork software that helps ambitious people and businesses be more successful. Our ambition is to be the leading online provider world-wide of team management software to small and medium sized businesses.

More info: http://blog.teamly.com/jobs-and-careers-at-teamly

IndexTank. San Francisco, CA (SoMa). Multi-tenant search as a service hosted on AWS. Extremely interesting optimization and scalability challenges. Many sites use us and pay for our service, including Reddit. Very small company, lots of upside. International team (US - Argentina). We NEED more awesome developers.


San Francisco, CA & Baltimore, MD

Millennial Media

Web dev, mobile app dev, software engineering, QA, and MIS positions are open.


We are venture-backed and a leader in the mobile advertising space. See the link above or email me if you're interested: cbrown@millennialmedia.com

- Northern Virginia based database startup in stealth.

- Founded by engineers with prior >$50MM exit.

- A very challenging and exciting project.

- We are looking for self-motivated, smart software engineers.

- Specific skills of interest: Systems programming, C++, engineering for high performance, asynchronous/distributed programming, data structures.

Contact: info at foundation-d-b dot com [with no dashes]

Update: Not hiring remote employees at this time.


LigerTail is looking for Python hackers. Email in the profile.

No, it isn't :)

(The email field is not publicly visible - put it in 'about')

Palo Alto. Opzi just announced on TC, great reception.


Brooklyn, NY || telecommuting for the right person

We're looking for PHP/MySQL/Drupal and/or HTML/JS/CSS hackers to evolve our local news platform. You can see our product & network here: http://www.thedailynorwalk.com

tdonia (at) MainStreetConnect (.us) - mention hn, please

Rails Developer - Salem, MA or telecommute

Work on back end of customized fashion platform. Lots of interesting and challenging problems. Posting here: http://www.fashionplaytes.com/content/jobs Send me your resume: gsam@fashionplaytes.com

Confused - this looks suspiciously like the craigslist ad that says this is a 3-6 month contract. I'm also getting calls from headhunters saying this is a 6 month contract.

Well I sent you my resume twice and a bulleted list of how there might be a good fit, which in my experience would at least get some response, but I've gotten nothing, so either I'm not up to your standards, which is perfectly reasonable, or you have faulty lines of communication you might want to look into.

NYC,London,Austin. Enthought is hiring, we're a scientific computing company working on Numpy and Scipy, and we do some consulting as well. www.enthought.com

We're looking for Python/C/C++ developers who are good at math, numerical methods, numerical optimization, signal processing, statistics, etc..

Burbank, CA Warner Music Group

I'm hiring a mobile apps contractor to handle PM, QA, R&D and assorted acronyms for iOS primarily and Android secondarily. Its contract to start, full time soon.

I will have positions soon for some big-data work, Python, Mongo, etc.

Contact me if interested in discussing. ethan.kaplan [@] wmg.com

In New York:

Digital Production and Outsourcing Sales Manager http://bit.ly/cuISWC

In Buenos Aires:

Tech PM - http://bit.ly/doiY3f Web Devs - http://bit.ly/cTquHE

And a bunch of other positions.

Softonic.com, most openings in Barcelona, some also in Madrid. Knowledge of Spanish not necessary for technical openings; remote not an option. http://softonic.asp.infojobs.net/home/index.xhtml

Toronto, Ontario. Poolhouse Enterprises, the makers of the Dogbook and Catbook Facebook applications, is hiring. We're looking for a talented back end developer (SQL, EC2, PHP frameworks) who is passionate about social and mobile apps. If interested send us an e-mail.

Yottaa - Boston, MA - http://www.yottaa.com/about/jobs

We are looking for a motivated individual with passion for web technology and community engagement to join the team as the company's marketing leader.

Someone here must be a marketing guru.

Western MA (Easthampton) - Developer support engineer (entry-level) or .NET SDK engineers (.NET + either JavaScript ninja or C/C++ guru -- not listed yet) http://www.atalasoft.com/company/careers

.NET Developer - Anywhere in the world, remote working:


We develop a quite cool black-box web application security scanner.

IPPLEX is hiring System Administrators and Database Management positions in the Santa Monica area.


A company I used to work for in Gaithersburg MD is looking for someone to do internal applications. It's a mix of Python, asp.net, php, and database stuff.

My email is in my profile. If you sound promising I'll send your resume over to them. No remote work possible.

Montreal, Quebec. Tungle http://www.tungle.me/Home/careers/

We're looking for a C#/Java developer, and QA lead (python/selenium). Small team (under 20), smart people, and beer hour on Fridays :)

Orem, UT: ClickLock (http://clicklock.com/) is hiring one or two software engineers with equity. Technologies are pretty broad, including Python, JVM languages, C#, and C++.

Email: travis@clicklock.com

Cubox SA - Montevideo, Uruguay

Rails Development - Bootstrapping products.

Pair Programming, Awesome Office, TDD, Rails.

devartis - Buenos Aires, Argentina (no telecommute)

A small, fast growing, software factory looking for ninja engineers (mobile & web) http://www.devartis.com/jobs

Boston, MA. litl, LLC -

Looking for a Build/Release Engineer:


Letitcast is looking for interns in Paris.


We're doing rails but if you have experience in web development and love it we could have a talk.

Email your resume to mike at letitcast dot com

We're in London (no telework). Always looking for talented devs - especially those with an interest in all things geo.


Look forward to hearing from you

IntoMobile is looking for talented lead software developer utilizing PHP and Javascript to help customize our WordPress blog and build our custom community website. Previous job experience is not required.


* Solid ability in PHP5 website development and optimization. * Experience with MySQL query design and optimization. (optimizing indexes, query analysis) * Ability to work with and edit basic web user interfaces in HTML and CSS by hand (without the aid of a WYSIWYG editor).


* Familiarity with the internal operations of WordPress, creating WordPress plugins from scratch and interacting with all aspects of WordPress's core operations.

This is an immediate opening for a long term, work from home, full-time contract position. Contract rate is commiserate with experience. Please provide salary history and salary requirements. Also, please indicate if you are legally authorized to work in the U.S. and, if you will now, or in the future, require sponsorship for employment visa status (H-1B visa).

We have several projects for this person to work on currently with more on the horizon so ideally this would be a full-time contract position. We'd prefer someone local, but we know that talent is sometimes hard to come by so we're willing to work with someone offsite, as long as you reside in the same time zone (PST), you are available during normal business hours, and you are an individual not a company or company rep.


Please respond via our Resumator portal at http://www.intomobile.com/jobs/ with an updated resume highlighting your relevant experience.

-- ABOUT US --

IntoMobile delivers breaking news, information, and analysis on the latest mobile phones and mobile technology. IntoMobile is the leading and most read daily mobile technology news site that caters to early adopters, mobile professionals, technology enthusiasts, and technology consumers alike. Founded in late 2005, IntoMobile now serves a global audience of over 3.5 million monthly unique visitors looking for complete coverage on mobile technology – making us the most trafficked mobile tech news resource on the web!

In addition to news, IntoMobile offers it's community members and guests a custom database of over 2000 phones, product reviews, and a question and answer portal.

IntoMobile is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and was established in 2006. We are one of the largest and fastest growing mobile technology news and community websites.

San Francisco, SA. Blurb (http://www.blurb.com/join_us)

We're looking for Rails developers to help us help people tell their story - with books!

If your in Madison WI look us up. We're HealthFinch, info in bio.

CouchOne is hiring core database engineers, HTML5 application devs, QE and QA, and more: http://www.couchone.com/jobs

Palo Alto, CA.

Udemy is hiring rockstar engineers and developers. http://www.udemy.com/static/jobs.html

San Francisco / Wikispaces / Front-End Engineer http://www.wikispaces.com/jobs

Mountain View, CA. GazeHawk. http://www.gazehawk.com/jobs/

Looking for super awesome hire #1.

Craigslist is still hiring in San Francisco : Coders, i18n/l10n engineers and i18n/l10n QA Engineers.

My mail address is on my profile.

St. Louis, MO, USA: Oasis Digital is hiring.



Come rock with us in MV and NY,

Email me at marcus@meebo.com

Oh yeah, info at http://www.meebo.com/jobs

Seattle, WA. Networking (not social, computer) startup, need systems people and C programmers. Email me at ben at rkgenubc.pbz (rot13 the domain part). No remote.

Austin, TX - Indeed.com - one search, all jobs.

We're a job search engine. We're hiring for the following engineering jobs, all in more detail at http://www.indeed.jobs/

* Jr. Linux System Administrator

* Software Development Engineer

* Statistician / Quantitative Analyst

* User Interface Developer

* Web Front End Developer

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