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created:September 8, 2010
karma: 1423
about: My name is Brad. I've been working as a software engineer in San Francisco for ~ 6yrs (2017) and was formerly in Indianapolis. I play guitar, rock climb, play disc golf, hike, camp, watch a lot of movies, read even more books, and have several other little hobbies. Day to day, I'm a web/application developer specializing in ruby development and currently working at Hired as a Sr Engineer. In previous roles, I co-founded and ran Soothe as CTO for 1.5 years, worked at Bleacher Report on mobile API's for 2.5 years, was an original team member at StyleOwner, worked on wizard tools and CMS stuff at iGoDigital, and did front-end development work for Matchbook Creative. If you want to know more, send me an email!

http://www.hackernewsers.com/users/bherms.html http://www.matchbookcreative.com http://www.igodigital.com http://www.styleowner.com http://www.bleacherreport.com http://www.soothe.com http://www.hired.com