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So many people I know who are not at all tech savvy buy streaming boxes that offer unlimited free channels. Those things seem to be incredibly popular. This is what has replaced Bittorrent for movie and TV piracy for the masses, or it just enabled piracy when before Bittorrent was just too complex for them. It is now just streamed on demand from a large variety of pirate sites through Kodi and friends.

The people using these generally have no clue they are pirating. It is just this box they bought that offers great value.

This is what has replaced Bittorrent because it is immediately accessible to the masses for $199 or whatever those boxes cost.

What are these “streaming boxes”? I’ve never heard of Kodi either.

Cheap Android boxes running Kodi with a plugin that automatically fetches pirate video streams. Kodi itself is an awesome open source media center that isn't intended to enable piracy, but it supports addons and third parties build plugins that curate pirate streaming sources.

My anecdotal experience is people using an Android device like an Amazon Fire TV Stick that has these sorts of apps sideloaded to watch movies and TV shows. They are sold around $100 with all the necessary setup already completed, allowing people without the ability to connect to an Android device via adb to stream whatever they want.

kodi is extremely popular all over the world. even though the actual product offers no content its addon community is very strong and a lot of piracy addons exist which can be installed easily even if you are not tech savvy.

some addons that are just fronts for piracy sites that host videos but there are some that use Bittorrent to stream content.

getting a box is extremely cheap too. buy any chinese android box and connect it to your tv and you are good to go. but more mainstream there's people who buy boxes, install the addons and resell them at a higher price to people who don't want to mess with technology.

Kodi was formerly XBMC, Xbox Media Center. That homebrew app for the original Xbox.

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