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Daisee (www.daisee.com) | Software Engineer, Devops, Data Scientists | Sydney, Australia or Melbourne, Australia | Full-time, ONSITE, no visa but vague chance of REMOTE for someone brilliant

Daisee makes NLP and computer vision products.

We make software for call centre operators to transcribe calls, and then do various kinds of analysis on the call text (e.g. whether the caller was expecting a call back, general sentiment of the call, predictors of a successful or unsuccessful call). We also help call centres offload voice volume on to chat. We also do predictive modelling for demand (not just in call centres: retail as well).

We also have various medical and architectural computer vision products, and some software engineering support products.

We are a well-funded startup with a long runway to support our current 20+ staff. We're making large $$$$ sales into enterprises most weeks. We have mature management (two ex-googlers are on the management team, including the former Australian general manager; the rest of the executive team have held senior roles across the banks, successful startups and a variety of other major corporations). You get the stability and mature culture of a large corporate job, but the interesting work and dynamic environment of a startup.

We have a team of data scientists already; I'm looking to hire one more, preferably with skills in computer vision.

I am looking to hire around 4-6 software developers to take on various projects. Back-end software development is mostly in Haskell, with some legacy Python. Front-end is the usual Javascript/CSS/HTML.

What I would like from a software developer is a lot of experience of working with data scientists and/or some machine learning skills yourself. Having taken projects through to production and supporting them there is also valuable.

Any skills around Genesys or IPscape (or other call centre systems) will get you straight to the top of the resume pile. JIRA or Salesforce plug-in development will also be appreciated. Medical imaging knowledge will be very highly valued as well.

https://www.workable.com/j/2A144554F9 or contact recruitment@daisee.com and mention that you saw this post on HN.

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