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Ask HN: Who is hiring? (April 2018)
612 points by whoishiring on Apr 2, 2018 | hide | past | favorite | 1083 comments
Please state the job location and include the keywords REMOTE, INTERNS and/or VISA when the corresponding sort of candidate is welcome. When remote work is not an option, include ONSITE.

Please only post if you personally are part of the hiring company—no recruiting firms or job boards. Only one post per month, please. If it isn't a household name, explain what your company does.

Commenters: please don't reply to job posts to complain about something. It's off topic here.

Readers: please only email submitters if you personally are interested in the job—no recruiters or sales calls.

You can also use kristopolous' console script to search the thread: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10313519.

TGS | Irvine, CA and Princeton, NJ | Full Time | ONSITE | $180 - 250k (base) + discretionary bonus

TGS is a quantitative hedge fund with offices in Princeton, NJ and Irvine, CA. We provide challenging problems, excellent benefits and extremely high compensation. Our staff of 60 employees enjoys an open and collaborative culture, fully catered breakfast and lunch every day, onsite fitness facilities and annual retreats. Our health and dental insurance package pays for 100% of all premiums for all employees and their immediate families, and we offer generous paternity and maternity leave.

We are looking for talented software engineers and research scientists to join us. Ideal software engineering candidates demonstrate exceptional programming and analytical skills with a propensity for developing creative solutions to complex problems. For research scientists, we like to see a PhD in a quantitative discipline such as Statistics, Math, Computer Science or Physics with a strong publication record. Both roles engage in work that directly contributes to the fund's performance.

If you believe your technical accomplishments stand out for either role, we'd love to talk to you. Prior experience in finance is not necessary.

For inquiries, questions or to submit resumes, please contact gmandiant@gmail.com. You absolutely must submit "number 2" in the headline or your email will go unanswered. Recruiters will go unanswered as well. Thank you.

What the hell is a headline, the email subject line? And why is this a Gmail address?

I'd assume it refers to the email subject line, and it's likely a Gmail because these quant funds are notoriously secretive and secure. It's legitimate nonetheless.


Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard | Cambridge/Boston, MA | Associate Software Engineer | INTERNS, ONSITE, VISA

We're a small team of software engineers, computational biologists, clinicians, and geneticists building cutting-edge tools and methods for interpreting some of the largest genomic datasets in the world (~500,000,000 genetic variants in ~200,000 human genomes/exomes). We aim to determine how genetic variation alters our proteins, biochemical pathways, cells, tissues, physiology, and traits/susceptibility to disease.

This position involves developing a React component library for visualizing genomic data. We are looking for friendly people with demonstrated experience in web tech, an eye for design, and genuine excitement to learn new things. Experience building performant React web applications preferred. In your email, please link to an online portfolio/github repo, and bonus points if you've built a nontrivial data visualization app. Technologies we use: React, Redux, D3, SVG, Python, GraphQL, nodejs, Docker, Kubernetes, Google Container Engine.

In this role, you'll receive domain-specific training at a world-class research institute. We're supportive of candidates interested in transitioning to graduate school. Your work will be 100% open source and highly visible in the genetics/genomics community. Our tools are used by tens of thousands of researchers and physicians around the world who cure disease and make biological discoveries. Come help shape the future of human genetic data visualization and discovery!

email: msolomon@broadinstitute.org

Do you sponsor VISA for internationals ?

Yes (I’m not the OP, but I work at the Broad Institute.)

I'm interested but do you have any remote software engineering positions?

Or can you support anyone from Iran?

any chance for Newly-grads?

Apple, Inc. | Cupertino

-- Siri -- Apple’s Siri is looking for exceptional engineers, designers, and project managers well versed in machine learning, natural language, speech recognition, server automation, and/or mobile software development. Siri is used on countless iOS, tvOS and watchOS devices and handles over a billion requests per week.

If you’re passionate about Music, Natural Language Processing, developing Full Stack Software Solutions, or one of a variety of our open positions, you’ll be right at home!

Apply online or send a resume to brittanyd@apple.com.

-- Security Engineering -- Apple’s Security Engineering and Architecture group is looking for senior security engineers and DevOps specialists to help us build systems that protect customers with leading privacy and security technologies.

Successful candidates will be generalists capable of tackling challenging engineering problems anywhere in the stack, from the kernel and firmware to cloud services and applications.

Apply online or send a resume to nectar@apple.com.

rwalker could I get in touch with you about the machine learning role directly?

Do you accept internships?

Replicated | Backend Engineer - All Levels | $90k - $160k + equity | Los Angeles ONSITE| https://www.replicated.com

We've had a lot of success reaching out to Backend Engineers through Hacker News to help us in our work building modern deployment frameworks for enterprise applications, but we have more roles to fill for engineers of all levels with experience with golang, containerization, schedulers and a passion for solving challenging technical problems.

At Replicated you will be working on the cloud based and installable aspects of our product, you'll be working with a talented and experienced team.

Experience that will be useful for this role includes golang, SQL, Docker and Kubernetes. These roles will be exclusively onsite in Los Angeles.

If you are interested please email austin (at) replicated (dot) com

People interested in technical customer success or support roles are invited to get in touch as well.

Visby | light field capture | visby.io | San Francisco (550 Bryant St) | Full-time | ONSITE | Mid to Senior Software & Support Engineers | $100-140k + equity DOE

What We Do: VC-backed seed-stage startup building natively holographic capture and playback for VR, AR, etc. Goodbye, uncanny valley (hello, a lot of math). We're a software company, but we have a big pile of cameras.

Stack: Python, C++, CUDA, Open GL, AWS.

The Team: There are nine of us total, six on the engineering team. Our team makes me laugh aloud a few times a week.

Values: We're solving hard problems, so we value creativity, communication, and generosity in equal measure. We welcome a wide variety of personal and professional backgrounds and consider applicants without regard to race, religion, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual identity or expression, medical condition, socioeconomic status, or any other category of experience.

We're Hiring

• Software Engineer, Virtual Reality: http://bit.ly/2Fg7QlQ

• Support Engineer, VR Dev/Ops: https://bit.ly/2pZ2f9W

• and more: https://jobs.lever.co/visby

The New York Public Library | Senior Android Developer | Full-time + On-site in NYC | http://www.librarysimplified.org | https://www.nypl.org

The New York Public Library is reshaping the world of e-books and library lending with its SimplyE mobile and web applications. Our small, dedicated, and compassionate team is looking for an exceptional Android engineer to help us in the quest for ever greater public access to information. Join us in our efforts at the main NYPL branch location (of Ghostbusters fame) and you'll experience the pleasure of working full-time on open-source software, enjoy a healthy work-life balance, and sleep well at night knowing you're doing what's best for the patrons of the library, not someone else's bottom line.

Our native app is written primarily in Java with new development being undertaken in Kotlin. You should be competent with Git, know a thing or two about SQL, and understand the basics of JavaScript and DOM manipulation. Knowledge of the EPUB format, familiarity with building accessible apps, and a good understanding of functional programming are major plusses. We're also very passionate about our institutional values of collaboration and mentoring.

Ready to improve the experiences of library patrons around the US? Send your résumé to "nypldigitaljobs@nypl.org" and let us know!

Rigetti Quantum Computing | Berkeley, CA | ONSITE | Full-time | Web Developer | Senior Software Engineer | Lead DevOps Engineer | Etc.

At Rigetti we're on a mission to build the world's most powerful computer. We are a full-stack technology company in the most literal sense: we design, fabricate, characterize, calibrate, and ultimately deploy our quantum chips through our software platform, Forest, making them available over the cloud to users all over the world.

Software engineering is at the heart of our technology, as we develop internal tools for the many technical divisions within our company, and architect a state-of-the-art platform for a whole new kind of computing.

The following are just a few of our open positions:

- Web Developer: you will be building tools for the next-generation of hybrid quantum/classical computing services, and cutting-edge R&D applications for the engineering teams that make these machines possible.

- Senior Software Engineer: you will be responsible for building and maintaining the software used to characterize quantum devices. Working closely with our team of talented physicists you will play a direct role in improving and scaling Rigetti's quantum computers.

- Lead DevOps Engineer: you will be responsible for ensuring Rigetti's quantum computing services are engineered for availability and efficiency. You will be formalizing the DevOps culture at Rigetti to create a world-class, first-of-its-kind hybrid quantum/classical computing service.

Our stack includes Python, Common Lisp, C, and JavaScript, but most of all we care how well you can solve problems and learn.

It's not a mission to Mars, but it is quantum computing. Come be a part of something amazing.


Kolide | Early-Stage | Full-time | Remote first, Onsite optional | Somerville, MA | https://kolide.com/

Kolide is an early-stage startup with a mission to build the world’s next generation endpoint security and infrastructure analytics platform. At it’s core, Kolide enables you to ask computers important questions, get back immediate answers, and take decisive action. Kolide does all this by leveraging the awesome power of Facebook’s osquery framework and extending it with built-in security and operations expertise. You'll have the opportunity to work on open-source software with the creators of osquery, led by a former FireEye executive.

Our Current Stack:

  * Go
  * Javascript
  * Kubernetes
  * C++
Roles we are hiring for:

  * Site Reliability Engineer 
  * Software Engineer: Backend, Frontend, and Host 
  * Security Engineer 
Contact us at jobs@kolide.co | More info: https://kolide.com/careers

NYS Attorney General's Office | Privacy & Data Security Engineer | New York, NY (NYC) | ONSITE

We lead on tech investigations and policy. The NYS Attorney General’s Office is seeking a highly skilled engineer to help our other engineers and lawyers with investigations (examples: fake comments on net neutrality; Equifax data breach; bot-related fraud; etc.) and lawsuits (examples: challenging FCC net neutrality repeal; suit against Charter for false claims about internet speeds; etc.).

Ideal candidates are experienced with, and expert in, programming and web dev tools (JAVA, Python, PHP, SQL, Ruby) and Linux command line tools and container tech (Docker, etc.).

Job details & application: https://goo.gl/1ndQG5 Examples of our work in tech: https://goo.gl/QXpqTC

The bachelors degree requirement isn't flexible?

For a candidate with exceptional skills and experience we may be able to ask our office's HR department to waive the requirement.

Any openings in Albany?

This position is for NYC only.

Brex | All engineering positions | Full-time | Newly-grad | San Francisco, CA | 130k-250k | ONSITE

Backed by the co-founders of PayPal (Max Levchin and Peter Thiel), Y Combinator, Ribbit Capital, and Carl Pascarella (former CEO of Visa). We are building the next generation of B2B financial services with better tech and without the restrictions of legacy technology.

Our Stack is Elixir, Erlang, Postgres, Kubernetes, React, Redux, GraphQL -> We love functional programming.

What we bring

- At Brex we take input from everyone. Engineering included. Your voice will be heard. - We’d rather have one strong, well-compensated engineer instead of having five stressed, underpaid engineers. - Small, accountable and autonomous teams of amazing people, eager to learn, teach and constantly improve our way of working. - We believe that great individual contributors generate as much (or more!) value as engineering managers, and we compensate them accordingly.

What you bring

- Exceptional technical background. - Strong sense of ownership and accountability for what you’re building. What you build today will be the foundation for dozens of other systems in the future. - Frankness on discussing technical matters. If you disagree with how things are being done, we encourage you to speak up. You can attack an idea without attacking the person behind it. - Passion for code. We love people that take pride in and love programming, especially if they’ve done so since a very young age.

(Newly grads, contact us anyway. We love training you guys.)

Job descriptions are here: https://jobs.lever.co/brex. Feel free to reach out to me directly and I'll move you through our process: felipe (at) brex (dot) com.

Do you sponsor VISA for internationals ?

Cooklist | Django / React Native | Dallas, TX | Remote | Equity 1-8% Salary $60-90k Cooklist shows you recipes you can cook with the groceries you buy.

Our app can connect directly to 81 grocery chains like Walmart, Safeway, Kroger etc. and automatically download every purchase a user makes in store and online. It uses NLP to match each product purchased to recipe ingredients. Over 1,000,000 products are matched to 1,000,000 recipes with 95% accuracy.

Cooklist has been live in private beta for 6 months as a web app and we launched the beta iOS app two weeks ago. Hundreds of users are participating in the development process. 10,000+ purchases have been downloaded in the last week. Right now we are a 6 person team with experienced startup founders. You can see a demo video at https://cooklist.co

You can reach me at daniel@cooklist.co

Notion | Software Developer | SF | https://www.notion.so | Full Time | Onsite

Hey founder of Notion here. You can think of it as the next generation Microsoft Office meets Minecraft (and actually a visual programming language behind the scene).

This is our product:


We made a graphic novel about why we exist:


Read more market-related comments on Product Hunt. (Notion was one of the fastest voted of all time):



We are < 10 people at the moment. The business is growing fast and profitable. We have a beautiful artist loft in the SF Mission district, with the best investors out there (notion.so/about). You need to be able to build things and think conceptually. Email me directly at "ivan@makenotion.com"

P.S. A product review covering the recent 2.0 launch https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-only-app-you-need-for-work-...

I read this article and downloaded Notion! It's been great to use so far. I use it for personal and work note taking so far.

Kinda like Airbase. Trying out the app. I guess you’re hiring SF only. Not Seattle remote.

WalmartLabs DC - Reston, VA | Software Engineer - Junior, Mid or Senior Full stack ONSITE - Full-time

Technology is at the heart of our business, enabling Walmart to achieve revenue of $500 billion in 2017. Each week, our systems serve over a million associates, and the nearly 260 million customers who visit our 11,504 stores in 28 countries - under 65 banners. The @Labs teams in Reston are creating the next generation of store systems using cloud-native technologies.

We are enabling a more efficient workforce through smarter systems that evolve continuously. We are creating awesome customer experiences through products that blur the lines between online and physical retail. Best of all, we have a great work culture!! We encourage continuous learning — hosting talks and learning opportunities weekly— and we love it when you contribute to an open source project. We also give back to the community through organized volunteerism and meetups. Contact us If you are bright, like to be surrounded by smart people, enjoy challenges, and need to see projects through to the end!! We are seeking great software engineers who are interested in solving problems of scale within an increasingly competitive retail landscape.

As a mid to senior engineer, we would like for you to have a good working knowledge of at least one JVM language (preferably Java or Scala). Junior candidates can code in any language (though Haskell would be impressive :) ). Get in touch at wmlabs.dc@gmail.com

Why do you use a gmail address for your contact info?

Because I get lots of spam if I use my corporate email. If your resume looks good I will reply to you from my Walmart account. It's not the first time I posted the job here, we actually hired two people from HN.

Trying to get the 5.000 euros for the refer-a-friend program >.<

I wish! I don't think we do that anymore though.

Please someone report this post! It's fake!

Actually. I have been with the team for over 2 years and a hacker news member for what feels like ten years. The reason I don't put my actual Walmart email is because of all the spam I actually get. If you are actually interested. Shoot me an email and I will reply from my Walmart email.

Might be a good idea to setup an email at your work dedicated solely for receiving job applications.

Good idea, although we do have our own recruiting team that has emails created for that purpose, but I am not part of that team. I am a software engineer who is looking for new awesome peeps to work with :) (I was also hoping my Karma + longevity in hacker news would give me some cred, but I guess that didn't work hah)

The hnofficehours link in your profile is dead FYI.

Thanks for letting me know. I took it out.

PKC Security | Senior- engineer | Huntington Beach, CA | ONSITE, FULL-TIME | $120-$160k | https://pkcsecurity.com

PKC Security is a small, elite custom dev shop. Our engineers build cutting-edge, innovative products to solve our clients’ most wicked problems. Our work spans across the fintech, e-commerce, NGO, and education spaces. We are looking for a senior dev who can lead other excellent, experienced engineers. We need someone who is capable of making tough engineering decisions on the fly for greenfield projects, and then guide a team to implement them effectively. We offer great benefits and have a strong, empowering company culture. Our company’s mission is “to make new ways in the wilderness for the weak to know truth and live free.”

Our stack is Clojure + reagent for web and mobile, and Heroku or AWS with terraform for DevOps. Knowing Clojure is not required. We have also been known to experiment with other randomly assorted languages, frameworks, and infrastructure :)

If you are interested, email Mike at jobs@pkcsecurity.co

That email doesn't appear to exist. In fact, that domain doesn't exist.

New York Public Radio | New York, NY | Full-time | Senior Full Stack Developer | ONSITE

New York Public Radio is building a dedicated engineering team with the goal of creating a better experience for fans of experimental and classical music online. We have some wonderfully talented people involved and we need one more senior full-stack web developer who knows JS and Python to be the lead engineer on the team. If you love music, podcasts, and programming, this might be the perfect job for you.

One of the things I love personally is that we have a proven recurring revenue stream, so we don't have to worry about running out of capital or finding a business model, and can just concentrate on building the best possible experience for the audience that directly supports us. The work environment is friendly & welcoming, with plenty of free food, cool events, and intellectual stimulation.

The top requirements are that you've got at least 5 years of relevant programming experience and enough Django/JavaScript (preferably Ember) knowledge that you make smart architectural decisions without needing a lot of oversight.

Here's a link to the job description where you can apply: http://jobs.jobvite.com/newyork-public-radio/job/opUa7fwk

Blockstack | New York HQ | Full-Time, Onsite or REMOTE | https://blockstack.org/careers

Blockstack is a new internet for decentralized apps, powered by blockchain and designed for personal data ownership. With Blockstack, users control their own data and keep their privacy, security, and freedom.

Blockstack is a public benefit corp and rapidly growing open source community with over 13,912 developers globally. It was co-founded by Ryan Shea and Muneeb Ali in 2013 at Princeton and with Headquarters in NY and a globally distributed core team.

We raised a Series A in February 2017, and 50M in the Blockstack Token Sale in November 2017. We are grateful to have the confidence of investors including Union Square Ventures, Lux Capital, Shana Fisher, Naval Ravikant, Winklevoss Capital, Digital Currency Group, Foundation Capital, Kevin Rose, Michael Arrington, and Qasar Younis (former COO of Y Combinator).

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, check out our careers site: https://blockstack.org/careers and Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/blockstack

Tech Stack: Our engineering team builds software using JavaScript/ES6, React, Redux, and Swift, on the frontend and Python, bash, and Bitcoin Core on the backend.

Perks: Blockstack offers a competitive salary, generous equity, 100% covered health insurance, free daily lunch, a computer of your choice along with accessories to fit your requirements, a professional development budget, a casual workplace, and standard vacation + unlimited sick days.


Would you available to discuss the full stack role? I'm also in NY and open to a discussion over coffee. Thanks, Shivam (shivamg@alumni.cmu.edu)

Hello, I am particularly strong with JavaScript(ES6), React, Redux and bash, but am a quick enough learner to pick up the rest of the stack as required. I can be reached at uciel.vilchis7@gmail.com. Hope to hear from you soon!

Super excited about the opportunity and happy to chat more about the full stack role. Ping me at bala92@gmail.com

Aconex | Melbourne, Bangalore | Full-time | Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Senior UI Engineer | ONSITE | $100k-$175k (varies by location) Aconex is a highly profitable project collaboration company with most of the worlds largest construction companies as customers. We are to construction projects what Atlassian is to software projects.

We have several open roles in various locations: https://www.aconex.com/careers/engineering

We're looking to build a team of experienced software developers to help us bring a new product to market with a strong financial aspect. Our stack is based on a service oriented architecture, so we have a number of different technologies at play - Java, Go, Ruby, Python etc. To begin with, you'll be working with Java 8 (using Dropwizard or Spring Boot), Angular, Typescript as well as many other tools.

Love to chat stack, so if you're interested - reach out! Technology choice is open for discussion on new services that we start.

More about us: https://www.aconex.com If you're interested, email me at timols(at )aconex( dot)com

Quatico.com | Product Manager, Fullstack, Backend, Frontend, Product Manager (German language needed) | Zurich, Switzerland | SALARY: 95k-130k CHF | ONSITE | Swiss or EU member-states passport-holders ONLY

Don't get afraid because our website is in German because we hire English speakers for technical roles.

We have a true "engineering over management" culture. Our CTO, worked with Erich Gamma at IBM (Gang of Four) and our team of 20 developers consists of great people both from a technical and "social" perspective.

What we do:

- Tailored web apps with heavy number crunching on the server - e.g., we build the software analyzing all the weather data in Switzerland. We do custom engineering work like platforms that power Swiss cities.

- We are finishing building a SaaS product for Yoga studios in Zurich that can be adjusted to other local businesses with a few clicks, meaning that you can adjust it for the needs of hairdressers also without having to code. This is a pretty greenfield project.

People say our interview process is awesome:

1) Phone screen with our CTO

2) Two sessions of remote pair-programming with our engineers (no Google-like algorithmic questions but reasonable coding tasks).

(If you survived until here, you almost have an offer.)

3) Onsite half a day with us. We pay your stay in Zurich and travel expenses.

Send us your profile to:


“German language needed”. That seems to severely restrict your application pool right?

Think the German language requirement is only for the PM.

> we hire English speakers for technical roles.

ReifyHealth | Full-time Software Engineer | Boston | ONSITE, REMOTE (U.S.) | $100-150K + equity

Hi. We are building clinical trial software that makes a difference in people's lives. Clinical trials are slow, unpredictable and expensive and we aim to improve this for everyone's benefit. We have multiple apps in production and have plenty of interesting features coming up. We care about building meaningful products, providing delightful user experiences and actively listening to our users with the goal of continuous improvement. We actively use, contribute to and author open source libraries. We care about having a good remote culture and bring remoters in quarterly.

We are hiring for two positions. Full stack developers feel free to apply to both:

* Mid to Senior Frontend Engineer: HTML, CSS, ReactJS, ClojureScript - https://jobs.lever.co/reifyhealth/089e5e4c-13e9-49c8-93a9-11...

* Mid to Senior Backend Engineer: ClojureScript, Clojure, PostgreSQL - https://jobs.lever.co/reifyhealth/dd9f818f-d94c-4a0c-b97c-06...

We are also open to mentoring a junior engineer that is eager to ship product.

If this sounds exciting, we'd love to hear from you! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us: engineering-hiring (@) reifyhealth.com.

Ah darn, US-only. Looks really interesting, good luck in your endeavours!

Root | Columbus, OH | Full-time | Onsite | $80k-$150k | https://joinroot.com

Root is an auto insurance carrier, like GEICO and Progressive. We use data science to identify and insure good drivers, reducing insurance premiums for good drivers significantly as a result.

We're a startup — we're 85 people who have been working on this since March 2015. We've built an iOS and Android app that gathers data on how well people drive. We use that to set insurance prices. To build the best possible product and user experience, we went through the arduous process of starting an insurance carrier from scratch.

We're focused on becoming a national insurance carrier and are now live in 12 states.

We just raised a $51M Series C and we're looking to bring on more talented engineers.

Tech stack involves Ruby / Rails and Javascript / React Native.

Email us at jobs@joinroot.com to apply and we'll respond to you promptly.

Wepow | Guadalajara, MEXICO | ONSITE | VISA SPONSORSHIP | Full-time | Senior | Engineering | 420-780K MXN + Options

Who we are?

Today, Wepow helps hundreds of major brands worldwide; including adidas, Heineken, FOX, Walmart, make their recruitment process more effective through our asynchronous and live video interviewing platform. Backed by top Silicon Valley investors we believe in bringing the recruitment process to the video and mobile age on a global scale.

Why Wepow?

We’re a distributed company, our Engineering team is located in Guadalajara where we define and build our products. We’ve already surpassed the product-market fit phase and we’re growing, so you will have the chance to make an impact on how we define and scale our products. We’re currently working on a new project that is already validated, we created an MVP and are pushing it forward to beta, so you will have the chance to work on this new product and collaborate with our product team to bring it to life and delight our customers.


English works for the work environment, however you might learn the basics of Spanish so you can communicate outside the office.


Front-end Senior Engineer, see more details and apply: https://jobs.smartrecruiters.com/Wepow/743999663150756-softw...

Back-end Senior Engineer, see more details and apply: https://jobs.smartrecruiters.com/Wepow/743999658917542-softw...

Microsoft | Senior Engineers (Back End / Front End / IDE)| Redmond, WA* | FULL-TIME ONSITE+REMOTE VISA

Hi Folks - Eng lead for Python Tools teams at Microsoft.

Passionate about dev tools and developer productivity? Then this might interest you. Currently looking for folks to work on:

* Cross-platform VS Code/Python editor++ (https://code.visualstudio.com/docs/languages/python)

VS Code is a mix of typescript and Python. You can check out the code on github.

* Azure Notebooks: Jupyter as a Service. (https://notebooks.azure.com)

Azure Notebooks is a mix of C#/.Net (FE) and Linux/Docker (BE).

I'm looking to hire about 5-7 devs during the next 2 months. Local (Redmond) is preferred, but exceptions can be made!

All our code, whenever possible, is OSS with a permissive license. You choose your OS/HW.

Ideal candidates have 4+ years of relevant industry experience. Prior work on IDEs or Jupyter is a plus!

If interested, pls send your resume to pythonjobs@microsoft.com with the title "VSC-Python" for VS Code or "AZNB" for Azure Notebooks.


External job posting links (you should apply here as well, though email to the adrs above will get processed sooner):



Folks - the 2nd link for VSC (https://careers.microsoft.com/us/en/job/390321/Software-Engi...) is incorrect. Can't edit the post unfortunately.

The short job description is for a dev to work directly on the Python extension for VSC (ie Editor, Debugger, Intellisense, Data Science features, REPL, ...).

We're using Azure notebooks for our courses (https://rmotr.com/data-science-python-course) and we really like them. Feature request: an easy "share" option :)

Hey, what does "FULL-TIME ONSITE+REMOTE VISA" mean exactly?

Does that mean a fully remote position is an option or that you'd include a person in your team that'd be working from some other existing Microsoft office?

Hi sorry about the confusion - basically it means you can work either on site at Redmond or Remote. But preference is for Redmond (all else being equal...)

Hey, does Microsoft sponsor H-1B?

Software Engineer | Front End | FULL TIME | Menlo Park, CA | Salary negotiable – $90-140k+ | Equity 0.05% – 0.4% | Visa Sponsorship Available | https://alicetechnologies.com

ALICE brings AI to the $7 Trillion, 7,000 year old construction industry and has real potential to truly transform how the field is managed. The ALICE team is small and agile, which means there’s room to shape the work you do, learn new things, and grow with the company. Our product runs on complicated algorithms and PhD-level research, but our team runs on collaboration, quality work, and humor.

We are looking for a Senior Front-End developer to take ownership of the front-end codebase, re-architecture it and choose the right framework and technologies for the team. Be prepared to face challenging architectural problems, implement awesome features, help shape the front-end codebase, and even get your hands dirty with the back-end.

Must-Have Experience

• 3+ years front-end development using modern web platforms (i.e. Angular, React), Javascript, Typescript, etc.

• jQuery and JS MVC design patterns.

• Solid understanding of how the web works and it's underlying communication protocols.

• Writing efficient and high performance front-end code.

• Working on cross-browser projects. • Top-notch sense of humor.

Bonus Experience

• Knowledge of Angular & React.

• Prior experience with libraries like D3.js, vis.js, three.js or similar to visualize beautiful charts & 3D models.

• Good understanding of responsive design.

• Experience with server-side coding using core Java & Play framework.

Contact: hossein@alicetechnologies.com with HN in the subject

Looking for a Python, Go or Node developer to join our 3 person team. We are building a push-to-deploy CI system for the Salesforce ecosystem.

Currently, Salesforce developers suffer from: no source control, tedious manual deployments, and no roll back. We've built a hosted service with automatic source control that "just works", and modern tools to review and deploy updates. We are in a growing, opportunity-rich enterprise market: $13B are spent every year on professional services for Salesforce development.

We believe that maintaining high-revenue-per-employee is the best way to ensure that company culture stays strong. We admire companies like Basecamp, Mailchimp and Atlassian. We are funded by customer revenue and Indie.vc.

Our stack is primarily Python and Go (Node.js developers interested in learning Go should also apply). You’ll get to work directly with the CTO on important technology decisions.

Email team@bluecanvas.io if you're interested. No recruiters please.

one of the guys, who's a salesforce dev had to narrate to me his horrible experience of scheduling batch jobs in Salesforce. Seems the market is there. anyways i'm a node dev.

Do you guys sponsor visas?

PolicyStat | Full-Stack Python+Django Software Engineer | Indianapolis, Vancouver, or REMOTE | Full Time | +$80k

PolicyStat's mission is to improve healthcare delivery through better processes. We help our clients make their policies and procedures easier to find, access, and manage.

As a critical member of our small product team, you'll assume several roles including front-end, back-end, on-call support, API design, architecture, devops and database engineering.

Full description + Apply here: https://www.wfh.io/jobs/4308-full-stack-software-engineering...

Some exciting things we're doing now that you can help with:

- Full product/site mobile-first redesign using React

- Switching from Python 2.7 to Python 3

Interview Process:

1. Application review

2. Complete a small timed work sample (no more than 45 minutes) in Python that consists of 3 programming challenges designed to represent what your day to day work would look like.

3. Conversation with the Product team lead

4. Complete a timed work sample project (no more than 4 hours) that is representative of the kind of projects you'll be working on.

5. On-site (or remote) culture conversation with the team

Hi, do you have an email address? Would like to apply, but don't wish to use my google/github login to do so.

SerpApi | https://serpapi.com | Senior Backend Engineer | Austin, TX | Full-time | ONSITE or REMOTE | $130-$160k + equity

Serp Api is a real time API to access Google search results. We solves the issues of having to rent proxies, solving captchas, and JSON parsing in an easy to use and integrate API for our customers.

Our current stack is Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, Headless browser automation (Selenium and PhantomJS), and React.JS. We are looking for a senior backend developer, and we are offering above market salary and equity.

Experience in Ruby, Javascript, Proxies, CAPTCHA solving, or Browser Automation are definitely pulses.

Contact Julien @ julien _AT_ serpapi.com mentioning HN.

Pex | Multiple Positions | Downtown, Los Angeles | ONSITE, FULL-TIME | Salary $110k+ & Equity | https://pex.com

Pex is a audio-visual search engine, that uses the content as a base for its search (think of Google Image Search). We operate at a pretty large scale, which was captured in a recent post published by the Google Cloud team (it's not very technical) https://cloud.google.com/customers/pex/

We're looking for skilled senior developers (C/C++, Go, Java), machine learning and signal processing engineers. We offer 30 days of paid vacation, fully covered health benefits (gold/platinum plan), commuter benefits, cover costs of visiting conferences, and more.

Our interview process is pretty straight forward:

1) phone interview - ~30 minutes

2) coding assignment - ~1 hour [you do it at home, on your own time]

3) on site - ~3 hours [no whiteboard coding, just friendly discussion with some of our engineers and the leadership]

4) offer

If you want to learn more, reach out directly to me at r@pex.com

You should really remove the last line, as it makes your post show up for people who are searching for those kinds of roles.

Also, I love Plex, good luck hiring good folks :)

Good point. We’re Pex, Plex is another company :/ But thanks

Op, sorry. Well, good luck anyways :)

Do you offer visas?

Transfer yes, but if you need to get H-1B or O-1 then no. The process with the new government is too unpredictable.

Mixmax | San Francisco or REMOTE | Full-stack engineer or INTERN in Fall '18 | https://mixmax.com/careers

We're a profitable, fast-growing startup looking for all types of engineers: full-stack, backend, site reliability, data, machine learning.

Mixmax is the hub for all your business communications. We integrate with your company's existing toolchain - email, calendar, chat, CRM, and more - to bring all information into one place. This means we're syncing, storing, & indexing hundreds of millions events a day into our system, and then building fast APIs and delightful front-end UIs to make the data actionable for our users. Additionally, we have an extensive Developer API (developer.mixmax.com) that powers entire third party products.

Try the product (it's free!): https://mixmax.com

Eng challenges: https://mixmax.com/engineering

Stack: Javascript, Node, Mongo, Elasticsearch, React, Go, AWS

Team fun: https://instagram.com/mixmaxhq

Customer love: https://twitter.com/mixmax/timelines/676913925221449728

APPLY TODAY at https://mixmax.com/careers. Interview process: 15m phone call -> 1h remote tech challenge -> onsite w/team -> reference

Audacious.io | Senior Frontend Developer | $150k - $185k + equity + benefits | Fulltime | ONSITE in Los Angeles | audacious.io (http://www.audacious.io/)

Imagine an intuitive, modern CRM, with omnichannel customer communications, powered by an innovative workflow engine, connected to a lead ecosystem marketplace, extendable through a developer platform. That's Audacious.

You are a senior frontend developer with a sense of aesthetics, well versed in modern JavaScript (ES6), CSS, HTML and the modern frontend build stack. You are reasonably meticulous and understand general interface design in a user experience context. You have an solid understanding of React and knowledge of different backend API interface types (GraphQL, RESTful). Most of all you're hungry to make your mark and fulfill your destiny.

This role is exclusively onsite in Downtown Los Angeles.

If you are interested please email hello (at) audacious (dot) io

cthomas8 can I get in touch with you to discuss this role? You can reach out to me at shivamg@alumni.cmu.edu

yes please. we're at hello at audacious.io

Secfi | Software engineer(s) | Amsterdam, the Netherlands | EUR 35-60k + equity

We're on a mission to increase employee’s private company ownership by helping them exercise their options - a complex and opaque process that typically comes with a lot of anxiety and unanswered questions. Our tools help you take control of your stock options and maximize their potential.

For example: one of the most complicated things for employees is figuring out how much taxes they need to pay when exercising their Incentive Stock Options or Non-qualified Stock Options. Our recently launched tax planning tool does just that: https://www.secfi.com/option-tax-planning/

Things we are building next: multiyear tax forecast analysis, recommendation engine based on various sources and fantastic UX and UI.

We’ve raised funding from renowned VC investors (known from Uber, Robin Hood), recently launched on ProductHunt and are aggressively hiring to keep up with demand.

Looking for:

* Full-stack developers https://www.secfi.com/careers/full-stack-developer/

* Front-end developers https://www.secfi.com/careers/front-end-developer/

Interested? Please email frederik@secfi.com to get in touch.

TransferWise | Senior backend developer and mid-level fullstack developer | Full-time | London, UK | Onsite | £50k - £70k + stock

Typical interview process: Technical test [1.5 hours] -> pre-screening call [30 mins] -> Technical interview [1.5 hours] -> product interview [1 hour] -> Final interview [1 hour]

Come and join the product team at TransferWise! Our engineers are product engineers (http://tech.transferwise.com/every-engineer-is-a-product-per...). They work with customers to understand the problems they are having and ideate on solutions to develop prototypes and validate them.

We’re currently looking for a senior backend engineer and a mid-level full stack engineer to help us on our mission. Specifically we’re building products that help consumers understand the confusing (and sometimes devious) money transfer market.

What we’re interested in as a team: high-quality & testable software, continuous learning, good work/life balance, working autonomously as a team.

Useful tech experience:

  -Backend: A solid background working with Java / Spring / Spring Boot. Understanding and confidence working with a range of persistence and middleware technologies such as (but not exclusively) MySQL, PostgreSQL, Kafka, SQS.

  -Full stack: Comfortable working on a full stack platform that (ideally) includes a strongly typed OO backend language. Frontend experience working with React, Webpack, Angular, Gulp, GraphQL desirable, but core JS skills required.

  -Both roles: A keen eye for (SOLID) design principles, a positive attitude towards testing, maintainability and a iterative mindset is required.
So come and join a high-growth (100% year on year), high volume (£2bn transferred a month) and mission-driven company.

CVs to: comparison@transferwise.com

Defense MicroElectronics Activity (DMEA) | Electronics Engineer, Embedded Hardware Engineer, Embedded Software Engineer | Full-time | Sacramento, CA | Onsite | $70 - $120k

Who: A Department of Defense (DoD) field activity that has been operating since 1997. Small and engineer-centric: ~200 employees of which ~180 are engineer/scientist.

What: Provide solutions to other US Government agencies and allies. Some tasks are engineering brand-new products and some tasks are re-engineering devices to keep legacy systems running. We do not compete with private industry but sometimes work side-by-side with industry to get stuff done. We also have the only semiconductor foundry (90nm) still operational within the federal government.

Why: We are often a last-resort for our customers. US Government agencies sometimes want products built that are so technologically risky or low-volume that private industry does not want to do them. We fill the gap.

Where: Sacramento, CA -- California's fourth largest metro area. Home to two major state universities (CSU-Sacramento and UC-Davis). The farm-to-fork (and regular) capital of California. Right between Tahoe/Sierras and San Francisco.

Benefits: We are federal employees and receive federal benefits (google "opm benefits" for more info). Time off starts at 36 days/year (13 vacation + 13 sick + 10 federal holidays) and grows to 49 days/year over time (26 + 13 + 10). We have flexible schedules and most of us work a "9-to-5.” Hiring is for GS-11/12/13 engineers (google “gs pay scale 2018” and look at the Sacramento locality).


Must be a US citizen. Must be able to achieve and maintain a security clearance.

2 x Phone call [1 hr] >> Onsite w/team [full day]


hn@dmea.osd.mil with questions or for info on how to apply

Do you ever take on interns?

We do hire interns but we don't have a regular (e.g. summer) internship program. Interns are hired when we have a space and usually stay until graduation. Right now we have interns so it's unlikely we'll have new intern positions until, at least, the end of this year. If you're interested I would sign up for USAjobs.gov and create a notification for engineering internship positions. You can see a list of our current open positions [1] on USAjobs.gov as well.

[1] https://www.usajobs.gov/Search/?k=defense%20microelectronics...

MotivIndex | http://www.motivindex.com | Intermediate Software Developer | $70-80K CAD | Southern Ontario, Canada

MotivIndex is a research and technology company specializing in digital ethnography. Our tools enable researchers and marketers to identify why consumers behave as they do in order to inform strategic decisions. We are looking for a well-rounded developer to join our team and take ownership of various components. We're a 10-person virtual company with most of us living in the Greater Toronto Area. We often meet up in the city for jam sessions and team building. Come be number 11!

Tech Stack: Angular, C#, Python, SQL Server, Azure Data Lake

We expect the candidate to be strong in at least one of the following areas. Where strength is lacking, there is an ability to learn quickly by doing:

- Front-End Development: inherit an existing application and own its future. (Angular, ES6, SPAs, Highcharts, Portals)

- API Development: implement new features, instrument, and automate quality control. (C#, secure Web tech)

- Natural Language Processing: work with an expert in the field and implement his recommendations. (Python, Spacy, theory)

- Big Data Processing: transform data on a schedule and process streams of user generated content. (Azure Data Lake Analytics, Powershell, USQL)

- Cloud and Dev Ops: provision infrastructure, deploy and monitor systems, improve development process. (VSTS, Azure, Git)

If you're interested, email your resume/linkedin to: devjobs@motivindex.com.

Can the front-end dump angular?

Eat to Perform | Software Engineer | REMOTE | $60-$100k | http://eattoperform.com

We are seeking an experienced software engineer with a strong command of Clojure. This is an opportunity to join our growing startup which connects fitness and nutrition coaches with a passionate client base via our mobile and web applications.

The Role:

Leverage Clojure and ClojureScript to evolve both the business logic of our system and web and mobile UX. Orchestrate a cloud-based distributed system. Develop operational logging and monitoring systems to catch errors early and report on key performance metrics.

Ideal Candidate:

Professional experience working with Clojure and other functional and dynamic languages.

Experience delivering software in a team environment (source control, testing, estimating).

Bonus Points:

Along with your professional experience working with Clojure, we are especially keen to work with you if you have experience with any of the following.

Datomic; Re-frame; GraphQL; React Native; Data Science/ML

About Eat to Perform

Since launching in 2014 the company has assisted thousands of clients take control of their health through personalized nutrition coaching, powerful data and technology, a supportive community, and a passion for improving people’s lives. Our community and company is rapidly growing and improving in our ability to get clients results and improve their lives in a meaningful, impactful way.

Please contact bobby@eattoperform.com

Northrop Grumman Corporation | Boulder, CO, San Diego, CA, Orlando, FL, + multiple sites in each state| Full-time | ONSITE Northrop recently won two huge government contracts and is desperate to find engineers with security clearances.

Work life balance is incredibly good here. We work a 9/80, meaning we work 9 hours a day and get every other Friday off. I usually use that off Friday to go surfing or hiking. There are a multitude of projects here that you would never get the opportunity to work on in the private world. Technologies include: C++, Java, C#, SQL, Machine Learning, Embedded software. Salary is competitive!

Here's a list of positions that are open now at multiple sites across the country: https://ngc.taleo.net/careersection/ngc_pro/jobsearch.ftl

I can almost guarantee a competitive offer IF you have a Secret or Top Secret security clearance already.

If you find a position that you're interested in, shoot me your resume at my personal e-mail jipotastic1337 @ gmail.com [remove the spaces]. I will have it forwarded to the correct manager, so they can take a look at it directly.

Is security clearance a hard requirement?

CloudBees | Software Engineer | Full-time | Remote US/EU or Raleigh, NC or Seville, Spain | https://www.cloudbees.com/careers

The Codeship team at CloudBees is hiring software engineers. We are looking for a front-end engineer who really likes working with Vue.JS components (https://www.cloudbees.com/careers?gh_jid=1071370), a Ruby on Rails expert (https://www.cloudbees.com/careers?gh_jid=1071334), and a Cloud Systems specialist (https://www.cloudbees.com/careers?gh_jid=1071378). Apply via links to job descriptions or email jschley [at] cloudbees [dot] com (AVP Eng).

Codeship by CloudBees is a hosted continuous integration and delivery service. Our stack is a Vue/Rails/Postgres/Redis webapp and a Golang microservice and Docker-based elastic build infrastructure.

Microsoft (Chakra JavaScript Runtime team) | Seattle (Redmond) | Software Engineer | Full-time | Onsite | https://github.com/Microsoft/ChakraCore/

Join Microsoft's JavaScript runtime team! Chakra is the JavaScript runtime that powers Edge and other Microsoft properties. ChakraCore is the Open Source heart of Chakra. We work primarily in the open (on github), and with standards bodies and the Node community. We are actively looking for engineers who can help us on our mission to make JavaScript fast on Windows, Linux & other platforms. This is a great opportunity. Your work will ship to 100s of millions of users (literally), and you'll have opportunities to shape the JavaScript language and browser programming for developers around the world.

  - Responsibilities:
    - Solve hard problems
    - Work effectively on a team
    - Read & write low-level C++
    - Low-level performance tuning on a variety of OS platforms

  - Qualifications:
    - Some background in JavaScript (either for web or node.js)
    - Expertise in low-level performance tooling and investigations
    - Excited to work in public open-source communities, as well as behind-the-scenes with internal partners
    - Compiler/Runtime experience (preferred)
    - API design (preferred)
    - 5+ years of experience – you’ve made some mistakes & had to live with the consequences. (preferred)
You must be eligible to work in the US, and must pass Microsoft background checks prior to the start of employment (further details will be provided).

If this sounds like fun, send us a short intro + resume to chakracore (at) microsoft (dot) com.

Would you be interested in hiring new grads?

If it matters, I'll be doing my last internship with the silicon & graphics team in OneCore this summer and I have some past internship and personal (mostly homebrew) experience writing low-level software albeit most of it wasn't performance-critical.

> Would you be interested in hiring new grads?

Those are rough characteristics we think we'd see in successful candidates. Happy to make exceptions for the "right person", but it's hard to say w/out seeing a resume. If you're passionate about working on JS runtimes, then please reach out, we'd love to hear from you.

For new grads and/or intern positions at Microsoft, the easiest thing is to go through your university recruiting center, and schedule interviews as early in the fall as possible. Microsoft hires lots (1000s?) of college students & interns every year.

QED-it | Full-time | Tel Aviv | Onsite and remote

QED-it, a funded Tel Aviv based startup, is looking for experienced software engineers to join its core team. We are tackling the hardest and most interesting problems in the Blockchain space - solving the consensus/privacy paradox, using zero-knowledge-proofs. ZKP is a new technology, that up until recently was solely explored in academia.

We are funded by smart money from top tier angels, and have assembled a team of experts in cryptography, computer science, security and distributed systems. We’re at the heart of the private Blockchain industry. The founders built and sold successful businesses in the space, and are focusing on privacy as the key to Blockchain deployment, impacting industries from banking to aerospace. QED-it is building a unique product combining cutting-edge technology, design and implementation of cryptographic protocols and user/developer-facing APIs. We’re looking to expand our team with more great individuals!

-About you-

* You have a few years of work experience in tech roles

* Have a strong sense of long-term/delivery trade-off

* Generalist who likes diving deep into challenging subjects

* Looking to be a part of a product bridging multiple levels of complexity in its first stages

* Enjoys being part of the whole product life-cycle up until the end-user

* Entrepreneurial spirit and a maker mentality

* Previously worked in a startup and/or in a dynamic environment

* Without using Google, you know what Q.E.D. means, possibly even 2 different meanings


Send an e-mail to jobs@qed-it.com!

Listrunner, Inc. (YC S14) | Montreal, Canada | Multiple positions | Fulltime | ONSITE

We're working to fix the software doctors use. If you have seen what physicians have to put up with, it's a bad version of the 90s, and makes medical care worse and more expensive for everyone. We are a group of previously successful engineers and entrepreneurs (MIT, Dartmouth, Datapower, Stripe, Salesforce, etc) and senior doctors (John Hopkins, UCSF, Oxford, etc) who are determined to finally fix this.

Compensation: market salary & equity -- we are well funded.

Stack: includes Rust, React and Node. We will also be solving some very interesting problems in the areas of APIs, domain-specific machine-learning and fine-grained application security.

Please email jobs@listrunnerapp.com and mention "[hnjobs]" in the subject line.

Banzai (https://teachbanzai.com) | Provo, Utah | Full-time, Full-stack Engineer | $60-130K

Banzai builds financial literacy tools including software for schools, homes, and community groups. Banzai's software is experience-based, meaning, Banzai simulates real-life. It helps individuals practice navigating real-world financial dilemmas.

You Will Need:

  * Approximately five years of programming experience.
  * Strong proficiency in Javascript. (Note: we emphasize knowledge of languages over libraries and tools.)
  * Exceptional command of at least one other language, preferably a language that employs functional programming paradigms.
  * Experience building web applications.
  * Experience building single-page web apps using technologies like React.
  * Proficiency in Clojure is a plus.
All of the details are here: https://public.3.basecamp.com/p/qHJzSMSUS396WRrzaV7DpJ4H

San Francisco; Full Time; Onsite

I'm the cofounder of Figma (https://www.figma.com), a startup in San Francisco building a browser-based collaborative design tool to improve the way designers and developers work together. We're a small team (~50) and we're looking for talented engineers (https://www.figma.com/careers) who are interested in tackling hard technical problems with smart people and building a product that startups will rely on.

If you want to see what we value, you might find these interesting:

- First principles thinking: https://blog.figma.com/introducing-vector-networks-3b877d2b8...

- Pushing the web to the limit: https://blog.figma.com/building-a-professional-design-tool-o...

Upcoming/ongoing projects:

- Develop a plugin ecosystem from the ground up

- Build a community of design content and tools from scratch

- Cross-document shared symbols

- Multiplayer editing infrastructure (realtime simultaneous editing)

Our tech stack: C++, Emscripten, WebAssembly, Node, TypeScript, React, WebGL, Ruby, Sinatra, Rust

If you're interested in learning more about what we're working on or want to meet up to talk about any of my other projects (http://madebyevan.com/), you can email me at wallace@figma.com.

Co—Star Astrology | Software Developer | Full-time, On-site in Brooklyn, NY | https://www.costarastrology.com/

Co-Star is a mobile application combining traditional methods of astrology with NASA data and modern technology to create a branded, hyper-personalized and social astrology experience. Nearly half of millennials believe in astrology – and that number continues to rise as more people are searching for meaning, connection, and community across all aspects of their lives. Since launch in October 2017, Co-Star has grown incredibly quickly and was ranked in Apple's top 100 entertainment app weeks after launch. We are an early stage startup (we just raised a seed round of funding) looking to expand the team as we continue to gain traction and develop the app!

Some of the technologies we use include

  - Haskell (our whole web api is written in this!)
  - Swift 
  - Python (we use AWS Lambda to wrap python libraries we don’t want to port to Haskell) 
  - React + TypeScript 
We are looking for a full stack developer who is familiar with at least one of Haskell, Swift, or AWS and is open to learning the others! We love types at Co—Star, and a passion for statically verifying code is definitely a plus!

There are currently three of us (founders) working on this. You’ll be our first hire, so you’ll have a big say in what we do and how we do it.

Contact jobs@costarastrology.com

How does the astrology bit actually work?

  import System.Random (randomRIO)
  pick :: [a] -> IO a
  pick xs = fmap (xs !!) $ randomRIO (0, length xs - 1)
  main = do
    x <- pick lifeAdvice
    print x

If you are only familiar with Sun sign astrology, you would probably be surprised at how mathematical and complicated astrology actually is. Though canned astrology often disappoints me, it at least doesn't tell you that you are going to have the same events as millions of others born within the same 30 day period.

We start by using NASA data to get the precise positions of the planets. Then we assign semantic meaning to these raw data points using the rules of astrology (i.e what significance the Moon has, what the different signs mean, etc). And lastly, we combine them together into human readable text which we show to the user.

Which astrology rules are you using? Greek or Indian? I have done some preliminary research into Indian astrology and it have amazed me at times on how accurate it is. Though most of the HN crowd can think I am stupid, even I thought astrology is stupid until I stumbled on few things and I applied the same rules to my friends life to predict their good and rough patches fairly accurately. The data set is very small to call it a scientific study, but I am planning to run the rules on a large data set to figure out the possibilities of it.

Great to see someone having a successful business with astrology. Good luck

Same as someone selling a religious app or any other entertainment app.

The only issue I have is when people take astrology too seriously. I hope you’re putting some sort of an “*” that it’s for entertainment purposes and people shouldn’t make serious life decisions on what you say.

Okay this is ridiculous. Great idea using science to advertise you shitty app.

Gusto | Software Engineers, Product Managers, and Product Designers | SF or Denver | Full-Time | ONSITE

Gusto’s mission is to create a world where work empowers a better life. We are making the most complicated, impersonal business tasks simple and personal. Imagine payroll that brings peace of mind, HR that transforms work into a community, and benefits that help people plan for a better future. Our small business customers truly love our product and we think you’ll love building it. Come join us in San Francisco or Denver and help serve over 60,000 businesses across the country.

In case you want some more technical details, here's a link to our engineering blog: https://engineering.gusto.com/

Apply here: https://grnh.se/0cagm28b1

Or feel free to email me directly! I’m john.kempe@gusto.com.

Top Hat | https://tophat.com/work-with-us/ | Toronto, ON, Canada | ONSITE Full-time

We are looking for software engineers to join our team. We are hiring a DevOps Engineer, Sr Platform Engineer, and a Full-stack Web Developer (Python, Django, Javascript, React.js/Flux, AWS, Ansible; recently we’ve been practicing Continuous Deployment on Lambda). Salary range based on experience from $80K to $120K.

Top Hat helps professors make every lecture count by transforming mobile devices into powerful engagement tools, inside and outside the classroom. Recently, Top Hat has been building out interactive textbooks and creating a way for professors to collaborate on authoring new content and sharing it through our marketplace. In summary, we have a great dev culture and some really cool problems to work on!

Apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/tophat/?lever-origin=applied&lever-sou...

We are hosting an Open House this Thursday April 5th @ 6 PM: Join us! https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/top-hat-open-house-tickets-43843...

MOKA Analytics | New York City, NY | www.moka.nyc

Senior Full Stack Engineer | Full-time | Onsite | Immediate | $100-150K | 0-2% Equity | Benefits

Senior Front-End Engineer | Full-time | Onsite | Immediate | $100-150K | 0-2% Equity | Benefits

MOKA Analytics builds intelligent strategic planning software for the world's largest consumer companies. Our software blends advanced analytics with intuitive user experience to take the process of building a comprehensive strategic plan from months to weeks (or even days). MOKA Analytics was founded 2 years ago by McKinsey and Bridgewater Associates alumni. We maintain a lean, highly-leveraged, and profitable team.

If you're excited about solving engineering challenges in a business context and shaping the direction of a product, email me with your resume and a short introduction at todd@moka.nyc.

Job details:

  - Shape the architecture and design of our products by working collaboratively with developers, designers, business experts, and customers
  - Rapidly prototype new features and refine the product experience
  - Develop data infrastructure and visualizations that seamlessly transition across levels of detail and through time
  - Opportunity to grow into engineering leadership positions
  - Competitive compensation and benefits; range depend on your qualification and experience
  - Stack: React, Redux, ES6, D3, Python, Django, Celery, Numpy
Role details:

  - 3-5+ years of experience; at least one (1) year delivering customer-facing interfaces
  - Experience using multiple frameworks that inform your architecture and technology decisions
  - Experience building maintainable systems supported by modern testing and source code analysis tools
  - Data science and machine learning experience a plus
  - Demonstrable track record of strong performance
  - Self-starter, attention to detail, and ability to work collaboratively

Eyenuk, Inc. | Software Engineers | Los Angeles, CA | ONSITE | VISA | Full-time |

Join us in building software platform to apply deep learning and robotics to help prevent blindness across the world. Eyenuk is an exciting medical software startup that has developed a powerful retinal image analysis AI platform for screening of diseases such as diabetic retinopathy and agre-related macular degeneration.

Anyone with diabetes is vulnerable to blindness that progresses without any pain or discomfort. Despite it's preventable nature, the condition, called diabetic retinopathy, is the leading cause of blindness in working age adults. Eyenuk has developed EyeArt, a SaaS offering, that automates the retinal disease screening process via automated analysis of retinal images and providing a screening referral outcome. EyeArt is a clinically validated on over 100,000 patients providing sensitivity that exceeds that of expert human graders. EyeArt has CE Marking (regulatory approval in Europe) and is under prospective clinical trials for an FDA approval.

You will join a passionate team at Eyenuk comprised of software and image analysis experts. We are hiring for multiple positions in the following two broad categories.

* Full-stack software engineers (Python, Frontend, UI)

* Algorithms engineer (image processing, computer vision, deep learning)

Would welcome anyone who wants to join our hands: have a young family? Great! Need a visa? We'll do everything legally possible to get you one.

jobs at eyenuk.com

Would love to apply for the algorithms engineer position. Feel I have the necessary background. How do I?

Welcome to apply! Send an email to jobs at eyenuk dot com

Doctor On Demand | Multiple Engineering and Business Positions | SF, MN, DC | Full-time | REMOTE, INTERNS

Doctor On Demand’s mission is to improve the world’s health through compassionate care and innovation. We enable anyone to see a Physician, Psychologist or Psychiatrist using their smartphone or computer anytime, anywhere. Four years after launch, we are now one of the leading telemedicine providers in the country and are growing our engineering team. We have hubs in San Francisco, Minnesota and DC but also have a strong remote work culture with some of our best engineers working remotely full-time from across the US.

Stack: Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Redis, Celery / RabbitMQ, Angular, Kubernetes (and more)

More info: https://doctorondemand.com/about-us/careers

Full-time applications: https://www.doctorondemand.com/jobs (use Other -> Hacker News as the source)

Internship applications: Fill out this form (https://goo.gl/forms/HGeKs5RVfMnQHooC2) and submit your resume to eng-interns@doctorondemand.com.

Full-time Questions? hn@doctorondemand.com

Internship Questions? eng-interns@doctorondemand.com

GitLab | Engineering and Non-Engineering Roles | Remote Only | Full-time | https://about.gitlab.com/jobs/

We're currently hiring product managers, marketing roles, developers, sales reps, managers, director level positions, and more; see https://about.gitlab.com/jobs/.

We're a remote only company so everyone can participate and contribute equally. GitLab Community Edition is an open-source Ruby on Rails project with over 1000 contributors.


It could just be that the tax and labor rules are complicated for remote workers in France, that doesn’t mean it is on the same level as North Korea.

Indeed there are different reasons for not hiring per country. From the jobs page: "Each country has unique rules and regulations affecting a company’s ability to conduct business in that country, as well as the employability of its citizens."

Scribd | Senior Software Engineer | San Francisco, Toronto | Onsite or REMOTE | VISA

Scribd is a reading subscription that gives you access to the best books, audiobooks, magazines, and more. Our mission is to re-imagine the way the world reads. We are one of the oldest YC startups (YC ’06), operating one of the largest Ruby on Rails sites.

We're looking for senior software engineers (4+ years of experience) that want to work on one of those areas:

* The core Ruby on Rails application that powers the experience of millions of users every day (backend or full stack)

* Building the world's best recommendation engine for books (machine learning in Spark using Scala)

* Data engineering and tooling around our pipelines

* Our search infrastructure (Elasticsearch, Spark, and Go)

* Internal tools that glue together all of the moving parts

We are a small team which means you can have a ton of impact and bring in your own ideas. Scribd has a very friendly, engineering-driven company culture with great perks for employees. We are ambitious but at the same time we value a good work life balance. In general we care way more about your personality and hacking skills than what languages you've used so far. We have hired a bunch of people from these threads, including myself. If you have any questions you can reach out to me directly at nikos at scribd.com or better yet apply directly at https://www.scribd.com/about/engineering

Caper (YC W16) | Machine Learning Engineer | $100k-$150k + equity + benefits | Fulltime | ONSITE in New York | CaperLab.com Caper Labs (Y-Combinator W16, www.caperlab.com), focuses on compacting Amazon-Go's technology (image recognition, sensor fusion and AI) into a smart shopping cart, allowing each shopper to toss their groceries into our smart cart and self-checkout. Help us transform physical retail!

What we want: - Lead Computer Vision and Deep Learning development, architecture design and implementation. - Design and implement custom computer vision algorithms and architectures - Collaborate with hardware team to better apply CV and DL technologies into embedded system.

About you: - MS/PhD degree in Computer Science, Math, related technical field or equivalent practical experience. - One year of CV and DL experience or equivalent and built at least one CV/DL system before. - Familiar with CV and DL fundamentals like feature extraction, convolutional neural network, supervised machine learning, transfer learning etc. - Familiar with one of the the DL frameworks and tools like Tensorflow, Keras, Caffe etc. + OpenCV. - Understand GPU and CUDA. - Share our vision!


We are also hiring a full stack engineer: https://www.caperlab.com/full-stack-engineer.

Lets chat or grab a coffee! Drop us a line at jobs@caperlab.com and we will take it from there.

United States Digital Service | Senior Software Engineers, Senior Site Reliability Engineers, Senior Designers, and more! | Washington, DC | ONSITE https://www.usds.gov/

The best of technology. The best of government. And we want you. We're looking for the most tenacious designers, software engineers, product managers, and more, who are committed to untangling, rewiring and redesigning critical government services. You'll join a team of the most talented technologists from across the private sector and government. No government resume required! We work on some of the biggest issues affecting the American people there are, immigration, veterans service, students, health care, and more. We're especially looking for talented senior engineers to join us to help shift move government tech in the right direction.

See our most recent Report to Congress for examples of what you could be working on: https://www.usds.gov/report-to-congress/2017/07/

Apply here:



Flexport is the tech-driven freight forwarder for modern logistics teams. In just 4 years, we've become the #20 freight forwarder on the Trans-Pacific route and the #2 customer of the Japanese carriers. Our goal is to get to Top 10 (and eventually, Top 5) and in order to do so, we need to expand and grow our teams. We're 50 engineers strong with an ambitious roadmap ahead of us. There's a lot of room for career growth, impact, and product ownership.

Some of the reasons why engineers join Flexport:

- Impressive and smart team members

- Work/life balance

- Promotion from within

- Product-driven

Experience Senior and Staff engineers need apply here: https://www.flexport.com/careers/job/535049

We’re also looking for our first SENIOR INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEER, SENIOR REACT NATIVE ENGINEER, SOLUTIONS ENGINEER, AND SOLUTIONS MANAGER https://www.flexport.com/careers/department/engineering


Frontend: React, Relay, Flow, Jest, Enzyme

Mobile: React Native, Apollo

Backend: Ruby on Rails, Postgres, GraphQL, Python, RSpec

CI: GitHub, Buildkite

Infrastructure: AWS, Python

Game Closure | Engineer | SALARY: $100k - 150k | San Francisco Bay area (SF) | Tokyo, Japan | Eugene, Oregon | VISA REMOTE

Game Closure is behind Everwing, the top game on Facebook’s Instant Games platform. In parallel, we’ve built the world’s most advanced javascript game engine for messenger games. We’ve raised more than $30M, and we have more than a million users per engineer at the company.

Our technologies and games have already been in front of many tens of millions of users, and we’re adding millions of new users monthly.

The Game Closure team is growing very rapidly. We need senior engineers for game development and game engine technology roles. These are high leverage senior positions. Remote workers are welcome. Our teams are already highly distributed because we’re looking to build the best engineering team in the world.

Outside of our games, we have projects for hosted real-time multiplayer gaming, social gaming, cross-compilation to native platforms, React integration, and many other core infrastructure tools that we would welcome your support on defining and creating.

Please email linda@gameclosure.com

Subject: Game Closure Core Engineer: YOUR NAME HERE

Please include a personal note about your background and interests so we can prioritize your application!

Best, Ben Garney VP Engineering, Core Tech

Do you do anything not associated with Facebook?

New York, New York | ONSITE | Full-time | Visa OK (TN, OPT, or H-1B transfer) | $110k+ and equity

We’re a newly founded, well-funded fintech startup looking to fix the shareholder franchise. We have a small, experienced team with backgrounds in tech and finance. Greenfield project — come make a big impact from day one. We’re near NYU in NYC.

- Lead/Senior Backend Engineer (Python, Django, AWS, Kubernetes/Docker nice to have, Data/ETLs, scaling, team building/recruiting)

- Lead/Senior iOS Engineer (Swift or Objective C, an eye for design, team building/recruiting)

- Lead/Senior Frontend Engineer (Modern Javascript, React, Node)

- Frontend designer (HTML, CSS, React, mobile design)

- Technical designer (Front end design, web, mobile)

- Mobile product manager (Data-driven, analytics, project management, marketing, user acquisition)

Contact: hn+whatcha@say.com

Fleetio | Senior iOS / Android Software Engineer | Full-time REMOTE or ONSITE at HQ in Birmingham, AL | https://www.fleetio.com/

Fleetio is a modern software platform that helps thousands of organizations around the world manage a fleet of vehicles. Transportation technology is a hot market and we’re leading the charge, with raving fans and new customers signing up every day. Our engineering team is relatively small, full of senior-level developers who love their craft. You'll be joining a tight-knit team that's used to moving fast and taking on responsibility. That said, we have lives outside work, and we know you do to. We are a family-friendly company that is still young enough for you to get a nice slice of equity but old enough to be a stable and healthy place to work.

Tech Stack: ruby, rails, angular, postgres, heroku, redis

Perks: competitive pay, meaningful company equity, strong remote working culture, professional development budget

Apply: https://fleetio.workable.com/j/73EC2149DA

Do you guys take on interns?

We have taken on interns in the past, but they would probably have to work from HQ and it would probably depend on the type of work. What sort of work are you interested in?

Not the original commenter but I am currently studying at UA and interested, who could I reach out to for more information about internships?

Petuum | Software Engineer, Data Scientist | Pittsburgh, PA | ONSITE, VISA | http://www.petuum.com/careers.html

Petuum is building a platform for easily running distributed machine learning. The company was spun out of a Carnegie Mellon research group about two years ago, and we have raised $108 million through Series A + B funding to support our rapid growth.

The Petuum development platform and gallery of AI building blocks work with any programming language and any type of data, allowing managers and analysts to quickly build AI applications without any coding, while engineers and data scientists can further enhance applications as needed.

What we look for: Competent engineering acumen. Additionally,

* Front-end: Production-level experience with Typescript, Angular or D3 is a plus.

* Back-end: Production-level experience with any of C/C++, Go, Python, CUDA, and Kubernetes is a plus

* Data science: We look for at least an MS in data science or a related-field. Industry experience with building and deploying production-level TensorFlow/Caffe/DyNet/PyTorch models is a plus.

We are hiring for our Pittsburgh and Sunnyvale offices.

Looks like you have no intern positions on your website

My apologies. It seems like we hit our target for the summer last week :-(

Standard Cognition (YC S17) | All positions | 110k - 170k + equity | SF | On-site

90% of purchases happen in stores, with in-store checkouts totalling more than 20 trillion dollars a year. We're building the future of checkout to completely remove any friction for these transactions. Walk in, grab stuff, and leave. Our system figures out what you grab and charges you automatically, freeing shoppers and stores from the billions of human hours spent on checkout each year. Our system is 100% machine vision and is designed to be deployable to millions of stores without major renovation.

Checkout what our real-time inference engine looks like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yeS8TJwBAFs

This is one of the hardest problems in machine vision right now and we're looking for great people to help us tackle it.

We're looking for strong senior engineers that love to jump around for a variety of roles on our backend, frontend, tooling, devops, and research.

Our stack: Python, cython, tensorflow, js/react/react-native, Nix (the package manager).

Contact me at jordan [at] standard [dot] ai

Gravitational, an early stage systems & cloud startup in San Francisco, is looking for ambitious and talented people.

We are well-funded by fantastic Silicon Valley investors.

We are an experienced team: we founded Mailgun[1] which was acquired by Rackspace, we created Vulcand[2] and some other cool stuff at Rackspace and are authors of Teleport[3] and Telekube[4]

  * Systems engineers (Linux, Go, Containers, Kubernetes)

  * DevOps/Implementation services (Terraform, Linux, Kubernetes, Go, Ansible)
Locations: San Francisco, Mississauga, (Remote is OK for senior engineers)




Contact: jobs@gravitational.com

[1] https://www.mailgun.com

[2] https://github.com/vulcand/vulcand

[3] https://github.com/gravitational/teleport

[4] https://gravitational.com/telekube

Gyroscope | https://gyrosco.pe | Remote · Full Time Engineering · Salary + Equity

We're building the operating system for the human body. Our goal is to help people live healthier and happier lives through great software. We just passed a quarter million users and are planning to grow rapidly this year.

Looking for some experienced engineers to join our team of two. Work remotely from anywhere in the world.


Software Engineer, Mobile

An engineer with a focus on building great mobile apps. You would spend most of your time working with Swift, Objective C, JavaScript & React Native.

Improve our native location tracking (launching soon), build new experiences that help people be more healthy, and new ways of tracking data through the app.


Software Engineer, Backend

We're looking for someone familiar with Go, Python, Postgres, AWS, and working with large amounts of data at scale.

You'll spend your time building new integrations, new features, managing our infrastructure, and using machine learning to help all our users become more healthy.


More info & application form at: https://gyrosco.pe/jobs/

Airtame (https://airtame.com) | Copenhagen, Denmark | Full-time, Onsite/Remote

Airtame is a fast-growing startup. Our wireless streaming solution helps people work better. We are based in windy Copenhagen, but have an office in New York that takes care of our U.S. customers. We're currently hiring:

* Senior Embedded Linux Engineer - Copenhagen, Denmark or Europe (https://airtame.com/jobs?gh_jid=4010452002)

* Software Engineer in Test - Copenhagen, Denmark or Europe (https://airtame.com/jobs?gh_jid=4012067002)

* Web Developer - Copenhagen, Denmark (https://airtame.com/jobs?gh_jid=4017568002)

Our talented engineers are given significant ownership and responsibility over projects. We value rapid iteration, continuous integration and testing, and we are serious about producing high-quality, maintainable software. Frequent code reviews, linting, and pairing are all integral components of our engineering culture. We encourage experimenting with new technologies and constantly challenge ourselves to improve our code, processes, and systems.

You can read a bit about our values on our Company Culture Favro Board: https://favro.com/widget/2114a98cde73c1145a93bd8e/28429a2449...

We sponsor work visas for non-EU applicants.

Factual | Engineers and data lovers | Los Angeles | www.factual.com/jobs#openings

Factual is currently hiring engineers and data lovers of all levels in Los Angeles.

Factual’s location platform enriches mobile location signals with definitive global data, enabling personalized and contextually relevant mobile experiences. Built from billions of inputs, the data is constantly updated by Factual’s real-time data stack. We were named one of "50 Disruptive Companies in 2013" by MIT Technology Review. We have a terrific team that is still fairly small and an incredible CEO who was previously the co-founder of Applied Semantics (which was bought by Google and became AdSense). Factual has venture funding from Andreessen-Horowitz.

There are many challenging problems to work on at all layers of the stack: data cleaning and canonicalization, storage, deduping, serving, APIs, improving data using machine learning, etc. A great example is one of our most recent products, Geopulse Audience, which stands at the intersection of high quality places data and large scale analysis of user geo-data: http://www.factual.com/products/geopulse-audience . If you love data, Factual is the place to be. Our main criteria are that you're smart and get things done, but you'll get bonus points for experience with Clojure (http://www.factual.com/jobs/clojure), machine learning, NLP, algorithm design, or Hadoop/Spark.

You can email me personally at alexr@factual.com, or view our job postings here: https://www.factual.com/jobs#openings

Daily Harvest | https://www.daily-harvest.com | jobs: Software Engineer + more | Princeton, NJ and New York City, NY | Full-time Onsite | https://www.daily-harvest.com/careers contact me at savraj@ [our domain] and mention HN in the subject line! Based in Princeton and NYC, we are a rapidly growing startup sending out thousands of products to happy customers each week. Everyone around you -- especially the non-techies in your life -- will at least try, if not consistently enjoy the frozen superfood eats that your work at Daily Harvest will deliver! Our 43 flavor combinations of smoothies, overnight oats, chia parfaits, harvest bowls, and sundaes are co-created by our team of chefs and nutritionists and come packed with organic fruits and vegetables, and no added sugar or preservatives. Each cup is perfectly portioned, so all you have to do is take it out of the freezer, add your liquid of choice and blend, heat or soak.

Daily Harvest seeks a software engineer to help build the future of frozen food delivery. As a member of our software engineering team, you’ll craft and ship the code that powers our entire business -- from user-facing UI, to code that interfaces with our shipping providers, to inventory and supply chain management at scale. You’ll be working with a small team of friendly, easy-going engineers and report directly to our CTO.

Your qualifications - 3+ years of experience in software development roles - Experience with Python-powered web-apps (Flask, Jinja, Google Cloud, Google App Engine, Stripe) - MySQL, Google Cloud SQL, PeeWee ORM - Experience with Git, Travis CI, PyTest, and deployments to Google Cloud.

Uncountable | San Francisco (Onsite) | Machine Learning, Enterprise Sales, Data Science https://www.uncountable.com/careers

Uncountable accelerates the innovation of the world’s largest manufacturers. By leveraging advanced artificial intelligence techniques, Uncountable's algorithms get better material and chemical products to the market in half the time. We work with companies of all sizes, from innovative startups to Fortune 500 manufacturers.

Machine Learning Engineers | $150k - $220k + Equity

---> Uncountable is building a world-class machine learning team that can push the boundaries of what is currently possible with Bayesian optimization. You will have the opportunity to innovate in machine learning at a small startup.

---> This position requires experience with statistical learning theory and software development.

Enterprise Sales | $70k - $120k + Commission & Equity

---> Uncountable is looking for resourceful, scrappy, and driven professionals to grow out our sales and business development team. As a sales representative, you will be responsible for generating leads, pitching Uncountable’s AI platform to Directors/VPs, and closing enterprise deals. With junior and senior positions available, non-sales backgrounds are perfectly acceptable given a willingness to learn and improve.

Data Scientists | $90k - $120k + Equity

---> Uncountable is seeking scientists and engineers who are passionate about statistics and technology. Your primary responsibility will be to analyze our customers' data and configure our machine learning models to fit their projects. You will serve as the statistics expert in calls with our customers and be responsible for maximizing the likelihood of success of their development effort.

These are all onsite, full-time positions in San Francisco, CA. Learn more: https://www.uncountable.com/careers Contact: jason@uncountable.com

Sentio | Los Angeles / Bangkok | Onsite or Remote, Full-time | https://www.sentio.com

Sentio transforms Android for work. We make unique hardware and software that makes Android devices more suitable for productivity. Founders are Google & YC alums, VC-backed, with a newly launched strategic partnership with a major hardware OEM. You'll be working on a new product line to be launched in Q4 2018, under one of the biggest brands in the world.

We're looking for the following roles to join our flexible distributed team:

  - Full Stack Engineer
  - Senior Android Engineer
  - Senior Designer
Why work with us?

  - Distributed / remote is not only OK, it's encouraged.
  - We will even fly you out to Bangkok to work with our former SF team for a few months
  - Ownership in the form of equity and profit sharing
  - Super interesting products and projects, involving hardware and software
Email me at andrew+hn@sentio.com

Lots of YC companies | Software engineers of all kinds | Everywhere, though mostly in the US | Mostly on-site, but some remote too | Full-time and intern

A few months ago, a team of us at Y Combinator started working on a "common app", so that people could apply to all Y Combinator companies at the same time. It seemed silly to us that even though so many companies are struggling to hire people, it still requires O(n) effort to apply to n companies.

So, we built https://workatastartup.com. It's a simple way to apply to all YC companies at the same time. It's only for software engineers & data scientists for now (we hope to open it more broadly later). If a company is interested, you'll get an email from them. We also recently added a directory (https://workatastartup.com/directory) where you can browse the jobs of some of the companies hiring through the site and apply directly (not all have finished their profile yet).

It seems to be working pretty well - many of the people who posted a profile have gotten more than a dozen company founders reaching out to them, and some people have gotten jobs through it already. That said, it's still a bit inconsistent and most likely to have good results if you're looking for a full-time role in the US.

We'd love if you filled out a profile and let us know what you think (workatastartup@ycombinator.com) : https://www.workatastartup.com

Based on the first line of this comment being "Software engineers of all kinds", would it be correct to conclude that this service is still limited only to software engineering (coding) jobs?

Yes, it is for now. We very much intend to expand to everyone - we're just trying to get it working really well for one group first.

Considering this is only the second or third month that I recall it being advertised here, that makes some sense.

However, what's the reasoning behind waiting for "really well" instead of just "better than the alternative" before opening it up to the minorities (at least the technical ones)?

Worldwide, REMOTE, full time or part time -- 100% flexibility. $70-100/hr. Expert Interviewer at Karat (https://karat.io)

Work from anywhere in the world that has a solid internet connection. Work as much or as little as you want. Work any day, any time of day, any number of hours -- you can do 0 one week, 50 the next week, and back to 0 the next week. Only requirement there is that we want you to roughly average at least 10 hours a week, or else the training/time investment doesn't make as much sense from your end or ours. When each interview is done, you're done.

I know the above might sound a little strange, so a bit about the company for context: Karat is a Seattle-based startup that does software engineering interviews on behalf of other companies -- primarily first-round phone screens. Quickly-growing companies can spend a significant fraction of their engineers' time interviewing; we help take the load off. We've done a lot to make the interview experience better for all stakeholders that I could write whole essays about, but suffice it to say that candidates love working with us, clients love working with us, and we're well-funded and growing quickly as a result.

Because of this quickly-growing demand, we're looking to hire more Expert Interviewers. The ideal candidate is a software engineer with strong written and verbal English skills with at least a few years of professional experience. Interviewing experience would be great, but we spend 25 hours (paid) training you before you even start, so if you're strong technically and love working with people we can usually make it work :) Interviews are conducted over video chat, using a collaborative code editor.

Some of our interviewers are freelancers who use our scheduling model to backfill hours; others are full timers at top tech companies looking to make some extra cash; others have quit their jobs to work with us full time; some are digital nomads; one of our interviewers is road tripping around North America for a year and a half, doing anywhere from zero to 40 interviews each week depending on where he is and what the weather's like.

The application form is here: https://jobs.lever.co/karat/d44ab283-c7c0-4bbd-b8c3-4dc0ced6...

I know it's a pretty unique job, so if you have any questions reply here or email me at josh@karat.io and I'm happy to talk through any of it.

I had interview through this company. They gave the company I applied to the bad recommendation. But the thing is:

* Interviewer has less experience than me and wasn't able to understand some concepts.

* Interviewer has no experience with the language I was using (and interviewing for).

* I solved all the challenges and answered all the questions, but the decision was no-go, for some reason (they don't provide feedback).

* I may be wrong here, but they also did recording without my consent. They should ask "Are you ok with recording?". Instead, they just record and violate California recording laws which require consent by both parties.

I think they did very poor job (however, I admit I am biased here). You need to be extra careful interviewing with them. There are some signs that their process is not organized and things don't work very well.

Hey, sorry to hear you had a bad time. Candidate experience is something I personally spend a lot of time on, so it's always disappointing to hear someone wasn't pleased with their interview. As someone who's had terrible interview experiences in the past, part of why I work here is that I think we can give a better experience to candidates than they get in just about any regular interview.

Anyway, I'd love to dive into the specifics if you want to shoot me an email. I understand if you're not comfortable doing that, but a lot of what you're describing sounds inconsistent with our normal process, so I want to see what went wrong. Even if we didn't actually screw any of this up, there's still a good chance we communicated in a way where you left feeling that we did. Either way, I'd like to fix it.

Never got passed registration: Unrecognized email domain

This company was here before, I was interested so I applied, filled in the form. Never heard back.

Could you email me? I'll check on your application internally.

Same. Applied, no response. Industry standard :) I really enjoy interviews (on both sides) so thought it'd be fun topping to my day.

Could you please email me as well? Will look into this, and figure out if there's some systematic reason for why we're missing applications.

The time flexibility, coupled with remote-work, is a lovely idea. I hope it spreads.

Thank you! :)

That actually sounds fun.

It is :) I work on the internal team now, but was interviewing for about a year in 2016 while working on my own business. If you have any questions about what interviewing is like I'm happy to answer!

Can you describe the process of assigning interviews to interviewers and the process of choosing times for the interview sessions?

If I wanted to set aside a time period of say, 8 contiguous hours every week, during which I wanted to do as many interviews as possible, how many could I expect to be able to fit in?

Sure! Basically: You put availability on your calendar; we book interviews into that availability. (When candidates schedule, we show them aggregated availability across all eligible interviewers.)

You could do roughly 5 interviews in 8 hours if you account for breaks and everything. It's possible to do more than that, but I'd say that's the happy fill rate. I've done more than that and it starts to be excessive.

Really nice. I'm a founder nowadays on the hiring point, but I kinda wanna give it a try :-)

Invitae | San Francisco | Full-time | Remote-friendly (must be able to work legally in the US)

We offer prescription-grade genetic testing and are aiming to make genetics a part of mainstream, medical practice. This year we're transitioning from seeing ourselves as a diagnostics company to seeing ourselves as a tech company and are hiring for a variety of roles:

-Full-stack software engineer -UI/UX engineer -Software quality engineer -Machine Learning engineer -Bioinformatics engineer -Tech Evangelist -Research Scientist

More details: https://www.invitae.com/en/careers

We have several different groups that use a variety of languages and technologies. React, AWS, and Python are some of the popular ones. We have a great, dynamic culture where employees have ownership and are empowered to make decisions (very little middle management).

E-mail me at sutee.dee[at]invitae.com (I'm an engineer)

Are you open to hiring new grads?

Tulip | https://tulip.co/careers | Boston, MA | Full time | Onsite

Do you want to help build the factory of the future and realize the next industrial revolution?

Tulip is transforming manufacturing processes by bringing the latest technological advances from the lab to the back office to the shop floor. Whereas most factories are still using state of the art technology from the mid 19th century, we come from the future to bring them a rich, realtime web app, modern tablets, IoT systems, in-depth analytics, and more.

We're a small team, but we have multiple Fortune 500 customers and are enabling production lines building things you interact with everyday. We're in a strong growth mode! We closed a $13M Series A a few months ago (http://tcrn.ch/2qYvsoN), we are bringing on new customers, scaling up our existing customers' deployments, and, most relevantly, hiring across the team!

We'd love to talk to anyone interested, but in particular we are looking to bring folks on in:

- Web Development: React+Redux frontend, NodeJS+Mongo+Postgres+Redis backend, syncing data with Meteor, delivering useful, real-time experiences in the browser and on Electron

- Data & Pipeline Engineering: planning, implementing, and finding insights with our next generation of process & sensor analytics

- SRE/DevOps: Kubernetes-admin, scalable monitoring across the firewall, hybrid cloud/on-prem deployment

- IoT/Embedded Software: delivering a reliable, extensible HW platform across arm and x86, all manner of bus/IO tech

Apply at https://tulip.co/careers or email us at jobs@tulip.co

Ksplice @ Oracle | Devops | Remote | https://ksplice.oracle.com

Ksplice is the leading technology that allows administrators to patch the critical components of a Linux system on the fly with zero downtime and zero disruption, and we are looking for experienced DevOps and Systems professionals to join our team.

As a DevOps engineer, you will be responsible for automating the deployment, monitoring, and day-to-day management of Ksplice's infrastructure for building and serving critical security "hot fix" updates for various flavors of the Linux kernel and for user space applications. Our customers depend on us to keep their systems up-to-date and secure, so we would depend on you to make sure our systems stay running and secure.

Ksplice has a rich infrastructure that utilizes virtualization heavily, and we are looking for somebody who can help us take that infrastructure and modernize it. While some day-to-day system administration will be required, this is primarily a development role. As such, strong programming skills and an understanding of how to automate system tasks are required. Ksplice primarily uses Python, so experience with that is preferred, but experience with any similar language to perform system administration automation is acceptable.

The Oracle Ksplice team is a remote team, so you must be comfortable interacting remotely and working autonomously. We are a small team that expects its members to be comfortable with self-directed work. We won't micro-manage you, but, in return, we expect you to learn your job well enough that you know what is important to work on.

More information about Ksplice is available at https://ksplice.oracle.com/. You can find more information about the position at https://oracle.taleo.net/careersection/2/jobdetail.ftl?job=1.... Feel free to contact me directly by email at travis.jensen@oracle.com if you have any further questions. Oracle is an equal opportunity employer.

AdQuick | Venice, CA | Full Time | ONSITE | $80-140k

We've raised $3M+, ex-Instacart/Amazon, building a marketplace to buy and measure outdoor advertising. We were profitable last year are projected to explode in growth 2018. Looking for talented senior engineers to help keep up with demand. Email me if you're interested: fahim@adquick.com

About AdQuick

* Founded by ex-Instacart engineers/marketing * Raised $3M led by Initialized Capital (Garry Tan & Alexis Ohanian, Reddit co-founder). * Our customers include great brands such as: Kevin Hart, Peloton, FanDuel, Drake, Lyft & more.

Technical Stack

* Our tech stack is Rails 4, Webpack, React, Postgres, Heroku. * Looking for 3+ years experience in running production systems, ability to iterate quickly and sense of ownership. * Strong focus on user experience and putting the customer first.

Technical Challenges

* We have a complex frontend user interface. Users should be able to view 100,000+ markers and transit lines on a map without their browser crawling to a halt. We need to support complex and interesting map visualizations – layering political voting data, Census data, Foursquare data and more.

* We're a search company. AdQuick conducts a search every time the user pans the map. Searching by geography, demographics, AdQuick score and a myriad of other attributes from disparate data sources is computationally expensive. It will be a challenge to scale while keeping search response times and server costs low.

* We're a data science company. We integrate with Google Analytics & AdWords and other data sources to measure impact of physical advertising on online behavior (CTR in a region). ROI data from prior campaigns can help create more effective future campaigns. As our data warehouse grows, crunching this data will be increasingly challenging and more powerful. We'll use machine learning to create better campaigns overtime.

* Our backend systems have to deal with a myriad of inventory CSV, PDF formats, requiring robust and fast file validations, normalization and ingestion systems.

* We scraped Instagram and used image recognition to see if people shared photos of billboards. Turns out, a lot of people Instagram'd Drake's board. Innovative ROI tools are a core part of our offering.

Signal | SF or Remote (US only) | Full-Time | Software Engineers: iOS, Android, Server & Web https://signal.org

Signal is making private communication simple. As an Open Source project supported by grants and donations, Signal can put users first. There are no ads, no affiliate marketers, no creepy tracking. Just open technology for a fast, simple, and secure messaging experience. We design open protocols, develop Open Source software, and give it away for free.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/signal

Here are our open roles:

- Server Developer: https://signal.org/workworkwork/?ref=keyvalues

- Android Developer: https://signal.org/workworkwork/?ref=keyvalues

- Desktop Developer (Web Developer): https://signal.org/workworkwork/?ref=keyvalues

- Designer: https://signal.org/workworkwork/?ref=keyvalues

- iOS Developer.: https://signal.org/workworkwork/?ref=keyvalues

Tech Stack: iOS team: Swift & Objective-C. Android team: Java. Desktop team: Electron, web stack (js, css, etc.). Server team: Java, AWS, devops.


No, no, nooo! No way for EU candidate? When I've seen "Signal" I've almost jumped on my chair. Please, say there may be an exception!


Software Engineer in Test, Motion


Software Engineer in Test, Health and Fitness Technologies


Tech Stack: Python, Matlab, C++, time series data analysis, Swift (nice to have), Git. Looking for candidates to fill these two positions asap, the quicker the better. Mention HN:jxramos if you make it to the tech screening.

Niantic | SF, Sunnyvale, Seattle, Los Angeles | https://grnh.se/exq7hmpt2

Niantic is leading the way in augmented reality technology and products. Come join our world class team and experience the joy of creating products and services that touch hundreds of millions of people.

Our team is behind two groundbreaking AR products: Ingress and Pokemon Go. We recently announced our next adventure, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, along with our Series B funding.

Opportunities include Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Mobile, Game Dev, Tech Artist, Product, SRE, full-stack web & server, among other roles!

Process: Phone intro/screen, technical interview with the team, decision.

Apply here: https://grnh.se/exq7hmpt2

Questions? eebinger at nianticlabs dot com

Please use this link to apply instead of the above:


Thank you!

InfluxData | Software Engineer | SF | REMOTE or ONSITE | Full-time

We are a time series database, looking for experienced Golang SWEs to work on InfluxDB.

I'm on this team, I work remotely. Company is growing fast, everyone is smart and nice.

Email me directly jacob.marble@influxdata.com



Phone2Action | DevOps Engineer, Lead Frontend Engineer, Senior Full Stack Engineer, Non-Engineering Roles (for example, Sales!), PAID Summer INTERNS/INTERNSHIPS | Washington, DC | Full-Time | Onsite or US Remote | https://phone2action.com/about/careers/ or https://angel.co/phone2action/jobs | Agile | VISA Sponsorship Available for exceptional candidates who already in the US

Phone2Action is the world’s fastest growing civic technology company. Millions use our tools to participate in public policy campaigns.

Build and innovate on tools that help connect people with their elected officials at the federal, state, and local level!

As a member of the engineering team you will join a world-class engineering-driven company, where you'll have instant impact from day one. We have an open culture and flat organization where engineers sit just a few steps away from the founders. And we've raised over $5M in funding, including our $4.6M Series A funding round in 2016.

Our product has driven more than 18 million connections with elected officials since our founding in 2013 -- and we're just getting started. If you have great problem solving, analysis and design skills, and a true passion for quality – you will be a great fit for the Phone2Action team.

Salary ranges from $80K - $145K for engineering roles!

All jobs are listed at https://angel.co/phone2action/jobs Email me - luke@phone2action.com - prefixing the subject with "HN:", and include anything that will set you apart from the pack :)

DevOps Hypewords: AWS, Infastructure, Linux, CI, CD, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, SQL, Ansible, SaltStack

Backend Hypewords: LAMP, PHP, MySQL, Laravel, APEX, Ruby, Java, Redis, API, Codeception, AWS

Frontend Hypewords: VueJS, ReactJS, HTML, CSS, SASS, Bootstrap, Webpack, Jest, ES6

Third party systems: Salesforce, Facebook, Twitter, MailChimp, NationBuilder

C# Software Engineer | ONSITE | St Neots, Cambridgeshire, UK | £30k - £50k | jobs.picotech.com

Established in 1991 Pico soon became a leader in the field of PC Oscilloscopes and data loggers. Based out of our head office in St Neots, UK, our software development teams work in an agile environment creating innovative software using C#, solving problems such as visualising large data sets.

Due to continuous growth plans Pico Technology are looking to recruit C# Software Engineers with proven C# development skills who are passionate about the code they develop. Additional skills in the following areas would be of interest:

C++, JIRA, Microsoft Visual Studio, DVCS, MVVM, WPF, Cocoa and / or Gtk#, Intel IPP / OpenCV, Azure / AWS

Equal to the technical skills our developers possess, we also value excellent organisational, communication and interpersonal skills.

Our Software Engineers benefit from a working environment that encourages them to produce excellent code with a customisable workstation, multiple monitors and an open plan office. Development Engineers can use Wednesday afternoons to work on inspirational projects either as part of a team of individually.

Away from the desk our Development Engineers can be found competing in our annual pool tournament, playing arcade games in the kitchen, gathered round the table football or simply enjoying our picnic benches in the garden. The flexible working hours suit many different lifestyles, with core hours from 10 till 3, Monday to Friday as well as an annual profit related bonus. A full list of the benefits can be found on our careers website.

If this sounds like the environment you would thrive in and are interested to find out more apply now for immediate consideration. Please mention Hacker News in the "where did you hear about us" box!

Check out our latest recruitment video, @tehwalrus features! https://youtu.be/CKJWzBJuZ5E

> Our Software Engineers benefit from a working environment that encourages them to produce excellent code with a customisable workstation, multiple monitors and an open plan office.

I'm struggling to understand how an open plan office fits into this. Are the current employees happy with that? Given the choice, I would definitely get a real office with a door and enough silence to reason about code.

There is a big debate about open plan, isn't there? I personally like working in a collaborative environment, at least within the scrum team all focussed on the same goals.

I think Pico's layout is quite good in that hardware and software engineers share the same space, but it's separated from tech support (who are on the phone a lot) and marketing and the warehouse. Sometimes it gets noisy, but no more than any other open plan I've been in.

If you come in for an interview, you'll get a tour of the building and can see whether our style is right for you :)

Mozilla is hiring REMOTE and ONSITE engineering and manager positions:


Android Engineers, Researchers, and Designers: All Offices

Firefox QA Supervisor: Remote or Toronto onsite

Performance Manager, Firefox Runtime: Mountain View, Portland, San Francisco, or Toronto onsite

Senior Research and Experiments Engineer: Mountain View, San Francisco, or Toronto onsite

Senior Differential Privacy Research Engineer: Remote

Junior Data Analyst (Contract): Remote

Is "Senior Differential Privacy Research Engineer: Remote" a real thing? I don't see it on any of your listings. I am interested in that position if it does exist :)

Commure, Inc. | San Francisco, CA | Multiple positions |

Fulltime | ONSITE We are a stealth startup working to fix the software doctors use. If you have seen what physicians have to put up with, it's a bad version of the 90s, and makes medical care worse and more expensive for everyone. We are a group of previously successful engineers and entrepreneurs (MIT, Dartmouth, Datapower, Stripe, Salesforce, etc) and senior doctors (John Hopkins, UCSF, etc) who are determined to finally fix this.

Compensation: market salary & equity -- we are well funded.

Stack: includes Rust, React and Node. We will also be solving some very interesting problems in the areas of APIs, domain-specific machine-learning and fine-grained application security.

Please email jobs@commure.com and mention "[hnjobs]" in the subject line.

ZEISS | Frontend, Backend, Business Development | Munich, Germany | Full-Time Onsite | https://www.zeiss.com/corporate/int/careers/working-at-zeiss...

ZEISS Digital Innovation Partners is hiring in Munich! We are a newly founded fully digital unit of one of the global leaders in optical systems with the mission to digitalize the business of ZEISS. This includes modernizing ZEISS services for the 21st century, as well as building cutting edge services in the IoT, machine learning, and computer vision space.

Our current technology stack is a mix consisting of conservative technologies such as C#/.NET with functional idioms (e.g., Scala), growing eco-systems (Golang, Node.js), DevOps philosophy (Docker Swarm, Terraform, …), and state of the art frontend applications (React / React Native with ES6, TypeScript). We are constantly re-evaluating our choices and welcome new input and insights.

We are looking for talented frontend and/or backend / DevOps engineers who are willing to work in a flat hierarchy, startup like atmosphere where almost anything can be shaped and developed. We are willing to work out a relocation plan and provide you with all the support necessary to bring you to the beautiful city of Munich.

Just send us an email to kay-uwe.clemens@zeiss.com with your application or further questions. We'd love to hear from you!

Cloudreach | Multiple Locations in Europe and US - Onsite and Remote | Cloud System Developers | Full Time https://www.cloudreach.com/careers/jobs/current-openings/

We’re growing fast here at Cloudreach, and as such, constantly looking for new talent to join in both Europe, USA and some Remote positions. Cloudreach is a market leader service provider for Cloud Enablement across platforms (AWS Premier Partner, Microsoft Azure Gold Cloud Platform Partner, Google Cloud Platform Partner) and we’ve managed to reach this position thanks to our fundamental core values which are reflected in all us Cloudreachers and the work we do.

Below are some of our current roles:

  -  Azure Cloud Architect in Dallas, Chicago and Remote US https://www.cloudreach.com/careers/jobs/opening/?gh_jid=665066

  -  Cloud Architect in London https://www.cloudreach.com/careers/jobs/opening/?gh_jid=145943

  -  Cloud Architect in Paris https://www.cloudreach.com/careers/jobs/opening/?gh_jid=699545

  -  Cloud Operations Engineer Lead in Vancouver https://www.cloudreach.com/careers/jobs/opening/?gh_jid=950748

  -  Cloud Project Manager in US https://www.cloudreach.com/careers/jobs/opening/?gh_jid=627338
A range of other roles are available too, such as: Product Marketing Lead, Sales Engineer, Legal Assistant

(Stealth) | “First Executive” | Negotiable Salary (At least $100k), Equity, and Exit Upside | Sarasota, FL | Onsite | https://beourfirstexec.com

Established SEO/Media company looking for CEO/First Executive.

Two online marketers/developers turned startup founders seek expertise in turning hyper growth business into sustainable businesses.

4 years ago one of our moonshot projects took off, so we leaned on a team distributed freelancers around the world. This has been a powerful bootstrapping tool, but today we see the need for a centralized core team with internalized expertise and management.

To help us, we’re looking for an experienced CEO caliber candidate that has a proven track record in leading fast growing, high-output, nimble companies.

Prior experience and proven track record required. Ideal candidate, has a successful exit under their belt in a CEO, CTO, CMO capacity, a deep understanding of SEO (it isn’t rocket science), and a love for building amazing products and teams.

For more details: https://beourfirstexec.com/

If you aren’t the candidate but know someone who would be, we're offering a $10k referral bounty.

Posted anonymously as our main HN accounts would make our company a dead giveaway.

Typo in your google form title "Be our fist exec"

Thank you. Fixed.

Credit Karma - SF, LA, and Charlotte, NC | Onsite only

I'm a VP of engineering at Credit Karma. We offer people free taxes, credit scores, credit reports, and help find people the best loans and credit products they can get. We have over 80M consumers on our platform in the US and over 1M in Canada. I love the company, it's the best job I've ever had, and if you want to work for a mission positive company with a product people love that is on the road to greatness there is no better place to work.

We have positions across all sorts of roles and levels, feel free to reach out if you are curious and don't see a role posted.

Stack: Scala, Typescript, PHP | React, React-Native, Swift, Kotlin | Kafka, Thrift, Spark, Apache Beam

* Mid, Senior and Staff Software Engineer * Eng Manager * Eng Director (both Product and Platform) * Data Science * iOS Engineer * Android Engineer * FrontEnd Engineer * Full Stack Engineer

- We've generally filled our entry level positions, you can reach out if you want but its likely not for an opening we have immediately

All opportunities listed at https://www.creditkarma.com/careers

If you have any questions, want to talk about a role, or are just curious about thing you can reach out to me at matt (at) creditkarma (dot) com

The Engineering Director positions don't appear to be on the website.

Oops! I guess not everything is posted online. Just reach out to me directly and I can help connect you to the right team.

KickBack Rewards Systems, Remote

  KickBack Rewards Systems
KickBack Rewards Systems is a privately held company founded in 1999 that specializes in customer specific marketing and payments for over 1000 US clients. Our clients include a half-dozen Fortune 50 companies, one of them is an anchor partner in our national coalition loyalty program. This candidate will be joining a medium sized team of 13 developers who all commit to their projects as a labor of love and their lives work. If you are interested in any of these positions my contact information is located under my profile.

- Lead Senior Software Engineer

We are seeking a Senior full-stack Developer with leadership experience to act as a technical team lead. We’re looking for someone with a strong software development background who has deep JavaScript experience who can help the team develop better applications. The correct person must be a polyglot and should feel comfortable reviewing JavaScript, PHP, Python and have a willingness to learn C# (Xamarin) for mobile projects. Candidates with previous experience on Agile teams will be well suited for this position. This is a full-time remote employee position. If remote, candidate must be willing to work around regular MST (-0700) office hours. KRS will _not_ consider agencies, outsourced or software development contracts for tihs role. -

To apply: Email me, my contact information is located under my profile, or, visit http://careers.kickbacksystems.com

PolyAI | London/Singapore | Onsite/Remote

PolyAI is building the backend machinery to allow computers to have two-way conversations with people. If you've used Siri, you'll probably know that it's okay at handling single-sentence commands like "remind me to call Jane in 2 hours", but anything significantly more complicated - anything that requires a 2-way conversation to establish what you want - is much much more flakey and inconvenient. At PolyAI, we're building the first developer platform for making scalable, maintainable voice apps that rely on conversations, rather than just single-commands. This opens up the possibility of Alexa/Google Home skills for Deliveroo, Uber, Postmates etc that are actually convenient to use and "just work".

We think this is the first step towards a future where voice interfaces are the de facto way of carrying out small to medium sized tasks.

We're a small but fast growing team of 8 people, comprised of (really good!) NLP researchers, and software engineers with a bunch of startup experience behind us. We're healthily funded by Passion and Amadeus and pay competitively.

We're looking for:

* backend engineers * machine learning/NLP engineers

I just want to point out that while we are currently a team of all men, we are super keen to move away from that, and regularly introspect about whether there's anything about our culture that may in any way exclude non male candidates. Additionally, we are always open to feedback about anything we might be getting wrong here.

Get in contact at angus@poly-ai.com

Update: sorry to say that after some research internally we've come by some new information that means we are actually unable to support remote work for now, contrary to the ad above.

Uber | Back-end | Amsterdam, Netherlands | FULL-TIME ONSITE VISA

Uber's Amsterdam engineering office is looking for senior back-end engineers for the following teams:

* Payments: building the future of payments for on-demand services. We build most of the payments architecture at Uber, which means challenging problems and exciting opportunities.

* Site Reliability Engineering: build systems that are best-in-class for monitoring, alerting and automatically resolving issues on top of our payments stack.

* Mobile platform: build tooling that will make hundreds of our engineers more productive (and happier!)

Learn more about our team at http://t.uber.com/amsterdam Interested? Shoot gergely@uber.com an email.


About me: I'm an engineering manager started as an engineer here at Uber, in Amsterdam. My first project was rewriting the Uber app (https://eng.uber.com/new-rider-app/) and the last interesting piece of code I committed was open sourcing the architecture behind it (https://github.com/uber/RIBs).

GitHub | San Francisco, CA (HQ); Boulder, CO; Amsterdam; Tokyo; Remote (65%) | Onsite and Remote-OK | https://github.com

GitHub is the best place to share code with friends, co-workers, classmates, and complete strangers. Over 27 million people use GitHub to build amazing things together across 67 million repositories. With the collaborative features of GitHub.com and GitHub Business, it has never been easier for individuals and teams to write faster, better code.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/github

Open positions include: Application Engineer, Community and Safety Git Ecosystem Engineer Senior Engineer, Developer Experience Senior Integrations Engineer Partner Engineering Manager Quality Engineer Senior Engineering Leader - Machine Learning

All roles are remote-friendly!

If you are interested in any of these positions, please feel free to contact kirstenwright@github.com to learn more or apply online at www.github.com/about/careers.

Tech Stack: GitHub is a Rails 4 application that is composed of a large monolith and a constellation of services written in Ruby, Go, and a handful of other languages. The app and its services are exposed both internally and externally via a GraphQL API. We primarily rely on MySQL for persistent storage, Redis for temporary storage, and, as you might expect, a lot of git repositories. We rely on Kubernetes for container orchestration.

Glad to see I'm not the last one on Rails 4 :)

Love remote positions!

AuditBoard | Los Angeles / Orange County | Onsite, Full-time | https://www.auditboard.com/

AuditBoard (formerly SOXHUB) is streamlining audit/compliance through our SaaS platform. We are making audit less painful & more efficient for internal audit teams and business process owners. If you're interested in working at a fast growing company building enterprise software that is loved by its users, please get in touch.

  - Node.js, Ember.js, Kubernetes, Docker, C#, Python
  - Small team, lots of independence, flexible schedules
  - Contribute to open-source projects
  - Fast paced & growing
Looking for:

  - Sr. DevOps (AWS and/or K8S experience is a bonus)
  - Front-end Developers (Ember experience is a huge bonus)
  - Full Stack Web & API Developers
  - Security experts
For more information, please contact me at rajiv@auditboard.com or apply at https://www.auditboard.com/jobs/software-engineer/

System1 | Los Angeles, CA | ONSITE

System1, an adtech startup based in Venice Beach, is hiring!

Architect, Data Warehouse: Python, PySpark, SQL, AWS http://system1.com/job-listing/eae82bb0-1801-4ca2-ba4c-dd2cd...

Sr. DevOps Engineer: AWS, Python, Security focused http://system1.com/job-listing/527e0e54-3180-44a1-920c-1b064...

Software Engineer: Python http://system1.com/job-listing/a2612066-fef4-458c-b216-19b27...

Senior Software Engineer: 4+ years of Python experience http://system1.com/job-listing/46b7b99f-18d1-47c5-bd3f-6c400...

Front End Engineer: JavaScipt, Node, Jinja http://system1.com/job-listing/c358b94c-4c65-4651-9ac6-84254...


System1 | Seattle, WA | ONSITE

System1 is also hiring in our Bellevue office!

Senior Software Engineer: 4+ years of Python experience http://system1.com/job-listing/d94c450b-da6f-465e-a6a7-796a0...

Unruly | Senior Developer/Site Reliability Engineer/Engineering Coach | Full-time | London, UK | Onsite

Unruly is the video marketplace you can trust. We help the world’s biggest advertisers engage global audiences by harnessing the power of our data-powered video marketplace, UnrulyX, on brand-safe, premium sites, while helping top publishers better monetise their audiences.

Unruly was founded in 2006 with a mission to transform advertising for the better. We’re passionately committed to encouraging and celebrating diversity and wellbeing through our inclusive and nurturing company culture

People come to Unruly to really be involved in software development, not just churn out features. We've used extreme programming since the company was founded: Pairing, Mobbing, TDD, Continuous Deployment and more. Our teams run their own production systems, and plan for the future of their products. We value learning and innovation, so we have real 20% time—one day a week to work on what's most important to you.


We're particularly looking for people who can bring expertise in Java, JavaScript, or Data engineering to help us scale our marketplace. We're already dealing with terabytes of data each day, tens of thousands of QPS, and growing fast.

See our open roles https://unruly.co/about-us/were-hiring/?london/development or ping me at benji@unrulygroup.com if you have questions

Her | iOS and Android Engineers | San Francisco, SF | Full Time | ONSITE (preferred) + REMOTE

HER is the world’s largest community of lesbian, bisexual and queer people. We're' empowering women and queer folk by giving them a space to explore and express their identity.

We're looking to hire iOS and Android developers into our core team. You would be working in conjunction with team members from Product, UX and Design to build new features, collaborate on the development and maintenance of our mobile client apps.

This is a full-time salary + equity position. Remote is a possibility, but preference will be given to candidates local to SF.

Email: rok@weareher.com

Pocket | Senior Software Engineer (Machine Learning) | San Francisco, CA or Mountain View, CA | ONSITE, Full time

Email: jkoren at getpocket.com or visit https://boards.greenhouse.io/pocketco/jobs/885933?gh_src=get...

Pocket (now part of Mozilla) is looking to expand our team to help achieve our mission of advancing access to and discovery of high-quality, personalized content across the web. We are looking for people who are interested in helping design, test and launch new data-driven features and products that allow people to focus and become more knowledgeable about the things that interest them.

We are looking for people with both strong engineering and machine learning backgrounds, primarily focused on NLP, search, and recommendation systems. Knowledge of differential privacy and other other privacy preserving techniques is desired, but not required. At Pocket, you'll have the unique opportunity to take products from ideation all the way to production deployment.

Ultimate Software | Ft. Lauderdale, Atlanta, San Francisco, Toronto | Onsite/Remote | USA/Canada only http://www.ultimatesoftware.com/careers

Ultimate Software has been building HR and Payroll software since 1990. We moved from selling licenses for on-premise installations to a cloud-based/subscription model in 2002. We are passionate about building awesome tools to make people's work lives easier. Our motto is People First, which describes how we treat our customers and our amazing company culture.

Ultimate Software is hiring for a large number of full time development positions, including:

- Software Engineers - Devops Engineers - Software Test Engineers, and more.

About 20% of our Product Development team works from home. We have an unbelievable benefits/401K package, so apply to Fortune’s #1 Best Tech Company to Work For in 2018 today!

Here is a link to our job postings: http://ulti.pro/29PRPAj

You can also email resumes to techcareers AT ultimatesoftware.com

REMOTE (Worldwide) - Open Source Developer on Open edX - Python/Django, Javascript (OpenCraft - Remote/worldwide company incorporated in Berlin)

Development specialized on the free software project Open edX, used by many universities and companies to run online courses. See edx.org, stanford.edu or fun-mooc.fr for examples of Open edX instances. We are a team of sixteen senior developers, all working remotely from Europe, North & South America, Asia & Australia. The company is not affiliated with edX, but rather contributing and working with them on various projects. This is a full time position, were you would be able to work remotely from anywhere you want, as long as you have a good internet connection. : )

The Open edX platform is a large Python/Django codebase, with good code standards and architecture (a lot of the edX engineers come from MIT). You would work on different clients contracts using the platform. The clients list/references include Harvard, MIT, edX themselves, the French government, and various startups & universities currently running their own instances, or looking to create one. Tasks are very varied, from developing core platform features, custom exercises and tools for specific courses (XBlocks), customizing and deploying instances, working fullstack, operating our service infrastructure, improving our hosting platform, etc. You won't get bored here.

Most of your work is published as free software (Open edX is released under the AGPL license, which requires clients to release modifications under the same license), and you would also contribute to the free software project, pushing most of your developments upstream through pull requests, contributing features, documentation or help on mailing-lists.

Stack: Python/Django, Ansible, AWS/OpenStack, Debian/Ubuntu, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Redis, Elasticsearch, JS, HTML/CSS.

Nice to haves: Terraform, Vault, Packer, Prometheus, ELK, Docker, Android/iOS. We are building a modern infrastructure and having a strong DevOps presence on top of core software engineering skills is a big plus with us.

Interview process: a 30 minutes Hangout with a (simple) coding exercise.

To apply, fill this form: http://opencraft.com/jobs/open-source-developer/

I was interviewed by Xavier a couple months ago and it was a pleasant experience.

I really appreciate this kind of interview because the time investment is symmetrical. Take-home assignments are really awful in this aspect.

Full-time or part-time?

It's full time - 30h to 40h/week depending on your preferences.

Blink Labs | Prelaunch, early-stage startup | Full time | Bay Area, CA | Remote or onsite | $90-$130k + equity

• Product: Video messaging that brings you together with your friends IRL.

• Why: Because we've all gotten used to the impersonal imperfections of texting. We have the antidote; we are what comes next.

• Stack: RxSwift, React Native, Javascript & Elixir

• Culture: Make extradordinary things with the camaraderie of extradordinary people


• iOS AR/VR/Game Engineer

• Motion Designer/Animator, C4D/Blender/After Effects expert


jobs@blink.cm or direct message https://twitter.com/samuel_mueller

- Sam Mueller, Founder

Great question biasforaction! Snap/insta is used primarily for broadcasting your life "at" people. Our new video format is all about talking "with" your friends. We use speech to text and NLP to embed what you say in the video, that way your friends always get the message. The result is fluid communication that flows as smooth as texting, but with the personality, character and connection that only video can offer. We've then built upon this foundation in clever ways to bring you closer together with the people in your life that matter the most. If you'd like early access to our app, DM me on twitter and I'd be happy to share! https://twitter.com/samuel_mueller

How is your service different than Snap, Beme, Instagram Live, Periscope, etc...?

A valid question in general, but not for the Who is hiring thread.

1bios | Senior Software Engineer | Truckee/Lake Tahoe, CA | FULL-TIME, ONSITE or REMOTE | hello+hn@1bios.co

About 1bios:

We provide a health management platform for healthcare providers and health insurers. Our company is relatively young, and this position would get you in on the ground floor, positioning you to have real impact on our engineering decisions and company culture.

Our stack:

ruby, rails, javascript, typescript, react, mongo, postgres, thrift

What we are looking for:

Do you not only want to see a problem done, but see it done cleanly in a way that makes you proud? Do you appreciate elegance, but despise implicitness and magic? Is code and system design something you like to really think about before tackling a problem? Do you like to discuss architecture with other engineers who care deeply about the quality of their code? Do you wish you were writing in a statically typed functional programming language a la Haskell, but are also satisfied applying those same concepts to more wild west contexts like Ruby and JS? If this resonates with you, please get in touch!

Email us at hello+hn@1bios.co

Just FYI it's probably best not to mention highly desirable keywords like Haskell if you don't actually have that kind of work to offer.

If you want to use Haskell's statically typed functional programming, why would you use a dynamically typed scripting language? Do you even know what that sentence means? Do you realize that you would have to reinvent a whole typing system to go from dynamic to static, but going from static to dynamic is a trivial exercise? You might get better applicants if you have a tech-savvy member of your team write your advertisements. You are posting on HN, not reddit. Furthermore, how is JS a "wildwest concept?" The point of JS is to have a scripting language supported inside lots of larger programs like web browsers. It is ubiquitous.

Here I rewrote this for you: Do you wish you were writing in a statically typed functional programming language a la Haskell, but are also satisfied wasting your time? If this resonates with you, please get in touch!

BitBridge | Remote - Austin, Chicago Offices | Full-Time | http://jobs.bitbridge.hk

* Blockchain Engineer * Senior Engineer * Lead Engineer - Frontend * Web Engineer - Frontend

We're a team from the HFT world that is fed up with the state of blockchain exchanges. Existing exchanges are sluggish, unreliable, and horribly designed—creating a miserable place to trade during the brief window before your money is stolen. We're building a real exchange platform to fintech standards and calling it BitBridge.

BitBridge is a next generation cryptocurrency exchange platform, straddling the divide between centralized and decentralized trading. Built to engineering standards far beyond any other exchange on the market, we offer superior reliability, security, liquidity, and performance. And we do this all with verifiably fair matching algorithms and a need for minimal custody of user assets.


Robinhood | Engineering & Non-Engineering Roles | Palo Alto, CA | Full-Time | Onsite | robinhood.com

Robinhood is democratizing access to America’s financial system. Since our public launch in 2015, we’ve cemented our position as the fastest-growing brokerage with over two million users and billions of dollars in transaction volume. Robinhood received recognition with the Apple Design Award, the Google Material Design Award, and named Fast Company’s 11th Most Innovative Company in the World.

We’re backed by top-tier investors such as DST Global, NEA, Index Ventures, Thrive Capital, Ribbit Capital, a16z, and GV, as well as individuals such as Jared Leto, Ashton Kutcher, John Legend, Snoop Dogg, and Nas.

We're always hiring software engineers for different teams across different stacks. Our engineers work with cutting-edge technologies like Django, Python, Go, Kafka, React, Redux. Check out our priority roles below:

Legal Counsel https://boards.greenhouse.io/robinhood/jobs/1096554

Backend Engineer https://boards.greenhouse.io/robinhood/jobs/266914

DevOps Engineer https://boards.greenhouse.io/robinhood/jobs/658358

Corporate Accountant https://boards.greenhouse.io/robinhood/jobs/649167

Interested? Check out the job descriptions and apply directly at robinhood.com/jobs

Samsara | Product, Infrastructure, Mobile, Site Reliability, Security Engineers | San Francisco, Onsite

Build aws for physical infrastructure.

Samsara was started by the founders of Meraki and has a small, tight-knit engineering team that's quickly growing. We are looking for people who love building and seeing their code get used by customers.

Our backend is powered by golang/graphql/grpc and our frontend applications use react/react native/typescript.

Apply/more info at https://www.samsara.com/jobs

Hazel Analytics | Seattle (Onsite Only, No Remote Please) | Full Stack | Full-time | $100 - $130K + 0.1-1% equity (DOE)

Hazel Analytics is a fast-growing technology startup founded in 2014. We pair the largest food safety inspection database with powerful analytics tools and solutions for Fortune 500s and leading organizations in the restaurant, financial services, government, and education industries. Hazel is also the proud recipient of Jack in the Box's 2016 Food Safety Innovation Award.

We are profitable and privately-held (i.e. no VC investors), which means your equity is worth something from day 1 and you’ll be able to make a direct impact on the company’s strategy and execution.

Contact me directly arash@hazelanalytics.com or check out our job posting for details: https://angel.co/hazel-analytics-data-analytics-start-up/job...

Thinkwire | Toronto | Developer | Part-Time | REMOTE | $2-6K / month | https://www.thinkwire.com/

Thinkwire powers online events for B2B inbound marketing. We are bootstrapped and now have budget to start building a remote team.

Our culture is based on the 80/20 rule. Parents, digital nomads, founders consulting on the side are all welcome. Our team is skewed towards strategy and sales so developers with a focus on marketing and design would bring a lot of value.

Email: aj@thinkwire.com

The position is filled. Thank you!

What's your current stack?

Hi sah2ed! Thinkwire is built with React + TypeScript + Node on the front end and Go + PostgreSQL on the backend.

Grin | Senior Full Stack Engineer | Sacramento, CA | FULL-TIME, ONSITE | $80 - $105K

About Grin: We are building next generation Influencer Marketing platforms that emphasize relationships. Focusing on discovery, communication and workflow allows our clients to activate and retain some of the best influencers in the world.

Tech Stack: PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, Vue, Node, MySQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, AWS, Digital Ocean

The position: We are looking for Engineer #3. As an early hire you will be on the ground floor and responsible for planning and owning large features across multiple applications and apis in our system.

Perks: Equity, Feature ownership, New gear setup, Health and education stipend, Flexible work hours, Competitive vacation policy, Impact a new industry, Relocation

For information on Grin and our hiring process please visit https://hired.com/company/grin-inc.

To apply please send resume/github/links to ryan@grin.co

Aragon | UI Developer | Remote, full-time | https://aragon.one/

Aragon is everything you need to run organizations (companies, NGOs, foundations, open source projects…) on the Ethereum blockchain. It implements features like a cap table, token transfers, voting, roles, fundraising and accounting. Aragon organizations are easily customizable, and they are also extensible by installing third party modules.

We are looking for exceptional UI developers to work with us on Aragon, Aragon Labs, and Aragon apps. Apart from being experts at building interfaces, our ideal candidates are also decentralization advocates.

Our current set of technologies includes React (web and Native), styled-components, RxJS and web3.js.

Apply here: https://wiki.aragon.one/jobs/openings/frontend/

Krnc ("Currency") | Software Engineers | Los Angeles, CA | Remote, Full-Time & Part-Time | http://www.krnc.io

We are a well-funded early-stage startup whose technology allows >$5 trillion in paper money to be "forked" onto the blockchain. This is impossible with the current state of the art, so we are building a new foundation for the global monetary system.

Interested? We are looking for:

1. Machine Learning Engineer - Help improve and extend our prototype AI's superhuman performance. Requires experience in computer vision, multi-framework machine-learning, and mobile/embedded neural-network deployment.

2. Distributed Systems Engineer - Work on the biggest advancement in distributed-ledger technology since PoW consensus. Help design and build the largest, most-secure digital payment platform in history. Requires experience in auditing Byzantine fault tolerance.

Contact: jobs [at] krnc.io

REMOTE | Full stack engineer (Full time / possibly part time) | Undercurrent News

About us: We're a young news organization focused on the seafood sector, passionate about quality reporting and using modern technologies to create a user friendly and sustainable business.

About the job: The role involves developing a range of projects from start to fruition, while helping maintain and modernize the existing codebase. You will likely be experienced in the major web technologies and ideally familiar with Wordpress. As a member of a small team (3 people), you’ll be working directly with the founders and will be hands on from the very beginning, setting standards and taking major technical decisions.

This is a fully remote position. As our team spans Europe to Seattle, we're looking for someone in or within those timezones.

If you're interested / for more details: apply@undercurrentnews.com

Update: We've in the last stages of the interviewing process and are no longer considering new applications. Thanks to everyone who applied; I have been positively surprised, and even overwhelmed, by the feedback and caliber of the applications we've received.

Fillet | Vancouver | Remote | Contract | [https://getfillet.com]

Hello HN! Join a small team behind the platform that is trusted by 12,000 businesses in the food industry to manage their back-of-kitchen and order from suppliers.

We are bootstrapped and profitable which means that we only ever have to answer to our customers.

For our future vision where we take on problems with traceability, payment processing, and product discovery in our industry take a look at our inspectus: https://filletx.com/publications/filletx_inspectus.pdf

Our technical stack: Golang (backend) iOS (Swift) Android (Kotlin) Angular 2 GitLab AWS IRC

If you’re interested in joining us or just want to chat about our journey send me an email at kirill@getfillet.com!

Aivan Innovations | Turku, Finland | Early-Stage | Onsite/Remote | Full-time

Aivan Innovations (https://aivan.ai/) is a bootstrapped early-stage startup focused on contract management. Our SaaS product helps companies archive, find, and manage their contractual documents with the help of unique AI-assisted capabilities.

Our tech stack includes Django/PostgreSQL/ElasticSearch on the backend, React/Redux on the frontend, and various tools for machine learning and document processing pipeline (PyTorch/Tensorflow/OpenCV/NLTK).

We are looking for:

• A full-stack developer (Django API + React front)

• A machine learning engineer

These are full-time positions in Turku, Finland, but remote work is also possible. More info: https://aivan.ai/join

Contact ville@aivan.ai.

DuckDuckGo | Backend Engineer | Paoli PA | REMOTE, VISA

DuckDuckGo | Site Reliability Engineer | Paoli PA | REMOTE, VISA

We're looking for candidates that are excited to join us in raising the standard of trust online.

More info: https://duckduckgo.com/hiring/

Comma.ai | San Francisco | Software Engineer | FULL-TIME | ONSITE

We ship open source self driving car software. Here's the plan: https://medium.com/@comma_ai/our-road-to-self-driving-victor...

Looking for people to fill these roles: http://comma.ai/positions.html

There are no requirements beyond writing good code. Just convince us that you can do the task and make it ship.

Our stack is largely Python, with some C/C++ and JS(React). Here's what we look for: http://comma.ai/hiring.html

Send an email over with your resume and Github link (if you have one) to givemeajob@comma.ai.

Occipital (The Spatial Computing Company) | Full-time | ONSITE, INTERNS | Boulder, CO & San Francisco, CA

At Occipital, we’re working on spatial computing - using computer vision to 3D reconstruct and understand your surroundings so that software can operate over real-world spaces. We believe it will power the next generation of augmented reality and some of the key parts of virtual reality as well. https://occipital.com/

* Computer Vision Engineer (Boulder, CO or San Francisco, CA)

* Web Frontend Engineer (Boulder, CO or San Francisco, CA)

* Embedded Systems Intern (Boulder, CO)

* Firmware Engineering Intern (Boulder, CO)

For detailed information check out https://occipital.com/jobs

If you apply please mention that you saw this post on Hacker News. Thanks!

Passenger AI | ML/Vision Engineer | Toronto | $90-$140K + 0.25-2.5%

We build services for passenger safety in shared autonomous vehicles. We're a small team previously at VW and Lyft backed by a leading VC in the AV space based in Toronto.

We're building the passenger detection engineering team. Your job would be to write/implement software that will ultimately detect rideshare passenger characteristics, carried objects and behaviors using sensors (base sensors are a camera and microphone). Ultimately, your software would detect a lost bag, weapon or even a heart attack.

If you have experience and passion in all or most of the following topics, we would love to talk to you: - Experience with machine learning - GPGPU (OpenCL/Metal/CUDA) - Python and/or C/C++ - Sensor Fusion

Email me at martin@passenger.ai

Royal Circuits | Full-Stack Dev | Bay Area - Hollister, CA | Full-Time | ONSITE | https://www.RoyalCircuits.com

We're a printed circuit board manufacturer that specializes in quick turn prototype orders. We're one of Silicon Valley's best kept secrets – we manufacture printed circuit boards (PCB’s) for thousands of customers nation-wide, including engineers at some of the world's biggest tech companies. We’re building up a team of engineers at our internal startup, dubbed “Factory of the Future”, to completely revolutionize the electronics manufacturing industry.

We had an exciting reception to this ad last month, and are looking to bring on additional full-stack and front-end developers to round out our team to work on custom web-apps that enhance and streamline the PCB manufacturing process. You'll be involved in developing tools that get orders through production as seamlessly as possible, with the opportunity to drive interesting projects involving automation, data visualization, and machine/3rd party integration. These include developing 3rd party integrations for use with popular CAD and CAM packages, optimizing our factory processes to get real-time feedback to and from jobs on the floor, and offering real-time feedback on the manufacturability of a customer’s design the instant design files are uploaded.

Our stack is built around React, GraphQL, Python, Django, Postgres.

We're happy to offer excellent benefits and competitive salaries, flex hours, and the opportunity to work remotely. Our main office is in Hollister, CA, just south of San Jose. Love nature? We're conveniently near Pinnacles National Park, the country's newest national park.

I’m Mihir, Director of Special Projects here at Royal, and a former electrical engineer at companies like Tesla and Taser. If you’re interested in joining our team and genuinely changing the electronics manufacturing industry, send your resume to jobs@royalcircuits.com and we’ll get back to you right away!

Upvote for Hollister - wow. Perhaps a bullish hedge on autonomous vehicles making such exurban locations more accessible. Cool.

Haha Hollister is totally commuting distance from San Jose! I live in Downtown San Jose and make the commute everyday. Opposite direction of traffic, beautiful drive! (although I do turn on autopilot quite often in the Tesla haha).

Springbuk | Senior DevOps Engineer | Growth-Stage | Full-time | Indianapolis | REMOTE | Competitive Salary + Equity

• Product: Health Intelligence Platform for Self Insured Employers, Brokers, and Wellness Companies (https://www.springbuk.com)

• Raised our $20M Series B in Feb. Total money in ~$25M.

• Strong revenue and product growth 3 years in a row.

• 1400+ paid employer customers on the platform

• Tech: AWS, CloudFormation, Chef, Jenkins, Ruby on Rails, React, Postgres (RDS), Python, Elastic Search

== Full Description / Apply ==


Cheers! – Steve Caldwell, VP of Technology

Amuse.io | Stockholm, Sweden | Full-time, ONSITE or REMOTE with visits | https://careers.amuse.io/ (Mention HN when contacting us.)

Amuse is a mobile first, data driven record company. We empower artists by offering free music distribution and use data mining for artist discovery.

We're looking to fill multiple roles, and we're interested in talking to anyone who's familiar with or interested in our mission and the stack we use:

* We have native apps on iOS and Android. * Our backend is Python/Django on AWS. * Google Cloud for data storage and analysis.

If you're interested in Data Engineering/DevOps have experience with Airflow and Spark, we're particularly interested to talk to you!

Sauce Labs | www.saucelabs.com | Berlin, SF, others | Developers + lots more | ONSITE usually | Full-time

We're the #1 cloud testing platform - real devices, emulator/simulators, and VMs for browsers. Mostly in SF but with a Vancouver, Berlin and Poland office, plus some remote employees around the world, we are growing steadily and are hiring developers, data scientists, customer support, IT and sales people.

I've worked for the real device cloud team for Sauce Labs in Berlin for 2.5 years now and would be happy to answer questions about work here!

Here's our careers page: https://saucelabs.com/company/careers?gh_src=ex5dth1

Timescale | New York, NY | Stockholm, Sweden | ONSITE preferred, REMOTE considered | FULL-TIME

Time-series data is everywhere, and the powerful time-series database we are developing (TimescaleDB) is a key building block across a range of industries: IoT, DevOps, monitoring, eventing, finance, industrial, logistics, transportation, and via the edge, on premise, and cloud deployments. It powers users' core products and services.

We need extraordinary engineers, marketing and customer success professionals to join our team in NYC and Stockholm.

- Core Database Engineers

- R&D Engineers

- Solutions Engineers

- Customer Success Manager

- Developer Evangelists

- Field Marketing Coordinator

- Content Marketing Coordinator

Check out our careers page for openings: http://careers.timescale.com

Narmi (Techstars NYC '17)| Senior Full Stack Engineer | New York, NY (NYC) | ONSITE | https://www.narmitech.com

Narmi is helping reinvent banking in the United States. We create a more accessible and useful financial ecosystem by powering the online banking, mobile banking, and open banking APIs for the 10,000 credit unions and community banks in the United States.

You'll be working on production software that has a real impact on the average American's life everyday. Our software helps them save money on their bills, understand their financial story, protect their families and move money.

Narmi was founded by two Georgetown University alums who previously worked as CEO and CTO of a $18 million credit union and also at some of the largest banks in the world.

Even if you don't think you are an exact fit for one of our current openings, we'd still love to talk.

We are always looking for well-rounded engineers to join our team in NYC. Having expertise in python (django and django-rest-framework), vue.js, react native, ansbile, terraform, visual design/UI/UX, and/or security are all pluses!

The interview process entails an intro call to get to know each other, followed by an in-person interview that includes a code pairing session.

Some keywords: * Senior Full Stack Engineer, Senior Full-stack Engineer, Senior Full Stack Developer, Senior Full-stack Developer * Senior Front End Engineer, Senior Front-end Engineer, Senior Front End Developer, Senior Software Engineer, Senior Product Engineer * Banking, finance, online banking, mobile banking, open banking APIs, * New York City, New York, NY, NYC, Manhattan

You can learn more on our website and apply via email: jobs @ our domain. Make sure to mention you found us on Hacker News. You can also apply via AngelList[1] Also please feel free to reach out directly to me chris @ our domain.

[1] https://angel.co/narmi/jobs

Metabase | Software Engineer | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE, REMOTE, FULL-TIME | http://www.metabase.com/

We're a small team building open source business intelligence tools with a strong focus on user experience.

React + Redux + ES6 frontend, Clojure backend. Nearly all of the work we do is open source. We're looking to hire strong frontend, backend, or generalist engineers.

If you love open source, building beautiful products, and working with data, apply at http://www.metabase.com/jobs

Seedling | Los Angeles, CA | Mobile Developer - iOS | Onsite | https://www.seedling.com/

Seedling is looking for a junior to mid-level iOS engineer! We're an AR/VR toy company in Los Angeles, with a focus on merging physical and digital play. We're looking to expand our suite of apps and features, all with an AR-focus (and all written in Swift). Our flagship product today is an AR teddy bear (Parker) sold in all Apple stores and various other retailers around the world.

Apply: https://www.jsco.re/1vcjp

Reinforcement Learning and Control Engineers | Optimal | Netherlands | Visas provided for non-EU citizens

Our mission is to grow healthier, safer food by deploying AI-controlled indoor farms outside every city on Earth. We are backed by world-leading deep technology VC firms who have backed companies such as SpaceX, Palantir and Square from the very start. Our team has research backgrounds in ML, RL and control theory from the University of Oxford, Google DeepMind, ETHZ and EPFL.

http://optimal.ag/careers | dave@optimal.ag

Note, we are in ‘stealth mode’ and so there is limited information about us online.

mbr targeting / Ströer Digital Group | Software Engineer (Java) | Berlin, Germany | Full-time, ONSITE | 50-70k€

At mbr targeting in Berlin we are developing and scaling the core technology that powers Germany's market leading digital advertising company Ströer.

With online advertising being one of the most challenging fields in high performance computing and data processing, we are working at the cutting edge of big data, machine learning and real-time technologies and we are operating large-scale deployments of real-time web services.

To expand our team of highly skilled engineers we are looking for talented software engineers who either already have some experience building scalable, low-latency systems or who are proficient with Java and are looking for a challenging opportunity.

Please find more info here: https://mbr-targeting.com/jobs.html Get in touch with us: jobs@mbr-targeting.com

keybase | ONSITE | Full-time | NYC, San Francisco, Chicago | https://keybase.io/jobs

Keybase is a small, well-funded company of idealists who love what we're building. Our team and investors come from a variety of early roles at OkCupid, Reddit, Tumblr, Facebook, and more. We enjoy:

- bringing privacy & security to the masses

- making apps & interfaces

- ping pong & peanut M&M's & LaCroix water & team outings.

To apply, please visit https://keybase.io/jobs for our openings. Join us!

Everything sounds good except team outings. Most people just want to make their family their family. I asked for a raise at one job and the response was "don't we all have a good time here?". Hilarious stuff. We had a ping pong table too, but only "project management" has time to use those.

I can't stand peanut M&Ms, I guess I won't fit in here.

Leapfin | Senior Software Engineer | San Francisco, CA, US | ONSITE or REMOTE | Full Time | $120k+

We are an enterprise b2b finance software startup based in SF SOMA. Because we work with finance, we deal with lots and lots of data. We have found product/market fit and are growing rapidly, and we are looking for a technical leader who can help us scale.

Job Posting: https://leapfin.com/careers

About: https://leapfin.com/about

Let me know if you have any questions.

Me and my colleagues are available from our own office in Amsterdam area. My colleague has experience working in finances, I'm full-stack developer (usually active on frontend).

Our usual stack is Rails, Elixir, NodeJS, Vue & Google Cloud Platform.

Our website: https://www.bonaroo.nl

RONIN HEALTH | VP, Engineering | SF Bay Area | Full-time Onsite | $220,000 - $260,000 + Equity | Benefits

Ronin Health is a cancer care platform for medical oncologists and their patients. It provides tools and insights for cancer diagnosis, treatment and supportive care.

Our multi-million dollar seed round just closed via a prominent tech billionaire and global healthcare company. We are currently working with the a number of the nation’s most recognized oncologists and working with a large cohort of medical records containing tens of millions of patient data points.

We’ve been concepting the business for the last 7 months and are now incorporating and hiring the founding team. This is a “green field”, “first in” role. The CEO is hired and other positions are at the offer stage.


- Hire and develop an the best technical talent to create an outstanding engineering team

- Build a rock solid technology platform that becomes the de facto daily operating system for clinicians

- Innovate algorithms research, machine learning infrastructure, front-end development and QA

- Become an invaluable colleague and member of the executive team

- Provide technical authority in strategy planning with the board and in enterprise sales engagements

- Raise your game and use your talents and years of experience to benefit the sufferers of one of the world’s most terrible diseases


- 8+ years of VP-level engineering management experience with a track record of running the full engineering organization

- Proven ability to rapidly scale engineering organizations at young, high growth companies while maintaining the highest standards of talent, product quality, and culture

- Strong organizational management skills, with a toolkit of processes and best practices ready on day one

- Extensive track record of developing high-performance healthcare enterprise technologies

- Experience with big-data, ML engineering platforms

- Strong entrepreneurial drive

Please apply via Oxeon Partners, who assisted with the company design, at: ronin@oxeonpartners.com

Clever (YC S12) - San Francisco - onsite Right now the market for educational software is a mess. It’s incredibly difficult for developers to get their products into schools, and it’s even harder for them to scale. School districts spend tons of money on learning applications, but they have no way of knowing if students are even using the apps they’re purchasing. Teachers know there’s great software out there, but relatively simple challenges like getting 30 students logged in at once make using it impossible. At Clever, we’re working to change all that. We provide schools with a free API and single sign-on solution that makes using educational apps a breeze. We’ve grown fast: after five years, half of all schools in the US (68,000 schools) are using our platform. Our goals are much bigger than that, though. We want to be two things:

-a single place where schools can easily integrate, manage and analyze all the software they’re using, and

-a single identity that students can use to see everything they’ve learned across multiple apps.

We’re a team of about 115 (40 engineers) based in downtown SF, and we’re looking for engineers who enjoy working in (or would enjoy learning) Golang, Node and React. More generally, we want people who are sharp, adaptable, and passionate about improving the way education works for everyone.

Check us out at https://clever.com/about/jobs !

Textio | Seattle, WA USA | Full-Time | On-Site

At Textio, we're changing the way people write. We predict how your writing will perform based on previous real-world results from similar documents. We have some of the largest companies in the world as customers, and we're hiring engineers across the board to help us solve difficult problems. We have a tight-knit, friendly, and experienced team, an incredible product, and a bright future.

Buzzwords for Keyword Searchers: AI, NLP, Machine Learning, ReactJS, SaaS

All Textio careers - https://textio.com/careers/ Check out our team - https://textio.com/team/

Open Roles: Director of Data Acquisition, Data Platform Engineer, Backend Software Engineer, Infrastructure Engineer, Senior Data Platform Engineer, Frontend Software Engineer, Full Stack Software Engineer, Senior Backend Software Engineer, Senior Frontend Software Engineer, Senior Full Stack Software Engineer, Senior NLP Software Engineer, Senior UX Designer, Visual Designer Sales Development Representative, Account Executive, Account Manager, Customer Success Engineer, VP of Sales, VP of Business Development, Technical Recruiter, Non-technical Recruiter, Product Manager, Senior Product Manager, Marketing Campaign Manager, Senior Manager - Demand Generation, Director of Content

SportsMe | IOS Engineer, Backend Engineer, Mobile Designer | Boston,MA | Onsite | https://getsportsme.com

SportsMe, the fan conversation platform. We are a sports focused media platform that allows fans to be the experts on their favorite teams, players and general knowledge of the game. Our first product has been the SportsMe IOS app(https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1291610886) that allows you to take on your friends, fellow fans, and rivals in 30 second video debates on trending sports topics. We are tired of listening to the same talking heads of sports and their network directed opinions, we are changing the way fans obtain their sports news and opinions with a platform truly driven by the people with the best voice, the fans.

The stack is fully deployed on AWS Lambda, RDS, and using GraphQL. We run the backend on Node.js. We use a combination of Swift, Firebase, and Apollo-GraphQL to power the IOS app.

Current Product: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1291610886 Apply and Find Job descriptions via: via https://getsportsme.com/jobs

Workday | Senior iOS Developer | San Francisco | http://www.workday.com | ONSITE full-time

Workday is a large and growing (public with a ~$30B market cap) enterprise software company, and we're looking for skilled intermediate or senior iOS developers to join my Media Cloud team in downtown SF. You’ll be working with an agile development team to develop a top-notch video player and interactive video features for Workday’s application suite.

Our team is passionate and curious, and looking for developers who are the same. We value our employees above all, and believe that a kind, collaborative, and diverse team will produce better products.

Workday's software suite includes HCM, Financials, Recruiting, Learning, and more. Our software powers the world's largest and best businesses, like Amazon, Netflix, Patagonia, Wal-Mart, Sony, Toyota, VMware, Visa, and Yale University.

You'll mainly be working in Swift on iOS development. But you’ll also end up touching plenty of other programming languages, including web technologies - learning on the job is expected. We are looking for candidates with 3-5+ years of full-time paid iOS work experience.

If you're interested, shoot me an email: charlie.stigler@workday.com

I'm a senior engineering manager at Workday with a startup background (Workday acquired us in 2016) - would love to talk to you if this job description sounds like a fit. =)

Feature Labs, Inc. | Software Engineer | Boston, MA | Full-time | On-site | http://www.featurelabs.com Feature Labs builds tools and API’s to deploy impactful machine learning solutions by combining open source software and proprietary algorithms for automated feature engineering. With our technology, users can discover the most predictive patterns in behavioral and transactional datasets to build ML and AI products.

We’re growing our technical team with engineers interested in pushing the boundaries of data science and feature engineering automation. In this role, you have the opportunity to define and implement data systems while collaborating with our top notch engineering team.

Currently, our stack is mostly Python on the backend (pandas, django, sklearn), React for the front end, and AWS and docker for deployment. Above all, we prioritize the ability to choose the right approach to solve a problem.

If you're interested in getting hands on with our product, check out our open source library, Featuretools https://github.com/featuretools/featuretools/.

Apply at https://www.featurelabs.com/company#careers

Amazon Web Services (AWS) | Software Development Engineer | ONSITE (US/Canada relocation) | Seattle, WA | Full Time

AWS Mobile is dedicated to helping builders of mobile applications leverage AWS to build and scale their applications. We've built tools for iOS, Android, and React Native developers that help them provision AWS services, build their application logic, and test on real devices. Our goal is to bring the same level of software development automation to mobile developers that web developers have had for years.

We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and dive deep on the mobile platforms and their unique build environments, SDKs, etc. to understand how we can best serve our customers. This is a really exciting and competitive space and new technologies like React Native are making it even more interesting.

As a member of AWS Mobile you'll be building web services that help our customers build, test, and deploy their mobile applications.

Please note that this position is not an entry level SDE position.

I'm the hiring manager for this position so please feel free to reach out with any questions. If you're interested, my email is rrcb@amazon.com or you can checkout the job posting directly here: https://www.amazon.jobs/en/jobs/619875/

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