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“A thread on the best reading lists I've come across so far.” (twitter.com)
56 points by kornish 8 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 16 comments

The first list is a list of 700 books. Personally, I don't find a reading list with so many books helpful. At one book a month, it would take 58 years to get through the list.

Generally, most reading lists aren't really reading recommendations, just books that the author happened to stumble on and read.

To distill a good reading list means to have a magnitude bigger ratio of books read to featured than one.

I don't know why, but I always like a list which is indexed at 0. This is a great find, and there have been some additions made by people replying.

So we're discussing a Twitter post that refers to a list that contains lists of good reads.

It'd be even funnier if there was a tl;rd bot on HN that'd summarize all good reads in 3 sentences.

... followed by a GitHub repo consisting of a curated assortment of such Twitter posts.

Twitter seems like a bad medium to share more than a sentence or two. Needing to scroll multiple pages for a list of 15 links is too much.

4chan's /lit/ has a surprisingly good Recommended Reading list: http://4chanlit.wikia.com/wiki/Recommended_Reading/Literatur...

Does anyone else keep a reading list of book covers they have taken photos of for purchase and consumption later?

I had to cut myself off once I got to a bookshelf of over fifty books I had bought with every intention to read but no time to do so.

I love reading lists, but they leave me feeling like a procrastinator

I feel like a procrastinator when I'm not making stuff. I do read a ton of books, but in general I believe making stuff is generally more productive than reading about making stuff, so don't feel bad :)

Can we please not link to tweetstorms on HN?

First of all it's not a tweet storm, it's the thread that is now the official twitter feature. Secondly, there is no any good reason to prevent good twitter threads to be posted to HN. Technically you can send anything and if the community appreciates it, it does not matter what form it was presented. Thirdly, what are you HN police?

Half the comments here are complaining about twitter, and with good reason. It shouldn’t require fifteen page-downs through the avatars of a bunch of twitter blowhards, just to read a simple list of links.

Beyond that, there is basically nothing interesting about this post. It’s a list of lists of books that probably covers 99% of the NYT best selling list.

There is nothing novel or interesting to HN readers about this.

The only time linking to twitter is justified IMO is when the linked tweet is truly a primary source of breaking news. If I wanted to read any of the other BS on that site, I would use their app.

And btw it’s not true that you can “technically send anything,” as the HN guidelines [0] establish. Granted I’m guilty of violating them by calling out this post; I should have just flagged it as trash (which I did) and moved on without commenting.

[0] https://news.ycombinator.com/newsguidelines.html

Interesting...so you are violating the guidelines by rebuking the post that actually conforms them. Is "hypocrisy" right word for it?

I’m not sure hypocrisy covers when someone openly admits their hypocrisy ahead of time.

Yes, this is why I am asking for a right word for it.

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