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created:May 12, 2012
karma: 12362
about: Co-Founder of Splitgraph (www.splitgraph.com)

Splitgraph is a unified interface to discover and query data. The public "Data Delivery Network" (DDN) looks like a giant Postgres database with 40,000 tables in it.

When you SELECT (or JOIN) from those tables, Splitgraph routes your query to an upstream data source. That could be a live data source (like one of hundreds of government open data portals). Or it could be a versioned snapshot called a "data image," a Docker-inspired format for storing columnar, immutable, delta-compressed, content-addressable fragments of data.

We have a private beta program for self-hosted or managed deployments. We make your disparate data discoverable and queryable, by providing you a white-labeled data catalog and a Postgres-compatible query endpoint.

Check it out:

* https://www.splitgraph.com/connect

* https://www.github.com/splitgraph

* We’re hiring: https://www.notion.so/Splitgraph-is-Hiring-25b42164f0f5469eb1278899b543eb93

Get in touch:

* miles@splitgraph.com

* https://linkedin.com/in/milesrichardson1

[ my public key: https://keybase.io/chatmasta; my proof: https://keybase.io/chatmasta/sigs/yvF0iZVnifojqMr3bdHAvZAC3OUfJkmDM98XwisLwuU ]