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Ask HN: Have Apple lost their way?
17 points by brad0 6 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 11 comments
I just finished watching the event. I'm at a real loss as to what's so great about these phones.

I've looked online to see if anyone had felt the same but it seems like everyone's in awe of these new devices.

What am I missing? Does anyone else here think the new iPhones are lacklustre?

It's been years since Apple has started sitting back and raking in the money by letting other players mostly test out technology on smartphones before they adopt.

My only major concern with iPhone X is that I don't think FaceID is actually a valid replacement for TouchID from a usability/convenience perspective – I'll leave security concerns to the experts. There's just too many situations where it will definitely be slower and/or someone next to me wants to use my phone while I'm driving, etc etc

They're the same thing Apple does on every new iPhone iteration: take the cream of the crop from elsewhere, plus improvements on their own tech, and make it all Just Work™

The LTE-enabled Watch Series 3 is far more interesting, imo

It definitely feels like they're making evolutionary improvements to existing product lines that have worked well. Nothing they presented felt _revolutionary_ in any way, but the bar for progress in changing consumer's lives is pretty high these days...

Lacklustre? No. Revolutionary? No. They're just phones. They don't really do much more than today's phones do, but then again the new 2018 Mercedes models coming out don't really do much more than the 2017 models did either. This is a mature market and it's really incremental changes from here on out.

Having said that, the AirPower was a nice touch - and hey! Apple supported an existing standard: Qi wireless charging!

I think the biggest news was the Apple Watch Series 3. Finally we have a watch that would make Dick Tracy proud! It's looking more and more like Apple is eyeing a future where the watch replaces your phone.

I knew I wasn't the only one who thought that .. https://twitter.com/warrenmyers/status/907657766063439873

What would be revolutionary in your perspective?

Smartphones existed for a decade before the iPhone came out. They didn't have a lot of power, but focused on what they could - productivity quite well in the case of Palm. Tablets have existed even longer.

Maybe we are in an oscillation of technology where the horsepower available is much higher than what it's being used for (the fight for our attention, distractions and seeking those doses of novelty).

The opportunity for revolution at present appears to be more in software experiences, than the hardware itself in smartphones.

They need to add more Apple-branded app/support in third-party IoT/connected consumer devices beyond HomeKit and charge a subscription for extra features: walled-garden beachheads in other gardens.

Also, Apple needs more third-party integrations like replacing the browser, email and so on.

Finally, there needs to be more ways for third-parties to add jailbroken-like changes to the system in a nuanced, safe, trusted manner.

I'm interested in the counter-point. What announcement could have made you think that Apple has regained their mojo?

It's an incremental improvement, with some really neat features.

I've owned mac laptops for the last decade, but my next one likely will not be a mac laptop. Same thing with iOS(already switched on that one).

I think their devices are appealing to the majority and that's maybe not us.

It seems nearly every year people ask the same thing.

YES. They have.

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