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created:September 23, 2011
karma: 2407
about: CTO/Technologist in business, management & leadership.

I assist startups and existing orgs prepare for and undertake growth using lean and scaling practices for the past 15 years.

Designed and implement business-technology strategy that supported growth from 0 to 60M+/yr in revenue in 3 yrs.

Currently reimagining technology and content in the education space.

I love strategy, customer development, mvp, solution & technical architecture spaces thorough all stages of product design & development. I also enjoy designing & developing MVPs / proof of concepts and assisting with prototyping to market across mobile/web/desktop in the Edtech and energy space.

Happy to chat about your interests: reachj45 a.t g-m-a-i-l d.o.t c-o-m