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created:September 23, 2011
karma: 2270
about: I assist startups and growth organizations to prepare for and walk through scaling using lean, lean startup and growth strategy roadmapping and implementation over the past 15 years.

Have worked with clients to implement a digial strategy that supported growth from 0 to 40M+/yr in revenue, both recessions both bootstrapped and with funding.

Currently hanging out in Edtech and Energy verticals focussed on digital product design. I like the strategy, customer development, mvp, solution & technical architecture spaces thorough all stages of product design & development.

I also enjoy designing & developing a fair number of MVPs / proof of concepts and assisting with prototyping to market across mobile/web/desktop in the Edtech and energy space.

Happy to chat about what's keeping your attention: reachj45 a.t g-m-a-i-l d.o.t c-o-m