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@mlejva https://research.googleblog.com/2016/09/announcing-youtube-8... - half a million hours of video, with item bounding box metadata to boot. Or if "simple" is the hard part, just YouTube and your favorite keyword - "animation", "minimalist", "simple", etc. The advantage of your problem space is that any video will provide a TON of input data, since you get 1500-3600 frames for every minute of video.

I'm working on two different side-projects, and have been for far too long - working may be a bit of a stretch. The first is a CRM for job searchers, turning a must-have from the business world around. The second one is a password/secret manager with audit as a first-class citizen, focused on enterprise sharing and reporting.

I have a "fun" one too, to build a Google Moderator clone as a hosted service. I'm doing that as my intro to Serverless, and will probably do a write-up of how to build and launch on AWS with little/no fixed-cost.

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