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Demand pricing. It's "frequently" going to cost less. Now. But since everyone is going to get acclimated to variable pricing, you can bet that it's going to cost a whole lot more in the near future.

This is neither here nor there, since street parking in SF is probably much too cheap now. But doublespeak is doublespeak.

Some call it "Demand Pricing" others call it "AdWords for Parking" -- why yes, we'll be happy to extract the maximum possible value out of our inventory!

Didn't some company used to have a marketplace for public utilities? Remind me how that worked out for California?

With sensors and networking becoming a commodity, I have a feeling these realtime marketplaces are going to start popping up in industries nobody really expects.

Why should parking cost a whole lot more in the future? This system is being managed with the goal of ~85% occupancy - if there is less than that, prices will be lowered, eventually to $0, to seek optimal occupancy at all times.

The only way that parking would, in general, cost a whole lot more in the future was if there was a whole lot more demand - and I'm not sure anyone is predicting that we are facing an imminent increase in the number of cars seeking to park in San Francisco.

Clearly the solution is to lease all the parking spaces to your friend's company for 99 years, and let them sort it out.

Hey, at least the meters take credit cards now, right?

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