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> It's interesting to note that Julian Assange didn't demonstrate control of the wikileaks private key during his Reddit AMA 1 month ago

So... what's the concern of people? The video seems to be clearly him, not under duress, and current. What more could someone want? If he weren't in control of wikileaks surely he would say something.

>seems to be

>surely he would say something

These aren't exactly reassuring statements, at least not to me.

I'm not sure if this was a joke comment or not, but when the lack of evidence becomes evidence of concealment, you've fallen into paranoia. What would you think if your mother seemed to be fine, and you were fairly sure she would say something if she wasn't? Would you suspect someone was keeping her quiet?

My mother also isn't borrowing space in an embassy while pursued by any number of highly sophisticated government agencies.

For someone who so often revels in the authenticity of their work, why is the backlash so fierce when their own authenticity is questioned?

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