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Insurance Australia Group (IAG) | DevOps/SRE | Sydney | FULL-TIME, ONSITE http://www.iag.com.au

A permanent role has opened up in our little skunkworks DevOps team inside the IAG enterprise (think NRMA, CGU, SGIO, SGIC, Coles insurance etc.).

We build and run a lightweight PaaS used by a large number of IAG’s Agile digital teams. The key technologies we use are Docker, Rancher, and RightScale. We are multi-cloud between public AWS and private VMWare vCenters, and operate many environments from the ground up using infrastructure as code and automation. We help teams build and run their own apps, primarily in Java or NodeJS, but as a team we favour writing our internal tooling using Golang. We’ve migrated existing huge, awkward COTS deployments onto this PaaS as well as helped build greenfield 12-factor apps from the ground up. Ancillary technologies in play are: RedHat’s JBoss and Enterprise Linux; the Netflix OSS stack; Spring Boot; the Elastic Stack; HAProxy; Nginx; Prometheus/Grafana; Zipkin; Bamboo; goCD; Ansible.

Sorry - no visa or remote opportunities. Please reach out if interested. Martin.Baillie@iag (domain in title)

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