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Ride with GPS | Mobile | Portland, OR | Onsite

More details here: https://ridewithgps.com/careers/mobile_engineer

We're a small but very strong team (11 of us) helping people have a better time on their bikes. Specializing in route planning & ride recording (with an established website and popular app), we work closely with individual riders, clubs, events, tour companies, and more.

Current open position for our second Mobile Engineer (iOS or Android).

We work reasonable hours, have great benefits, love solving problems for our customers, go on bike rides and encourage each other to live healthy happy lives. It's a really nice working environment with a cool product and customer.

Please inquire for more info: careers@ridewithgps.com

Please spell out 'Oregon'. You can't search for 'OR'.

Too late for me to edit my original post but your reply will show up in that search, thanks!

Yes you can. Entering Portland, OR in Google will usually filter out results for Portland, Maine (at least for the accounts I tested).

Portland Oregon is not Oregon though. Perhaps people are interested in what's on offer throughout the state.

Doing a simple text search on 'OR' has a zillion false positives.

No, but the job was in Portland, OR. And if you Google the city you'll find out about the area. Which includes as much Washington State anyway, I wouldn't base my decision of moving to Portland just on the state of Oregon.

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