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Probably the last month I'll post this on one of these threads:

I wrote a way to search these recently ... just paste this in your console: https://gist.github.com/kristopolous/19260ae54967c2219da8

There is both OR and AND support here. If you specify your function parameter as an ARRAY then it operates as an AND, otherwise each argument is an OR.

For instance, to see posts that are remote and python OR remote and ruby, you can do


The return of the function shows how many jobs were shown versus in total. For instance, as of this writing, I get the following result when running the above function:

{ shown: 56, total: 827 }

It's worth noting that some people have turned this into various "web apps" ... and a few people have forked it and added more sophisticated queries ... search HN news stories for links.

Alternative: paste the entire page into Vim, then:

    qqq:g/remote/exe "norm! ?ago\<cr>\"Qy/ago$\<cr>"
That filters all "remote" postings into @Q. Paste @Q into a new buffer, then you can further filter it e.g. by "python":

    qqq:g/python/exe "norm! ?ago\<cr>\"Qy/ago$\<cr>"

links -dump https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10311580 | vim -

will do the trick.

A link to this gist really should go in the OP by 'whoishiring. It's damn useful.

Someone from HN actually sent me an email ... looks like it might happen.

Looks like it did. Congrats.

And also, thanks for making this for everyone to enjoy.

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