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Ask HN: Who is hiring? (October 2015)
368 points by whoishiring on Oct 1, 2015 | hide | past | favorite | 703 comments
Please lead with the location of the position and include the keywords REMOTE, INTERNS and/or VISA when the corresponding sort of candidate is welcome. When remote work is not an option, please include ONSITE.

Submitters: please only post if you personally are part of the hiring company—no recruiting firms or job boards.

Readers: please only email submitters if you personally are interested in the job—no recruiters or sales calls.

You can also use kristopolous' nifty console script to search the posts in these threads: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10313519.

Probably the last month I'll post this on one of these threads:

I wrote a way to search these recently ... just paste this in your console: https://gist.github.com/kristopolous/19260ae54967c2219da8

There is both OR and AND support here. If you specify your function parameter as an ARRAY then it operates as an AND, otherwise each argument is an OR.

For instance, to see posts that are remote and python OR remote and ruby, you can do


The return of the function shows how many jobs were shown versus in total. For instance, as of this writing, I get the following result when running the above function:

{ shown: 56, total: 827 }

It's worth noting that some people have turned this into various "web apps" ... and a few people have forked it and added more sophisticated queries ... search HN news stories for links.

Alternative: paste the entire page into Vim, then:

    qqq:g/remote/exe "norm! ?ago\<cr>\"Qy/ago$\<cr>"
That filters all "remote" postings into @Q. Paste @Q into a new buffer, then you can further filter it e.g. by "python":

    qqq:g/python/exe "norm! ?ago\<cr>\"Qy/ago$\<cr>"

links -dump https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10311580 | vim -

will do the trick.

A link to this gist really should go in the OP by 'whoishiring. It's damn useful.

Someone from HN actually sent me an email ... looks like it might happen.

Looks like it did. Congrats.

And also, thanks for making this for everyone to enjoy.

Magic Leap | multiple positions | Dania Beach, FL; Mountain View, CA | Onsite | Full-Time; Intern | Visa (full time) | Computer Vision; Embedded; Machine Learning


Magic Leap is an eclectic group of visionaries, rocket scientists, wizards, and gurus from the fields of film, robotics, visualization, software, computing, and user experience. We are growing quickly, and this is the time to get on board and play a role in shaping the way people will be interacting with the world tomorrow.

We are hiring in the following areas:

  computer vision
  machine learning
  embedded systems
  software engineering
  hardware and pcb design
  android systems
  embedded algorithm optimization
  game dev tools (Unity, Unreal Engine)
  cloud computing/apis
For more information or to apply: http://www.magicleap.com/#/wizards-wanted


Open Whisper Systems • San Francisco • Full Time • ONSITE

Open Whisper Systems is making private communication simple. Our technology is used by hundreds of millions of people, and everything we produce is open source. What it's like to work with us: https://whispersystems.org/workworkwork/

• iOS Front End -- Someone intimately familiar with iOS development and internals, who has an appreciation for the craft of software development and experience with making decisions that result in great products. No experience with cryptography necessary, just solid experience developing for iOS and an eye for good design.

• Android Developer -- Is the pleasure center of your brain directly wired to the experience of a slick UX or a nice animation? Do you hunt down memory leaks and StrictMode violations for fun? We're looking for someone with deep knowledge of the Android framework and an equally strong intuition for pairing beautiful app experiences with beautiful code. You'll be the architect of major features, making your code available to the world. You don't need to be a security expert; it's knowing how to make complicated systems simple to use that's at the heart of what we do.

• Mobile UI / Product Designer -- We’re seeking an original thinker with strong visual design skills ready to help make private communication simple. You'll take on developing the look and feel of Signal on iOS, Android, and the desktop. You’ll be responsible for updating the visual design for the app and helping shape consistent guidelines to communicate a compelling user story across our products and other touchpoints. You’ll work closely with a team of engineers with a passion for making usable software. No experience with cryptography necessary, just intuition for what makes a great product and solid experience designing products that are a joy to use.

See more at https://whispersystems.org/workworkwork/, or send us a note at workwithus@whispersystems.org

Do you love the mission of Open Whisper Systems but can't commute to SF, or don't want to commit to a full time position? Hit me up!

Moxie - Let me know if you'd like me to remove this comment, I definitely don't want to poach your applicants! I'll always send cool people your way, especially when they seem like a good fit for your team.

Captain401 (YC S15) - https://captain401.com - San Francisco, CA — ONSITE (but willing to relocate)

Captain401 is building the perfect retirement savings plan for startups and small businesses. We’re following in the footsteps of great companies like Gusto (formerly ZenPayroll) and Zenefits in making essential HR administration a snap for businesses large and small, and like Wealthfront, in making sound investing strategy accessible to everyone.

We also just closed a substantial seed round from top investors, but we’re currently just three people. If you’ve been wanting to dive into an early stage startup, this is the perfect time to start talking to us.

If you’re interested in working with us, you can expect:

* A prompt response with your next steps in the interviewing process.

* A challenging in-person technical interview based around collaborative pair programming. No whiteboard coding.

* An offer with market salary and above-market equity compensation.

* A friendly work environment that emphasizes clear communication and respect.

Ideally, we’re looking for someone with experience building and scaling web services in the wild. If you’re familiar with node.js, PostgreSQL, or React, that’s a slight plus. We don’t care where (or if) you went to school.

Definitely talk if us if you’re interested in user psychology and building tools that encourage good saving habits. That’s a big part of what we’re going to be thinking about going forward.

We encourage you to include pointers to open source contributions, your GitHub profile, and personal portfolios in addition to the usual resume and LinkedIn.

Reach out to careers@captain401.com (or apply at https://captain401.com/careers)

I'm adding all of it on https://whoishiring.io

Direct link to the search: https://whoishiring.io/#!/search/37.08/-44.77/2/?exclude=gh&...

OP, if the comment is against the rules of the thread let me know. Will stop for future "Who is hiring?"

Also, I'm looking for a feedback for the page itself, literally any feedback (I have thick skin)

Critique is welcome. Please ping me here or mail@whoishiring.io

Betable | San Francisco | https://betable.com | Full Time | ONSITE or REMOTE

Betable is transforming one of the most opaque and highest revenue-generating industries in the world - gambling and betting. Our vision is to democratize this $500bn industry, allowing any game developer to build legal gambling games without needing their own licenses and operate those games globally on any device.

We are Series A funded with exciting revenue, a small engineering team and a modern tech stack (Node, Angular, React, GO, Cassandra, Puppet, etc). We have strong values and awesome investors (True Ventures, Greylock, Venture51 etc). Come help us transform an industry!


- Sr. Software Engineer - Web: https://jobs.lever.co/betable/006263e7-3346-4c16-acf6-37d5f2...

- Sr. Software Engineer - Server: https://jobs.lever.co/betable/c81cb400-f0e1-4dd0-bf21-f7b63b...

- Sr. Operations Engineer - Infrastructure: https://jobs.lever.co/betable/c879a3fe-86ee-4d09-91fc-cfa2ab...

- Engineering Manager, Operations: https://jobs.lever.co/betable/ce2588a3-2fb7-4f2d-9290-73bba8...

- Engineering Manager, Full Stack (coming soon): https://jobs.lever.co/betable

Synthego | BioTech | Redwood City, CA | ONSITE | FULLTIME

At Synthego, we are looking for people who want to help build a fully-automated, research facility that moves, mixes, manipulates, and analyzes molecules and cells. We're looking for badassery in the following areas:

1) software engineers - mostly Python

2) mechanical engineers (SolidWorks)

3) roboticists

4) wet lab technicians with experience in chemistry or biochemistry labs

5) Operations folks to help setup our our automated lab

6) Anyone else who kicks ass in significant technically deep ways in an engineering or scientific discipline.

In general, we have—and are continuing to—build a team of extreme technical and scientific ass-kickers, in a joyful, you-own-it kind of environment. We are backed by Founders Fund, and located in Redwood City, CA email us at join@synthego.com for more information or check out our job postings https://synthego.recruiterbox.com/

Looking for partners in science?

HeartFlow | Redwood City, CA | Multiple Positions

http://www.heartflow.com http://www.heartflow.com/careers/

HeartFlow is an exciting, revolutionary, medical software start-up that has received international recognition for exceptional strides in healthcare innovation. We are changing cardiovascular healthcare through improvements in the accuracy of non-invasive tests for Coronary Artery Disease, the most common form of Heart Disease and the number one killer of men and women in the United States. HeartFlow operates as a SaaS business that processes standard Computed Tomographic (CT) imaging to generate 3D models of patients’ coronary arteries for physicians’ use. HeartFlow is a VC-backed, pre-IPO company that received FDA clearance in 2014. We are based in Redwood City with an existing and expanding presence in Europe and Japan.

Currently hiring for multiple software engineering positions:

  Site Reliability Engineer
  Software Engineer, DICOM
  Software Engineer, Python
  Software Engineer in Test
  Field Engineer
  Senior Security Engineer
  Senior Software Engineer, Python

Qlik - Boston, MA – Software && Test Engineers all levels - ONSITE

My team at Qlik(http://www.qlik.com/) is looking for talented software (C++ && C#) and test engineers at all levels. We have a ton of work to do and need the right talent to help us achieve our goal of turning everyone into a data scientist. Download the fully functional product(QlikView Personal Edition) from here(registration required): http://www.qlik.com/us/explore/products/free-download?ga-lin..., load your favorite data set and let the tool help you discover the meaning of your data. Pretty cool? Want to join us in making it even cooler? Follow this link https://app.jobvite.com/Jobvite/Job.aspx?m=nfQA3vwI&j=oigd0f... or email me Jaime at (jvu@) [qlik] /.com/

Glowforge | Full Time | Seattle

(we just launched pre-orders!) I believe we are the most-successful crowdfunded fabrication device in history ($4.7 in 7 days): www.glowforge.com

We're building a low-cost CNC laser cutter/engraver can create beautiful products in wood, leather, paper, food, and more. We are a fifth the cost of comparable products because we've offloaded much of the functionality to software. Our cloud backend that does motion planning and machine vision to make it dead simple to use. Push a button, out come flat-pack wallets, lamps, board games, and anything else you can dream up.

We're up in Seattle, are backed with $9M from Brad Feld and True Ventures, and have 12 employees. The three founders have manufactured hardware, sold companies, graduated from YC, and built profitable businesses. Our team is made up of folks who've worked at Apple, Google, and more.

Our greatest need right now is software engineers, but we're interested in passionate creators of all stripes. To learn more, check us out at glowforge.com/careers!

PS: We'd love to talk to anyone, and especially want to encourage women and underrepresented minorities to apply.

Developers and everyone else - Barcelona, Spain - Onsite - Fulltime and internship

We're Typeform, a company creating a new type of web forms. Basically, we're trying to do forms on the web more human and more like a human conversation. A picture says more than a thousand words and a website even more! So check out http://typeform.com for our standard project and also http://typeform.io for our API project, where we are also hiring!

We just got a series A funding, one of the largest in Europe! So if you're excited about making the web a better place (duh) and want to do so in a sunny country with a lovely team, don't hesitate to contact me at victor@typeform.com or go to http://typeform.com/jobs to apply directly.

Hope to speak with some smart HNers soon :)

Typeform is awesome ! Glad to hear about the Series A !

NoRedInk in San Francisco (or remote, up to 6h time zone difference from Pacific)

Full stack rails engineers wanted to make sure that grammer is taught good. Every one's revolutioneyesing educaton but while some student's cant even right the write words.

Then there was NoRedInk.

NoRedInk helps students quickly improve their grammar and writing skills. We've got a small, technically excellent engineering team. We extensively use React.js and Flux in production, as well as the compile-to-JS language Elm.

Join us as engineer #9, and improve how grammar is taught. https://www.noredink.com/jobs

p.s. A third-party study showed 36% of NoRedInkers improved 2+ grade levels on their MAP scores! https://www.noredink.com/about/casestudies/shadow-ridge

Bloc (https://bloc.io/)

Position: Mentor -- Full-Time, Part-Time, or Contract

Location: Remote

Email: roshan@bloc.io

Bloc is a mentor-led online bootcamp for aspiring developers. Our structured programs combine 1-on-1 mentorship and original, industry-vetted curriculum for a more accessible and effective alternative to offline schools and bootcamps.

Our mentors are experienced developers and designers with a passion for sharing their craft. They believe in the apprenticeship model of education: learning by building under the guidance of an experienced professional. As a mentor, you'll lead your students through the program and train them for a junior developer role using our platform and curriculum for support.


- 5 years of experience as a developer or designer

- Experience on the hiring side of the interviewing process for new developers or designers

- Experience mentoring junior developers or designers

- US Citizen


- Competitive Salary

- Health, Vision, and Dental Benefits

- Stock Options

- Free Tuition For Any Bloc Program!

London, United Kingdom | ONSITE | Osper - https://osper.com

We provide a real prepaid debit card for young people aged 8-18 so they can make their own decisions with money: in shops, online, at cash machines, and abroad. Over 10,000 families have already signed up to the service and we will be growing enormously this year.

But we not only help young people buy dolls and save for bicycles - we are building an awesome technology team that eliminates legacy code, keeps the bug rate tiny, and stays small and joyful. We are doing this by adopting techniques like pair programming, test-driven development, and continuous deployment. You can read more about our plan to be awesome on our tech blog http://tech.osper.io. We want to meet and work with smart technical folks of all sorts - from server-side devs to sysadmins, mobile coders to testers, security analysts to data crunchers. Our tech stack is mostly python and postgresql on the backend and Cordova for the smartphone app.

We're also looking to fill quite a few non-engineering roles at the moment: https://osper.com/jobs/

We are willing to arrange relocation to London for the right candidates.

I'm a backend developer at Osper and it's awesome. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Code4Good -- https://www.engageSPARK.com - "Twilio for Non-Techies" | Cebu, Philippines | Full-Time | ONSITE

engageSPARK, a not-for-profit business, empowers NGOs and Governments to dramatically extend the reach and effectiveness of their pro-poor programs. Customers tell us that it’s the easiest to use self-service solution to easily and quickly launch comprehensive messaging, surveying, curriculum, and decision tree programs focused on developing countries via two-way SMS, Voice IVR Calls (roughly 40% of the world’s poor are illiterate), and Missed Calls in 200+ countries.

Customers such as International Rescue Committee, Innovations for Poverty Action, MedAir, Mercy Corps, and US Institute for Peace are using the engageSPARK platform in countries around the world to make social change in the areas of Agriculture, Health, Finance, Elections, and Disaster Planning & Response. We've already changed the lives of more than 20,000 people living in poverty.

Full Stack Adventure Developer: https://goo.gl/j4h5WX Adventure Fellowship: https://goo.gl/YA8ENR

Our stack: Go (GoLang) Microservices, Python/Django, Java, Docker, Redis, Thrift, PostgreSQL, CouchDB, Android

Located on Cebu Island, Cebu City is the second largest city in the Philippines. It’s a safe place to live with a variety of malls, restaurants, shops, beaches, and activities such as scuba diving, running, hiking, rock climbing, and snorkeling. It has a busy international airport with cheap flights to domestic and regional destinations. Check out Google Images: https://www.google.com/search?safe=off&site=imghp&tbm=isch&s...

Email us at Jobs at engageSPARK.com

Spire Global (http://www.spire.com)| Locations: Glasgow; San Francisco; Singapore | VISA OK | Onsite only

Spacecraft Hardware Engineer (Glasgow) | Spacecraft Software Engineer (Any)


Keywords: Satellites, Space, Linux, C, Python, embedded systems, RTOS, microcontrollers, electronics and hardware, distributed systems and networking, EE, PCBs, etc.

Overview: Spire is a global nano-satellite powered data platform. We build and launch small remote-sensing "cubesats" to capture valuable data from the earth which we then offer to companies (AIS tracking and Maritime domain awareness, weather/climate, etc.).

On June 30th we announced our $40M series B led by Promus Ventures with participation from Bessemer Venture Partners (Skybox). This additional capital will help fuel our growth as we expand and advance the capabilities of our technology, and work to launch our first constellation of 20 cubesats by late 2015.

We are a fast moving, energetic start-up applying agile development principles to a traditionally sluggish and overly-burdened industry (and having fun doing it).

You will never be bored at Spire!

Please email Darin@spire.com if you are interested in learning more. Previous work in satellites not required.

your link to spire.com is messed up

S3IT, University of Zurich | Zurich, Switzerland | Full-time | ONSITE

S3IT is a core facility at the University of Zurich with the ambitious goal of supporting research use of IT across the University. This includes providing services in high-performance and cloud computing, data management, software development and higher-level functions related to computing and data interpretation.

We are currently looking to expand our core team with:

* a cloud systems engineer, http://www.s3it.uzh.ch/about/jobs/senior-cloud-systems-engin...

* a junior systems administrator, http://www.s3it.uzh.ch/about/jobs/junior-systems-administrat...

Our technology stack currently includes Openstack, Ceph, Elasticsearch/Logstash/Kibana (ELK), Check_MK, CFEngine 3, MariaDB with Galera, Pacemaker/Corosync, Ubuntu. We love to Python and use it to automate the services.

For more information please see http://www.s3it.uzh.ch/about/jobs/ or email jobs@s3it.lists.uzh.ch

Wikitude | Austria - Salzburg | Full Time | Remote | OnSite | http://www.wikitude.com

We are looking for Javascript developers * Frontend / Backend / FullStack* : https://www.wikitude.com/about/jobs-career/jobs-javascript-s...

Also * Computer vision specialists *: http://www.wikitude.com/about/jobs-career/computer-vision-en...

To apply send us email to: jobs@wikitude.com

About Wikitude: Wikitude GmbH is the renowned pioneer of mobile augmented reality (AR) technology and the company behind a number of award winning AR solutions for smartphones, tablets and wearable display technologies. Its fully in-house developed AR solution is available in the Wikitude AR SDK and Wikitude Studio, and enables thousands of apps, brands, agencies, developers and AR enthusiasts to achieve their project goals. With tens of thousands of developer accounts and published AR apps, Wikitude is the globally leading AR technology platform.

Arthrex Inc. | Naples, FL | Fulltime | Remote/Onsite

Software Developer


We are looking for developers with either web or mobile experience to join our growing team in southwest Florida. Arthrex is a global medical device company and a leader in new product development and medical education in orthopaedics. As the software development team, we create innovative products to help support the company in education and research opportunities for our customers. Some projects that need immediate assistance include:

- Our main company website that serves as an education portal for our customers with tools and resources on our products

- A research registry that is being used by surgeons to track their patient's progress both pre and post surgery

- Several innovative mobile applications that further educate surgeons on best practices and new techniques

Some of the technologies/patterns we work with:

- Ruby/Rails, Golang, Objective-C, Xamarin/C#

- Amazon Web Services

- Postgres

- Microservices

Devops Engineer


We are looking for an experienced DevOps engineer to join our team and take ownership over of multiple production deployments and supporting services across our deployment such as our centralized logging service, or our Icinga setup.

- Experience with AWS services namely VPC & Cloudformation required.

- Hands on experience developing, deploying, and maintaining Rails & Go Apps required.

- Experience with Puppet is required.

Please cleblanc at arthrex.com or dbeard at arthrex.com if you have any questions or interest!

Arthrex was voted one for the top 100 places to work in 2015! Read more here: http://fortune.com/best-companies/arthrex-94/

PagerDuty | SF and Toronto

We’re a tool that all the cool companies rely on to keep their SaaS working — when something breaks at Zendesk, AirBnB, Uber, Slack, Heroku, WP Engine and a good chunk of the Fortune 100, it goes through us. We have a lot more yet to build to improve the lives of the people who wake up and fix those issues.

Personally, I’m hiring some really cool roles: A product manager to grow us from 200 integrations to 500+ partners ( http://j.mp/pdpm500 ) and a developer evangelist (which could be remote) http://j.mp/pdevluv

We’re always hiring great people to be software engineers in Scala: http://j.mp/scaladev and Ruby/JavaScript: http://j.mp/pdruby

We’re growing quickly and we’re growing well, take a look at our jobs page at https://jobs.pagerduty.com We’re also one of the best places to work in software in Toronto (Canada).

Not sure why, but the 'jobs' sub-domain isn't working for me over HTTPS. Here's an alternate URL: https://www.pagerduty.com/jobs


Development of digital products is central to the future of the Guardian. We build the products that showcase our diverse and important journalism. We create the tools that the journalists and editors use to write their stories securely, anywhere from London to Syria. We write the APIs and services that allow those stories to be distributed across the globe. We write the products and interfaces that show off and monetise that content to its maximum potential.

We mostly program in Scala and Javascript, but we use the best tool that fits the problem. We have hacks in the wild in all manner of languages. Our infrastructure lives on AWS and our own OpenStack private cloud. We encourage product teams to implement, manage and support their own stack. We do our coding in public. Sadly, the same can be said of our karaoke.

You’re a passionate, intelligent human being who loves technology. You might love the news, or you might want to reinvent it. You like inspiring the people you work with and being inspired by them in return. You have experience of getting stuff done. You are a talented Engineer who is, or will be, an expert in their chosen field and has a strong interest in all software engineering disciplines.

Further information can be found on our Developer Blog: http://developers.theguardian.com/join-the-team.html

To search our vacancies, please visit our careers site: https://gnm.taleo.net/careersection/ex/jobsearch.ftl

CloudFlare | San Francisco, CA | Full Time | ONSITE

CloudFlare | London, UK | Full Time | ONSITE | VISA

We have new offices in both locations and are hiring for a lot of positions in engineering, security, and SRE.

The big languages in use here are Go, C, and Lua, though we also have some projects in PHP and are hiring there too.

Our positions are listed here: https://www.cloudflare.com/join-our-team

But... if you're a great candidate and a perfect fit for CloudFlare, then even if there isn't a perfect role for you advertised on the jobs page please apply anyway. We are growing so fast that we do hire the right people and we recognise that our jobs page can lag behind our ambition.

Special mention for all non-white, non-male candidates or those with jagged CVs ( http://www.georgeandersbooks.com/jaggedresume.html ) or lacking CompSci degrees... we really want to hear from you and you are encouraged to apply.

If you're thinking of applying but would like to speak to someone first then drop me an email with some info (github, CV, whatever) and let me know what you're interested in working on and I'll intro you to whomever is best suited to answer your questions. My email is dkitchen@cloudflare.com .

Finally, if you apply... read our blog to get a good idea what we do: https://blog.cloudflare.com/ . We're more than a CDN, and more than just security or DNS.

Rollbar | San Francisco or REMOTE | Front-End Engineer | https://rollbar.com

We're a scrappy, distributed team (SF, Fort Worth, Syracuse, Barcelona) building tools that make developers' lives better. We're looking for our seventh employee, sixth engineer, and first front-end specialist.

About us:

* We help thousands of developers find and fix bugs quickly

* Our backend handles billions of errors with low latency and high reliability

* Our front-end allows developers to discover and drill down across millions of errors in real-time

* Our open source libraries are used by some of the best engineering teams in the world, including Twilio, Heroku, Instacart and Twitch.

You will:

* Work with PMs, designers, and other developers to ship front-end features

* Own Rollbar's front-end architecture and development

* Have fun while releasing software that impacts millions of end-users

You are:

* A Javascript expert with experience building crisp, quick UIs

* Up on the latest trends, like server-side rendering, responsive design and module bundling

* Proud of the products you build and the impact they have for our customers

Bonus points:

* Experience using React and Webpack to build single-page apps

* Experience maintaining open source projects

* UI design chops

* Desire to grow into a Team Lead role

To get in touch, email us at team@rollbar.com

https://tonicdev.com - A Better REPL for Node.js | SF | Full-Time | ONSITE (preferred, REMOTE ok)

"Full Stack" has kind of a different meaning to us: We do everything from JavaScript of course (node.js as well as front-end for our React site which is pure immutable), to a lot of C/C++/Go hacking in everything from node.js/v8 core to CRIU and Docker. If cutting edge language stuff interests you (parsing/transpiling/etc), or ESNext, or low level OPs for a seriously hard hosting problem of letting anyone do anything in node, you should talk to us. A great example of the cross-disciplinary stuff we do: http://blog.tonicdev.com/2015/09/10/time-traveling-in-node.j...

* We're looking for a developer that gets excited about these kinds of challenges

* And a designer to help us continue making development look and feel great.

Email me directly at tolmasky [at] gmail.com .

Berlin, Germany / Ally / Door2Door GmbH / http://www.allyapp.com

Want to build the emerging platform for mobility in cities?

Our team is growing and we are looking for colleagues in many areas, all experience levels. For example, we are actively seeking for a colleague to join as:

* Software Engineer, iOS

We do support VISA sponsorship for our ONSITE opportunities, including positions for INTERNS.

To apply or learn more about us: http://www.allyapp.com/team-jobs/

FreeAgent, Edinburgh and REMOTE (but UK-only)



* VP engineering

* Team leads (aka engineering managers)

* Full stack software engineers (grad to senior)

At FreeAgent we're on a mission to democratise accounting for micro-businesses and freelancers. We have built an award-winning cloud accounting product (using Ruby/Javascript/RabbitMQ/Elasticsearch/MySQL) that offers full end-to-end compliance, from time tracking to tax return filing. We're based in beautiful Edinburgh and we're growing from strength to strength, with over 42,000 paying customers and strong YoY revenue growth. Customers love our product and we've sustained an NPS > 74 for the past four quarters.

If you want to come and help us make small businesses awesome at doing their finances, take a look at our vacancies at http://www.freeagent.com/jobs.

We are looking for UK-based full-time staff only right now.

ChefSteps | Seattle, WA | http://chefsteps.com/jobs | ONSITE | Full-stack and Sr. Frontend Developers

Reinventing the kitchen. Work with a world-class team of chefs, videographers, scientists, mechanical and electrical engineers, and developers to create entirely new ways to cook. You write clean code, love autonomy and responsibility, collaborate flexibly, and kick down three doors before breakfast. Tech stack includes Rails, Node, RabbitMQ, Angular, Cordova, and Ionic.

REX Computing (http://rexcomputing.com) is a new Founders Fund and DARPA funded Bay Area fabless semiconductor startup building a new processor architecture providing the highest energy efficiency compared to all other general purpose compute systems (including top of the line CPUs, DSPs, GPUs, and FPGAs). Founded by two Thiel Fellows, REX just closed its seed round. Competitive salary offering and equity will be offered as we are now hiring our first ~5 engineers, with three positions listed below. We're looking for people who are excited about the possibilities of new semiconductor startups, processor architectures and making the worlds best chip, and the positions below are not all encompassing... if you are interested in revolutionizing the semiconductor space, and excited about making a completely new processor from the ground up (with the full resources to go and do so), please send an email to thomas [at] rexcomputing.com !

Feel free to ask any other questions here! Our website is relatively vague, but I'm happy to answer most questions here, and a lot more over coffee or a phone call! Also note that the titles are not final, and as we are building a team from scratch, our early engineers will be forming the company around them.

Some articles on REX: http://technologyreview.com/news/539416/startup-attempts-to-...



REX Computing | Compiler Developer | San Francisco Bay Area | On site ; Remote] | Full Time | Citizen | LLVM ; Compilers ; Backend

REX Computing | RTL/Verilog Engineer | San Francisco Bay Area | On site ; Remote] | Full Time | RTL ; Verilog ; VHDL ; Chisel ; ASIC ; FPGA

REX Computing | VLSI/Digital Chip Design Engineer | San Francisco Bay Area | On site ; Remote] | Full Time | FPGA ; ASIC ; Synopsys ; Cadence


Are you open to taking undergraduate interns?


Princess Margaret Cancer Centre: Postdoctoral fellowships in computational biology and machine learning - http://pmgenomics.ca/hoffmanlab/join/

Toronto, ON

The Hoffman Lab at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and the University of Toronto, seeks new members for our team. We develop machine learning techniques to better understand chromatin biology. These models and algorithms transform high-dimensional functional genomics data into interpretable patterns and lead to new biological insight. A key focus of the lab is to train a new generation of computational biologists.

We seek postdoctoral fellows for several projects in computational genomics and machine learning. Selected projects include:

1. Integrating epigenomic and sequence data to better understand human gene regulation.

2. Creating models of transcription factor binding that allow us to predict the effects of perturbations.

3. Developing deep learning techniques to find novel behavior in multiple functional genomics datasets.

Required qualifications: Doctorate in computational biology, computer science, electrical engineering, statistics, or physics, obtained within the last five years. Submitted first-author or joint first-author papers in genomics or machine learning research. Experience in scientific programming in a Unix environment.

Not required, but preferred qualifications: Experience with epigenomics and graphical models. Published first-author papers in peer-reviewed journals or refereed conference proceedings. Experience programming in Python, R, C, and C++.

Benefits: Includes extended medical insurance, dental insurance, maternity benefits (15 weeks), parental benefits (additional 35 weeks), child care program (fee applies), Canada Pension Plan contributions, and employment insurance. Flexible work hours.

We will consider candidates who need a VISA to work in Canada. We are especially interested in candidates who are women or members of underrepresented minorities.

To apply: We will accept applications until the position is filled. Please submit your CV (as PDF), your best paper (as PDF), the URL of a code sample, and the names, email addresses, and phone numbers of three references to the address at http://pmgenomics.ca/hoffmanlab/join/#postdoc

Cool! Reminder to the community OP of this job responsible for this epic tweet on bash history https://twitter.com/michaelhoffman/status/639178145673932800 and thread https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10162189

Do you ever host public meetups, discussions, presentations, etc of your work? Or are there bioinformatics meetups in Toronto more generally that you, or your staff, attend?

We try to keep a list of upcoming and previous public presentations and publications of work by lab members in the news section at http://hoffmanlab.org/ .

There is a monthly Toronto Bioinformatics meetup in the academic year <https://torbug.org/>. There are some great speakers this year! Pizza is provided after the talks. I go whenever I can but I am co-instructor of a course that meets at the same time and that sometimes requires my presence.

Factual - Los Angeles, San Francisco, Shanghai

Factual is currently hiring engineers and data lovers of all levels in the SF Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Shanghai.

Factual’s location platform enriches mobile location signals with definitive global data, enabling personalized and contextually relevant mobile experiences. Built from billions of inputs, the data is constantly updated by Factual’s real-time data stack. We were named one of "50 Disruptive Companies in 2013" by MIT Technology Review. We have a terrific team that is still fairly small and an incredible CEO who was previously the co-founder of Applied Semantics (which was bought by Google and became AdSense). Factual has venture funding from Andreessen-Horowitz and our partners/customers include Facebook, Yelp, Trulia, and Newsweek.

There are many challenging problems to work on at all layers of the stack: data cleaning and canonicalization, storage, deduping, serving, APIs, improving data using machine learning, etc. A great example is one of our most recent products, Geopulse Audience, which stands at the intersection of high quality places data and large scale analysis of user geo-data: http://www.factual.com/products/geopulse-audience . If you love data, Factual is the place to be. Our main criteria are that you're smart and get things done, but you'll get bonus points for experience with Clojure (http://www.factual.com/jobs/clojure), machine learning, NLP, algorithm design, or Hadoop.

You can email me personally at alexr@factual.com, or view our job postings and apply directly via Jobvite: http://hire.jobvite.com/CompanyJobs/Careers.aspx?c=qc99Vfw9&...

Oscar Insurance is a healthcare startup using technology, data & design to change the way people find and access care. We are disrupting the healthcare industry by putting people first, not business and cost. www.hioscar.com

We're currently hiring for a variety of Full-time/Onsite roles here in our New York City location.

Software Engineer: Data https://www.hioscar.com/about/jobs/16268?gh_jid=16268

Software Engineer:Platform: https://www.hioscar.com/about/jobs/13633?gh_jid=13633

IT Engineer: https://www.hioscar.com/about/jobs/32248?gh_jid=32248

Software Engineer: Product: https://www.hioscar.com/about/jobs/13586?gh_jid=13586

Site Reliability Engineer: https://www.hioscar.com/about/jobs/13255?gh_jid=13255

Oscar was recently valued at $1.75 billion following a $32.5 million investment by Google Capital. http://blogs.wsj.com/digits/2015/09/15/google-bets-on-insura...

Check out our Engineering Blog for updates on new projects: http://dna.hioscar.com

If you have any questions please contact Erin: erin@hioscar.com

Color Genomics - Burlingame CA - onsite

Experienced frontend, backend, full stack, and data engineers. https://getcolor.com/careers

Build the software infrastructure for genetics and genomics.

Genetics is at the beginning of a large growth trajectory. Color has the opportunity to build the software infrastructure that will drive the entire field. From data analytics to bioinformatics and product design, you will be part of implementing the first truly large-scale application of genetics.

We are looking for smart collaborative individuals with a tech background and interest in the area versus people with deep domain expertise.

We are just a few minutes walk from both Caltrain and BART.

Stridatum LLC, Charlotte, NC | REMOTE OK

Go Developer

Stridatum is a small software development house working on a few projects in Go (Golang if you're searching this page). IoT, embedded systems, big data, you name it! We also have some opportunities in iOS and Android if you're interested in working on those too. (That is, you must have Go experience, we are not looking for iOS-only or Android-only devs).

I don't care about your experience or resume, I only care if you can code, communicate, and work well with others.

If you want to work on Go and live in a low cost of living area, we can even talk about relocation. But remote is great too (we actually don't even have an office).

Email jobs at stridatum.com with a code sample for more info.

I am no longer accepting applications. Thanks everyone!

SurgeForward | Seattle | REMOTE

Surge is a software consulting firm providing primarily Node.JS, .NET, and PHP SPA development services, and iOS and Android development on the mobile side. We're looking for smart, self-motivated, experienced, senior-level software engineers who enjoy the freedom of telecommuting and flexible schedules, to work as long-term, full-time (40 hrs/week) independent contractors on a variety of software development projects. Learn more and apply here: http://bit.ly/1IeP8nz

Binti | Software Engineer | SF | Onsite | Full-Time | Will transfer existing v1sa

By dramatically reducing the time and expense required to adopt a child, Binti aims to help more children find loving homes and make adoption a mainstream choice for people building families.

We are moving urgently, shipping web software our customers love (and pay for!), and having a lot of fun. I hope you will join us!

More info: https://binti.com/careers/software-engineer/

Ivy Softworks | Seattle, WA & San Fransisco, CA | Full-time, ONSITE, VISA

Hey all,

Ivy Softworks is looking for talented, motivated team members in Seattle, WA and San Francisco, CA (SF SoMa). We're a startup that builds startups and are providing an alternative to early stage venture capital though the creation of an Innovation Studio. We are looking for entrepreneurs seeking new adventures. Check out our website for open opportunities: http://www.ivysoftworks.com/careers/

Our first products are still under wraps, but we are teasing some information about Atlas, which is linked on the homepage.

Current open positions:

    Platform Development Engineer
    Software Development Engineer – OS Internals
    Distributed Systems Engineer – Cloud Infrastructure
    Infrastructure Operations Engineer
    Distributed Graph Engineer
    Software Development Engineer – OSX
    Software Development Engineer – Test
    Public Relations Manager
    Marketing Manager
    Program Manager
    Human Resources Manager
If you are experienced and looking for a specialty not listed, we're always on the lookout for those who our model resonates with strongly, so shoot us an email or reply here. Some of the languages we’re looking for: C, C++, Ruby, Python, Javascript, and more. We’re developing on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Positions are ONSITE.

EDITED | Multiple Engineering Positions | London, UK | Onsite | Full-Time

We’re currently hiring for Engineering, Data science and DevOps positions, and our stack is primarily Python & JavaScript, with a wide variety of frameworks like Django/Flask and Backbone/Marionette/d3/react.js to keep things interesting.

We're an established startup, focused on doing important things for the fourth biggest industry in the world (fashion), helping them reduce waste and be more efficient. We have a beautiful web app, used everyday by hundreds of people at Topshop, Saks Fifth Avenue, ASOS and more. Our office is large and sociable, with people having lunch together every day and beer, wine, cheese and snacks in the office every Friday, as well as team days out and trips abroad.

Our engineering team is made up of some really clever people, solving diverse and interesting problems on a daily basis, like image analysis, big data visualisation and many others. We love good practices like extensive testing and continuous integration, and enjoy giving back to the community, so open source contributions are highly encouraged.

Half of the team has actually found and joined us through “Who’s hiring”, so don't hesitate to get in touch, we're always happy to meet new people!

More details: https://edited.com/jobs/ or email jobs@edited.com

Sendwithus | San Francisco & Victoria BC | Onsite | www.sendwithus.com

Founded in 2013 graduated YC W2014, Sendwithus is a Transactional email SaaS that is making email better, bold claim but we are doing it. Our goal is to make it easier to send better email and we need you to help us make that experience even better. No newsletters here.

What we offer: Competitive salary + equity + benefits + vacation + parental leave. Rapid professional growth. Work with an amazing team of like minded professionals/ tech nerds. Take part in annual company retreat (Went to Whistler for 2015). Work hand-in-hand with our clients to solve real problems, create interesting features, and design beautiful UI. Snacks, Lunches, Birthday Fest.

We are looking for a Lead Developer for our Frontend App. You will lead our technical design team and the implementation of our main dashboard. Make high-level decisions about architecture. Build Technical roadmaps & prioritize front-end development projects. Implement new dashboard features in Javascript, HTML, & CSS. Work with our Customer Success team to find common roadblocks with the UI. 2+ years experience

If you like what you see shoot us a email with your Github (or equivalent), and a cover letter to jobs@sendwithus.com | https://www.sendwithus.com/jobs

Full-time, remote within US

Ksplice is the leading technology that allows administrators to patch the kernel on the fly with zero downtime and zero disruption. We're a distributed team of engineers forming part of the Linux and Virtualization group at Oracle with a passion for working on exciting technology, software craftmanship and all things Linux.

We're looking for a systems engineer to join us, helping Ksplice patch even more of the system, support new releases and improving our workflow. If you take pride in crafting software, don't rest until you full understand complex problems and are curious about what happens on the layer below then Ksplice will be of interest to you. You'll like working at all levels of a Linux system, developing tooling in Python+bash, analyzing security vulnerabilities in Linux kernel patches, enhancing the Ksplice tools and improving the workflow.

Required skills include:

  * Skilled with software development best practices including TDD
  * Expert level C/C++ programming
  * Understanding of security issues and defences in compiled languages
  * Strong experience with Python
  * Experience developing the Linux kernel or similar embedded systems
  * Excellent problem solving and debugging skills
More information about Ksplice is available at http://ksplice.oracle.com/ and you can contact me by email at jamie.iles@oracle.com if you have any questions. Oracle is an equal opportunity employer.

Openfolio - New York City - Full Stack Engineer - Full Time ONSITE

The Company: Openfolio (https://openfolio.com) is a platform where investors share their portfolios—not dollar amounts, but their contents and ideas—to see how their investments compare. Data derived from our network brings fresh insight and increased transparency to personal investing, helping everyone in our community make smarter, more confident investment decisions.

We are currently a team of 4 people: one business/technical founder, two engineers (one front-end, one back-end), and one business development and data guy. Funding comes from a seed round of $3.0M.

What we’re looking for: An engineer, first and foremost. Someone who can help scale our app from 50k to 5mm users. The ideal candidate will thrive in a work environment that requires strong problem solving skills and independent self-direction, coupled with an aptitude for team collaboration and open communication.

Basic Requirements: Interest about investing, including financial/market data, research would be a big plus, BS/MS/PhD in Computer Science/Math/Physics/Engineering, 2 – 6 years of software engineering experience, Strong experience with Python, Solid understanding of SQL databases such as Postgres

Contact: Josh Owen josh@openfolio.com

Moraware - Remote from anywhere in California, Nevada, Oregon, Utah

Sr. Software Engineer - C# / JavaScript / SQL Server

We make scheduling and estimating SaaS applications for countertop fabricators. We’re profitable and have been around for over 12 years with no investors and no debt.

We all work from home, and we're adding a 3rd person to our development/operations team.


DotProduct -- Boston, MA or Wiesbaden, Germany

  == Software Engineer in Mobile ==
We are looking for an experienced, talented, hands-on and detail-oriented developer with strong skills in C++ and/or Qt to join our application, UI and tools development.

We have a number of projects inside the company for which we are looking for support, from app development (Android, Windows, Qt) to internal tools, sensor integration and development of core technology.

  == General information:
Besides the opportunity to work in a world-class R&D team on leading mobile 3D computer vision technology, we offer great salaries, benefits and and a nice work place with top-of-the-line work equipment. Significant equity is part of the compensation package.

Our R&D team is still intimate so new hires can have a large impact on product and future developments. The position is local and full-time.

  == About DotProduct: ==
We are a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and Computer Vision professionals that brings real-time 3D capturing to mobile devices equipped with advanced camera sensors.

We are still an early stage company backed by Intel Capital and various angel investors. Our office locations are Houston, TX; Boston, MA and Wiesbaden, Germany (R&D). Contact is jobs (at) dotproduct3d (dot) com www.dotproduct3d.com

Kodable - http://www.kodable.com - Sunnyvale, CA | ONSITE

Kodable is a programming curriculum for elementary schools. Already used by 1 in every 7 elementary schools in the US, we give teachers the ability to help their kids learn to code without any prior knowledge. Kids go from learning how to think like a programmer to being able to pick up an actual language by the time they hit middle school. Kodable is designed to encourage everyone to learn programming. Over 50% of Kodable users are girls, and it has been used in over 130 countries.

Role 1: CTO - https://angel.co/kodable/jobs/86699-chief-technical-officer

Role 2: Fullstack Engineer - https://angel.co/kodable/jobs/86700-full-stack-engineer

Role 3: Senior Game Developer - https://angel.co/kodable/jobs/86701-senior-game-developer

Alternately you can email jobs@kodable.com.

Keywords: Ruby, Java, AngularJS, PostgreSQL, LibGDX

Course Hero | Redwood City, CA | ONSITE and we do offer relocation and VISA sponsorship

Course Hero is an education technology platform that helps millions of learners succeed. We’re profitable, pride ourselves on a supportive company culture, and hiring across the board:

* Full-stack web

* iOS

* Android

* Product and Marketing

* Business Analysts

Our team releases code every day, so we're looking for someone who can take on challenges, build new features, and iterate quickly. Each person has a role in building Course Hero's architecture and will have the opportunity to touch all parts of the stack. Our projects are big but our team is small, so you’ll see projects from start to finish, working closely in teams of engineers, product managers and designers to ensure successful results.

Our company culture is very open, flat, and transparent. We succeed and learn together. Our office is very comfortable, has a lot of natural light, and great amenities like a gym and walking trails onsite. We’ve tried hard to make this a pleasant and inspiring place to do creative work.

For mobile, we’re focused on iOS and Android for now. Our web stack is LAMP (Symfony/PHP) + jQuery and AngularJS, but we’re open to people with all kinds of experience.

Please, no recruiters. Principals only.


Robotics Engineers and Software Developers | CANVAS Technology | Boulder, CO | On-site | Full-time |

We are a VC-funded industrial robotics company changing the way materials are moved. Our state-of-the-art visual perception powers innovative automation solutions that make factories and warehouses more efficient, transparent, and safe.

Live in a fabulous place, work with great people, utilize state-of-the-art technology, and address real business challenges.

We are growing our core team with the following positions:

Web/Mobile App Developer - http://canvas.technology/web-mobile-developer.html

Software Architect - http://canvas.technology/senior-software-engineer-architect....

Motion Planning Engineer - http://canvas.technology/motion-planning-engineer.html

Robotics Engineer - http://canvas.technology/robotics-engineer.html

Mechanical Engineer - http://canvas.technology/mechanical-engineer.html

Visit canvas.technology and send resume/cover letter to jobs@canvas.technology

Leanplum -- https://www.leanplum.com | San Francisco, CA | Sofia, Bulgaria | Full-Time | Interns | Onsite

At Leanplum, we are personalizing every action on mobile - from push notifications to in-app experiences. We do this for companies like Expedia, Tesco, and StumbleUpon, and process billions of events per day over hundreds of millions of users. With all of this data, we have the opportunity to extract meaning and insights through creating a high performance analytics backend and utilizing machine learning algorithms.

We already have 7 ex-Googlers and several international olympiad medalists, and with our Series B round led by Kleiner Perkins, we're growing very quickly.

Some technologies we use: Java, Python, Spark, Angular.js, Sass, iOS, Android

Open software engineering positions:

  * Software Engineer - iOS SDK
  * Software Engineer - Android SDK
  * Software Engineer - Full Stack
  * Software Engineer - Frontend
  * Software Engineer in Test
  * Site Reliability Engineer
  * QA Engineer
Email jobs@leanplum.com with your resume, or check out our Jobs page: https://www.leanplum.com/company/jobs

Bond Street | Full-time, Onsite | New York City, NY | Front End and Full-stack/Product Engineers

Bond Street (http://www.bondstreet.com) is a startup focused on transforming small business lending through technology, data and design. Small business owners are the foundation for growth in our economy, and yet today’s banking system has left them behind. We’re building a better future where access to financing is simple, transparent and fair.

Recently, we raised a $10m Series A from investors like Spark Capital and Homebrew, and a $100m lending facility from Jefferies, an investment bank. We’re looking for exceptional front-end and full-stack engineers to join our dev team of 5. You’ll be responsible for helping to transform the business lending experience for over 25 million small business owners in America.

Projects our engineers work on include designing algorithms for instant risk assessment, creating intuitive and delightful user interfaces for our online loan application, and constructing dashboards for internal and customer use that resurface small business data in ways that can inform credit use and business growth.

Send an email to our CTO at peytons@bondstreet.com if you’re interested!

Can arrange visa as needed.

Houston, TX | GoCo, Inc. | http://www.goco.io | Onsite

Software Developer - React.js, Ruby on Rails


GoCo is growing rapidly and looking for awesome developers to join our team. Our tech stack is React.js with ES6/ES7 in a Single Page App coupled with a Ruby on Rails REST API. We've got a talented team and a super fun tech startup culture.

About the company:

We are funded and managed by a group of serial tech founders with multiple startup successes. We're building a simple, intuitive and free HR platform that helps businesses manage their employees, payroll, and benefits from a single location. Our goal is to make life at work awesome for both the business owners and the employees.

Here are the most important qualities we are looking for:

  * Full stack experience with an emphasis on modern web and architecture patterns

  * Expertise in OO javascript with experience building single page applications

  * Ability to rapidly iterate and roll out new code

  * Eagerness to learn new languages and technologies

  * Passionate about user experience, and not shy to give your input

  * Track record of building applications that can scale to millions of users

  * Comfortable working in Linux environments
Email summer@goco.io if you are interested or apply at https://angel.co/goco/jobs

Spotify - ONSITE - NY and Boston

We are hiring machine learning and data engineers in our NY and Boston offices. You will take on complex problems using some of the most diverse data sets available -- user behaviors, acoustical analysis, cultural and contextual data, and other signals across our broad range of mobile and connected platforms. You will work with a team to come up with new and interesting hypotheses, test them, and scale them up to huge data sets with hundreds of billions of data points. Above all, your work will impact the way the world experiences music.

NY Machine Learning Engineer: https://hire.jobvite.com/CompanyJobs/Careers.aspx?c=qV49VfwN...

NY Data Engineer: https://hire.jobvite.com/CompanyJobs/Careers.aspx?c=qV49VfwN...

Boston Machine Learning Engineer: https://hire.jobvite.com/CompanyJobs/Careers.aspx?c=qV49VfwN...

Boston Data Engineer: https://hire.jobvite.com/CompanyJobs/Careers.aspx?c=qV49VfwN...

Is the Boston team and office part of The Echo Nest's in Somerville, or somewhere new?

Will there be internship opportunities at spotify for the summer of 2016?

Weft - http://weft.io - Cambridge/Boston, MA -- ONSITE

    === What we do ===
We're a unified logistics intelligence platform -- we track every boat on the water, every plane in the sky, and are working on tracking every truck on the ground (+ a bunch of other indirectly related data sets) so that we can know everything that's going on in the logistics world.

Turns out there're lots of inefficiencies in the supply chain! One of our customers spends $400mm/year shipping empty containers, another spends $80mm/year on late fees. Lots to optimize!

    === Crib notes ===
- Clojure, Rails, Javascript, Python (we use a lot of PySpark)

- Spark, pg, redis, kafka, accumulo, docker

- We have one of the world's experts in Deep Learning on our team

- We eat + drink together a lot... wino wednesday, whiskey thursday (though I think we should rename it to thirsty thursday), foodie friday

    === Looking for ===
- Front end tech lead

- Back end tech lead

- Firmware engineer

If this sounds interesting, please shoot us an email at jobs@weft.io! Tell 'em Marc sent you.

Benbria (http://benbria.com) — New York City, Ottawa Ontario, San Francisco - Multiple positions — VISA, INTERN, ONSITE

We are looking for Node.js full-time developers and interns (Jan-Apr 2016). We have various openings across the US and Canada. We will help with your visa process and your relocation.

Benbria builds customer engagement solutions for large enterprises. Our product, Loop, is changing how businesses and consumers interact with each other. We are looking for developers to join our new NYC office. You will be working with some of the largest enterprises and organizations in the world and have the opportunity to positively impact the lives of many.

We use and enjoy the following: Node.js, CoffeeScript/JS, Backbone, Cassandra. You'll be joining our small team and helping us enhance the product by designing and implementing new features.

Who are we looking for?

  * Strong JavaScript knowledge, Node.js, CoffeeScript, Backbone.js
  * Front-end web development knowledge (HTML5/CSS3/JQuery)
  * Web development & full stack experience
  * Preference for simple, elegant solutions to complex problems
  * A history of getting things done

  * Experience with scaling web applications
  * Experience building fault-tolerant systems
  * Redis, MongoDB, Cassandra, RabbitMQ, Erlang
We also have multiple other job positions available. To find out more or to apply, please visit: http://benbria.jazz.co/apply

HelloSign (YC11) | San Francisco, CA | Remote | Part Time & Full

Hey HackerNews'ers - Chris here with the engineering team at HelloSign. We're looking to fill 3 technical roles this month:

1. Lead QA Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/hellosign/jobs/69005#.Vg1f5BNVh...

2. Senior Platform Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/hellosign/jobs/88292#.Vg1f5BNVh...

3. Engineering Manager: https://boards.greenhouse.io/hellosign/jobs/94411#.Vg1f5RNVh...

More about us:

HelloSign has seen tremendous growth over the past two years, primarily through word-of-mouth, and we are now focusing on building out an API that enables anyone to integrate eSignatures directly into their own website. We are funded by some of the top investors in the valley, including Y Combinator, Greylock, Google Ventures, and US Venture Partners. Our goal is simply to be the way people sign documents everywhere.

We are centrally located in downtown San Francisco by Union Square. Currently at 40 employees, we are growing the company deliberately, with an eye towards maintaining a culture that values lifestyle, fun, and continuous improvement (we were recently awarded the Hirepalooza Culture Award for Lifestyle in early 2015!).

Twist | San Francisco | https://www.twistbioscience.com/ | Full Time | onsite

Programmable DNA, the software of Life, is finally here! Twist Bioscience is developing a disruptive Synthetic DNA technology that will change the world, enabling widespread health and sustainability. Synthetic biologists will use our products to engineer how organisms produce cures to diseases, everyday chemicals are made using the atmosphere as the carbon source, plants make their own fertilizers, in-vivo diagnostics will alert us when we are sick, and many more applications.


- Sr. Software Engineer - https://www.twistbioscience.com/careers/?gh_jid=42804

- Sr. Software QA Engineer - https://www.twistbioscience.com/careers/?gh_jid=82345

- IT Support Engineer - https://www.twistbioscience.com/careers/?gh_jid=72011

MongoDB, Inc | NYC, New York, NY | Onsite | Full-time

The MongoDB Cloud management service, Cloud Manager, is a cloud-based web application for deploying, monitoring, and backing up MongoDB deployments of any size and configuration. Ops Manager is the enterprise counterpart to Cloud Manager, designed for our largest enterprise customers to run in their own datacenter. Cloud Manager currently monitors tens of thousands of MongoDB nodes and backs up multiple petabytes of data. On a typical day, Cloud Manager processes over a billion metrics and replicates tens of billions of backup operations.

* Cloud Services Engineer

We are looking for a server-side engineer to join us in building the best database management system for the leading next-generation database server.


  * Be a self-starter with a passion for technology and a burning desire to constantly improve yourself, the product, and the codebase
  * Design, implement, and test features for Cloud Manager and Ops Manager
  * Work in an agile team environment with a fast release cycle

  * Experience with multi-threaded applications, concurrency and distributed systems.
  * Expertise in one compiled programming language (preferably Java, C++, or C#), and interest in learning Java
  * Experience with MongoDB is a big plus 
Additional details available at link below, but feel free to contact me at [hn handle]@mongodb.com, too. I've now been at MongoDB longer than with any other company and love talking about why.


Localize (https://localizejs.com/)

Position: Full-Stack Engineer (Javascript / Node / Backbone)

Location: San Francisco

URL: https://angel.co/localize/jobs/43356-full-stack-engineer

We are building tools to help companies go global (e.g. translation, acquisition, support).

As our 4th team member, you'd have full control of your role and large parts of our product.

Apply: Email (jobs@localizejs.com) // More details: https://angel.co/localize/jobs

You should be able to:

  — Navigate our stack: Node, Backbone, MongoDB, Redis, AWS, Handlebars, Less.
  — Manipulate native browser APIs (DOM w/o jQuery)
  — Understand MVC patterns and UI design
  — Learn quickly, act autonomously, think analytically.
Bonus points if you...

  — Are comfortable with pets!
  — Want to build an inclusive work environment. 
  — Know the difference between #i18n #L10n and #a11y
  — Enjoy learning new languages / traveling.
In addition to competitive equity & salary, you get...

  — A shiny new laptop of your choice 
  — Full insurance coverage 
  — Free (lunch) food + snacks! 
  — Relocation assistance to SF 
  — Stipend for continuing education 
Thanks for reading! -- Localize Team :)

ClusterHQ - https://clusterhq.com/ - San Francisco & Bristol, United Kingdom. Remote working, relocation (VISA) and London positions available.

ClusterHQ produces the open-source container data management tool Flocker. We help connect Docker containers with reliable persistent storage, helping to close the gap on getting Docker containers into production. Flocker is a cluster management tool written in Python (Twisted), and we have positions available for all levels of programmers and devops engineers.

We believe strongly in TDD, automated testing, quality, collaboration, great colleagues and treating our employees like adults. We have a great work-life balance, flexible hours, fun offices and plenty of opportunity to travel, if you want it! We also have very generous maternity & paternity, on top of the usual full-suite of benefits and great pay packages that you would expect from an established, well-funded startup.

Get in touch at https://clusterhq.com/careers/ or come say hello at AWS re:Invent or DockerCon EU.

Chute (YC W2012) - http://getchute.com - San Francisco, CA or [REMOTE] (US time zones) - Full Time

We're hiring engineers to build our marketing technology platform that is used by Coke, Condé Nast, Starbucks, Benefit, Vogue, ESPN, NBC, NYT among others, as well as many independent developers.

We work with the latest technologies and <3 open source (https://github.com/chute). Our product makes it easy to analyze a large volume of images and videos from Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to discover the best, most-interesting content for our customers and then enable them to use great images in their own marketing.

For our backend, we use Ruby/Rails/Sinatra, Node.js and Go (plus Python on the data science front). We're running on AWS, Postgres, Mongo, Elasticsearch, Redis, Kafka + Storm. On the frontend we're using React/Flux/ES6.

For more about our openings: http://getchute.com/jobs or email us your github profile: hiring [at] getchute [dot] com

BaseCase | Software Engineer | http://basecase.com | Berlin, Germany | Remote, Visa

Our primary product is a sophisticated web application which allows non-developers create interactive presentations.

We're looking for talented developers. Our technology stack is Javascript / jQuery / HTML5 on the front-end, and Python / MySQL on the back-end. But you don't need experience in our stack - we know a good developer can learn on the job.

We can support remote workers, and are willing to assist in obtaining a work visa for Germany if required.

We have been profitable for several years, so we can offer very competitive salaries, with stock options.

If this sounds interesting, apply here:

-) Software Engineer: https://basecasecareers.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk0hffr

-) Senior Software Engineer: https://basecasecareers.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk0hff4

Some relevant background videos:

-) http://basecase.com/company/careers

-) http://basecase.com/platform/video/


Diarmuid Glynn / CTO / d.glynn@basecase.com

Load Impact - http://loadimpact.com - Stockholm, Sweden - ONSITE - Multiple developer positions

We build and run the world's most popular SaaS tool for web load testing (over one million executed load tests), and are looking for great developers to work in Stockholm. We need frontend (Ember.js) and backend (Python) developers to join a small but fast growing team developing the next-generation performance testing tools.

We take pride in being great at low-level networking stuff, at the same time as we try to put a lot of effort into UX and design when we build things (most people who are good at networking suck when it comes to building usable products, in our humble opinion!). Things our dev team uses include: Python, Django, Ember, Many AWS services, Fabric, Docker, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Git & Github, C, Saltstack, Trello, CircleCI, Hipchat

If you're already in Stockholm and thinks this sounds interesting, or you'd like to find out what the city is like, why not check us out at https://loadimpact.com/careers ?

Cuberon | Sunnyvale, CA (Close to Caltrain) | http://cuberonlabs.com | ONSITE | Data Scientist, Backend Engineer, Product Manager

    === What we do ===
Customer behavior intelligence engine, in stealth, using machine intelligence to simplify and automate some of the most difficult tasks in understanding customers. We started Cuberon when we saw the frustration of our business partners not understanding which customer behavior was impacting their metrics and who their customer is. Always reacting to new customer behavior trends rather than discovering them. Early Stage, VC backed (Redpoint, Milliways), and prominent angels.

    === Crib notes ===
- Java, Scala, Python, Ember, Django - Spark, Docker, Redshift, Hive, REST - Exposure to machine learning and data mining - Hiring the early team, opportunity to build product from ground-up, work on some very advanced big data and machine learning technology and ultimately get to experience starting a company

    === Looking for ===
Smart, passionate, result driven: - Data science/engineering (https://angel.co/l/KcCKy) - Backend engineering (https://angel.co/l/KcCKD) - Product Manager (https://angel.co/l/KcCEA)

If this sounds interesting, please shoot us an email at abhishek@cuberonlabs.com http://cuberonlabs.com

Civis Analytics | Chicago, IL | Full Time & Internships

Civis Analytics is building cloud-based products to help organizations do data science better. We create technologies that empower organizations to unlock the truth hiding in their own data, transforming them into smart organizations that are ready to thrive. We help organizations solve their biggest problems with Big Data.

We are currently hiring for multiple key positions, including:

Senior DevOps Engineer - Help us design, build, and automate our extensive AWS infrastructure using tools like Python and Ansible. We use significant portions of the AWS stack, including EC2, RDS, Redshift, and S3, and are looking for experienced candidates who can hit the ground running and help us scale - http://bit.ly/1P30uit

Senior Product Manager - Work with our Engineers, Designers, Data Scientists, Sales, and Marketing teams to drive the conception, development, and launch of new software products, and the enhancement of existing products - http://bit.ly/1Gzxt6y

Along with these, Civis Analytics is Sales and Marketing roles, as well as Summer 2016 Internships. View all of our open positions at https://civisanalytics.com/careers. All positions are onsite in either our Chicago or Washington, DC offices.

We are a team of engineers, data scientists, and statisticians building a cloud-based data science platform to change the way organizations use data. We're smart, fun, and a little bit weird. Does this sound like you?

Mondo | iOS Engineer | London, UK – Full Time – ONSITE

We're building the best current account in the world, which means building the best banking app in the world.

We've raised £2M in seed funding and we're hiring for an iOS Developer to join our small team and shape our company.

Competitive salary and equity.

james@getmondo.co.uk / https://getmondo.co.uk/careers/

Meta | Boston, MA | full time | onsite preferred

Meta is building a platform that allows users to seamlessly search for, access, and share files across all cloud platforms and devices; in essence, Google for your files. We’ve closed a seed funding round and are looking for talented developers to help us scale our MVP and take our platform to the next level.


We have exciting development work ahead of us in nearly every area imaginable, including responsive client-side web development, a microservices-based cloud architecture written in Go and Python, performance-critical native client applications, a lightning fast personalized search engine, and complex data science and analysis problems in semantic analysis and information retrieval.

We’re right in downtown Boston and looking for talented developers and computer scientists to join us. Offering competitive salaries and large equity compensation. Email us at careers@meta.sc and check out our careers page at https://www.meta.sc/careers

Mystery Tackle Box | Full-Stack Web Developer (C# .NET) | Chicago/Evanston, IL | FULL-TIME, ONSITE, RELOCATION

Mystery Tackle Box is the leading subscription commerce startup in the $45 billion/yr fishing industry. We are looking to change the way people purchase products for America’s #1 sport! Our team is founded by seasoned entrepreneurs and startup founders. If you are a passionate developer looking to create something impactful, then we would love to speak with you. A passion for fishing and the outdoors is a huge plus!

This is a great opportunity at an early-stage startup that is growing fast.

Work very closely with the technical co-founder/CTO to...

  - Design, code, implement, and support key line-of-business applications and third-party integrations.
  - Establish the development process and build a small team of developers.
  - Collaborate with a team of people who have successfully built and sold previous companies.
Technical Requirements

  - At least three years of software development experience on public-facing web applications.
  - An in-depth understanding of the Microsoft web application stack: C#, .NET Framework, ASP.NET MVC, Web API, and Microsoft SQL Server.
  - Strong skills in database architecture, efficient indexing and ad hoc queries.
  - Experience with a Javascript MVC/MVVM framework such as Angular, Ember, Backbone, et al; or a view-only framework like ReactJS
  - Experience developing for distributed systems, microservices, message queues (RabbitMQ, Amazon SQS), caching (Redis), and web sockets (SignalR)
  - Mastery of HTML/CSS/Javascript. These should be second nature.
  - Familiar with one or more HTML, CSS, and JS frameworks; preferably Bootstrap
  - Able to effectively use source control systems and workflows in a small team environment; preferably Git and Gitflow.
  - Familiar with Agile software development methodologies
  - Can write quality unit tests and perform integration testing
Mystery Tackle Box is based in downtown Evanston with easy access from all major public transportation systems. The Davis stop on the purple line is a block away.

For more information or submit your resume: https://app.betterinterviews.com/careers/MysteryTackleBox/va...

New York, NY | Software & Mobile Engineering & Deep Learning/Computer Vision Research | Clarifai, Image Recognition | http://clarifai.com/careers | Full-time | On-site

Join our team backed by USV, Google ventures, NVDIA, Qualcomm, Osage, Lux Capital, LDV Capital & Corazon Capital.

Software/Infrastructure Engineers, Android & iOS Engineers, Lead DevOps Engineer, API/Developer Support Engineer, Front End Engineers, Research Scientists & Research Engineers: Deep Learning & Computer Vision, GPU Engineers & Data Scientists

Clarifai was founded in 2013 by Matthew Zeiler to bring the world’s best image recognition technology to market. Our expertise in deep neural networks helped us achieve the world’s best published image labeling results [ImageNet 2013]. Since then Clarifai’s deep learning systems have improved orders of magnitude in speed, vocabulary size, memory footprint and have expanded beyond images to extract knowledge from all forms of data. See what we’ve built and demo it here: clarifai.com.

Opower - Front-End and Full Stack Developers - Arlington, VA & SF - Onsite - Fulltime

You’re a full-stack engineer with a few years of experience creating web applications out of Java API web services and JavaScript front-ends, and you want a career that marries your professional experience with a worthwhile purpose, like saving the planet. Learning a new framework isn't enough for you - you want to build something and mentor others with your new knowledge. Sure, you could make your mark at any interchangeable, big-name corporation, but you want more than just a paycheck out of your career. You’re ready for a change.

Now, imagine yourself coming to work everyday to help us take on one of humanity’s greatest challenges: energy. Our mission is to utilize the power of big data to revolutionize the way customers interact with their utility, in addition to reducing energy consumption around the world. Our products deliver Opower’s deep, personalized energy insights to end customers and help them be more energy efficient.

Email me at heather.cassano@opower.com to learn more or apply directly at www.opower.com/careers

AIRTAME (https://airtame.com) | Copenhagen, Denmark | Full-time, Onsite

AIRTAME is an early-stage startup in the heart of Copenhagen. Our wireless streaming solution helps people work better.

Our talented engineers are given significant ownership and responsibility over projects. We value rapid iteration, continuous integration and automated testing, and we are serious about producing high-quality, maintainable software. Frequent code reviews, linting, and pairing are all integral components of our engineering culture.

We are currently hiring:

* Backend Software Engineer (https://airtame.com/jobs/backend-software-engineer)

* Frontend Software Engineer (https://airtame.com/jobs/frontend-software-engineer)

* Software Engineer (https://airtame.com/jobs/software-engineer)

* Test Engineer (https://airtame.com/jobs/test-engineer)

* Infrastructure Engineer (https://airtame.com/jobs/infrastructure-engineer)

We can sponsor work visas for non-EU applicants.

If you're interested or have any questions, send an email to tech-jobs@airtame.com

Software Engineer (Rails) | Miami, FL | Full-time only | 60-90k, 0-1% equity | https://www.clutchprep.com

At Clutch, delivering amazing explanations is our core. We're a game-changing edtech startup, providing quality, on-demand video content to address some of the most difficult concepts our students will ever have to understand. A tenacity toward surprising our students with an awesome learning experience is critical to our success. We're looking for a Software Engineer to support our CTO and take our product to the next level.

We are a growth-stage startup, with investments from both Techstars and 500 Startups, located in Building.co. You'll be working with/around some of the brightest minds in the Miami startup world.

Read more about the position here: https://www.clutchprep.com/jobs#op-81783-software-engineer

If you have any questions, feel free to email me (CTO) at alain@clutchprep.com

Is there a lot of front-end involved with this position?

If the person has experience and likes doing front-end, we have plenty of front-end work to do :)

Superpedestrian | Cambridge/Boston, MA | full time, onsite

Looking for an iOS software engineer and backend software engineer. Come help making cycling a compelling and fun alternative to your car! We’re working on a variety of software products to support the Copenhagen Wheel (check out the demo video at https://superpedestrian.com).

Positions: iOS [https://superpedestrian.applytojob.com/apply/YVaurj/iOS%20So...] Backend [https://superpedestrian.applytojob.com/apply/GZ8EpB/Backend%...]

Other positions here [https://superpedestrian.com/careers]

Feel free to send me any questions directly (goss at superpedestrian).

PLEENQ | San Diego, California | ONSITE | $110k-$150k | Javascript/Node.js Full stack Developer

PLEENQ is a new patented technology that links products in images to the retailer's websites where they can be purchased. You can see a video of PLEENQ in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GfKBvs53Ss

Unlimited vacation (after trial period), unlimited snacks/drinks, results-oriented flexible work hours.

What my tech stack looks like: Node.js | Redis | Elasticsearch | RabbitMQ | MySQL (AWS Aurora) | Many AWS services | Front End: jQuery, SASS

Who I am looking for:

-Highly skilled in/mastery of javascript -- you understand prototyping, the async model, and writing both front and back end JS

-Fully proficient at writing in SQL (not just using an ORM) -Able to reason out a REST API that can be easily consumed by other developers

-Comfortable on a command line

-Basic familiarity with server administration (bonus points for being better at this area)

Bonuses/things that I'd be stoked to see:

-Experience with Chef, Puppet, SaltStack, Ansible, Docker (I don't use any right now, but you'll be moving PLEENQ to a better server solution)

-Proficiency in elasticsearch

-Experience building browser plugins (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)

-Experience with PHP and building wordpress plugins

-Any experience with technologies surrounding affiliate marketing

-UI/UX or graphic design experience

Email justin@pleenq.com if you're interested in the position!

Counterpoint Consulting | www.c20g.com Location: Vienna, VA (near Washington, DC)

Counterpoint creates sustainable competitive advantage for our clients through business and workforce automation solutions. We create software which lets machines deal with administrivia while enabling people to focus on the parts of their work that matter most.

We are looking to hire new software developers and consultants who are passionate about technology, who relish the opportunity to work in a dynamic, small company culture and who have a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

-- Associate Consultant --

Experience Level: 0-3 yrs

JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: Work directly with our customers to translate business needs into technical solutions Analyze business problems Work independently or cooperatively within software development teams


* Demonstrated record of excellence inside and outside of the classroom

* Software development experience or interest in pursuing a career in technology

-- (Senior) Consultant --

Experience Level: 3-6 yrs


* Work directly with our customers to translate business needs into technical solutions

* Analyze business problems

* Work independently or cooperatively within software development teams


* Java, Java Web Frameworks and / or .NET professional development experience

* Web Development Technologies and Libraries (HTML, JS, CSS, jQuery)

* Relational Databases & SQL

* BPM development experience (esp. Appian, Cordys, Metastorm, Activiti)

Hi! Does Counterpoint have any interest in hiring interns?

Locus Energy: http://locusenergy.com/

San Francisco, CA and Hoboken, NJ. Remotes and those needing visas are encouraged to apply.

About us: We’re dedicated to the proliferation of sustainable energy solutions. To that end, we build tools and services to monitor, analyze and manage the performance of tens of thousands of solar power systems. We’re a mature startup with a close-knit team that is greater than the sum of its parts. Our organization provides some structure while still leaving plenty of opportunities to make your mark. We’re not perfect but constantly improving. We value folks who offer a new perspective and play nicely with others.

About you: You’re passionate about sustainable energy and want to play a part of pushing our society in that direction. Nothing would excite you more than wedding your engineering prowess with your dreams of clean, green energy. You are thoughtful, curious and ask questions when you don’t understand. You take ownership of your responsibilities and see them through to the end.


- Conveniently office locations accessible from public transportation.

- Relaxed work atmosphere. Flexible working hours and work from home policies.

- Health insurance, 401k, and all the other benefits of a real company.

- Lunch provided once a week, with a smorgasbord of snacks available all the time.

We're looking to expand our team with positions as a QA engineer, operations associate, customer support specialist, applications engineer, data analyst intern, and SCADA engineer. Head to our careers page for more info: http://careers.locusenergy.com/

Says you are hiring a customer support specialist in your post but the job is not listed in your careers section. Is a customer support role still available?

Noun Project / Los Angeles, CA / Senior OS X Developer (Swift) / ONSITE

You’ll touch everything from UI to networking on a small team of designers and web developers. You’ll work directly with the design team to iteratively build polished user interfaces, and directly with developers to integrate with our web API. The right candidate is a life learner, someone who thrives in a collaborative environment, is both disciplined and imaginative in their work, a great communicator and a clean coder.

We ask that you have a proven ability to ship apps on iOS or OS X. Knowing Swift and AppKit, as well as familiarity with vector graphics formats and 2D drawing, is a plus.

We offer:

  Market salary
  Generous benefits including medical, dental & vision, a 401k plan and more
  Valuable equity
  Creative work environment
We’re small, we all share our ideas, we all collaborate.

We move quickly, but we believe in a healthy work/life balance.

Apply here: https://thenounproject.com/jobs/

Appear Here | London, United Kingdom | ONSITE | FULLTIME

Ruby/Rails React/Redux IOS Android Redis/PostgreSQL/Elasticsearch AWS/Docker

https://www.appearhere.co.uk?hn is the UK’s leading marketplace for commercial letting. Our platform allows anyone with an idea to book everything from pop ups through to prime Oxford Street locations. It’s been called AirBnB for brands, and our vision is to make it as easy to book a shop as it is to book a hotel room. A surprisingly huge market, and it's in our hands to become the world's leading marketplace.

You’d be part of a small team that is taking Appear Here worldwide, onto new platforms, and deep into masses of valuable data. It's an energetic, committed, challenging, and sane culture. Plus we're a stone's throw from the best lunchtime options in London.



FarmLogs (YC W12) • Ann Arbor, MI • Onsite/Remote • https://farmlogs.com/

We build software to help farmers grow more with less.

We're growing like a weed (see what I did there?) and hiring for:

- Marketing – Help us build-out an agricultural content platform, and support our first ever FarmLogs user conference.

- Data Science / Research – Are you easily excited by nitrogen levels and cloud detection algorithms?

- Design – Purpose-driven UX and Product Design

- Devops – Consul, Docker, EC2 & VPC's oh-my!

- Backend – Our modular infrastructure (runs-on (and :clojure :python :rabbitmq))

- Front-end – Our front-end team loves React, D3 and CoffeeScript

- iOS – Swift and ReactiveCocoa sound fun?

- Android – Work with Factories from the comfort of your desk!

- QA – Shine the light on bugs and automate those tedious tasks/tests

We're also hardware hackers! We've created a really neat device called Flow that decodes ISOBUS data directly from tractors and buzzes it back to us over cellular modems.

Come take a look! https://farmlogs.com/jobs


The Android position isn't available in the "CURRENT OPENINGS" list. Could you please answer is the position closed?

We are actually hiring for Android! We haven't posted it yet, but you should email jobs@farmlogs.com to get in touch.

Haplo -- London, UK -- Full time, ONSITE


We're looking for developers to join our team, especially those who are early on in their career and would like to work in an environment which will support their learning.

Our only recruitment criteria is whether you understand how computers work and can write good code, and if you can work in a diverse team.

The Haplo platform is open source, and we're working on open sourcing everything else we do: http://haplo.org

On top of the platform, we've built a suite of products for higher education, and are rolling them out to universities across the UK. Our flagship product is PhD Manager: http://www.phd-manager.co.uk

Like a startup: Small dedicated team. No barriers to doing your best work. Opportunity to get involved with everything, should you want to. Lovely office, great espresso. Ambition to change the world in a small but significant way.

Not like a startup: Sensible working hours. Quiet environment away from the hustle. No random pressure from investors. Quality product without hacks.

Fast recruitment process: Email us your CV. 20 minute phone call. Spend a few hours on a short coding challenge. Visit us for an in-depth code review and interview.

Join us! http://www.haplo-services.com/about/who


PayPal | San Jose, CA | Onsite (relocation available) | Hiring Senior Web Application Engineers

PayPal is looking for JavaScript engineers who want to work both in the browser and on the server-side in Node.js. Come help us as we continue to completely re-engineer the entire tech stack and innovate on how people exchange money and pay both online and offline.

I am on of the hiring managers, you can reach out to me directly at my HN username at paypal.com or nodejs@paypal.com. We're looking for talented JavaScript developers. Experience with Backbone, React, and Flux would be hugely helpful while experience with other frameworks like Ember and Angular would also be quite useful. We've got some amazing teams of JS engineers and we'd love to have you join!

We've got openings in various areas including online checkout, account servicing, p2p money, etc.

At the present time due to paperwork deadlines, you must be currently legally authorized to work in the USA. We are able to sponsor current VISA; however, we cannot apply for new VISA.

Zillow | Seattle, WA; Irvine, CA; San Francisco, CA | Full-Time | Onsite

Zillow Group operates the largest real estate network on the Web, and 4 out of 5 U.S. homes have been viewed on Zillow. We are transforming the way consumers make home-related decisions and connect with real estate professionals. We are a highly collaborative group of developers, software testers, designers, and PMs working on big data problems where your work will be used by millions.

Multiple positions including:

* Back End, Full Stack, and Front End Software Development Engineers [Senior & those w/less experience].

* Test Engineers

* Program Managers

* Product Managers

* Release Managers

--- What Zillow Offers:

Stock options; 401k plan; transportation; 12 weeks paid maternity leave; 4 weeks paternity leave; Health Insurance: 100% employee/80% dependents; Discretionary Time Off vacation policy;

--- Work Environment:

New MBPr, Convertible desks (stand or sit); Tredmill desks; free Fitbit; relaxed dress code (jeans and flip-flops)

--- Locations:

* Seattle Jobs - http://app.jobvite.com/m?3loYBhw4

* San Francisco Jobs - http://app.jobvite.com/m?3PnYBhwx

* Irvine, CA Jobs - http://app.jobvite.com/m?3KoYBhwt

--- Highly Rated:

Glassdoor Rating: 4.2 | Highest Rated CEOs 2014; Best Place to Work 2015 | Voted as one of the best places to work in Washington.

Definitely a cool place to work: https://www.flickr.com/photos/zillow/

Square [https://squareup.com/careers] | INTERNS, FULLTIME, VISA, ONSITE | San Francisco, New York & other cities.

I'm an engineer on the infosec team and if you are interested in any aspect of security (from hardware/low level stuff to backend infrastructure, writing secure web applications, Android/iOS, etc.) you should consider talking to us! We do have open positions in other teams too.

Some of the things we build get open sourced, for example: https://github.com/square/keywhiz, https://github.com/square/go-jose, https://github.com/square/js-jose, etc.

Feel free to ask me any questions (email in my profile).

:/ can't find your email addr. Care to post?

EnerNOC Inc. | Vancouver, Canada | Fulltime | REMOTE Okay, or on-site

EnerNOC is a cleantech company whose mission is to change the way the world uses energy. We work with electricity utilities to improve engagement with their customers and help them save energy. We have two open positions in our Vancouver office (remote ok):

Data Engineer / Software Developer

This opening is on the Data Science team and would be an excellent role for a strong developer who wants to work as part of a data-centric research-oriented team and help develop ideas and scale them from prototype to production. We have a huge need for this position as it is the first full-time dev attached to the data science team. You will work in collaboration with experienced developers on our platform team, but you will have a large amount of autonomy, responsibility, and a big opportunity to contribute.

Full posting: http://jobs.enernoc.com/vancouver/software-development/jobid...

Site Reliability Engineer

Site Reliability Engineers are the primary interface between our developers and our production operations. You will play a vital role in keeping our services fast, available, and growing worldwide. You will work in both the dev and system worlds, instrumenting key parts of the core architecture and supporting developers as they try to do the same.

Full posting: http://jobs.enernoc.com/ca/vancouver/software-development/jo...

Feel free to email me at paul.teehan@enernoc.com.

NASA Astrophysics Data System | http://ads.harvard.edu/ | Cambridge, USA | Onsite | Full-time

The NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS) Project is looking for a highly-motivated full-stack developer interested in joining a dynamic team of talented individuals working on our digital library system.

The ADS is currently launching a highly scalable and feature-rich platform using a modern development stack: a custom build of the open-source search engine Solr, a highly responsive UI engineered on top of backbone.js, a scalable asynchronous data ingestion pipeline with RabbitMQ and MongoDB, and cloud-based hosting of its services with Amazon Web Services. Our primary programming languages are Python, Java, and Javascript. Your primary responsibility is the design and development of robust software applications and components to support the ADS services, in particular the ADS data processing pipeline as well as its user notification service.

Required skills: Solid knowledge of python and the Linux OS. Knowledge of javascript and its ecosystem (jQuery, backbone.js, D3.js). Knowledge of Java or C++. Knowledge of web standards and technologies such as HTML, CSS, JSON, XML, XSLT. Knowledge of relational and document databases such as MySQL and MongoDB. Knowledge of distributed version control and software management systems, in particular git / github.

Knowledge of text or data mining principles, familiarity with machine learning and information extraction techniques, knowledge of semantic computing technologies and techniques, and knowledge of asynchronous messaging queues are desirable.


Jack Erwin -- New York, NY - SoHo

Experienced Full Stack, Front End and Data Engineers -- ONSITE

Jack Erwin (http://jackerwin.com). A new approach to men’s shoes. We started Jack Erwin to create truly timeless men’s shoes. We’ve partnered with the finest factories and artisans in the world, created custom styles available only here, and eliminated costly markups and middlemen that drive up the costs of other quality dress shoes. The result is a better choice in men’s footwear. As we build Jack Erwin, we are focused on growing our team and our brand one strong teammate at a time.

Senior Full Stack Engineer: http://www.jackerwin.com/pages/full-stack-engineer

Front End Engineer: http://www.jackerwin.com/pages/front-end-engineer

Snowplow Analytics (http://snowplowanalytics.com/)

# Infrastructure Engineer - London, UK | Full Time | ONSITE

We are hiring our first Infrastructure Engineer in support of the Snowplow Managed Service. We now orchestrate and monitor the Snowplow event pipeline across more than 40 customer-owned AWS accounts, with individual accounts processing many billions of events per month. We are looking for our first infrastructure/devops engineer to help us grow to managing 400 and then 4,000 AWS accounts.

Much more detail here: http://snowplowanalytics.com/about/jobs.html#infra-engineer

# Data Engineering Intern - 4-6 weeks over winter | REMOTE INTERN

We are looking for 1-2 open source software interns this winter for a 4-6 week paid internship. Our interns will work directly on and contribute to projects within the Snowplow open source stack (https://github.com/snowplow). A Snowplow intern loves coding, enjoys experimenting with new technologies and is happiest working "in the open" on community/team projects. Technologies we use at Snowplow include Scala, JRuby, Go, Hadoop, Kinesis, Redshift, Elasticsearch, Kafka and Samza.

This a paid internship; we will consider remote candidates who are up to UTC +/- 5 hours maximum.

For background on our most recent batch of internships check out: http://snowplowanalytics.com/blog/2015/07/10/introducing-our...

DataStax | OpsCenter Developer | REMOTE | Full-Time

DataStax delivers Apache Cassandra™ in a database platform purpose built for the performance and availability demands of IOT, web, and mobile applications. We are looking for a talented full-stack developer to work on the OpsCenter Monitoring team. This position can be located globally.

The OpsCenter codebase currently consists of JavaScript, Clojure, and Python. OpsCenter is used to manage big data systems like Cassandra, Hadoop, Spark, and Solr. Familiarity with these or similar platforms will be helpful in this position.

Strong JavaScript experience, particularly building complex single page web applications with modern frameworks is a requirement. Experience with Dojo, esnext, ES6 would be good. Experience with charting libraries such as D3 or similar would be useful. You should be comfortable in either Clojure or Python. And of course, experience with Cassandra would be a great thing to see.

You can find my email in my profile here if interested. Thanks!

ActiveSphere | Bangalore, India | Full-Time | Onsite


We are looking for colleagues, programmers, who have interests in topics in computer science and other fields (finance, ml, maths?). We are looking for colleagues who would like to do programming experiments, for the sake of curiosity. Most of our work involves consulting for startups. But we also have been doing our own projects, some of which you can see at http://www.activesphere.com/hacks.html

We would like to make this organisation, into a place where consulting brings values to our costumer, and pays us well. But also, we get time to do projects, experiments, and nurture curiosity and learning, because thats something we are interested in. We need people who would like to be/build such a place.

Software Engineer | San Francisco

Software Engineer | Saint Paul, Minnesota

MySQL DBA | Saint Paul, Minnesota

Cloud Support Engineer | Saint Paul, Minnesota

More than 1,000 government organizations use the GovDelivery communication platform to reach over 90 million people on multiple continents. The end result is safer communities, happier commuters, and healthier families. In short, Better Government.

Our platform connects government organizations with the public via email, social media, SMS, voice, and more. We are growing significantly and consistently and that revenue gets plowed right back into technology. Come help us build a world-class solution using Ruby, Rails, Ember.js, Puppet, Java, and more. Together we can transform government communications and help create a more well-informed and engaged constituency.

If this sounds good to you, check out http://geeks.gd/ to get a real sense of the GovDelivery tech team, or contact brian.meline@govdelivery.com directly.

TASER/Axon | Seattle | onsite | http://www.axon.io

Axon is the software and technology arm of TASER with a current focus on police body cameras and evidence management software.

We provide a cloud-based solution for managing police evidence. Our software stack consists of micro-services written in Scala (Play), C# and Go with a React/Flux frontend. Compute and storage are handled by AWS where we house petabytes of data.

We're a small (~35) person team in Seattle, part of a much larger company based in Arizona. We need full-time engineers to help on all aspects of our stack, with an increased focus on frontend development (strong Javascript skills, prior React experience a plus).

Check out our job listings below, and feel free to contact me directly if you're interested or if you have any questions: pstaub@taser.com


Affinity | Software Engineer | Redwood City (SF Bay Area), CA | Full-time | Onsite | jobs@affinity.vc

Relationships are the backbone of the world’s most valuable industries; they underlie sales, business development, venture capital, philanthropy, and more. But actionable context about relationships remain hidden in the email and calendar streams of friends and colleagues. At Affinity, we imagine a world where any organization can see all its communications, interactions and events with its network in one place. You'll join a team of fewer than 10 where you'll be leading development of software products and features from day one!


  * 100% coverage on medical insurance, vision and dental
  * Free Caltrain/Bart passes
  * Unlimited snacks
  * Free lunches
  * Flexible working hours
  * Needless to say, highly competitive salary and equity
Please send us an email at jobs@affinity.vc if you're interested.

Twitch is hiring backend engineers and product managers. We also have several openings for director level roles.

Twitch is building the future of interactive entertainment, and video is at the very core of that vision. If you eat thundering-herd problems for breakfast, if you think handling data by the terabit per second sounds cool, and if you've ever asked yourself 'but what if we lose a second backbone link?' then we want you to come help scale our system another order of magnitude. You will get to join an awesome team working on solving massive and difficult problems over a large array of domains: from distributed real-time load balancing, to protocol-aware reverse proxies, to distributed job scheduling, or figuring out how to safely max out 20 Gb NICs while ensuring high quality of service.


Juvo | San Francisco, CA (ONSITE)

Juvo is hiring Android and Backend developers in San Francisco. Please get in touch with me at anthony@juvo.com if you're interested.

--- About Juvo

Billions of people around the world lack access to credit or banking services, two foundational concepts of financial security. They do, however, have access to a technology that can connect them to the world’s economy: a mobile phone. As smartphones become cheaper, historically underserved populations now have the opportunity to access world-class services through rich app experiences from virtually anywhere in the world.

Juvo partners with mobile operators around the world to offer access to credit and financial services via their everyday interactions with their mobile services. We are leveraging the rapid adoption of smartphones around the world to reimagine the way that consumers purchase prepaid mobile service and to address the challenges of financial inclusion.

Just 8 months since launching, we have processed over 8 million transactions in 8 countries for more than 2 million customers and are quickly expanding around the globe.

Our team of 15 is based in San Francisco, and made up of startup and telecom veterans who have played key roles at companies like Flixster, Rdio, HTC, Boku, and Virgin Mobile. We are well-funded by top-tier angels and VCs including Wing Venture Capital and Freestyle Capital.

--- Android

We are looking for talented Android engineers to work on our suite of applications. You will design and build applications from the ground up. Because of our focus on emerging markets, Juvo is an Android-first engineering department.

--- Backend

We are looking for talented backend engineers to work on the infrastructure that supports our applications and services. You will have an immediate impact on our decisions around architecture, technology, and scalability.

TwoRivers Trading | New York City | ONSITE

Job Description:

We are a NYC proprietary trading firm looking to hire an experienced full-stack trading technology developer that will be responsible for everything from back-office systems and applications to core trading platforms. The successful candidate will work alongside senior developers and trading team to support, maintain and/or enhance the trading infrastructure.


We are looking for a dedicated and driven software developer with strong technical and programming skills, excellent problem solving ability with the following technical experience:

  * 3+ years of experience in Linux, C++, Python
  * Excellent and effective communication skills in English
  * Experience developing real-time, performance-critical, highly available systems
  * Familiarity with pricing of financial derivatives products is preferred
Send resumes and cover letter to hr@tworiverstrading.com


  Backend Developper (Erlang, C) - Montreal, Canada (ONSITE)
  Rails Application Developer (Ruby, PostgreSQL) - Montreal, Canada (ONSITE)
  Mobile SDK Developer (iOS, Android) - Montreal, Canada (ONSITE)
AdGear is a digital advertising technology company providing platforms and services for digital media innovators such as publishers, advertisers and media agencies. We operate a full-stack advertising platform enabling our customers to innovate with formats, audience data, reporting, pricing and distribution strategies.

For more information, complete description of roles, and details on applying, please see http://adgear.com/company/careers/

Please make sure to CC lp at adgear.com with your email to jobs at adgear.com so we know you're from HN :)

Qualys, Inc. - https://www.qualys.com/ | Redwood Shores, California | Full-time | REMOTE, VISA

We are working on Log Management softwareIt is designed to store terabytes to petabytes of logs. Mainly we are using Erlang and C/C++. Qualys has many offices around the world. We can have you employed in those countries, if you prefer to work remotely. We can assist with a visa, and help with relocation. Check out our global locations: https://www.qualys.com/company/contacts/

We need Software Engineers, QA Engineers, DevOps Professionals. If you are not a superstar yet, but you are eager to learn cool things, we'd like to hear from you.

What we did in the past and what we do these days:

* Distributed programming (scheduling in a cluster, leader election and all). * Custom on-disk and in-memory structures. * Query processing and execution. * Data ingestion. * Programming in Erlang which is fun. * Too many to enumerate all them at once.

What we are planning to work on in the near future:

* Work on aggregation/reporting language and processing pipeline. * Stream processing. * Fraud and anomaly detection. * Secondary indices/materialized views. * Doing synchronization between nodes as less as possible. * Data replication. * Live streaming (tail -f). * Many many more tasks in our roadmap.

We have a lot of plans and tasks. You could choose whatever you are passionate about. We are a small team, regularly hanging out and playing basketball together.

Want to be a part of all these? Please shoot an email to ichernetsky at qualys dot com


Linkable Networks - http://www.linkablenetworks.com - Boston, MA (office is in Fort Point Channel neighborhood) & Remote (U.S. Only) (http://careers.stackoverflow.com/company/linkable-networks)

* Company Summary

Linkable Networks was founded on the premise that the disconnect between digital media and physical retail was a major gap in delivering a great experience to consumers. Since 2011, we’ve been nose-down building a scalable platform that provides brands and retailers the ability to engage, reward and incent their consumers directly and across any channel – online, mobile and in-store. We pioneered the concept of card-linked-offers and have taken it to the next level – always-on loyalty. Both our self-service and SaaS-based platforms enable the creation of actionable ads, coupons, offers, promotions, rebates and more that let you reward loyalty... not just discount a purchase. This is the future of Loyalty.

* Technology Stack

Java, Spring, Sharded MySql, Redis, RabbitMQ

* Additional Info

We're wired into card networks and processors. We have a broad range of customers from grocery giant SuperValu where we're deployed with a first of its kind card-linked SKU offer solution to FanBank where we help enable community based Loyalty programs.

We run an agile shop with 80 successful sprints under our belts. Our process has been improved over the 5 years we've been running it so that we deliver on time and without drama. Our engineers don't sit in meetings they build solutions.

We're looking for solid Java engineers to join our team and help us build out the next level of capabilities on our platform.

If this sounds interesting, please shoot me an email at coolgigs@linkablenetworks.com

Is it ok if the aplicant is from the same timezone as the US?

hi aurelianito, thanks for replying. we can only consider remote candidates within the U.S.A.

Senior Python DevOps | https://UtilityAPI.com | Oakland, CA | REMOTE | Solar Job

=Company Description=

We are a white-label SaaS that is used by solar and energy efficiency companies to collect their customer's utility bill and usage data automatically. We write scripts that collect data from utilities, and these scripts can break unexpectedly when utilities change their interfaces, so being able to update them quickly is important. We recently got a large grant from the Department of Energy and closed a round of funding, so we have lots of runway. We are currently a team of six located downtown Oakland, and we are expanding rapidly.

=Job Description=

You will be helping test/maintain/monitor/optimize/scale the stack. Our current codebase is well organized, documented, and tested, and we will be adding compatibility for many new utilities over the next few years. We need to make sure our product stays top notch as we add utilities. You will have to visit Oakland periodically for all-hands meetings.


* At least 6 years of Python stack and Linux devops experience

* Experienced with: AWS, django, celery, redis, postgres

* U.S. citizen or green card

=How To Apply=

Email me, Daniel Roesler, a cover letter and a PGP-encrypted pdf resume. Please include links to your github, bitbucket, or personal side project website (for reference, mine is daylightpirates.org).

=For Solar Skeptics=

In the last few years, the solar industry reached "grid parity", which means that the unsubsidized installed cost is now cheaper than buying power from the grid. That's why this industry is the fastest growing industry in the country. This isn't some subsidy-dependent industry anymore. We work hard and we make real money (while conveniently also saving the planet).

Datanyze | San Mateo, CA | ONSITE | All roles from sales to engineering (including VP level)

Hi everyone! Jon from Datanyze here. We are NOT your average startup! We bootstrapped the company passed $1 million in annual recurring revenue, then raised a seed round (about 1 year ago) from some great investors, including Google Ventures and Mark Cuban!

We take our work seriously, but not ourselves. We know when to work hard and when to play hard (we're taking the entire team to Vegas because we just hit a big milestone last month!) and we're having a blast building amazing solutions for sales and marketing teams.

We have open positions for everything from entry-level sales and support to VPs of various departments (customer success, engineering, sales, marketing, etc.).

If you want to hear more or know someone amazing who might be interested, please email me directly at jon@datanyze.com!

Avaaz Foundation | Fully Remote/no visa required | Dev Ops Engineer

We're a global activism organization, dedicated to effecting positive change in the world. We tackle such issues as climate change, poverty, and corruption. For more information, check here: http://www.avaaz.org/en/about.php#howwework

We are in the process of extracting microservices from a large legacy php codebase. We primarily use python for new systems. We operate at "big data" scale, with 40+ million members, and hundreds of millions of events per month.

We value professionalism, autonomy, and healthy work-life balance.

Link: https://avaaz22194.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk0hipk

Superhuman | San Francisco | Polymath Engineer (Founding Team - Employee #2) | ONSITE


• We're rebuilding the email experience. A vim/sublime for email: lightning fast, beautiful, and highly programmable — with a collection of superpowers that make you brilliant at what you do.

• Why? 900M people spend 1/3 of their day reading and writing email; they deserve awesome, beautiful tools.

• We just raised $4M from all-star investors.


Delight and empower millions of people.


• My co-founder & CEO Rahul founded Rapportive (YC'10, acquired by LinkedIn)

• My co-founder Vivek founded Rapleaf/LiveRamp (acquired for $310M)

• I previously was VP Eng at Bugsnag, and built pry (used by 25% of ruby developers)


React, Webpack, HTML5, Golang, IndexedDB, ServiceWorkers, Postgres, Redis, Docker, Kubernetes, iOS/Android (nice to have)


• More info: http://superhuman.com

• Email me: conrad@superhuman.com

Conrad Irwin, Co-Founder & CTO

Front End Web Developer - USA - Washington D.C. or NYC (onsite preferred)

About Access:

Access (accessnow.org) is a growing organization dedicated to defending and extending the digital rights of users at risk around the world, including on issues of privacy, security, freedom of expression, and transparency. Our policy, advocacy, and technology teams have staff presences in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East/North Africa, North America, and Southeast Asia, to provide global support to our mission.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Working within the Digital Engagement Squad, develop websites and digital properties to further the goals of our Policy, Advocacy, and Tech arms; Working closely with the Tech team, manage Access websites (including www.accessnow.org) and web properties, coordinating the development of new sites and the maintenance of existing sites; Work with the Visual Advocate and other members of the Advocacy team to build and deploy standalone websites and other digital and interactive projects; Actively pursue new technologies and think creatively about how to adopt, extend and modify them for use in our projects, programs and the larger digital security and digital rights sphere; Develop reusable web functionalities and tools for Access web assets; Engage and support other members of the Access team as it relates to the development of web properties and the use of Access web assets; Report to Advocacy Director on progress and challenges of responsibilities as required. Education and Experience:

Fluency in Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, SASS JQuery, and PHP; A minimum of two years experience in Web development; Wordpress experience essential; other CMS experience (Drupal, Symfony etc.) a plus; Previous design experience and/or demonstrable design skills desired; Experience using Github to collaboratively develop and manage websites and digital assets.

To Apply: Please write to jobs@accessnow.org with “Frontend Web Developer-- [Your Name]” as the subject line and submit the following, saved as one PDF or .doc document:

Blackcomb Software | Sarasota, FL Area | Full Time | REMOTE , INTERNS

Blackcomb designs software for the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) industry. Our software and back office automation is being implemented at 3 of the largest HVAC companies in the US and we're continuing to develop new ways to transform this technologically ancient industry. We're primarily looking for people familiar with the .NET stack in C# (MVC, WebAPI, SQL, LINQ, Azure, Javascript), but experience with Swift on iOS is a big plus. If replacing cruft and repetitive tasks with smart software gets you as excited as it does us, let us know you're interested: https://www.blackcombsoftware.com/jobs

Plaid - San Francisco

Plaid is the API for Banking Data


Does working with a massive (and quickly growing) data set to solve real-world and actionable problems excite you? We're looking for a Data Scientist to join our team of awesome engineers.

Plaid is a developer platform for financial technology. Since launching two years ago we’ve built integrations with most of the major banks and now power thousands of fintech applications. We have massive amounts of financial data -- some of the most sensitive data in Silicon Valley. As a Data Scientist at Plaid you'll have the freedom to come up with interesting questions and build products to enable the future of finance.

Apply through our site, via api or email camille at plaid dot com

SinTrafico - Full Time | ONSITE - Mexico City, Mexico- Software Developer (mostly Python)

We have been building a wide array of analytics applications for logistics, market research, transportation and insurance industry. As part of the engineering team you will be working on different projects from the ground up, so I can assure you it won't be boring, also you should be comfortable doing minor devops, QA and pre-sales tasks.

What we are looking for?: (^ desired)

- Python

- Framework knowledge (Django or/and Flask)^

- Front and Back end experience.

- JS, HTML/CSS, SQL(PostgreSQL)^ , no-SQL(MongoDB)^

- Version control workflow (git)^ .

- We have both Jr and Sr positions open, don't hesitate to reach us!!.

About us:

- We are a well funded company and just raised a new round.

- Our offices are located at Polanco (currently deliberating to moving to Condesa)

- Cash Positive.


- Unlimited vacations.

- Choose your own setup.

- Flexible hours.

- Large equity ownership.

- Informal environment.

If you're interested send me your info at paco@sintrafico.com (CTO - cofounder)

Nice to see a Mexico City based company on HN. Are you looking for Frontend Developers by any chance?

Yeah, on a whim I did ctrl+f "Mex" and saw that there actually was a company in Mexico! If I were still living there, I would have enjoyed working in Condesa.

Well the position is Full-Stack, so if you don't mind do a few backend stuff you should be ok.

ConsenSys | Full-Time, Part-Time, Interns (Onsite or Remote) | Brooklyn, NY

Consensus Systems (ConsenSys - http://consensys.net/) is a venture production studio building decentralized applications and various developer and end-user tools for blockchain ecosystems, focusing primarily on Ethereum.

ConsenSys is interested in the identification, acquisition, and development of talent and projects on an ongoing basis, in addition to the development of internal projects and consulting work. ConsenSys is a decentralized organization with personnel spanning four continents.

Learn more and apply at: https://consensys.net/open-positions/

Vurb - San Francisco, CA (H1B OK) - http://vurb.com - Full Time only

Just launched Android and messaging across iOS & Android ("Best New Apps") - http://techcrunch.com/2015/08/20/vurbchat/ Won TC Disrupt and raised over $10M with a small team

WHAT WE DO: Vurb combines mobile search, apps, and messaging - partnering with services like Yelp, Foursquare, Rotten Tomatoes, etc. Rather than jumping between different apps to find something, we're bringing your apps and your friends together in one place - an app you'll use every day.

INVESTORS: Max Levchin, Drew Houston, Naval Ravikant, CrunchFund, Redpoint, Tencent + others.

APPLY IF: You are looking for a rapidly growing small team and the opportunity to take on significant responsibility and ship quickly. Examples of challenging problems that you could help us solve include:

- Manage and index millions of objects around places, events, movies, etc with blazing fast read-write access

- Develop search relevance and content discovery infrastructure on millions of objects and TB’s of data

- Develop mobile apps for not only scaling app performance but architecting the app to support a growing number of services and verticals


* Full-stack Engineer - generalist opportunities across the stack: backend, frontend. Go, JavaScript, node.js, react.js, backbone.js, AWS

* Search / Data Scientist / Data Engineer - search, classification, ranking, ML, graphs, data crawling/processing. Advanced CS degree required.

* Mobile Engineer - iOS / Android engineers (2+ years experience)

* Product Designer - UI/UX

INTERESTED? http://vurb.com/careers | jobs@vurb.com

Entelo - San Francisco (SOMA), CA - Full-time - http://www.entelo.com/ ; ONSITE only, no remote at the moment.

Our mission is to help organizations build diverse, cohesive and better teams. We've been building a variety of hiring solutions to help companies like Facebook, Salesforce, Zenefits and Lyft leverage the wealth of information online to find amazing prospective employees and make better hiring decisions. The sales and marketing worlds have many solutions that enable them to be more efficient and productive and it is our belief that we can adapt the best that sales and marketers have to recruiting/talent departments.

We're currently looking for a variety of positions including:

-Sr. Backend Engineer/Architect: Our backend team deals with crawling, parsing, normalization and aggregation of hundreds of millions of social profiles (i.e. Linkedin, Github, Twitter) and use complex algorithmic and statistical methods to match disparate social profiles. We use a Java/Postgres architecture for the backend and have dabbled with using Go.

-Lead Data Engineer: We're looking for someone to help us continue to build out our analytics framework for prediction of when people are most likely to be looking for a new opportunity. We use Amazon Redshift for data warehousing but are open to those that have extensive experience with "big data" stacks (Hadoop, Spark, Storm, Kafka, etc.)

-DevOps Engineer: We're looking for our first dedicated engineer to own DevOps for the long term. We take a software-centric (as opposed to an ops-centric) approach to DevOps, and have every engineer setup on PagerDuty in case something breaks in the middle of the night (hopefully we'll avoid that!). We use a variety of modern technologies including Docker, AWS, Rails, ElasticSearch, Kubernetes and other tools such as New Relic, Loggly and PagerDuty.

If you're interested in any of our open positions, you can reach out to me directly (I'm the founder) at jon at entelo dot com

Sagan Systems | San Francisco, CA | Fulltime onsite only

Software Engineer | $125-175k

We've had a lot of great folks find us from this post on HN, and we're still hiring!

- We have a modern tech stack (React/Node/GoLang/Docker) and product architecture (real-time pubsub microservices)

- We're super early (<20 people), but well-funded with an experienced founding team of B2B serial entrepreneurs

- We have an environment of mutual respect, mentorship and learning from peers

I’m an engineer at Sagan and enjoying it a lot! Feel free to email me with questions (alice@sagansystems.com), or check out http://sagansystems.com/#hiring

We're also looking for a devops/platform engineer, voip experts, a designer and a VP of product.

I cannot tell what the company does from the website. Mind writing about it here?

The first startup I worked for in SF in 2007 subleased space on the 5th floor of 611 Mission St. Great office. :)

Hotels.ng - Software person that wants to do management - Lagos, Nigeria - REMOTE

Hotels.ng is a hotel booking platform for Nigerian hotels. We are a small startup and we're trying to make african hotels bookable online (most don't even use the internet).

We're looking for someone with a technical background who wants to help out with overall management of the different aspects of the business. Means understand what is going on and then organising the teams/managing timelines to make sure everything gets done when it needs to get done.

We'll not be paying very much < $2k/month, but anyone who is up for an interesting project and is interested in Africa, this would be a good opportunity. Email for application is mark@hotels.ng.

Platform9 Systems | Sunnyvale, CA | Onsite | Full Time

Platform9 makes an "easy button" for OpenStack! Come join us as a Software Developer practicing DevOps in these areas: build/release, upgrades, monitoring, logging, security and playing fetch with the office dog. We are a Python shop, we ssh into our dev servers and work on MacBooks or Chromebooks. The ideal candidate is a coder, has an interest in Go and knows how to get around in bash. Knowledge about configuration management, VMware, networking and EC2 is a bonus.

Drop a note here: http://platform9.com/company/careers/sunnyvale.html

Recurly | San Francisco/Boulder,CO | Full Time | ONSITE

Recurly provides enterprise-class recurring billing management for thousands of subscription-based businesses worldwide. Merchants use us to maximize their revenue driven by recurring billing. We also make accepting payments on web easy, safe, and free of PCI worries.

Our stack right now is mostly ruby, node, and java. We are hiring across the board (including front end and security). Email me at ben@recurly.com if you would like to chat. Please include the position you wish to apply for and some information about who you are and what you want to do.

See open positions: https://recurly.com/jobs/

I put together a leaflet map of all the jobs here: http://drmattyg.github.io/html/index.html

It extracts the headers and geocodes the locations. Feedback welcome!

Nice! Falkland Islands one looks like it's really Palo Alto though?

You're right, it's geocoding it to "Pebble Island". The format isn't standard, so it just geocodes the first place name it finds :)

Yoyo Wallet - http://yoyowallet.com/ | London, UK | Full time | ONSITE

Yoyo Wallet is a one of London’s leading FinTech startups building a marketing platform for modern retailers powered by mobile payments. We're looking for diligent and enthusiastic software engineers to join our engineering team. We have several vacancies as we’re rapidly growing our engineering team at the moment - we’re looking for:

* Platform engineers - our platform is built using Golang,

* Python, Django, RabbitMQ and Postgres.

* Android engineer

* Director of Engineering

* Data scientist

More details on our Workable page: http://yoyo.workable.com/

BuildZoom (YC W13 - www.buildzoom.com) is hiring!

Our goal is to take the risk and complexity out of construction and remodeling by providing homeowners with all the information they need to make great decisions. To get there, we put the product first and are passionate about building something people love and want to use.

Headquartered in a beautiful office in downtown San Francisco, our diverse company includes an economist who lectures at Berkeley, a licensed general contractor, game designer turned marketer and a team of talented engineers.


Lead UI / UX Designer - Full Time - Competitive salary / equity https://jobs.lever.co/buildzoom/8b561633-f3a8-4be4-b1d0-93e3...


Front-end Engineer - Full Time - Competitive salary / equity https://jobs.lever.co/buildzoom/a74639cc-839e-4f4e-8437-5828...


Data Engineer #1 - Full Time - Competitive salary / equity https://jobs.lever.co/buildzoom/6dae6e13-45a2-4eab-bb8f-f5f4...


Full-stack Rails Engineer - Full Time - Competitive salary / equity https://jobs.lever.co/buildzoom/de320f7b-65b9-492a-b1fe-bb51...


See all open positions at BuildZoom: https://jobs.lever.co/buildzoom

Email artem@buildzoom.com to chat about the roles.

London, United Kingdom - Geckoboard - http://geckoboard.com - ONSITE (but some working from home is not a problem)

Geckoboard is a successful, growing 25-person B2B SaaS startup based in East London. Our elegant real-time dashboards solve a tricky, important problem for thousands of paying subscribers, by taking the complexity out of connecting to their data and making that information simple for everyone to interpret at a glance. As a result, our customers unlock data they didn't know they had, connect people and join up projects, and make better decisions faster.

We are looking for a front-end developer who is excited about tail-call optimisation in ES6, uses TDD consistently or wants to learn to do so, and builds super-usable single-page applications. Any React knowledge is a plus but we are happy for you to learn with us. See our jobs page for details: https://www.geckoboard.com/careers/

We’re constantly striving to ensure that we offer the most encouraging, supportive and efficient environment possible. We want everyone on the team to participate in making our architectural decisions. The whole team is involved in prioritising and evaluating our work and we regularly program in pairs to share knowledge, promote collaboration, and improve code quality.

We don't just pay lip service to work-life balance, we actively and strongly encourage it. Flexible working hours and the ability to regularly work from home let you work in a way that fits you and your family, and we have generous maternity and paternity leave policies. We see our contractual obligation to offer 25 days' paid holiday as a /lower/ bound for everyone in the organisation, not a limit. We actively contribute to personal and professional development and have a minimum budget allowance to be spent on courses, conferences, and books. We also run fortnightly "innovation days", where everyone has complete freedom to work on anything that interests them, from contributing to open-source projects, learning a new skill, or improving our internal tools and processes.

Netflix, (Los Gatos, CA - south bay) Visa transfers OK.

- Senior Java Backend engineer (OpenConnect CDN) https://jobs.netflix.com/#/jobs/1693/apply

- Senior Platform Engineer https://jobs.netflix.com/#/jobs/2240/apply

Both jobs centered around building the Control Systems Platform for Netflix's OpenConnect CDN (http://openconnect.netflix.com)

Progressive Media International | London, UK | ONSITE | Senior PHP Developer

Part of the Progressive Media Group, PMI is a division which runs a suite of magazine and media websites with global reach, including high profile UK political websites such as the New Statesman (www.newstatesman.com). Following several major site relaunches recently (one of which won a Web User UK award), we're seeing rapid audience growth, and we're positioning ourselves with ambitious plans for development and growth through 2016 and beyond.

We need a senior PHP developer to come on board to develop and manage our team of UK and overseas developers. Your task will be to manage the software team (onshore & offshore); drive architectural decisions, and set the technical strategy for the division.

You'll report to, and work closely with the Commercial Director; you'll need to be able to lead projects effectively and communicate well to stakeholders, and have a good sense of the ways in which technology can support the business.

You'll also need a solid technical background to deal with the issues of driving and supporting growth in media websites at substantial scale; and you'll work with other technology departments throughout the broader group.

Technical skills

  * Significant expertise in both Wordpress and Drupal frameworks
  * Proven experience in building and modifying custom modules in both frameworks
  * Strong frontend development skills; HTML/JS/CSS
  * Understanding of performance characteristics of media sites, frontend and backend.
  * Comfortable with distributed version control (git)
  * Comfortable with modern development practices.
You should also have

  * A track record of delivering successful projects around high traffic media sites
  * Good communication skills
  * A good appreciation for website UI and UX principles.
  * Organizational and management skills
  * A keen interest in politics and current affairs
Please get in contact at tech-jobs@progressivecapital.ventures with a CV, cover letter, and pointers to any open source work and/or sites you've worked on previously.

Twilio | San Francisco | Full-time Onsite Engineer | API Tools

Not every developer can get excited about tooling, but you're different. You believe that tools should conform to a developer's workflow and not the other way around. You want to help Twilio developers easily debug problems and thoroughly test their software so that they can focus on shipping. You're excited to use your experience as a developer to envision and build tooling for cloud APIs that have never been seen before. You want to help set the new bar for the kind of tooling that developers will come to expect from all API providers.

Hiring Manager: Carter Rabasa, carter@twilio.com

We make a platform for data scientists that helps sophisticated organizations develop, share, and deploy their analyses and models. We have a growing number of large enterprise customers, and we are scaling our team to keep up with the demand for new functionality.

We are looking for Senior Software Engineers, front-end developers and customer-facing project/engagement managers. Our stack is mostly in Scala, and we make heavy use of Docker under the hood. Apply at https://www.dominodatalab.com/careers or email jobs@dominodatalab.com

DeskPRO http://www.deskpro.com/ | London, UK | ONSITE | FULL TIME

Us: Changing how organisations communicate with their customers. Clients include Valve, HMRC, NHS, Microsoft, 1&1 etc.

Looking for:

a) Lead full stack developer. Stack is PHP/ReactJS/mySQL/redis/ElasticSearch

b) Mobile Developer. Come and re-build our mobile applications from scratch (Objective-C, Swift, Java).

Small London based team based in Farringdon.

https://www.deskpro.com/careers/ or just email us jobs@deskpro.com

SidePrize / Atlanta, GA or REMOTE / Software Engineer


SidePrize sits between traditional fantasy and daily fantasy sports. You can think of us as a bridge between the two. We partner with fantasy sports platforms and integrate with leagues to provide additional game types, real-money contests and payments.

We’re looking for a seinor-level engineer to become the fourth member of our engineering team. Our application is built on Rails and JS. The challenge at hand is building a solid integrations with our partners using a combination of APIs and scraping, while creating new game types for fantasy players.


* Experience writing and maintaining web applications, specifically back-end (server-side).

* Experience with the Ruby programming language and/or the Ruby on Rails web application framework.

* Great writing and communication skills. One or more members is often remote, being able to communicate by writing is of critical importance.

* Good requirement-gathering skills. Starting with a problem and working from there to understand how the problem can be solved is a valuable skill.

* A strong interest in sports.


* Experience maintaining the front-end of web applications (HTML/SASS/JavaScript).

* A strong interest in fantasy sports and sports statistics.

* Experience building fantasy sports or sport tracking applications.

We were crowned as one of the most promising startups in the fantasy sports space—winning two of two awards handed out by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association and are currently part of the Los Angeles Dodgers Accelerator.

Both fantasy sports and mobile payments were crowned as two of the 10 hottest industries for 2015—we operate in both. Plus, we’ve got a solid team with a proven CEO at the helm. If you’re interested in statistics, technology or sports, there isn’t a better opportunity than SidePrize.

Think this might be for you? Send an email to tareq@sideprize.com.

2paths.com - REMOTE - Nodejs

20paths is a 4 persons collaboration. All of us are remote from US to India and UK and sync on slack & github.

We are aiming at changing how SPA apps provide tech help / support to their users. Check out our working example on gmail.

Looking for a nodejs person who is passionate about changing how the things are done. You will be #5 on our team and be on ground zero as we polish our app.

Also looking for a growth hacker who finds the service interesting & exciting.

drop me a mail at team@20paths.com and let's chat on skype.

Check us out at https://20paths.com

London, England - Full Time - ONSITE

Brand Networks (http://bn.co/) is hiring a full stack developer for our office in Shoreditch, London. We're using AngularJS, Javascript, Python, NodeJS, Go, Android, iOS, Ansible, Docker and AWS to build solutions our users love.

If you love programming and would like an entertaining job with smart and friendly colleagues, a steep learning curve and a wide variety of challenges, please get in touch. You can email me personally at jmc@bn.co.

Graduates and interns welcome.

You will need a visa to work in the UK.

Hubbub.co.uk | Backend developer | London, UK (ONSITE)

Hubbub lets people do their online grocery shopping with small independent shops with all the convenience of the supermarket. You can get amazing meat from the best London butchers alongside fish fresh from Billingsgate that morning, veg from your greengrocer and freshly baked bread from places like E5 Bakehouse.

We're growing our team and looking to hire another backend developer. Apply at http://developers.hubbub.co.uk/

Periscope | San Francisco, ONSITE | Full Stack Engineer (Ruby, Go, CoffeeScript, Java) | https://www.periscope.io/

We make SQL data analysis really fast! Our customers build and share dashboards around their companies after querying tens of billions of rows in seconds.

You'll be working on the full stack: from the Go and Java servers managing giant database clusters to the Rails and CoffeeScript frontends.

Join our team of 13 and ship code to production every day: email us at hello@periscope.io

I've been an engineer at Periscope for the past couple years and would be happy to answer any questions about the company or life as an engineer here.

I've worked on the whole stack here, but my favorite parts have been new charting features (most recently annotations), client and server side latency (I love the chrome flame graph profiler), machine learning for lead scoring models (hooray for scikit), and anytime we can ship a customer feature request the same day they request it.

Send me an email at ganz@periscope.io if you'd like to talk about life at Periscope! :)

SpotHero | Chicago, IL | http://spothero.com SpotHero is changing parking, and our tools will redefine the transportation industry. With over a million cars parked, fast growth, and solid funding (https://angel.co/spothero), SpotHero offers countless ways to make an impact on the company and your career.

Product Roles Senior Product Manager, Mobile Apps - http://spothero.com/careers/88310 Have you brought multiple consumer mobile apps to market and rapidly scaled their adoption? Then SpotHero wants you to define and drive the future of our mobile apps, all the while partnering with an amazing team!

Lead UI Designer - http://spothero.com/careers/88270 Ready to spearhead a product design and make it an industry leader? Then SpotHero is looking for you! We're adding a Lead UX designer to the team to take our product to the next level - someone with extensive experience in solving UX challenges in a goal-directed, data-informed design environment.

To apply, please email your resume to jobs@spothero.com. Include any github account, linkedin profile, and any project that you’re particularly proud of. We love seeing work that others loved working on.

Full Stack Developer @ J.Crew 770 Broadway New York, NY 10003 (ONSITE) We are looking for a Full Stack Developer who is eager to work on some of the best work of his/her life. This position will focus on the User Interface portion of the stack, but the ideal candidate should also have a monstrous appetite to learn and work on every aspect of software development. Tasks will include researching new techniques/frameworks, building new APIs/standalone apps, brainstorming creative solutions to tough technical problems, and automating deployments. Responsibilities: - Working with the product team to design, build, and deploy user interfaces - Improving and adding features to existing applications - Troubleshooting client issues - Maintaining a robust test-suite Must Have: - Bachelor's degree in Computer Science (or a related field Math, engineering, etc.) - Experience with nodejs - Experience with cross browser development and with at least one Javascript framework (Backbone, Angular, etc) - Experience building applications on REST APIs - Excellent communication skills (written and verbal) - You should also be organized, an independent thinker, and a good team player Nice to have: - Experience in a functional language (Clojure, Scala, Haskell) - Familiarity with technologies like git, lodash, jquery, require, react, promises, etc. Contact: megan.layton@jcrew.com

Planet Labs -- http://planet.com/ -- San Francisco, CA

(Remote work depends on the role -- some are onsite only, others may be available to remote workers.)

Planet Labs has a large number of positions open. We're a collection of electrical, mechanical, aerospace, software, science, etc. folks looking to image the whole planet on a daily basis with a large number of small satellites. It's a terrific bunch of folks doing what we call "agile aerospace". I've personally been with the company for over a year, working on "Mission Control", an internal web app for managing the satellites and make life easier on our "Spaceship Captains" -- the operators who manage them. This is definitely one of the most interesting and fun roles I've had in my career (and I've had a few).

Python (Flask, Django) and Javascript (React, Backbone) are used heavily in the web projects. We of course have systems programming to do for the onboard software. Plenty of other interesting work from the satellite design and various subsystems, manufacturing, georectification of images, image corrections, dev ops, site reliability engineers, and heaps of possibilities with a supremely interesting dataset that we're growing.

Full list of jobs at https://www.planet.com/careers/#openings

Savvy is hiring in San Francisco: Senior Frontend Engineer - https://angel.co/savvy-7/jobs/90384-senior-frontend-engineer Savvy (http://savvy.is) is changing the way the world learns by enabling anyone with expertise to teach. We're building a global marketplace that connects teachers and learners for live, 1:1 video sessions We’re looking for a passionate, senior frontend engineer to join the engineering team at Savvy. We're a small, focused, and ambitious team, so you’ll be working on creating a beautiful, interactive user experience using technologies such as React.js, Node.js, Coffeescript, PostgreSQL, Heroku, HTML5 & CSS3, Ruby on Rails, Stylus, and WebRTC.

This role requires technical chops as well as leadership. We’re communicative and collaborative, value diversity, and learn from each other within engineering and across disciplines

Savvy is in the start-up sweet spot. There are seven of us, we're well-funded by international VCs and Angels, just launched our Private Beta (http://bit.ly/savvyprivatebeta). You will be instrumental in our push to build a first class product from the ground up. Are up for the challenge to solve tough technical problems as we touch many people’s lives worldwide? Get in touch: tom@savvy.is

High Fidelity -- San Francisco, CA -- Fulltime, ONSITE but work from home friendly. High Fidelity was created in 2013, our mission is to create a new kind of virtual reality platform.

Team High Fidelity has a deep legacy of expertise in software development, social entertainment, peer-based recognition systems, community development, and workforce mobilization.

We believe that both the hardware and the internet infrastructure are now available to give people around the world access to an interconnected Metaverse that will offer a broad range of capabilities for creativity, education, exploration, and play. And by using all of our computers together in an open shared network, we can simulate this space at a far larger scale than would be possible by any single company or centrally hosted system. By using a range of new hardware devices like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Leap Motion, PrioVR, Sixsense, and depth cameras, the experience of exploring these worlds can be incredibly immersive and the interaction with others lifelike and emotional.

We are looking for software engineers with solid experience in C++ and Javascript to help us build the Metaverse. Openings can be viewed at http://highfidelity.com/jobs. To apply, email us your resume or LinkedIn profile. Sample code and links to things you’ve built are most welcome.


ProctorFree - Charlotte, NC - ONSITE http://proctorfree.com/

Java Web Developer - https://angel.co/proctorfree/jobs/68112-java-developer

- Java, Spring, Spring MVC - Hibernate/MySQL/PostgreSQL

- HTML/CSS/jQuery on the frontend - Trello, Jenkins, Git, Ansible, Linux - AWS infrastructure

Shoot me an email at mikeb@proctorfree.com or apply on AngelList

NEXEDI | Lille/Munich/Paris/Tokyo | ONSITE | 3/6/12 months TRAINEE/INTERNS

We keep a group of trainees contributing on research projects and prototyping things we are curious about. Most of our staff are former trainees and this is our preferred way to find people that fit our mindset. If you are passionate about open-source aka free software and like one of our topics below, get in touch.

Current topics (http://www.nexedi.com/jobs):

   - Prototype JavaScript Unhosted Social Network
   - Help on our Python Big Data, Machine Learning Platform
   - Help porting the Babel protocol to Rina
   - Extend our HTML5 Web Component Framework
   - Upgrade our Web App Store / Add Some JavaScript Apps
   - Explore Our Prototype of An Decentralized Web Cloud
   - Try prototyping a Web Version Control System
   - Try to use WebRTC to create a Web Mesh Network
   - Experiment with ERP5 and WebAssembly
About Nexedi: We are a small team from all over the world (headquarters in Lille, France) creating open source software since 2001. Our work is split between client and research projects with ERP5 (Enterprise software), SlapOS (Cloud Hosting), Wendelin (Big Data platform) and OfficeJS (HTML5 offline applications) being our main solutions around which we provide services. We all work with Chromebooks, our offices are paperless and we have no meetings = we hack.

Apply To: jobs(at)nexedi.com

KPCB Edge | Developer in Residence | San Francisco, CA | Temporary | On Site

Hey HN!

We’re KPCB Edge, Kleiner Perkins’ seed-stage initiative, and we’re looking for a developer in residence to join us for a few months in our San Francisco office. The role would be a great opportunity to work on some React (and React native) projects with us and figure out what your next move might be, whether that’s starting a company, joining a company, or something else entirely. There’s a bit more info up here: https://www.kpcbedge.com/roles (you can ignore the iOS requirement—we’ve been experimenting with React Native to target mobile and had great results so far).

To tell you a bit more about us, we spend half our time investing and half our time building products to try to solve common problems faced by the founders we’re investing in (happy to explain this further directly). Everyone in the partnership is technical, and we ship code for the aforementioned products ourselves. More about our current team here: https://www.kpcbedge.com/team and our portfolio: https://www.kpcbedge.com/portfolio (includes 3 YC companies)

Reach out to rrumburg@kpcbedge.com if interested!

Onfleet, San Francisco, On-site, Backend engineer

We're looking for a top-notch backend engineer, with the opportunity to grow into much more. Backend experience and/or experience with building RESTful APIs is a must. Frontend experience is a plus.

We're building a modular platform that solves the hard technical problems around fleets of mobile workforces (e.g. route optimization, simplified dispatch UX/UI, real-time location tracking, driver mobile apps for multiple platforms). We provide an end-to-end solution for assigning work, tracking drivers and driver performance, and providing a delightful end-user experience with automatic SMS updates including accurate ETAs and a map to track deliveries en route. Incumbent fleet management software is antiquated, pre-smartphone era, and expensive.

Our backend is built using the latest technologies, including Node.js, Redis, MongoDB, and WebSockets. Our product is mission-critical, so reliability and stability are critical.

As our third engineering hire, you would work very closely with our product-focused founding team to bring a perfect delivery management experience to SMBs and other delivery-centric tech companies, enabling them to scale their businesses and delight their customers.

More details here: https://onfleet.com/careers

Feel free to email our VP of Engineering m[at]onfleet.com with any questions you might have.

Take a stab at our little challenge and ensure your CV gets reviewed by our team: curl http://challenge.shopcurbside.com Curbside is enabling a new way to shop, built for the era of instant mobile commerce. The Curbside app makes it easy to find, buy and pickup products at nearby stores. Curbside searches realtime local inventory across retailers and uses location-based technologies to alert stores when a customer is arriving for a pickup. Curbside helps consumers quickly get what they need and helps retailers better serve their increasingly mobile centric customers. The Curbside Merchant Console enables alerts to staff as customers arrive to pick up orders and also manages online order workflow.

Curbside’s investors include Sutter Hill Ventures, Index Ventures, Jerry Yang’s AME Cloud Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures, Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors, O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, Gil Elbaz & David Waxman’s TenOneTen and Chicago Ventures.

Tech Stack: Clojure, Python, Javascript, iOS, Android, Elasticsearch

Problem space: mobile commerce, big data, search, machine learning, reverse engineering, distributed systems, location services, user experience.

http://www.shopcurbside.com/jobs • Palo Alto, Ca. • Relocation Available • Sorry at this time we cannot sponsor NEW H-1B’s, but we can transfer existing visa’s and sponsor new E3’s, TN’s, and O-1’s.

IBM Watson represents a revolutionary set of natural language processing, analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies that can and are being used to solve real world problems. The Watson group is at the forefront of the next generation for IBM and is comprised of the finest talent in the company and in the industry. Here's an example of the impact you can make as part of IBM Watson - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CuLJYdyJSFo

We are looking for talented and passionate engineers who want to be part of our teams working on Watson Discovery Advisor. For a high-level overview, see http://www.ibm.com/smarterplanet/us/en/ibmwatson/what-is-wat... and look at the Discovery section.

At the nexus of engineering and design you will be instrumental in bringing industry-defining software products and web applications to users around the world. If you’re interested in making a global impact by delivering innovative user experiences and building a framework for Watson Discovery – we want to hear from you!

See - https://ibm.biz/BdX7bT

Geostellar | Martinsburg, WV | Full-Stack Software Engineer | REMOTE Full-time | US Candidates Only Are you tired of the world's reliance on fossil fuels? Do you want to have a positive effect on the environment for future generations to come? Join the team at Geostellar as we bring the joy of solar power to every rooftop in America and make the world a better place in doing so. The world is ready for the solar power revolution, help us bring it to them! Funding: - Raised over $17M+ to date

We offer: - Stable-hours - Competitive Compensation (Salary + Equity) - Flexible Time-off - Hands-on Experience with all parts of the Web Application stack - Paired-Programming - Completely Remote minus quarterly meet-ups

Current Technology Stack - Ruby-on-Rails 4, PostgreSQL, HTML/HAML, Javascript/Coffe-script, BackboneJS We are looking for individuals with experience building scalable applications with Ruby-on-Rails 4 and PostgreSQL and have a strong understanding of Object-Oriented Software Design Principles. https://geostellar.com https://www.linkedin.com/company/geostellar Send your resume to jobs [ at ] geostellar [ dot ] com with "HN Software Engineer" in the subject

Kaplan Test Prep | New York | Onsite - Software Engineer

Kaplan Test Prep is a market leader in test preparation, we serve college students and young professionals studying for the MCAT (medical school), GMAT (business school), LSAT (law school), GRE (Master's and PhD programs), and SAT exams. Our organization is entrepreneurial, growth-oriented, and energetic. Our team genuinely enjoys what they do and take pride in it. If you want a challenging, exciting, and creative engineering role -- while working with talented and passionate people -- consider applying for one of our roles.

I am looking to hire a Software Engineer to work for my engineering team, and in particular for our API development team. We are building a microservices based architecture to support our next generation courseware platform. Our core technologies include .NET, C#, nodejs, angularjs, SQL Server, Redis, MongoDB. I'm looking for somebody who has a strong grasp of good API design with considerations for multi-tenancy, security, performance, scalability, ease of use and understanding how APIs relate to each other and to the ecosystem of products which use them. I also look for people who have a keen sense for what makes a strong product and the value of good UX as we build a world class software platform for our students. The role is onsite in our Manhattan office.

http://www.kaplan.com/careers-at-kaplan/our-culture/ or find me on twitter @kenwarner

Exosite | Minneapolis, MN | Full-Time | ONSITE | https://exosite.com

Exosite provides a platform for the internet of things. Primarily targeted at industrial automation and white goods product developers. Our bread and butter is helping old school hardware manufacturers connect their products to the internet.

We accepted a large minority investment from Parker Hannifin [1] a few months ago so we're in a bit of a hiring blitz. Here are the positions that are curretntly explicitly hiring:

  * Senior Software Engineer - Web Services
  * Front Line Support Specialist - Products
  * Director of Partnerships - Marketing
  * Director of Quality Assurance - Products
  * Platform Engineer - Operations
  * Senior Web UI Application Engineer - Products
  * Senior Web Services Engineer - Products
  * Information Security Analyst - Products
More info here: https://exosite.com/careers/

In addition to the explicitly listed positions we're also hiring for our large design services group that does contract development for projects that use our platform. So if you do anything from embedded development to web or mobile we'd like to hear from you.

[1] http://www.startribune.com/aerospace-firm-parker-hannifin-in....

Vistar Media | Full Time | Onsite (Philadelphia, PA)

We're an advertising tech company focusing on geotemporal data analysis. We'd love to hire engineers with experience in high-performance distributed server development or large-scale JS applications.


We're a mature startup with an established, well-tested codebase, but we aren't afraid to shake things up. We want to solve our problems with the right tools, whether they’re cutting-edge, or tried-and-true.

Some of those tools:

  PostgreSQL / PostGIS
  EC2, SQS, DynamoDB
  React and Flux
Some nice-to-haves:

  * Have coded a non-trivial system soup to nuts. CSS, persistence, deployment, et cetera
  * Understand Linux to a degree where you’d be comfortable admin’ing a fleet of boxes
  * Be able to design and implement a large, efficient codebase
  * Be able to ballpark the computational complexity of a snippet of code
  * Be able to both identify and implement a practical test suite
Our careers page goes into more detail: http://vistarmedia.com/careers

To apply: either click the apply link on our careers page, or email me directly - let's meet for coffee. derek@vistarmedia.com

20n | San Francisco | Full Time, ONSITE | http://20n.com | Machine learning, data mining, NLP, and computational biology

Biology is severely under-utilized. 20n (YC W15) fixes that by letting software predictions direct genetic engineering. Our system modified a baker's yeast, and it now "brews" acetaminophen -- the active ingredient of Tylenol. ps: This is the only living cell on the planet that produces acetaminophen.

20n is YCombinator, DARPA, and Khosla Ventures backed, with existing Fortune 500 customers and is already profitable. Our core technology is a data mining and machine learning platform for biological data. We routinely distribute using Spark, write approximation algorithms for NP-complete problems, and push the software predictions to robots that modify the cells. We are looking for algorithms experts who want to see their predictions create new life!

Full job descriptions:

* Data mining and NLP: http://20n.com/jobs.html#team:input

* Machine learning: http://20n.com/jobs.html#team:predict

* Computational Biology: http://20n.com/jobs.html#team:sequence

POSITION Qa Engineer

COMPANY OrderGroove

LOCATION New York, NY, United States

DESCRIPTION Type: Full-time, Salaried with Benefits (health, dental & vision) and Stock Options Reports To: Dev Manager

More Details: http://www.ordergroove.com/careerslist/okSo1fwl

Please send resume to naqeeb.memon@ordergroove.com referencing this post.

ABOUT US OrderGroove is a SaaS company that works with leading e-commerce businesses to power subscription programs directly on their sites, allowing customers to automatically receive their favorite products on a fully customizable basis. With hundreds of thousands of online shoppers interacting with OrderGroove's scripts on our clients' sites each day, we are able to process 1,000s of requests/second and huge clusters of data from the largest e-commerce businesses and are still rapidly growing.

Each member of our Engineering Team has an inner drive to innovate, create and problem solve, and we utilize the latest technologies, including CORS, MongoDB and distributed cloud computing, to bring our solutions to some of the internet's most trafficked e-commerce websites. OrderGroove's backend platform is written in Python combined with the Django framework and the frontend is pure JavaScript that we wrote ourselves and our technology is quickly changing how people shop online.

Way to Health, University of Pennsylvania Health System | Philadelphia, PA | Full-time | Onsite | www.waytohealth.org

Chronic illness and the decisions people make and actions they take everyday – from their activity level to taking medications or smoking – drive the vast majority of the $3 Trillion in US healthcare costs. Our team has achieved breakthrough results in changing the behaviors that determine health outcomes, such as doubling adherence to medications that keep people healthy and out of the hospital, establishing new insights into patient engagement.

These results were enabled by the Way To Health platform, a unique technology asset now poised to move beyond research into broader clinical applications. The role we’re looking to fill is critical to expanding our impact. We need someone who can not only work with our team of internationally recognized thought leaders to identify and implement functionality and designs making interventions more effective, but also has the ability to evolve Way to Health into a scalable clinical platform that can be deployed efficiently in larger populations.

This role also affords the right candidate a great deal of autonomy in both how you do your work and in crafting a vision for the technology. We’re looking for team members who love problem solving and finding better ways to get things done.

Email me at mkopinsky@waytohealth.org for more info.

Instaprint | Brooklyn, New York - ONSITE | Front-End/UI Engineer

Instaprint is a photography oriented hardware/software company. Our most popular product is our Instagram photo-booth which we rent out globally. We’re a small core team of 3 engineers that do both hardware (electronics, mechanical) and software development. We’re looking for an accomplished front-end engineer at the top of his/her game that are looking for a role to push the boundaries of what is possible to do in the browser.

You need to be a highly experienced software engineer that can lead our front end development. This includes building out new products and also support systems for our global operations team. You need outstanding html, css and js skills and be familiar with everything else that comes with coding for the browser (webgl/websockets/ui frameworks etc). Full-stack and mobile development is a bonus. Things we like and use a lot: python (django), postgres, nginx, nodejs, linux, aws, react/flux.

We’re based in Dumbo Brooklyn (NY), we have a large workshop and electronics rework station (we do a lot of prototyping and production in our studio). Employees get unlimited vacation days, weekly friday beers, well stocked fridge with snacks and drinks, pick your own laptop/work setup. A few times a year we take a day of and get everyone out of the office to do something fun.

Let me know if you are interested! mattias@instaprint.me https://instaprint.me/

New York City, NY; Full time; VISA transfer only; ONSITE only; Will relocate; VIMEO

Vimeo.com is looking to hire Software Engineers for the following opportunities...

Senior Front-End Engineer...http://bit.ly/1P0uZUZ (ES6, React.JS, JavaScript, PHP, 5+ Exp)

Senior Application Engineer...http://bit.ly/1NYhirL (PHP or Python, Big Data Knowledge, 3+ Yrs Exp)

Senior iOS Engineer, Apple TV…http://bit.ly/1OjxbJW (iOS, Obj-C, 3+ Yrs Exp)

Senior iOS Engineer, Cameo app…http://bit.ly/1L4IdN8 (iOS, Swift, OpenGL, C/C++, 3+ Yrs Exp)

Senior Android Engineer, Cameo App...http://bit.ly/1MI5Boq (Android, OpenGL, C/C++, Java, 3+ Yrs Exp)

Front-End Engineer...http://bit.ly/1E4z0Bd (JS, HTML5, CSS, SASS, 2+ Yrs Exp)

Upload Engineer…http://bit.ly/1VDbXpd (GO or Java or Python & Linux 1+ years exp)

If anyone is interested in hearing more about these opportunities please email Samer Zaben at samer@vimeo.com

Network Locum (http://www.networklocum.com) | London, UK | ONSITE | FULLTIME

Network Locum is a data-driven marketplace fixing the problem of flexible staffing in the NHS, matching hospitals and surgeries with temporary doctors. We get over 10000 sessions posted every month, and have just series-A'd.

Our tech stack is mainly a microservices backend with an Angular frontend running through a REST API – running on Redis, Mongo and MySQL.

What we believe in:

  * Getting stuff done   
  * Testing quickly and often  
  * Making informed, data-driven decisions   
  * Lean principles and Agile project management
  * Developers spending their time doing what they do best: developing  
  * Cultural fit is as important as raw technical skills – we can teach you!  
  * Everyone shapes the direction of the product
We have a hipster office in Shoreditch that our team of ~30 works out of. We're looking for engineers, designers, and thinkers of all shapes and sizes. If you’d like to join us and be challenged on a daily basis, while having fun with great people, then shoot us your github profile, or a description of the coolest project you've worked on to michael@networklocum.com

Right now we're especially looking for:

  * Someone who really likes Angular and thinks React is cool too
  * UX and UI designers who can turn awkward layout into something awesome
  * World-class Brainfuck developers

Doctor On Demand | Senior Software Engineer, Platform | San Fracisco, CA | http://www.doctorondemand.com | REMOTE OK

We are a rapidly growing telehealth startup that allows anyone to have a video visit with a Physician, Psychologist or Lactation Consultant. We still have a pretty small engineering team and are looking for another backend / platform engineer to join us.

We use Python extensively. Our main stack uses Django, Celery, Postgres, Redis and RabbitMQ. You can even listen to a talk I did at DjangoCon 2014 that describes some of the technical details (http://confreaks.tv/videos/djangocon2014-connecting-patients...).

You would be responsible for helping us build out new features of the platform as we improve and expand our product offerings.

We're also hiring for positions in Marketing, Business Development, Customer Support and Clinical Operations.

If you're interested, you can find the job posting here: http://www.doctorondemand.com/careers

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions: jshelly@doctorondemand.com

Sendwithus|San Francisco CA & Victoria BC|Full-time|Onsite|www.sendwithus.com

Sendwithus is a Transactional Email company that is making email better, bold claim but it is true. We are looking for an amazing Senior Engineer for infrastructure. We are looking for that pro that can help us scale our backend as we grow into an enterprise feature service. We are trying to take over the world of email and are looking for that serious Developer that can crack the code with us.

What do we offer? Competitive salary + equity + benefits. Be challenged and rewarded as you take a lead role in our engineering team. Rapid professional growth. Work with an amazing team of like minded hackers/nerds. Unique experiences working with our customer base to solve problems. Collaborative approach to solving problems and creating new features. Fun team culture - annual team retreat, group lunches, birthday fest.

What will you be doing? Working with our engineering team to design, build and scale platform features. Making high-level technical decisions about architecture and database design. Identifying performance problems and crafting creative solutions. Experimenting with new technologies and solutions. Separating our primary app into separate microservices. *Interacting with customers to learn common road-blocks, bottlenecks and technical requirements.

If you want to take on the world with us, take on unique challenges and fun problems send as an email at jobs@sendwithus.com www.sendwithus.com/jobs/senior-engineer-infrastructure

San Francisco, CA - Jobr - Senior Software Engineer or Data Scientist - 5-10 FTEs - http://www.jobrapp.com

Jobr is the leading mobile-first jobs application combining a Tinder-style interface with a Pandora-like recommendation engine. We were founded just over a year ago, and all key metrics continue to grow 50-100% MoM. We’ve raised $2M in funding from a group of strategic investors and advisors including Lowercase Capital, Workday, the Tinder founders, Redpoint Ventures, Lerer Ventures, and Eniac Ventures. Our platform now has over 1M jobs across virtually every industry and covers the entire US and Canada, and we’re planning to expand further later this year.

We’re looking for a hungry, analytical Software Engineer to help us continue to move quickly and scale engineering operations. You should be comfortable in all parts of the stack, from writing CSS to querying databases to managing instances.

* All major systems are written in Go, accessing data in MySQL with a Redis layer

* Redis MQ for message queueing

* Scala data processing on Spark

* Job search via Elastic on Found

* Mixpanel and Periscope for tracking (track everything)

* Table tennis - for stress relief and friendly competition

We treat employees like founders, compensate very competitively, have a really cool office space, and just generally like each other. Send over an introduction if you’re interested! intro [at] jobrapp.com

Picmonic | Phoenix, AZ | Full Stack & iOS | http://www.picmonic.com/ | Full-Time/Onsite

At Picmonic we're working on building the worlds most unique next-generation e-learning platform using Angular, Laravel and all the latest in web technologies with a kick-ass team of developers in the heart of Tempe, AZ.

Our team of creative wizards use crazy cartoons and weird stories to teach the future doctors and nurses of the world all the super-complicated stuff that they need to know. And us developers are building the platform to bring these Picmonics to the world. Just recently funded by M2 ventures, we're re-inventing the entire concept of higher education and we are looking for world-class developers to join us as we grow the team.

If you need somebody to tell you what to do every minute of every day, don't bother applying. But if you love a fun, fast-paced, collaborative development environment where you get to make real decisions on product development and ship code every day send us your resume and tell us something cool about yourself.

Our job page is http://www.picmonic.com/company/careers/ Or email me at leon.klepfish [at] picmonic.com

A fast growing start-up based in Silicon Beach, Santa Monica, VideoAmp develops technology for cross screen marketing. We are a software and data company developing technology that enables advertisers and media owners to transact seamlessly across devices. In doing so, we’ve developed the world’s first Screen Optimization Platform.

Focused on technology first, VideoAmp has been rapidly gaining speed in an evolving industry. Our employees are supported and encouraged to attain mastery in their domain. To achieve this, we regularly bring in world class experts to coach and work along side our team. In addition, our employees enjoy InnoVamp sponsored world wide trips, creating cross function learning opportunities. If you think you are ready to test yourself, put yourself outside your comfort zone and be at the forefront of advertising technology, VideoAmp is “looking for you’.

Join our Data Scientist Team :http://videoamp.applytojob.com/apply/NuIrTW/Data-Scientist.h...

Join our Scala Team: http://videoamp.applytojob.com/apply/sn0p9B/Data-Engineer.ht...

Medallia - Palo Alto, CA - http://engineering.medallia.com

Medallia is hiring engineers to build our next-generation analytics platform. World-class companies (Airbnb, Mercedes, Nordstrom to mention a few) use Medallia to create awesome customer experiences.

We are a fast-growing (70% per year), Sequoia-backed company that recently became a tech unicorn; our mission is no less than to transform the way the world's companies view and interact with their customers. We allow hundreds of thousands of employees to access, analyze and take action on large amounts of customer data in real time. We are still a small engineering team, only about 50 or so of us, thus everyone counts.

We are building the new platform based on the latest technologies and best practices: pure REST APIs, based on Swagger 2.0, on top of a state-of-the-art microservice architecture built by our awesome Systems Foundation team. Code is hosted on Github and we open source the components that are of general interest. We host hundreds of millions of records for our customers and run analytics in fractions of a second with no pre-computation thanks to our own in-memory analytics engine.

Please send me a note at kristian@medallia.com if any of the above sounds interesting to you.

Kristian Eide, Software Architect

First Performance Global | (Multiple) Mobile, Backend, DevOps | Atlanta, GA | REMOTE, ONSITE | Full-time

We're building a distributed system and a front-end mobile app to allow consumers to control their credit card fraud settings. Our current clients (credit card processing companies) are all international. Depending on the position, you may need to travel for on-site deployments and technical discovery meetings. We are internally funded and are working with MasterCard, who holds the IP.

Our stack is a lot of Node.js (dealing with a mix of binary and JSON data) and PHP (user-facing code). We are in the process of breaking the PHP monolith into smaller Node.js services. On the app-side, we are hiring Android and iOS developers.

Each client will be need to support millions of users. If you are good with scaling multiple small services in tricky deployment environments, we want to hear from you.

We are a tiny company – a tech team of six – taking on a lot of work from our well-connected business team. If you can be agile and build stability in the storm, we want to hear from you.

Our board would prefer to find people located in the Atlanta, GA area, or those who are willing to move. However, I personally work from Maryland, and our systems guy is in North Carolina. But if you're a good fit, our CIO has the go-ahead to hire remote workers.

Interested? Send me a resume and tell me what you're best at, and what you're working on now. If you have a good joke, that's fine, too. Email is luke (period) albao (ampersand) firstperformance.com

Chartboost [https://chartboost.com] | San Francisco, CA, USA | Full time | Onsite

We’re continuing to grow our engineering team across all disciplines. We have open roles for DevOps Engineers, Front End Engineers (JavaScript/Backbone), Backend Engineers (Python), Senior Software Engineers (Scala), Data Engineers (Spark, MySQL) and QA Automation Engineers.

Chartboost [https://chartboost.com] is the largest technology and monetization platform for mobile game developers, globally. We help developers monetize, acquire new users, and make better data-driven decisions. We're reaching over 700 million people and are serving billions of impressions every month. We're profitable, backed by Sequoia, and have a ton of traction in our space (currently in 90% of the top grossing iOS and Android games), so it's an exciting time to be on board.

And... you’d get to work in our new office [http://www.officelovin.com/2014/12/11/chartboosts-new-san-fr...].

Our full list of open roles can be found here [https://www.chartboost.com/jobs], but we have many more openings coming down the pike.

If you’re interested, feel free to apply directly or reach out to talent@chartboost.com.

Radeeus | New York, NY | PART-TIME | DESIGN INTERN | ONSITE About us: Lebron James puts on his headphones and starts playing his favorite warm-up music before a game -- What is he listening to? What's getting him so fired up? With Radeeus, you can join any user's stream and listen together in real-time.

Already integrated with Spotify and SoundCloud -- YouTube, Rdio, KCRW, and CMJ coming soon -- Radeeus is a service-agnostic platform built to support the integration of any streaming service across any vertical.

Responsibilities - Assist in the concept and design of all interaction (web/mobile), print and presentation graphic assets

Requirements - Ability to create production-quality work that conforms to Radeeus's visual identity standards - Ability to effectively communicate concepts and ideas through iconography, illustration, photography, and copywriting - Ability to prioritize projects, communicate progress, and operate independently - Comfort in a fast-paced, highly-dynamic environment - Working knowledge of Adobe software, Sketch is + - Portfolio - General interest in mobile design, web design

Desired (but optional) - Good understanding of designing for interaction and how it relates to working along side development - Basic knowledge of prototyping tools such as balsamiq, invision app, ect. - Basic knowledge of motion design and or video production

Contact: matt.rogers@radeeus.com max@radeeus.com ryan@radeeus.com

Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster. do NOT contact us with unsolicited services or offers

Endgame | San Francisco, CA | Full Stack Python Developer | ONSITE | http://app.jobvite.com/m?3FrUBhwn

You will be building scalable, innovative, groundbreaking software that powers the backend of our Cyber Security Products. Faced with challenging problems on a daily basis, you will work within a team to resolve the unique challenges of threat detection in highly dynamic environments. You will use high-level programming languages and work with terabytes of data in an ecosystem of NoSQL products. With Data Science at our core, you will collaborate with data scientists to implement advance threat detection models.

Join Endgame in Building Next Generation Cyber Security Products! Description Join Endgame in Building Next Generation Cyber Security Products!

We are looking for a highly technical, creative and motivated software engineer who is excited to work in a fast-paced, innovative, and agile development environment, while solving critical cyber security problems. Ideal candidates have experience in rapid and early product lifecycle development.

What’s the Job?

You will be building scalable, innovative, groundbreaking software that powers the backend of our Cyber Security Products. Faced with challenging problems on a daily basis, you will work within a team to resolve the unique challenges of threat detection in highly dynamic environments. You will use high-level programming languages and work with terabytes of data in an ecosystem of NoSQL products. With Data Science at our core, you will collaborate with data scientists to implement advance threat detection models.


At least 3-5 years of experience in the Software Engineering field Must be very familiar with development in a POSIX environment (Linux, *NIX) Mad Python skills Skilled at building robust RESTful APIs Expertise with Django or similar framework (Rails, Grails) Experience with Queuing Technology like RabbitMQ/AMQP, Kafka, ActiveMQ, AWS SQS, ZeroMQ, etc. Fluent with Git and Github and comfortable using SSH Significant expertise with eventing concepts/libraries — epoll, libev, libevent, Node.js, gevent, requests

Who are we?

Endgame develops world-class cyber security products for the most demanding enterprise and government customers. Our products protect both corporate and national interests, by combining expertise across data science, threat research, and cloud computing. Endgame was founded in 2008 and has offices in Washington, DC, San Francisco, CA, Atlanta, GA, Melbourne, FL, and San Antonio, TX.

Kroll Bond Rating Agency http://www.kbra.com | Dresher, PA (Near Philadelphia) & New York, NY | ONSITE

KBRA's dev team provides internal applications for a growing company in the financial industry. We're also responsible for the company's external facing websites, which include subscription data products.

We're currently using PHP and JavaScript + jQuery with SQL Server and MySQL for the bulk of our projects, but we're also exploring where we can use other technologies. We believe in using the right tool for the job and JavaScript MVC and Go are high on our list of possibilities.

## Postions

Lead Web Developer (PA): https://www.krollbondratings.com/job/76

Database Administrator (NY): https://www.krollbondratings.com/job/83

Feel free to email me directly at jcampbell@kbra.com or apply via our StackOverflow job postings http://careers.stackoverflow.com/company/kbra. Additionally, two of our developers have recently stepped up as organizers for the PhillyPHP meetup group (http://www.meetup.com/phillyphp/), so you can stop by the next meetup and say hello.

RJMetrics - Philadelphia, PA http://rjmetrics.com/jobs

Currently looking for a Senior Software Engineer to join our team.

As a Senior Web Applications Engineer you will help us design, build and operate web-based tools for managing, exploring, modeling and reporting on data. To be effective you’ll need to:

- Design, write and review browser-side and server-side code - Drive best practices for web application architecture and implementation - Work with the team to make sure our web applications are always available and snappy - Recognize weaknesses in our technology and organization, and frequently tell us what we are doing wrong and why

Our product development team is composed of full-stack engineers with expertise in technologies like Clojure, AngularJS, PHP, Hadoop, and Java. We work in small teams, deploy dozens of times a day, and keep our projects short and focused. Engineers rotate between projects and areas of the product to learn and take on new challenges.

Here are a few examples of what we have built recently: - Services that expose APIs for interacting with dynamic datasets - A visualization tool on top of those APIs in AngularJS - A system for detecting and modifying objects in a complex dependency graph

Email sglasberg@rjmetrics.com for additional details!

Geonomics || Full Stack Senior Java Web Developer || Central London, Full-time, Onsite


You’ll be working in one of three small (3-4 person) teams of full-stack developers to help create genuinely innovative web- & mobile-based multi-player games that combine interactive gameplay and visuals with “soft-core” (low-stakes) gambling. The games have a pirate treasure theme and are overlaid on Google Maps.

Aclima - http://www.aclima.io - San Francisco, CA


Aclima designs and deploys environmental sensor networks that help people live aware. Aclima’s sensor networks generate billions of data points to reveal actionable insights about buildings, cities, and communities. In collaboration with partners like Google and the EPA, Aclima applies these insights to improve human and planetary health. Aclima’s mission is to use this new body of knowledge to create a more resilient, healthy and thriving world. For more information, visit www.aclima.io. We are looking for passionate engineers to help build, scale, and improve our platform. We have no required list of skills or years of experience. Instead, we’re looking for engineers who are smart and get things done. Our engineering culture values rapid iteration, continuous improvement, and as much automation as is sensible. We work in a relaxed, purpose-driven atmosphere with flexible hours and competitive perks.

Positions open:

* Full-time Backend Engineer

- great coding skills

- solid understanding of distributed systems

Our stack includes: Python, Git, MariaDB, Cassandra, Nginx, NSQ, Redis, Ansible


If you’re up for the challenge, apply directly: http://boards.greenhouse.io/aclima

Software Engineers (to work in Python and Django)

Fusionbox - Denver, Colorado

Job Description

At Fusionbox, the engineers work on tasks that span from server provisioning and system administration to server-side development to JavaScript fronted interface developing. We use git, Puppet, nginx, Postgres, memcache, Django, Backbone, AngularJS, Ember.js, and React--but we are always open to trying out new things. In addition to working on client projects, we have our own portfolio of open source projects that the engineers maintain.


You are passionate about open source and like to try new technologies. You do not necessarily come from a traditional computer science background, but you have achieved mastery and you are particularly well suited to engineering. You are a self-starter and learn easily. You would like to get paid to write open source software.

About Fusionbox

Fusionbox offers custom software development solutions to a wide range of clients using new technologies. Fusionbox is a place for talented people who are serious about the craft of programming. We are committed to the open source community and Pythonic sensibility.

Get more information at http://careers.stackoverflow.com/jobs/80312/django-software-...

Timeline.com | San Francisco | FULL-TIME | ONSITE (visa assistance provided)

Timeline provides deep context to relevant current affairs. When we released our first application – Timeline - News in Context – on January 15, 2015, it was immediately featured by the App Store Editors and then re-featured at the beginning of February as the best app of the month of January. They loved us so much that Timeline is now featured on iPhones in many Apple Stores worldwide.

Timeline team members work in a comfortable and results-oriented environment that comes with a great deal of autonomy, competitive compensation, and generous benefits. Equally important, people here believe deeply in what they're doing. Timeline is driven by a passion for a big idea. The world deserves better information. In one word, they deserve more context. Join us today. https://www.timeline.com

- Backend Engineer (Go, Node.js) - http://grnh.se/a57jbd

- Frontend Engineer (JS, Angular) - http://grnh.se/328dax

- Design Lead - http://grnh.se/daou7r

Calthorpe Analytics / UrbanFootprint | Berkeley, CA | Onsite / Remote | Front/Back-end/Full Stack Software Engineers

Help us build SimCity for real! We’re hiring software engineers to help us build UrbanFootprint, the world’s most sophisticated urban planning and data analysis platform. We are an established, successful business creating and scaling a cutting-edge, browser-based geospatial web application that serves a broad range of public and private-sector users.

We have an aggressive product development plan, the funding to get it done, and a strong current and potential user base. We are looking to build out our software team with senior and junior developers who combine coding chops with creativity and passion. We offer competitive compensation, a fantastic location in Berkeley, CA, stock options, and a chance to be part of something in its early stages.

What we do: http://calthorpeanalytics.com/

Open positions: http://calthorpeanalytics.com/hiring.html

Our stack is rapidly evolving but you'll be sure to run into at least:

* Python/Django * PostGIS * Leaflet

Interested? Send a cover letter and resume to softwarejob@calthorpeanalytics.com.

https://suade.org / Devops and Frontend / On-site London, UK

Early stage fintech company in the heart of London at the Microsoft Accelerator. We need an expert devops engineer and front end developer that can help build our RegTech banking products. We use Python, Docker, Postgres, ElasticSearch, AngularJS, D3 and other powerful pieces of tech.

Want to learn more? Get in touch, and we can talk it over: jobs [at] suade.org

Sr Software Engineer, Cloud - Saratoga, CA

ROKU is the #1 streaming software platform and for delivering video, movies, music to your TV. We have +250,000 movies, episodes, FREE TV channels and best collection of entertainment for streaming thru Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, Sling, HBO, SHO, ESPN +more.

Although we're known for our bestselling streaming players and TVs, a large service infrastructure supports our products. An important function of this service is to push software thru to our millions of devices. We are building a new component-based software configuration architecture in the cloud that will give us more flexibility and make A/B testing, app deployment, beta testing, and supporting different TV models easier. As an early member of the team, you will architect and build a new infrastructure from the ground up.

QUALIFICATIONS ▪ Architect discussions, hands-on coding and optimizing high performance, scalable backend services ▪ Excellent programming skills in Java or similar programming language ▪ Hands-on experience with Web Services, AWS, EC2, cloud deployment, and monitoring ▪ Database design NoSQL, SQL, Cassandra ▪ Demonstrated ability to be proactive, self-driven, and make practical trade-offs ▪ Bachelor’s degree in CS, CE or equivalent experience

INTERESTED? dat@roku.com

Surfline | Huntington Beach, CA | ONSITE | Full-time

Surfline/Wavetrak, Inc. specializes in providing live and predicted ocean weather information, editorial content, and consulting services to consumers, businesses, and government agencies worldwide.


Data Engineer https://Surfline.applytojob.com/apply/v4pC6g/Data-Engineer.h...

We are growing!!! We are looking for a top-notch Data Engineer, who loves solving complex problems. We are a small team, and are looking for people to make a big impact. This means you should want to take on a lot of responsibility and be able to manage projects independently.

What you’ll do...

- Work closely with our science team to build a scalable data pipeline system in a cloud environment

- Design and develop scalable science API platform that can be used by internal and external systems/applications.

- Develop and maintain an integrated data architecture spanning the relational, NoSQL and HDFS/S3 landscape.

- Break large, complex scenarios into sprint-sized deliverables that can be built, tested and shipped incrementally

- Work side by side with Product Managers to deliver products to our users.

- Continue to research and evaluate new technologies that may improve performance and elegance of our software implementation

Custora (YC W11) - http://www.custora.com - New York, NY - Engineering and Data Science

Marketing used to be an exercise in one-to-many communication: billboards, magazine ads, and - more recently - having a powerful social media presence. At Custora, we’re helping to turn this model on its head, using mountains of data to help our customers direct the right campaigns to the right users rather than blasting the same message to the largest audience possible.

We're growing quickly and looking to fill positions from Front-End Engineering to Data Science. We're analyzing data for well over 500,000,000 end customers, and this number is growing fast. We're building a marketing experimentation platform that's usable by entire marketing teams and we need your help to build new statistical models, to build the infrastructure to run those models, and to develop creative and intuitive ways of presenting our findings to our users.

Our job postings are at https://www.custora.com/careers. I'm more than happy to answer any questions and tell you more about us, so feel free to reach out to me at martin@custora.com.

Theranos - Palo Alto

Theranos is looking to completely redefine healthcare by solving speed and accuracy issues of current lab testing by combining SW engineering and life sciences using 1/1000 the amount of blood than what is typically drawn today; our process have results in Doctors’ hands in as little as 2 hours allowing them to provide significantly more accurate treatments in a timely manner.

Watch Elizabeth Holmes @ the Clinton Global Initiative: http://livestream.com/accounts/376536/events/4366856

An advanced stage startup, Theranos primary stack is .Net - We are looking for engineers who want to make a positive impact in healthcare. Also looking for Front End & Senior iOS developers.

VISA & Relo assistance (for those already in the US) – All roles are onsite only (i.e. no remote) – No International Candidates.

What’s it like working @ Theranos? http://vimeo.com/107759726

For more about each position: http://www.theranos.com/careers/software-development

email michaelw at theranos dot com

I interviewed with Theranos a year ago. It seems like one of their front-end teams is very Indian and was only looking to bring in Indians. I asked a very simple question like, "What is the product that your team is working on?" He gave me a curt answer, "We don't build products, we build labs."

Uh, okayyy...So, I guess he doesn't understand that labs are the company's products. To twist people's words like that is simply rude and it's not a great team to work with.

Marketo | San Francisco, CA | Onsite

About us

We’re looking for experienced engineers to double down our enginnering team in San Mateo.

We offer an exciting, fast-paced environment where exceptional performance is encouraged and rewarded. You will see the results of your work in the production application in a matter of weeks.

What we are looking for 1. Software Engineer, iOS http://marketo.jobs/careers/ozLL1fwQ/software-engineer-ios

2. Software Engineer, Android http://marketo.jobs/careers/oB9g1fwL/software-engineer-andro...

3. Sr. Software Engineer, Platform http://marketo.jobs/careers/oftE1fw7/senior-software-enginee...

4. Sr. Software Engineer, Apps http://marketo.jobs/careers/o68h1fwg/software-engineer-apps

mention "HACKERNEWS" in the subject or in your cover letter to get immediate attention.

Common Crawl (http://commoncrawl.org/)

Position: Crawl Engineer / Data Scientist

Location: SF or Remote

Email: jobs@commoncrawl.org

Common Crawl is the non-profit organization that builds and maintains the single largest publicly accessible dataset of the world's knowledge, encompassing petabytes of web crawl data. Any can download and use the data for free and we've been used for a wide variety of purposes.

As the crawl engineer, you'll run a crawl that spans hundreds of millions of domains and billions of pages each month. You'll command a fleet of machines on AWS that use Nutch to capture the web data and then Hadoop to turn it into a better structured dataset for others to use. This is a rewarding role as you're really giving back to the open data community :)


  - Fluent in Java (Nutch and Hadoop are core to our mission)
  - Familiarity with the JVM big data ecosystem (Hadoop, HDFS, ...)
  - Knowledge the Amazon Web Services (AWS) ecosystem
  - Experience with Python
  - Basic command line Unix knowledge
  - BS Computer Science or equivalent work experience
Full details: http://commoncrawl.org/jobs/

RINSE | San Francisco, CA and Santa Monica, CA | Full Time

Rinse is a technology-enabled dry cleaning and laundry delivery service. We've grown at double-digit month-over-month rates for two years now, and our customers love us! We have a number of open positions:

1) We are hiring evening Delivery Drivers. This is a great job for students looking to earn some extra cash while exploring the city. We offer mileage reimbursement, good hourly pay, and a W-2 pay stub.

2) We're also hiring a Senior Operations Associate to lead our service delivery team (including our drivers and logistics staff). We pride ourselves in operational excellence to support an amazing customer experience, and this role will help our business continue to scale through strong management, process development, and dedication to our customers.

3) Rinse continues to search for qualified Senior Software Engineers. We're primarily a Django / Python shop with a fair amount of javascript/HTML5 thrown in. We're building tools for our customers, our drivers, our internal staff, and our vendors. It's a "target rich" environment with plenty of opportunity to make a direct and meaningful impact on the business! We're solving problems as varied as demand forecasting, route optimization, QR tagging for inventory control, and a suite of mobile apps for our customers and staff.

Interested in the burgeoning delivery startup scene? Perhaps your family ran a dry cleaner or laundromat when you were growing up? Delighted with our service? Let's talk!

Email jobs <at> rinse.com with questions!

App Annie | Senior Data Scientist | Utrecht (city centre), NL | Full-time

App Annie Utrecht office is looking for Sr. Data Scientist. We use advanced data modeling techniques drawn from fields such as statistics, operations research and machine learning, together with incomparable App Annie proprietary data collected from iOS, Android and other platforms. Your role is to discover trends, uncover app store application evaluation methodologies, and provide accurate market estimates based on this data; work closely with Product Management, Engineering and other Data Analysts, to directly drive the creation and delivery of a new generation of App Annie core products.

You need to be passionate about data, experienced in data modeling and quantitative analysis; be able to solve problems with innovative and practical solutions; besides skills in statistics packages you should also be able to use at least one scripting language, eg.Python/Rubby. Having worked in Linux environment will make your life easier.

For more information and to apply, visit here: http://hire.jobvite.com/CompanyJobs/Careers.aspx?k=Job&c=qxJ...

Gradescope - https://gradescope.com Berkeley, CA | ONSITE

Assessment in education is broken -- instructors spend hours grading, and yet don't get a clear picture of what their students are struggling with. Gradescope lets instructors give out the same paper-based assignments they've always used, but then grade them online, while keeping track of the exact mistakes made by every student on every question. This enables unprecedented data analytics: we can reveal which concepts a student needs help with, or which questions are too difficult. To top it off, instructors finish grading in half the time.

Our product has been used to grade over 3.5 million pages of work belonging to over 30,000 students. We’ve raised a seed round, and are making our first full-time engineering hire to join the founding team of two PhDs and a professor from Berkeley CS. Over the next few months, we’re looking to expand our user base and roll out advanced features including autograding, additional analytics, and more. We offer market-rate salary with generous equity.

We’re currently looking for a full-stack engineer. We've got a Rails backend with some React on the frontend.

If you’re interested, please email jobs@gradescope.com

Tapjoy | Full Stack Engineer, SDK Engineer, Data Science | Boston, MA; San Francisco, CA; Atlanta, GA | Onsite

Tapjoy is growing our engineering and data science teams - we are an mobile app technology company focused on monetizing free-to-play games. Where in the past we have focused on advertising, we recently launched a lifetime value maximization platform to help freemium app publishers maximize their ROI and engage their users more effectively.

We use ruby extensively, but also have services using Go and Scala, and are generally looking for the right technology to solve a problem rather than dogmatically insisting on one stack. We have a fairly strong focus on engineering as a discipline, but are small enough as an engineering team to still enable one voice to make a large impact. Communication has become a strong point of our team by necessity as we have engineers in San Francisco, Atlanta, and Boston, and have a global team, with offices all over the world.

You can see our openings here: http://home.tapjoy.com/info/about-tapjoy/careers/

If you're interested I strongly recommend you reach out to me directly: jason.carr at tapjoy dot com

Your site's css link is broken.

Red Balloon Security (http://www.redballoonsecurity.com) | NYC | Systems Software Engineer | Full Time


We at Red Balloon are working on all new cyber security for the rapidly growing embedded device market. What we do is incredibly difficult but incredibly rewarding. What we believe in is all embedded devices will need host-based defenses in order to ward off malware and intrusions. As part of the work we do, you will be getting your hands into the latest security research, hardware tear down, experiment with offensive and defensive research on a variety of embedded systems.

Our founder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Q4JKMZN9LQ

We are looking for someone to:

* Design and implement host-based defense software for black-box embedded devices. * Design and implement automated hardware/software testing infrastructure. * Conduct offensive and defensive research on embedded hardware and software. * Contribute to the FRAK (Firmware Reverse Analysis Konsole) framework. * Perform hardware and software reverse engineering on embedded devices. * Automate vulnerability identification for embedded software.

Job Page: https://angel.co/red-balloon-security/jobs/48286-systems-sof...

Apply: jobs@redballoonsecurity.com

Major League Baseball Advanced Media (http://www.mlbam.com), San Francisco, CA | Full Time | Onsite

We are looking to hire multiple software engineers to apply strong technical knowledge and ability to our world leading digital brand. Our software engineers are hands-on and gain professional gratification by having their efforts exposed to millions of users around the globe. Opportunities include the development of services, web applications, and APIs for the orchestration of our live streaming platform for MLB content as well as content for other partners. You will work closely with engineers across the technical organization, integrating your services and contributing heavily to the multimedia pipeline for building live and on demand video products. Software engineers can gain experience in a variety of technologies and platforms, and can transfer areas over the lifetime of their career.

Email me or apply directly here http://chk.tbe.taleo.net/chk05/ats/careers/requisition.jsp?o...

San Fran? Is the NYC office not an engineering center anymore?

App Annie | Senior Data Scientist | Utrecht (city centre), NL | Full-time,onsite

App Annie Utrecht office is looking for Sr. Data Scientist.

We use advanced data modeling techniques drawn from fields such as statistics, operations research and machine learning, together with incomparable App Annie proprietary data collected from iOS, Android and other platforms. Your role is to discover trends, uncover app store application evaluation methodologies, and provide accurate market estimates based on this data; work closely with Product Management, Engineering and other Data Analysts, to directly drive the creation and delivery of a new generation of App Annie core products.

You need to be passionate about data, experienced in data modeling and quantitative analysis; be able to solve problems with innovative and practical solutions; besides skills in statistics packages you should also be able to use at least one scripting language, eg.Python/Rubby. Having worked in Linux environment will make your life easier.

For more information and to apply, visit here: http://hire.jobvite.com/CompanyJobs/Careers.aspx?k=Job&c=qxJ...

Nimbus team at University of Chicago | Software Developer | http://www.nimbusproject.org | Chicago, IL | Onsite

The Nimbus team is a globally recognized pioneer in infrastructure cloud computing. We created the first ever open source Infrastructure-as-a-Service implementation, and are constantly evolving and thriving on the leading edge of cloud services technologies.

We work closely with scientific application communities to develop innovative solutions in cloud computing infrastructures and platforms, with particular focus on High Performance Computing and Big Data systems. To facilitate cloud computing research on a national scale, we also operate an experimental testbed supporting cloud computing research.

Our overall mission is to develop innovative technical solutions that create new opportunities in science. The Nimbus team provides a friendly, collegial environment where you will be challenged to help create these groundbreaking new cloud technologies.

We are looking for a software developer specializing in cloud computing. More details are available at http://www.nimbusproject.org/jobs/


San Francisco, CA (ONSITE)| BizDev/Account Managers

Pune, India (ONSITE)| iOS, Android, Clojure, Erlang, Go, React as well as Devops/QA/PM

i work with the founders @helpshift. come join an ex-Yahoo/Zimbra/Microsoft/Cisco/Box/Boku team powering the worlds "Help" button. we have the culture and opportunity for talented folks to execute their best work yet.

The product: A mobile SDK to power the help/faq/support experience on mobile apps. More about the product at https://medium.com/what-i-learned-building/build-vs-integrat...

Some of our customers: Supercell, TinyCo, Glu Mobile, Wooga, GREE, Microsoft Outlook, Flipboard, Wordpress, Venmo, Life360, Target, Nickelodeon, Nubank. here is what our users think of helpshift https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gORCwhcQKE8

Some of our erlang/clojure/js/golang stack is open source at https://github.com/helpshift , we blog about our craft at https://engineering.helpshift.com

You get in touch with me via bosky+hn at helpshift dot com, or at https://www.helpshift.com/careers/

Lyft | Onsite in San Francisco, CA and Seattle, WA | Engineering & Product

Lyft is hiring for all positions (https://www.lyft.com/jobs), including mobile, frontend, backend, infrastructure, and product roles. We're working on interesting and challenging engineering and product problems to make transportation more efficient and more friendly.

I'm particularly interested in security engineers: security folks who are also software engineers, or software engineers with an interest in or experience with security. The Lyft security team is just getting off the ground, which means you'll play a part in shaping the future of security at Lyft, and your work will have significant impact and visibility. You'll be working at all levels of the stack to ensure Lyft is secure, trustworthy, and available to keep our users moving.

You can read more about the security engineering role here: https://www.lyft.com/jobs/security-engineer. If you're interested or want to talk more about working on security at Lyft, ping me at steve.woodrow@lyft.com.

Outbrain | New York, NY | www.outbrain.com | Full Time | ONSITE

A small team within Outbrain R&D is looking for experienced engineers to help us continue to build and simplify the experience across our platform. We are seeking creative engineers who think outside of the box, solve complex problems pragmatically, execute quickly, and innovate – curious individuals who want to create something exciting every day.

Outbrain's Visual Revenue is a unique platform that processes, analyzes, and learns web and social traffic for thousands of the biggest news sites around the world. Our clients rely on VR to provide analysis and suggest actions that maximize their reach and keep readers engaged for longer.

As part of our engineering team, you have the opportunity to take part in designing and building VR; the ultimate real time analytics platform for editors.

Frontend Engineer: http://outbrain.mytribehr.com/careers/view/106

Backend Engineer: http://outbrain.mytribehr.com/careers/view/8

Interested? Apply directly, or contact Claire at cmaikowski@outbrain.com

Green Hills Software http://www.ghs.com/ @ Santa Barbara, CA

# Embedded Software Consultant [ONSITE, VISA]

We're hiring for multiple teams, both in Santa Barbara and worldwide: http://www.ghs.com/jobs.html , but I'll put in a plug for my own team of Embedded Software Consultants. We're called the "support" department, but we don't field calls about "my cup holder is broken." We're much more likely to have someone turn compile 20K lines of C++ code with optimizations for the first time and have them tell us there's a bug in the compiler; but in reality their program has some undefined behavior that happens to behave differently with optimizations on -- and it's our job to find it! (Once we discovered that the code needed three volatile keywords added, on two lines of code!)

If you thrive on troubleshooting software problems and designing creative solutions, enjoy learning about new technology, and want to jump in and save customers in desperate need of a hero, this is the job for you!

Job Requirements:

* Learn and understand the inner workings of complex software systems

* Quickly diagnose technical problems with limited information

* Succinctly explain complex technical concepts to experts from other technical domains

* At least 2 years experience programming in high-level languages, C, and C++

To apply please email your resume to jobs@ghs.com.

Red Balloon Security (http://www.redballoonsecurity.com) | NYC | Security Researcher | Full Time


We at Red Balloon are working on all new cyber security for the rapidly growing embedded device market. What we do is incredibly difficult but incredibly rewarding. What we believe in is all embedded devices will need host-based defenses in order to ward off malware and intrusions. As part of the work we do, you will be getting your hands into the latest security research, hardware tear down, experiment with offensive and defensive research on a variety of embedded systems.

Our founder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Q4JKMZN9LQ

We are looking for someone to:

* Research embedded security * Design and implement host-based defense software for black-box embedded devices. * Design and implement automated hardware/software testing infrastructure. * Conduct offensive and defensive research on embedded hardware and software. * Contribute to the FRAK (Firmware Reverse Analysis Konsole) framework. * Perform hardware and software reverse engineering on embedded devices. * Automate vulnerability identification for embedded software.

Job Page: https://angel.co/red-balloon-security/jobs/48289-security-re...

Apply: jobs@redballoonsecurity.com

ZipRecruiter | https://ziprecruiter.com | Santa Monica (LA area) | REMOTE OK for some positions

Our goal is to create the best online services for filling and finding jobs. We bootstrapped for the first four years, growing to 100+ employees. Last August, we raised $63M led by Institutional Venture Partners.

We have a number of open positions:

  - Lead/Principal Security Engineer (Santa Monica)
  - iOS Software Engineer (Santa Monica)
  - Software Engineer (primarily Python) (Santa Monica)
  - Software Engineer (primarily Perl) (Santa Monica or remote)
  - Software Engineer in Test (python, selenium) (Santa Monica)
  - Data Architect/Engineer (Santa Monica)
We're growing rapidly and have a large customer base (primarily small and medium sized businesses). We have interesting problems to solve in the areas of search, yield management, analytics, scalability and new product development. If you'd like to learn more, please visit https://www.ziprecruiter.com/hiring/technology or email us at techjobs@ziprecruiter.com

Vantage Point Analytics | Austin, TX | Front-End, Back-End, and Mobile software engineers | ONSITE

About Us

We're building tools that will revolutionize supply chain analytics, specifically around fraud and counterfeit prevention. We've built an MVP, raised money, developed partnerships, have decades of industry experience, and are intent on hiring 8 engineers over the next year to be our #2+ engineers.

About You

We're currently looking for the experienced software engineers who are ready and able to make crucial technology decisions, hire and mentor junior engineers, provide leadership in their domain, and write damned good code in between.

• Front-End engineer We're looking for someone with an expert grasp of at least one of React/Angular/Ember/Backbone and who's ready and willing to learn another (ie not overly opinionated).

• Back-End engineer Our current back-end is written in Java. We're looking for teammates with demonstrable skills in at least one OO language. Bonus points for experience with: Dropwizard, Spark, Spring Boot, Scala, or Kotlin.

• Mobile engineers We need both IOS and Android developers, bonus points for both or enterprise experience.

Reach Out

Please reach out with any questions you may have about the company or positions: hunter.sherman@vantagepointanalytics.com


Senior Android Engineer - Los Gatos, CA

[Onsite, Visa Transfers]


Netflix is the leading video streaming service globally and the Netflix Android app is one of the most widely used and highly rated mobile applications. We work hard to constantly improve the performance, features, and quality of the app as we expand our coverage to 150+ countries in 2016.

Our Android innovation team is currently leading development of new products and features for all mobile clients at Netflix. Examples of current and upcoming projects include:

* redesign of the app for phones to provide easier and more personalized browsing of content

* improved, more informative second-screen experience for Chromecast

* dedicated experience for kids on tablets

We make an effort to be flexible and up-to-date with our tools and processes, and are always working to reduce developer friction. We'd love for you to join our team of senior engineers and take this unique opportunity to delight millions of users each day!


Our culture deck: http://www.slideshare.net/reed2001/culture-1798664

They don't respond to applicants

Navdy| multiple positions | San Francisco, CA | Full-Time | Android Developers and Software Engineers

What does it feel like to WANT to come into the office everyday? How about working alongside fellow engineers, designers, and other fanatic creatives? Do you want to be in the center of San Francisco’s SOMA district alongside other titans of industry? Welcome home.

We are hardware geeks. We are makers. We are driven. We are Navdy.

Navdy, the only Pre-IPO voted "Top 10 Most Innovative Company 2015 - Automotive" by Fast Company, is creating a Head-Up Display (HUD) that enables a better way to use your apps in the car. Featuring integrated navigation, communication, and trip information floating seamlessly in front of you, Navdy delivers a distractionless driving experience for the modern driver. Navdy feels like driving in the future and will change the relationship you have with your phone and car forever.

Working at Navdy means working with a team of doers on an ambitious project, getting inspired in a state-of-the-art workspace, and feeling the self-satisfaction of building a product that’s fixing a problem that affects all of us everyday. Are you ready?


Trustfuel | Atlanta, GA | Full-time, ONSITE

Software Engineer

Funded company owned by engineers looking for a software engineer to join the team. We discover a business's happiest customers and turn them into brand advocates to help that business find new, like-minded customers.

If you've ever learned about a product from a friend or colleague on social media or have ever checked reviews on Amazon before buying, then you've experienced the new way that we all buy products and services. But companies are not prepared to cater to this change in buyer behavior. We fix that.

Today, we're a Rails app with an embedded JavaScript component. Tomorrow, we're moving into intelligent email delivery, API connectors, and predictive analytics –– all of which pose the opportunity to try, fail, learn, adjust and progress forward with new technologies and disciplines. Our office is in the Atlanta Tech Village, which is chock full of people just like us who love to take risks everyday and feel inspired when we wake up.

Apply here, and we'll meet downstairs at the Octane coffee shop or chat further over a beer: https://trustfuel.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk0htf9


The Climate Corporation (San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis) Full time, INTERN - http://climate.com/careers

Climate is using Clojure to build weather and agronomic models to help farmers farm better.

====== Why I love it ======

– Climate is making a huge impact in the agricultural industry.

– I am surrounded by super smart people who all share an attitude of openness and mentorship.

– I work with some of the top scientists in the fields of climatology, agronomy, data science, and remote sensing.

– I build large-scale systems that process and serve trillions of pixels of satellite imagery.

– I release open-source Clojure software as part of my job.

===== Who we’re looking for =====

We're looking for engineers of all kinds! Check out http://climate.com/careers.

We are also starting our intern search for next spring and summer!

===== How to apply =====

If you apply through this link you should get priority: http://hire.jobvite.com/CompanyJobs/Careers.aspx?nl=1&k=Job&...

I am really excited about the work I've been doing, I am happy to talk about it in length. If you are interested, please email me directly at skhalsa@climate.com.

DoubleDutch - Software Engineer - Portland, OR - Onsite - Full Time - Citizen (Visa Transfers Available)

About us: DoubleDutch apps are about more than just social networking — we’re tying people and data together to get the most relevant content in front of users, regardless if they’re attending the event, organizing it, or exhibiting there. We want our employees to do the best work of their careers here, so we give them the autonomy and transparency needed to get things done.

About you: You’ve seen and built lots of different types of systems, both monolithic and distributed. You love the hottest, shiniest tech out there, but you know to temper your excitement when the tech hasn’t earned its place amongst the tried and true yet. You don’t shy away from a good debate, especially if it comes with a variety of opposing viewpoints. You do what you say, when you say you will. You probably won't ever give up writing code, and you get immense satisfaction from teaching others the thrill of the art.

Up for the challenge? Apply today! https://jobs.lever.co/doubledutch/7f0586fc-c89b-4b52-89b5-98...

Moneytree - moneytree.jp - Tokyo, Japan.

Moneytree is a personal finance application. We support over 1,000 financial institutions in Japan and we are currently looking for onsite full-time Software Engineers.

We are looking for people strong in JavaScript and Ruby. Our main stack uses Rails, AngularJS, and iOS. We do sponsors visas, and we will help you out with that whole process.

If you are interested, let's talk. Send me an email at dmak AT moneytree.jp and include your resume as well.

San Francisco - ONSITE - https://interviewed.com

We're Interviewed (YC S15) and we build job simulations.

We're taking the parts of hiring that work for developers and applying it to non-technical jobs. We know that resumes don't predict who will be a great hire. Instead, the way to identify the best candidate is to let them work on real-world problems in their native habitat. We think the same thing is true for customer service, sales, marketing, and lots of other roles. That's what we do…



Here are some of the engineering challenges on our roadmap:

- Reduce the latency for transcription of audio files to near real-time

- Design sophisticated UIs using React + Flux or Backbone to let our customers build their own simulations (imagine Wufoo on steroids)

- Chat bots (text and voice) that simulate complex customer interactions and are tailored for different roles

- NLP and machine learning algorithms to analyze emails, chats and voice recordings, score them across a variety of dimensions and predict who the best candidates are

- Video streaming and analysis

OrgSync - Dallas, TX - Software Developer - Full time - On-Site Only

## About OrgSync

OrgSync is a higher-ed platform focused on creating an online campus community. We help students get involved, admins get organized, and campuses get meaningful information from their data. Founded in 2007, we now serve hundreds of institutions with millions of users around the globe. We have an exciting and relaxed culture that values team members' contributions and dedication. Come be a part of our team!

## Development Environment

Our platform is a balance between cutting-edge and production-solid. We aren’t afraid to try new things, but they must support our millions of users. The platform is primarily a Ruby on Rails app, with additional services crafted in Clojure, Node, and more. On the front-end, we’re big React fans, and we have iOS and Android mobile apps. We’re fully hosted on AWS with a matching Docker stack for local development.

## Positions

Software Developer - http://www.orgsync.com/company/careers/software-developer

Mobile Developer (iOS and/or Android) - http://www.orgsync.com/company/careers/mobile-developer

Salesforce Developer - http://www.orgsync.com/company/careers/salesforce-developer

Akkroo Lead Capture (https://akkroo.com) | Westminster, London, UK | ONSITE | Web Developer (front-end/back-end/generalist), full-time

We have an opening in our engineering team for an individual with a flair for web technologies (JavaScript/ReactJS, MongoDB, HTML, CSS, LAMP). Perhaps someone who wants to break out of the boredom of their current work and finally invest their time and effort into an interesting and exciting product. Perhaps someone who revels in the mechanics of things, who would relish the challenge of building products used by a growing list of real, A-list customers.

Harrods, Mercedes-Benz, Chloé, IBM and Red Bull Racing are a small handful of the companies who already use our software to help acquire important new customers at events.

As a company, we are big fans of cross-discipline understanding, and a great fit for us will be a curious, thoughtful and smart person. Are you an individual from whose contribution we would really benefit?

If so, please drop me (Andy) a note at jobs@akkroo.com, or read more here:



Thanks :)

London, UK - Pusher - https://pusher.com/ - Full time - On Site Only

The current Pusher product is a multi-tenant distributed system that allows our customers to deliver billions of messages to their connected users. We operate at massive scale, and this informs and affects everything we do.

Our engineering team is based in London. We are looking for engineers who will thrive in a challenging environment, working on interesting problems. Our team is small but growing, and we value people who can contribute not only individually, but in the context of the team. Our engineering team is also heavily involved in operations, so you need to know how to deploy, monitor and maintain a large production system. We wrote our code in Ruby (Main legacy language) and Haskell.

Our software stack is built around Linux, Ruby, Haskell, nodeJS, Redis, MySQL, Git, Puppet and Go.

We are currently looking for: * Platform Engineers to continue improving and scaling our core real-time infrastructure. More info on this position at https://pusher.workable.com/jobs/52789. * Product Engineer (Full Stack) to work on our new customers facing features and improve our libraries https://pusher.workable.com/jobs/87044 * Technical Product Manager to help us improve and develop our main product. https://pusher.workable.com/jobs/106010

JPMorgan Athena | NYC and London | ONSITE

I expect you’ve heard of JPMorgan at some point, but probably aren’t familiar with Athena. We’re the bank’s in-house platform for cross-asset pricing, risk management, trade management, e-trading, etc.. There’s a core division (cleverly named “Athena Core”) of about 150 engineers which builds a platform and development libraries that are then used by over 5,000 developers throughout the bank.

The Core Analytics team currently has 8 members and is responsible for extending Athena to research teams and for reducing the gap between research and production use. To give a simplified example, our typical customer is a quant who might be attempting to create a new pricing model. Core Analytics would help him access relevant data sets, explore that data with a library of common statistical functions to, verify the new model with a back-testing framework, and then finally publish the model to production.

Python and C++ are the primary languages, but we’re open to considering exceptional developers with any background. Finance experience is certainly not required. Our two main offices are in NYC and London; we also have satellites in Tel Aviv, Tokyo, and Singapore.

Email Christine.h.ko@jpmchase.com to apply.

Medallia - Palo Alto, CA - http://engineering.medallia.com

Medallia is looking to expand its mobile team. Among other positions we are looking for an iOS developer that can drive our product and code base to a totally new level.

World-class companies (Apple, Mercedes, Nordstrom to mention a few) use Medallia to create awesome customer experiences. Our platform already includes a mobile solution covering both Android and iOS users, providing them the ability to engage with customers in real-time, share aggregated data, or analyze customer feedback on-the-go.

We want to take this platform to the next stage, by increasing the social aspect of our application to make it a vital part of our client's organization, and by increasing its the personalization capabilities, so each one of our users can tailor it to their particular needs and goals. We also want to experiment on innovative ways of capturing customer experience information, and on helping companies to engage their employees on a customer oriented culture.

For that we've started playing with new frameworks and technologies such React Native, Flux and Graph QL in order to make our development more agile, extensible and simple. This is posible given that we won't need to recompile every time after a change, that we can have a server with the app's content (we don't have to wait for apples review) and that we can reuse existing javascript libraries that work great.

Please contact me at jmrodriguez@medallia.com if any of the above sounds interesting to you.

Juan Manuel Rodriguez, iOS Software Engineer.

Mixmax | Full-Stack Engineer | San Francisco (ONSITE, visa transfers & relocation available) | https://mixmax.com

We're a growing, fast-moving team looking for a full-stack engineer to join us!

Mixmax’s mission is to do the impossible with email. We're a passionate team of engineers and designers that believe everything you do today on the web should be possible in any email. We launched a Gmail plugin earlier this year that brings interactive content to email and it's been a huge success. Already tens of thousands of customers depend on us for their daily productivity. We have an A++ list of investors that previously backed companies like Twitter, Heroku, Lyft & Square. We have big plans ahead - come build with us!

An incredibly mission-driven, diverse and fun-loving team; we value personal and professional growth equally and have built multi-million dollar products together in the past. We're based in downtown SF.

Our stack: Node.js Express, Meteor, Redis, Mongo, Handlebars, AWS. Moving to: React, hapi, ES6, RethinkDB, Docker.

Try out Mixmax today at mixmax.com, we promise that you'll be impressed :). Email hello@mixmax.com and let’s grab coffee!

To Wear With | San Francisco, CA | Remote | Part Time & Full

We are a fast growing fashion and tech startup company looking to found our engineering team. You will be responsible for helping define the technologies we use, deciding on best practices and helping recruit the rest of a stellar engineering team. We are seeking talented and smart engineers to define the production architecture, and develop our search algorithms to leverage the data to provide a tailored experience to each user.

Our current stack includes Django/Python, PostgreSQL, JQuery, and other HTML5 technologies.

The team you will be working with is made up of people with over 5+ years working in the fashion space and over 15 years of marketing and advertising experience.

There are many interesting projects for you get involved with including but not limited to: • Architecting and scaling our production infrastructure • Search, index and query a large corpus of clothing images • Recommendation algorithms, which take into account user engagement and historical preferences • Personalization, tailoring the site experience to the user

We’re looking for candidates with experience using modern web technologies on one or more non-trivial products, but most importantly the ability to pick up new things quickly and get ideas into production.

Job is currently part-time looking to grow into full time once funded. We are applying to Y Combinator Winter 2016 session, so let us know if you are interested in joining the team!

Apply to: admin@towearwith.com // http://towearwith.com/

Senior Engineer | Riskpulse | Austin, TX | Full Time | ONSITE

Riskpulse is looking for a senior, full-stack engineer to join our team of engineers, scientists, and meteorological researchers solving problems across the complete supply chain.

On any given day you will be: - Writing high-performance Python and Javascript code powering web and native apps - Coordinating distributed data processing across our AWS cluster - Code-reviewing and mentoring other engineers - Analyzing mountains of data to surface valuable insights for our customers and fuel future product development

Requirements: - B.S. in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, or related technical discipline - Strong experience with one or more of Python, Ruby or similar object oriented dynamic language - Distributed systems experience with strong knowledge of Linux internals - Knowledge of Python scientific tools such as Numpy, Pandas, SciPy, etc.

Preferred: - Javascript experience with Backbone.js and React - Experience with GIS (PostGIS, ESRI, Mapbox) - Big-Data Analytics: Machine learning, GraphDBs

Riskpulse is a web-based risk management platform that allows logistics managers to align their operations with environmental conditions, saving them money and avoiding losses. Trading clients subscribe to our products to identify demand risks and mispriced markets. We also perform directed research for our clients to provide them with unique insights on their route risks or a proprietary edge.


Come join our growing engineering team ONSITE at The Honest company in Santa Monica, CA!



Our stack:

-Ruby on Rails backend for our E-Commerce Site (Python and/or Node.js

-Angular.js and themed Bootstrap on the front-end

-Our warehouse currently runs off an in-house created Ruby server

-TDD with rspec, capybara, and jasmine tests keeping things stable

-RabbitMQ is our main queueing system

-Datastores - MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Memcached

-iOS app in the app store - Honest Baby

Positions Available:

-Full-Stack Engineers (Jr., Mid. Sr.)


-Software Engineers in Test & QA Engineers(Mobile)(Jr., Mid. Sr.)


Angaza | Backend, Frontend, Mobile | San Francisco ONSITE

Angaza makes it possible for a billion people to access electricity for the first time, using solar power, for less money than they spend today. We do that by completely redefining how solar systems are purchased and financed in emerging markets like Africa and India.

Our engineering team is small—now six people—so your daily impact is genuine and immediate. Write better software during the day, and more families will have electricity for the first time that night.

More information about our open positions:

- http://careers.stackoverflow.com/company/angaza/

- http://www.angazadesign.com/jobs/backend-developer/

- http://www.angazadesign.com/jobs/frontend-developer/

- http://www.angazadesign.com/jobs/android-developer/

LogMeIn - https://www.logmeininc.com - Boston, MA Simplifying how people connect to their colleagues, employees, devices and the world around them to solve some of the world’s most complex problems, LogMeIn has grown to become one of the world’s leading SaaS companies with over 800 employees in 8 offices around the world.

Check us out: https://www.logmeininc.com/careers/job-listings

Senior Software Engineer (Join.me) - https://goo.gl/j4DIK4

Software Engineer (Xively) - https://goo.gl/yOPccp

JavaScript Engineer (IAM) - https://goo.gl/6jAvLw

.NET Engineer (Rescue) - https://goo.gl/tfcwQf

ETL Developer/Data Engineer - https://goo.gl/phEG5M

For any questions: Jason Jones - jason.jones@logmein.com

Do you guys do visas? Both H1-B transfers and green cards?

1aim - Berlin, Germany | Onsite, Full Time, Visa

1aim started 3 years ago as a technology company. We develop (and manufacture) hardware, create software solutions and provide IT-Infrastructure. Our first products are access systems and we are now expanding our offering to new smart home/building automation products. We enable engineers to focus on what they can to best, letting them work on new products in small, highly interdisciplinary teams, as well as getting rid of management overhead and daily standup meetings.

We have almost no rules, we provide you with opportunities for your personal growth and flexible working hours. You will work in a fast moving, young team. Right now, we are hiring new engineers for the following areas:

- (Frontend) Web Development

- Backend Development (with a focus on high security/cryptography)

- App Development (Android and/or iOS)

- Electrical Engineering & Embedded Software Development

- Mechanical Engineering If you see yourself as genuinely creative, are fascinated by hardware and love great challenges we'd like to work with you on creating the "connected future". We do not care about your academic degrees or where you are from, but about the stuff you did and what you could create in the future given the right opportunities. If you are interested in working at 1aim, write us an email at work.hn<?>1aim.com and tell us about the projects you worked on that you are the most proud of and which technological feats of the past inspire you.

We provide visa assistance, limited relocation support and free housing until you find your own place to live.

Emerging player tracking data is transforming the sports experience, and Second Spectrum is at the forefront of this revolution. We have trained machines to understand sports at the highest professional level. Using this machine understanding, we deliver analytics solutions for the entire sports industry. Currently we serve 10 NBA teams, and have media partnerships with ESPN and FOX, among others. We are also developing products across several other professional sports, including football, soccer, and baseball. Our investors and Board Members include David Hornik, partner at August Capital, Mark Stevens, a former partner at Sequoia Capital and board member of NVIDIA, and others.

We are looking for a variety of engineering roles, in areas such as:




-Machine learning

-Computer vision

The responsibilities range from sophisticated UI design that supports detailed but intuitive analytics, to front-end interfaces that will appear on national sports broadcasts, to scalable backend infrastructure that supports robust video streaming, to ML and CV engineering that enables the semantic layer that understands the game. Our software stack is based around Node, Go and Python, and we also use C++ for our video systems.

In addition to these roles, we are also looking for experienced mobile developers to help build out our initial mobile apps on iOS and Android as we start to develop software directly for consumers.

If you're interested in joining us, our jobs email is is work@secondspectrum.com. I'm also available for any questions you might have at noel@secondspectrum.com

Lacoda | Philadelphia, PA | Full Time | ONSITE

Lacoda is hiring a Software Engineer for full-time work in Philadelphia, PA.

We're building a platform for real estate lending targeted for the private lending industry. Our product is a web application for loan servicing; some key features are bookkeeping, interest calculations, reporting, invoicing, and payment processing. Our users are private lenders, small companies lending for real estate rehab and construction; as well as their borrowers and investors.

We use Python on the server, and JavaScript/Backbone on the client side. We're meticulous about testing and separation of concerns; every component does one thing excellently and with confidence. We're direct when giving feedback and we don't take things personally.

We're thoughtful and serious about our work, and we like to have fun too. We have an RC helicopter racecourse made from hula hoops and microphone stands. We're excellent at darts, decent at table tennis, and hilariously bad at Rocket League.

Our offices are at Venturef0rth, a co-working space in the Callowhill neighborhood of Philadelphia. There are lots of people and events here, so we don't get bored or lonely. There's a great bar just down the street called "Prohibition Taproom". Our building is an old warehouse, and we have big windows with a great view of downtown Philly.

All of our engineers make above-market salary and have equity.

Here's our website: http://www.lacoda.com

Send me an email if you want to apply: josh@lacoda.com

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