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Covid-19 mRNA vaccination leading to CNS inflammation: a case series (springer.com)
7 points by SQL2219 3 days ago | past | discuss
Publication Outperformance Among Global South Researchers (springer.com)
2 points by infodocket 5 days ago | past | discuss
Citation Patterns Between Impact-Factor and Questionable Journals (springer.com)
2 points by infodocket 6 days ago | past | discuss
Carnot engine, Maxwell's Demon, and theoretical perpetual energy (springer.com)
1 point by vestigialhonor 16 days ago | past
Control strategies arising in nonlinear MPC have nonlocal optimality properties [pdf] (springer.com)
1 point by jbaayen 19 days ago | past | 1 comment
High-accuracy thrust measurements of the EMDrive, elimination of false-positives (springer.com)
51 points by rbanffy 26 days ago | past | 20 comments
Effects of Excessive Screen Time on Neurodevelopment and Neurodegeneration (springer.com)
1 point by salemh 29 days ago | past
Extraordinary claims, extraordinary evidence? A discussion (springer.com)
1 point by XzetaU8 29 days ago | past
Are We All Predictably Irrational? An Experimental Analysis (springer.com)
1 point by elsewhen 30 days ago | past
The Multiple Paths to Multiple Life (springer.com)
1 point by jbotz 31 days ago | past
Women’s Sensitivity to Men’s Past Relationships (springer.com)
8 points by elsewhen 33 days ago | past
Research explains why beer mats are bad frisbees (springer.com)
33 points by giuliomagnifico 34 days ago | past | 21 comments
Population Living on Permafrost in the Arctic (springer.com)
2 points by tokai 37 days ago | past
Researchers find that eye-tracking can reveal people's sex, age, ethnicit (cont) [pdf] (springer.com)
2 points by whack 39 days ago | past
Like Father, Like Son? (springer.com)
1 point by nithinj 39 days ago | past
Comparison of absolute and relative labor income mobility in Germany and the US (springer.com)
3 points by elsewhen 41 days ago | past
A comparison of absolute and relative intergenerational labour income mobility (springer.com)
3 points by rustoo 41 days ago | past
Physicists Throwing beer mats discover why flat discs have poor flight potential (springer.com)
1 point by geox 43 days ago | past
Ray Tracing Gems II [2021] (free book) (springer.com)
9 points by bwidlar 45 days ago | past | 1 comment
Is Free Speech in Danger on University Campus? Some Preliminary Evidence (2020) (springer.com)
3 points by Tomte 47 days ago | past
Beer mats make bad frisbees (springer.com)
1 point by BayAreaEscapee 50 days ago | past
Meritocracy in Academic Labor Markets: A Comparison of Three Fields (springer.com)
1 point by rustoo 51 days ago | past
Does foreign aid reduce poverty? A dynamic panel data analysis (springer.com)
3 points by rustoo 55 days ago | past
The Energy Consumption of Blockchain Technology (springer.com)
1 point by sturza 58 days ago | past
Basic Concepts in Information Theory and Coding (springer.com)
6 points by teleforce 62 days ago | past
Isla: Integrating Full-Scale ISA Semantics and Axiomatic Concurrency Models (springer.com)
2 points by matt_d 63 days ago | past
Correctness of C Implementations of Dijkstra’s, Kruskal’s, and Prim’s Algorithms (springer.com)
2 points by matt_d 63 days ago | past
Making Merit Work at the Entrance to the Engineering Workforce (springer.com)
1 point by rustoo 65 days ago | past
Analysing Evolution of Comp Sci Events Leveraging a Scholarly Knowledge Graph (springer.com)
2 points by infodocket 69 days ago | past
The Lean 4 Theorem Prover and Programming Language (springer.com)
2 points by matt_d 72 days ago | past

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