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created:2478 days ago
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I live in a near Ithaca, NY and work with clients worldwide as a fixer for software development of application software, particularly intelligent applications involving large databases, graph databases, business rules, conceptual modeling, schema exploitation, compilers, and machine learning applied to business specific problems and data sets.

I see many people ask questions as "Ask HN" that could best be answered by asking them more questions. Some people are comfortable to talk about this in a public forum, other people might want to talk about their problem 1 on 1 with a confidante.

I ask and answer questions in the public forums, but I encourage you to contact me at

paul.houle@ontology2.com http://ontology2.com/ (607) 539 7490

I am happy to exchange a mutual NDA on request. The goal of an initial consultation is for you to get more clarity on your situation. If I find a way I could provide value to you, we can sign a further contract, but I am not going to be pushy.