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Fortnite had to do away with all its crossovers to find its fun (polygon.com)
8 points by PaulHoule 9 days ago | past | 1 comment
Final Fantasy 7: An Oral History (2017) (polygon.com)
48 points by cocacola1 10 days ago | past | 16 comments
The Riven remake transforms a tricky classic into a modern masterpiece (polygon.com)
1 point by pera 18 days ago | past
Sony buys Alamo Drafthouse theaters with an eye on bolstering Crunchyroll (polygon.com)
3 points by PaulHoule 22 days ago | past
Teamfight Tactics turns 5, stepping out from League's shadow (polygon.com)
1 point by PaulHoule 22 days ago | past
Ahri ban rate soars after ultra expensive new League of Legends skin drops (polygon.com)
2 points by PaulHoule 27 days ago | past
PS5 is finally integrating Discord into the console's UI (polygon.com)
4 points by PaulHoule 28 days ago | past
Dorfromantik Team's Star Birds Splices Mario Galaxy with Science YouTube (polygon.com)
1 point by adrian_mrd 34 days ago | past | 1 comment
The infamous Potato Salad Kickstarter fulfills its final goal (2016) (polygon.com)
1 point by kristianp 39 days ago | past
Civilization 7 announced, coming in 2025 (polygon.com)
2 points by jpalomaki 39 days ago | past
Gaming Gravity (polygon.com)
1 point by PaulHoule 42 days ago | past
Mobile games should stop reminding me how annoying my phone is (polygon.com)
2 points by PaulHoule 46 days ago | past
I still hold onto my Phantom Blade in World of Warcraft (polygon.com)
2 points by PaulHoule 48 days ago | past
I talked to a swordmaker about the coolest swords he makes (polygon.com)
7 points by PaulHoule 50 days ago | past
Hollywood might start making mid-budget movies again soon (polygon.com)
1 point by PaulHoule 50 days ago | past
This year's Call of Duty will go straight to Game Pass, report says (polygon.com)
2 points by PaulHoule 57 days ago | past
Square Enix is going 'aggressively' multiplatform after string of PS5 exclusives (polygon.com)
10 points by PaulHoule 61 days ago | past | 4 comments
The monsters that made me: Growing up disabled, all of my heroes were villains (polygon.com)
2 points by PaulHoule 64 days ago | past
Warner Bros. reverses course, won't delist Adult Swim indie games, devs say (polygon.com)
3 points by tizreader 67 days ago | past
Workers seek to alter the balance of power in Canadian video game industry (polygon.com)
3 points by PaulHoule 69 days ago | past
Microsoft closing Redfall, Hi-Fi Rush studios among other cuts (polygon.com)
20 points by myth_drannon 71 days ago | past
Helldivers 2 players knew how to mobilize against Sony after training in-game (polygon.com)
22 points by SLHamlet 72 days ago | past | 12 comments
TikTok's biggest creators imagine what would happen if the app went away (polygon.com)
1 point by pantalaimon 80 days ago | past
Discord TOS gives up your rights to sue them, you have 30 days to opt out (polygon.com)
6 points by darth_avocado 87 days ago | past
Overwatch 2 Season 10 shakes up the game a ton this week (polygon.com)
1 point by PaulHoule 3 months ago | past
Crash Bandicoot: An oral history (2017) (polygon.com)
1 point by tosh 3 months ago | past
Crash Bandicoot: An Oral History (polygon.com)
2 points by ibobev 3 months ago | past
The Dreamcast's most obscure revival breaks free from VR jail (polygon.com)
2 points by PaulHoule 3 months ago | past
In 8 years, Stardew Valley never lost sight of its core philosophy (polygon.com)
3 points by PaulHoule 3 months ago | past
How to watch the solar eclipse on Twitch via NASA, Fortnite, and Minecraft (polygon.com)
1 point by crtasm 3 months ago | past

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