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created:May 5, 2014
karma: 1774
about: I live in India. I'm against government oppression of the people and against mass surveillance.

I'm anti-Aadhaar (the non-unique, irrevocable biometric based number for residents). Search online and on Twitter for #AadhaarFail to see how terrible the system is for the poor and marginalized people who depend on the government for their existence and subsistence.

Pro-privacy. Pro-citizens' rights.

The Jamaican Supreme Court ruled in April 2019 against a similar biometric ID scheme and found the dissenting opinion by an Indian judge in the constitutional bench that heard the Aadhaar case to be very useful in its own judgment.

The latest fight for freedom and dignity in India is against the National Register of Citizens (NRC), which is not only wastefully expensive and a bureaucratic nightmare in a country known for red tape and corruption, but will also make hundreds of millions of people stateless! Read online about the link between NRC, NPR (National Population Register), the discriminatory CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) and Aadhaar.