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created:2376 days ago
karma: 4942
about: Founder of evolup.com

We're building a robot that can build games. We believe technologies like dynamic templates, procedural generation and machine learning. Are way underused in the whole gaming and content creation industry. We want to enable casual users to build their own games in less than five minutes with minimal input. With the aid of our robots.

I think startups can "kill hollywood" by simply building better tools which lowers the barriers of entriy to content creation. If a Hollywood title didn't cost $100m, but instead if anyone could build better movies than Hollywood in a few minutes. Then we wouldn't have to worry about them. We're not there yet, but I want to do my small part to get as close to that vision as possible. So let's build better tools!

Do you like robots? Do you like games? Do you like robots that can build their own games? I'd love to chat.

vibrunazo at gmail