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created:July 20, 2015
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about: I am Samuel, a usability tester and consultant based in London, UK. I am also a QA engineer. I can help optimise your website, make it easier to use, generating more sales, bug free and ranking better. My website is: http://usabilityaudits.co.uk

I started out usability testing 4 years ago. For the past 3 years i’ve worked as a lead usability tester and consultant for global brands like BMW and a number of startups. I've worked with clients in Australia, the US, Russia and pretty much all of Europe. I am really passionate about usability and what influences user behaviour online. This covers topics such as evidence based user research, modern web design and the psychology of online persuasion.

I am extremely proud of my high quality work and excellent feedback in the thousands of websites, apps and prototypes I have tested to date. You can see samples of my work http://usabilityaudits.co.uk/portfolio/

More about me: http://usabilityaudits.co.uk/about-me/ Email me: usabilityaudits@gmail.com