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created:October 3, 2016
karma: 320
about: I do stuff with computers, networks, and security. I'm the laziest admin you'll meet. Clicking for hours in management interfaces is for suckers, I'd rather run a script. I'd rather all my coworkers run a script, too. Scripts for everyone!

I also do programming, especially embedded programming. Now it's called the "Internet of Things" for some reason. It's the same thing as embedded design, except with a total lack of security or maintainability because OMG time to market.

I am concerned that some customers are attaching things to the Internet of Things which should not be on the Internet of Things. Like cows. "Why can I not ping my cow?", one farm asks me. "Why did you put a cow on the Internet?!", I reply. They do not know, but Compliance says "because compliance," so now there's a cow on the Internet.

I am also concerned that NB-IoT is also going to be a thing in the near future. It's so cheap! It's so cheap, you can put cellular radios on all the things! Please do not do this. All the things do not need to run LTE stacks on energy harvesting SoCs forever and ever.