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created:May 25, 2010
karma: 2
about: [ my public key: https://keybase.io/thinkclay; my proof: https://keybase.io/thinkclay/sigs/J2yY3Jxy4zr4VSKwWtnhv-ydZd_bVBXy8OfdJ56ecak ]

THE ENTREPRENEUR From startup to agency life, I have worked on many applications and have seen many wins with tech startups. Following the paradigm of skilled trades, I believe that building a successful dev team comes from passion, hard work and deep interpersonal relationships with peers. I pursue a freedom and flexibility of business, time, and location. I sometimes consult choice clients to help them build their MVP, next iteration, or even stand-in as a part of their team. I have a huge passion for startups and love to solve problems in business and technology!

Specialties: consulting, business development, operations, startups, fundraising Current Interests: startup consulting

THE ENGINEER My day to day passion is and has always been code. This is what I do "for work" and I love it! I am a total geek all around, striving to push the threshold on technology. I am very passionate about gamification, security, big data, and speed. Since starting with assembly and C++ as a teenager and later getting into web applications and mobile, I have come to realize that there is not often one perfect language, framework or tool for the job; which requires me to be well versed in many disciplines.

Specialties: consulting, gamification, social networks, mobile, web Current Interests: go, swift, ruby, python, neo4j, mongo, postgres, reddis, nginx

THE SKATER I absolutely love board sports! In college I was making custom artwork on blank skateboard decks and selling them to my friends. Fast forward to today and I am now investing in and consulting board sport businesses that have the same mindset and passion as I do: work hard and play harder!

Specialties: skateboards, press operations, cnc, design, artwork Current Interests: surfing, custom longboards