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created:2849 days ago
karma: 2750
about: Hi. I'm Hugh Hancock. There used to be hardly any Hughs in the public eye - now there's tons of them.

I'm the moderately well-known Hugh behind the word "Machinima" (and the associated business, which I founded and was subsequently acquired).

I've been making TV-style series and films on the Web for 17 years now. I started using real-time 3D engines to make films when Quake came out, which is when I coined the term "Machinima". Subsequently, after making one of the few Machinima feature films amongst other things, I've moved into using motion capture for filmmaking as the technology has matured.

I also made a cookery show. I've got an eclectic portfolio :)

I run a bunch of assorted businesses of varying kinds, but my production company - www.strangecompany.org - is where I blog about motion capture, directing, the film industry, virtual reality and other such things.

I'm also always happy to hear from people - feel free to ping me! Nomad AT strangecompany DOT org