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created:December 15, 2013
karma: 1405
about: Cultural solutions to technical problems are my favorite.

Deep learning is cool but it's not that cool. You won't be able to rent or buy a self driving car in 2030 and, in all likelihood, 2050. There's no such thing as artificial intelligence. Yet.

Please don't implement sticky navigation bars on your website. I want all of my laptop's small screen for reading. I already have my browser's nav bar hiding part of my screen. Safari hides the top bar in full screen for a good reason. I like pressing space and PageDown to scroll down a page and not have to scroll up a bit because there's a bar hiding the first line. I don't need one-click access to your "About" page 99.99% of the time. I can scroll up very quickly. Did we learn nothing from toolbar hell in the 2000's? Headers that hide when you scroll down and reappear if you scroll up are even worse.


I'm sorry for making so many dumb comments. I have over 500 comments favorited, read them (and the discussions underneath them!) instead.