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created:December 29, 2014
about:Current project: https://www.checkbot.io/, checks if your site is following web best practices for SEO, page speed & security.

Homepage: https://www.seanw.org

Twitter: https://twitter.com/seanw_org

Enjoy spelling games? https://seanwilson.itch.io/wordoid

Email: sw@seanw.org


Portfolio: https://www.seanw.org/

Location: Edinburgh, UK and remote (I’m used to time zone differences)


I help startups with the UX/UI and web design of their products. This includes websites, landing pages, screenshots and copywriting, and I can assist with frontend development where needed. My background as a startup founder and full stack developer helps me create practical design solutions that balance usability, aesthetics, development effort and performance. I work to fixed price quotes when projects are self-contained.


The best live example of my work is Checkbot (https://www.checkbot.io/), a browser extension that tests websites for SEO, speed and performance problems. The entire project is my own work including coding the extension itself, UX/UI design, website design (the homepage is optimised to load in 0.7 seconds, 0.3MB data transferred), website copy, and website articles on web best practices.

[ Rated 4.9/5, 50K+ active users, 100s of paying subscribers ]


I have 10+ years of experience, including a PhD in software verification and 5+ years working for myself helping over 20 companies including Just Eat, Triumph Motorcycles and Fogbender (YC W22). See my website for testimonials, portfolio and more:


Skills: Figma, Sketch, TypeScript, JavaScript, Vue, Hugo, Jekyll, WordPress, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, Tailwind, OCaml, Java, Python, C, analytics, website SEO and speed optimisation.

Note: For larger projects, I usually have my partner assist alongside me in the background to speed things up and I’m working towards starting a design studio with her in the future.


Email sw@seanw.org with a short description of 1) your project 2) how you think I can help 3) the business outcome you’re looking for and 4) any deadlines. I can get back to you within one working day to arrange a call to discuss a quote and how we can work together.