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created:August 15, 2010
karma: 227
about: Founder of the Democracy Earth Foundation, a Y Combinator backed non-profit providing incorruptible digital governance for communities, corporations, cities & nations. Founding peer of Partido de la Red (The Net Party), a political party that aims to improve representation with candidates committed to citizens requests online. An advocate of Bitcoin since 2011 helping startups, e-commerce sites and nonprofits to adopt it and a partner of Bitex.la, the largest Bitcoin exchange in Latin America. In 2007 founded Popego, a pioneering big data research lab acquired by Brazilian boo-box in 2011. Co-founded the Argentine Game Developers Association in 2001. Elected as Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum. Contributes in radio and television. His first book 'Hacktivismo'‚Äč was published in 2015 by Random House.

[ my public key: https://keybase.io/santisiri; my proof: https://keybase.io/santisiri/sigs/WKzELqE_Nd4rqQg25aE80U8Ih4ly0RZEJMvZ8HlpQR8 ]