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created:February 26, 2007
karma: 2899
about: Web/database developer since 1993, when I helped to set up one of the first 100 Web sites in the world (http://tech.mit.edu/). I've been an independent consultant since 1995. I got my PhD in learning sciences from Northwestern in 2014.

My main work nowadays is in training, specifically in Python, data science, and Git. I fly around the world, teaching engineers at such companies as Apple, Cisco, HP, Intel, VMWare, and Western Digital how to use these open-source technologies. Looking for training? Read more about me, and the courses I offer, at http://lerner.co.il/courses .

I also sell a variety of online books and courses. You can look at them at http://store.lerner.co.il/ .

I also publish a free, weekly newsletter about Python and programming; you can sign up at http://lerner.co.il/newsletter . My blog is at http://blog.lerner.co.il/ .

Since early 1996, I've written Linux Journal's Web technology column.

I'm a panelist on the Freelancers Show (http://devchat.tv/freelancers/), a weekly podcast about life as an independent consultant.

I live in Modi'in, Israel with my wife and three children.