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created:January 26, 2016
karma: 3448
about: Software guy (and recent dabbler in ruby/rails, clojure, haskell and Elixir), gamer (board/card/PC/console), philosopher, technologist, former Psych major @ Cornell, sailor, swimmer, biker, scuba diver, music lover (electronica, funk, classical, metal), sometime-partier, philogynist, USAF veteran, and fan of Bitcoin, Apple, Tesla, open-source, and startups. And that's sort of just the beginning... my mind is fairly voracious. I lean liberal and libertarian, although I love debating anything controversial. Not particularly religious, and on the free will question I am a "metaphysical libertarian incompatibilist."

Physical location: NYC environs

I decided to switch to this more public account from my old alias here, "lectrick," which as of today (2/3/2016) is 2000 days old with 1369 karma.