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created:February 19, 2007
karma: 3602
about: http://philh.net

Public key: https://keybase.io/philh; proof: https://keybase.io/philh/sigs/hO9jFXfARd9ZZly8mttAB8OFV8hGr4dGlPPzAKyf9xU

Anonymous feedback: http://sayat.me/philh

To the extent that, through my comments and submissions, I am an influence on the HN community, I would strongly prefer to be a positive influence. This includes, but is not limited to, avoiding unnecessary snark or negativity; being charitable towards people I disagree with; and not mouthing off about things I don't understand.

I'd love to know whether I'm achieving this, and you can let me know with the above feedback form. If there's anything you'd like to tell me with no risk of embarrassment, argument, or any form of social repercussions, you can do so there.

You may assume I operate under Crocker's rules <http://sl4.org/crocker.html> for this purpose. Briefly, this means that you don't need to sugar-coat what you have to say, you can just be blunt if that makes it easier for you to say it. (However, I don't operate under Crocker's rules in general.)

If you think this is a good idea, I would also encourage you to create a feedback form of your own.