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created:January 4, 2014
about:I always thought life was measured by friends, money, status, intelligence, power, good looks, etc.

Yet the world we live in is made of cogs in a chain. Most of us will not be remembered or even acknowledged of our existence by future generations.

So why try so hard?

Find peace with yourself, make due with what you have and be happy.

Hacker News is my little corner of the internet where I 'hang'. I didn't realize it, but just like the gamers who hang and teamspeak on Counter-Strike servers, this is my teamspeak.

If you feel you need to tell me something really urgently and in private, reach out here:

oracle1234 [at] boun.cr

I'm probably not hireable or founderable enough to "change the world", so best not to reach me for any of that.