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created:2475 days ago
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about: Moolave (moo-la-vey) does realtime remote data replication with 24/7 uptime capacity in Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and Unix - all simultaneously. Our servers also run and are compatible with most virtualization solutions such as vmware, Xen, Kvm, and Microsoft.

Besides flexibility, our server storage technology allows startups and enterprise to eliminate some of the annual burden costs of physical hardware such as purchase price, administrator time, SLAs, maintenance, rack space, floor space, power, cooling, etc. which altogether creates a huge impact to company operations. We optimize underutilized storage inefficiencies through flexible capacity management tools. A few things Moolave highly considers with this infrastructure is security, administration, and stability while running efficiently at the same time. Our website is www.moolave.com

Moolave's cost-efficient server storage does not require daily sync schedules which is a prevalent maintenance challenge among companies that rely on overnight server updates and frequent server maintenance that require downtime. Our remote virtual storage servers replicate data in realtime at an event of local server downtime and server update. If one server shuts down due to network failure, another remote server instantly mirrors and preserves the same exact data without losing the most updated information.