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created:June 19, 2013
karma: 4680
about: mercerclarkson@gmail.com


Hi, you somehow ended up looking at my profile. That's exciting!

I try to contribute positively and even though it feels kind of pointless, I also try to actively keep this place nice.

At this point in time, I'm actively looking for a cool project to sink my teeth into. Ideally paid, but I don't necessarily care for money if the project is worth it. I'm a pretty good front-ender, a decent back-ender, and better than I often think at taking into account the 'bigger picture'.

I'm particularly interested in projects that have a direct link with the field of Psychology/psychopathology, and pedagogy in relation to IT/programming (think Brett Victor). My background is Communications, Media, and Social Psychology, alongside self-taught mostly-full-stack development.