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created:September 8, 2016
karma: 660
about: Hi! My name is Levente Kurusa, nice to meet you.

Short Bio: OS researcher and engineer. My main research interest is improving scalability across multiple cores and nodes. I also invest in things I find appealing.

Currently: Operating Systems at Apple

Previously: Imperial College London; Apple; Red Hat

My webpage: http://kernelstuff.org/

Email: <my HN username> at KERNELSTUFF dot ORG

Twitter: @iLevex

PGP: 4EF5D641

Location: New York, NY (but seldom in the EU). (Mostly found in kernels, though.)

General disclaimer about my opinion not necessarily being the same as my employer's applies.

--- %< ----

[ my public key: https://keybase.io/levex; my proof: https://keybase.io/levex/sigs/uRAjziJFgwjiGH-bemC1vpzpiILMo-nsyCS4Vy_qmAo ]