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created:January 5, 2012
karma: 596
about: I'm Kristian, I'm a programmer and a musician.

I work at Cloudflare, as a Developer Advocate on the Workers[0] team. My day-to-day is spent helping build a really great (and, hopefully, if I'm doing my job well, approachable) serverless application platform.

I also build Byteconf[1], a free developer conference series, streamed online, and Frontend Jobs[2], a job board for finding your next frontend developer gig.

Previous gigs: Product Hunt, Simple

I used to have HN notifications set up, but I don’t remember how they work, so you should find me on Twitter instead: twitter.com/@signalnerve

Email: kristian AT bytesized DOT xyz

[0] http://bit.ly/hn-cfw

[1] https://byteconf.com

[2] https://frontendjobs.tech