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created:2127 days ago
karma: 1933
about: I'm extremely purpose driven and constantly think about how I can help others and how I can serve the world. I feel that my purpose is not to serve myself, but to serve humanity by writing software and building businesses so that I can reduce suffering in others. This could be via the software or businesses themselves, or more nobly: through money, time, or fellowship.

I generally believe:

- everyone has good inside of them, therefore we should give most the benefit of the doubt

- everyone has some form of suffering, lending a helping hand or an open ear can bring someone joy

- every experience should be maximized to its full potential

- compassion and tolerance for our fellow human being must be a priority to us in order for us to be fully happy

- material possessions cloud our happiness, therefore we should reduce our material wants

- help others succeed and get what they want, and you'll find that you'll move faster on the path to your success

- we should seek to build up and create instead of tear down and destroy

- honesty above all us, the truth really will set you free

You can find me on Twitter: @jprichardson or email me at jprichardson AT Google's email service

Checkout my startup Coinbolt: https://www.coinbolt.com