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created:July 18, 2008
karma: 2668
about: Creator of Seed-DB (http://www.seed-db.com), information and analysis of seed accelerators (like YC) worldwide.

Former entrepreneur, Xoogler, former US Navy submarine officer, solar car racer, musician (drummer/percussionist). I blog at http://blog.jedchristiansen.com.

I'm now a product manager with a small team at Techstars building tools for our founders and staff to leverage the Techstars world-wide network.

Stuff I've created/written relevant to HN:

http://www.seed-db.com http://blog.jedchristiansen.com/pmarcaarchive/ http://blog.mercury-rac.com

[ my public key: https://keybase.io/jedc; my proof: https://keybase.io/jedc/sigs/6XSBE8vgLWzZ5Kr5VPv_HzRswK3jetw9SP44q0s0ufQ ]


jed.christiansen {AT} gmail jed.christiansen {AT} seed-db.com @jedc on Twitter