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created:July 24, 2010
karma: 1344
about: I am an entrepreneur, computer security guy, open source developer and advocate, author, and publisher. I have a blog at http://blog.ivanristic.com. I recently completed my third book, called Bulletproof SSL and TLS: https://www.feistyduck.com/books/bulletproof-ssl-and-tls/ I have a startup called Hardenize https://www.hardenize.com, which aims to help everyone deploy modern security standards. (Try it, it's free). Previously, I built SSL Labs. Before that, ModSecurity.

[ my public key: https://keybase.io/ivanr; my proof: https://keybase.io/ivanr/sigs/LiVhyast_FE7MnLvqIDRD7yl-KGXtrEaGfBUX-K_6D0 ]