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created:2430 days ago
karma: 2043
about: joe at bokengroup dot com

[ my public key: https://keybase.io/joeb; my proof: https://keybase.io/joeb/sigs/iywPxIUXq1g8UfPHGaDKhWNw5opq-mXsGfuK9W9PKAo ]

Principal at Boken Group. Other stuff: CTO in cloud financial software sector, VP Eng. at an Inc. 500 startup (acquired), chief enterprise architect in healthcare, industrial engineering in transportation/logistics, and engineer in gov't contracting. I studied computer science.

The things I focus on now are:

1. Exigency: contact me me if your systems are in crisis.

2. Data modeling, data migrations, and making your data systems work really well, i.e., not just fast, but correct. I love doing neat things with SQL and Cypher.

3. Green fields, end-to-end development.

I work a lot with Angular, React, Meteor, Node, and Python. I'm looking forward to a stable Famo.us. My relational database of choice is Oracle (ask me) followed closely by PostgreSQL. My graph database of choice is Neo4j. I have serious history with Java and the EE platform, Spring, and all sorts of other things in that ecosystem.

I'm also somewhat of an expert in certain areas of financial reporting: FAS 109, FAS 123(r)/ASC 718, FAS 128, FAS 5, FAS 114, FIN 48, transfer pricing, GAAP/IFRS convergence.