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created:September 5, 2010
karma: 2565
about: Owner of a small manufacturing company making truck accessories, thousands of black steel brackets for various uses and phone cases. Employing 10 people and 6 robots, making everything in Tucson, AZ USA, with our main competitors manufacturing in Asia. We are cost competitive or better with automation and lean manufacturing techniques.

Work areas - sales, manufacturing, fearlessly leading. Self employed 27 years, started 8 companies in which 5 succeeded in small ways. Designed manufactured and sold a couple hundred thousand products so far.

First programmed in Basic on an Atari 400 in 1980. Program in G-code mostly now, and would fail a fizz buzz test. Interested in industrial automation, vehicles, technology in general, travel and smart people.

email:greg@traxda.com gregpilling@gmail.com

Truck Accessories - traxda.com