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created:January 20, 2013
karma: 109
about: My portfolio of Flutter apps is at


Looking for a basic startup opportunity using Flutter in mobile apps as I am currently building my own small startup-potential-apps on the side and could use some tender care from a startup cofounder in making sure I get some mentoring on startup setup and success.

Reason for the startup apps I am building on the side is at a medium article I authored, here: https://medium.com/@fredgrott/startups-what-can-adhd-teach-you-about-ux-84efcbd8a864

My location is USA in Indiana and open to relocation and I am fully prepared for co-living setups as they match the rent-lease must be 25% or less of gross income requirements.

At this time remote not possible as I would have to move to a good broadband location, hence the open to relocation.

Obviously, startups with funding beyond seed get my attention. But, those with close to $2 million seed would also peak my interest.

[ my public key: https://keybase.io/fredgrott; my proof: https://keybase.io/fredgrott/sigs/a2Za-qk48djQfkVQOCZytZ-NO9XD1jMOzwrdQQXttRM ]