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created:October 11, 2010
karma: 3301
about: I can teach you how to find and dominate a Google AdWords niche for your business in just 3 hours.

I offer in-person training (if you're in Australia) or you can DIY from my eBook "Your First Three Months on AdWords" available here: http://www.decalmarketing.com/adwords-book/

I run Decal Marketing which is a full service digital agency helping a few select clients win online with smart digital strategy. See http://www.decalmarketing.com/ for more details or to get in touch.

I also run Working Software which builds amazing software for a tenth of the cost you'd expect. Find out more or get in touch at http://www.workingsoftware.com.au/

If you're a designer or build websites for a living, you should try the Decal CMS tour at http://www.decalcms.com/ - it's life changing :)

Feel free to email me anytime iain@workingsoftware.com.au