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created:1638 days ago
karma: 6530
about: Just another tech. entrepreneur. I am always curious about how and why something works and not just the what.

I love to teach what I know even if I am no expert. It is simple. Teaching makes you better.

Always happy to chat with strangers.

I would like to buy a product/business if available. My criteria:

- web based (no iphone apps etc). Preferable a SAAS (software as a service/subscription based). Ok with products such as WordPress plugin/Theme as well.

- Must have paying customers

- Profit range: 2.5K USD/Month to 10K USD/month (Give or take)

- Revenue source should primarily be (85% or more) from an actual product. Ads/affiliates ok but not more than 15% of revenue.

Few other parameters are open to discussion. I wrote a blog post on my blog (see my profile) about buying an online business. I have done it once before and looking for another one.

Not to waste anyone's time, I am happy to offer anywhere from 2X - 4X multiplier of profit depending on how solid the business is and for how long it has been operating. Hint: My rule of thumb is 1X for every solid year of actual business not to exceed 4X.

Contact info: www.yashchandra.com