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created:May 15, 2013
about:To the good HN readers, I wish you well. To the bad ones, and the shadow-banners, fuck off and don't die, but live with the reality you have cultivated.

I leave now, and in the small scheme it is irrelevant. In the grand scheme it is also irrelevant because there are truly deadly scenarios on the near horizon.


It seems I am shadow-banned, but not with balls. It's more a passive aggressive thing where I post occasionally and get a response "you are posting too fast, slow down". Not true. Be honest. If you don't like my content, own up to it. And explain how I gained the karma I have if my content is sh*t.

HN is becoming like every other corporate money interest. It is unwilling to pay for human consideration, and instead it exists to promote goals that favor investors of one sort or another.

Before HN I had many years on slashdot, and 186k karma. Either I'm exceptually influential, or sometimes stuff I say has value. I don't get paid to be on HN, and frankly my reputation here is irrelevant. When I say something, it's because I have a thought or opinion or question that I hope to get feedback on from other thinkers. If HN is no longer a place for thinkers, then it can fk off and die like slashdot and digg. Dinoaurs die. They may make bank, but they ultimately die as losers. Don't be a loser. Be a team player, a participant in humanity; be a change that you want to see.

Don't allow spammers to submit 10+ stories per day that favor Russia or US right wing bs. Or maybe do that, and life as we know it lasts 20 or 100 years less than perhaps it could if we tried to correct things. But hey, if you can earn some money and live large and die, who cares right? Just don't have any kids, because they're going to bear the burden of your sh*tty choices.