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created:August 23, 2011
about:Started programming when I was 9. Built my first game using assembler on Amiga 500 when I was 13. Later moved to C, C++, Java, PHP, JavaScript.

Founded a couple of open source projects, most remarkable being flamerobin.org, which is now the default administration GUI for the open-source FirebirdSQL DBMS. I got really close with people in that community (had beers with most core developers ;) and even presented some papers/sessions at three Firebird conferences. I also run the official Firebird FAQ website at firebirdfaq.org.

Wrote some shareware software available at guacosoft.com. Most successful product is a home-inventory application called Attic Manager.

From 2009 got interested into web space, but mostly kept alive by making accounting software.

In 2014, tested waters on Android, built a space shooter game Drone Invaders in just 23days: http://bigosaur.com/blog/23days

In 2018, built and released Rogue Bit, a puzzle game about computer internals. You play as a single bit of RAM who became sentient and decide to escape the computer into the real world:


From 2015 to 2021, built "Son of a Witch", a roguelike brawler best explained as a mix of Castle Crashers and The Binding of Isaac. It's available on Steam and Nintendo Switch:


Currently working on a puzzle game called Block Buster Billy, which can be best described as Baba Is You meets Math:


You can see my progress on my Twitter: @bigosaur.

You can e.mail me at milan_at_bigosaur dot_com.