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created:June 6, 2011
karma: 6567
about: Information about me is at zigurd.com

My consultancy: www.surfaceable.com

I wrote a 5G guide that helps people who are not deeply familiar with mobile networks cut through 5G industry hype, and some of the scaremongering about millimeter wave radios that's out there today. Find it here: http://5ggui.de

I'm writing a book about project management. If you would like an advance look at the ms, contact me via the contact information at zigurd.com.

I'm writing a book about project management. If you work in that field, I would like to hear from you.

I wrote parts of these books: http://amzn.com/dp/1118183495 http://amzn.com/dp/1449316646 http://amzn.com/dp/1449389694 http://amzn.com/dp/8184047339

I'm the series editor for a series of books on Android system and application programming published by Addison-Wesley. This is the first book in the series: http://amzn.com/dp/B013IQGX3A/