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created:December 12, 2011
karma: 1451
about: I'm an Australian mechatronic engineer with a Ph.D. in robotics, who enjoys the intersection between software and hardware.

I'm Engineering Manager at Cooltrax Australia (tom.allen@cooltrax.com, http://www.cooltrax.com) Cooltrax builds IoT hardware and software to track produce and monitor its temperature as it flows from farms to stores. We're usually looking for developers based in Melbourne, and do not offer fully remote work at this point. We mostly use typescript, with C/C++ for the firmware. Random keywords we use include; git, Auth0, Azure, Kubernetes, docker, react, Clubhouse.

Cubescape (http://www.cubescape.com.au) is my side business delivering automated Escape Rooms. We've been running for over five years now. I was the CTO and most of the time the only software developer.

Project portfolio: http://www.drtomallen.com

Best contact is email: tom@jugglethis.net