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created:April 21, 2014
karma: 2876
about: Frankly, if I wanted to read the New York Times, Salon, The Atlantic, or other non-hacker publications I would go to those sites. As I type this, %90 of the front page has nothing to do with hacking, or startups, or technology.

Also, it's really a shame that this site does not tolerate diversity. This isn't the hacker culture of the 1970s-1990s, which didn't care to enforce rigid ideologies on each other, and instead embraced diversity.

Everyone should know that this site practices hell banning of people for their opinions. Not for lack of civility, but for opinions. I once linked to a scientific paper that disagreed with a popular commenters position, and got hellbanned for it. (Happened immediately, and it was the first comment I had made in 4 months.)

Hacker News is a propaganda bubble.